KEP Chapter 774

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 774 chapter is lost and lost, floating astronomy

Since it is liquidation, it is a rare opportunity, so anything can be said.

Jeong Hyeong-don also jumped out and pointed to Haha angrily accusing.

“Haha, guy, what is he in the program… I am a brother, it’s weird, it’s boring. But when there is no camera, it’s never called a brother.”

This is a mess, Yoo Jae-seok hastened up.

“The theme now is, Haha’s comeback, is it still lost?”

Jeong Hyeong-don didn’t hesitate.

“Lost, lost, completely lost! If you return, you will be completely finished.”

Haha also started a counterattack.

“I will work hard. What is the hyeong who is eating? Don’t be funny.”

Seeing that they were noisy, the unexpected person stood up.

“Sorry, if I have been like this, I will go to the bathroom first.”

From the beginning of the recording to the present, Jeong Jun-ha has placed five empty bottles on the table.

Good guy, it’s completely turned into a bucket.

Yoo Jae-seok hurriedly pulled him back. I haven’t finished talking yet. How can you go?

Seeing that it can’t be done, Jeong Jun-ha simply put it together.

“I personally think this issue is not right.”

Yoo Jae-seok asked: “Why is this wrong?”

Jeong Jun-ha said: “When Haha was in the blank period, we really worked hard. I always said that if Haha is there, it will be more interesting. When Haha is not there, how important he is.”

Noh Hong-chul suddenly came in.

“The existence of Haha is of course very important, otherwise the brother has no one to call. maknae He can’t afford it now, he always calls me, I have pulled him into the blacklist.”

The scene was boiling and Jeong Jun-ha was almost killed.

Haha also knows why Jeong Jun-ha misses himself.

Every time I was mad at the program, he couldn’t find anyone who could vent.

In the past, several younger brothers were gathered by him and were misunderstood.

But now it is different, Seok Jin-soo has become an international superstar, the status is too scary, Jeong Jun-ha can not dare to rush to him.

Haha is still enlisted, and only Noh Hong-chul can be taught.

After several times, Noh Hong-chul couldn’t take it anymore and simply pushed Jeong Jun-ha into the blacklist. He called and passed every time.

Talking about the hard work after comeback, Haha also has a lot to say.

“Actually, I originally thought that this is my home. It is a place I am familiar with. If I come back, I can do very well. But in two years, many things have changed. Don’t say anything, that little Guy, we were punched and kicked by us. Now, except Jae-seok hyeong, who dares to treat him casually? Sometimes I wonder if I am a brother or a brother.”

With the excuse of Haha, everyone looked at the Seok Jin-soo where the old god is.

In the past two years, the one who has changed the most in Infinite Challenge is this maknae.

At the beginning, this maknae was taught by his brothers.

But unconsciously, his status has been overwhelming.

As an international superstar, he enjoys the love of countless nationals. As a result, his brothers are clenched and can’t find a good way to treat him.

For this, Seok Jin-soo is also annoyed.

“In fact, you don’t have to use this. This is the Infinite Challenge, so I am still your brother. We are just as good as before.”

Jeong Jun-ha whispered.

“How can it be the same as before? If it is the same as before, we will be killed.”

Seok Jin-soo blinked.

“Even if you are different, you are not awkward. Your existence is awkward in itself.”

Jeong Jun-ha ate another time and swelled in anger.

“Yah!! You guy, really… when you are not red.”

The fate of grievances is really a joke machine.

Since Jeong Jun-ha thinks that discussing Haha’s comeback is worthwhile or not, then move on to the next issue.

Jeong Hyeong-don pre-empted: “The Jeong Jun-ha, it is still a loss.”

Jeong Jun-ha was not expected to burn himself to the fire, and his face was wronged.

“Hyeong-don, I don’t mean that.”

Nobody Hong Kong knows how to do it. Noh Hong-chul has a firm position.

“I will vote for one vote first.”

These two people, because of the shackles of the stocks before, are entangled for a while.

Yoo Jae-seok finally made a summary.

β€œHaha was very active before joining the army and created a lot of buzzwords. But after retiring, only the refueling was left, and even the people around him gave him help.”

Seok Jin-soo came up with a sentence.

“Brother, even if you don’t have to worry about it, Kim Jong-min is not as good as you.”

A good atmosphere, let him destroy it at once.

The distant Kim Jong-min, who struggled alone in the kbs, was inexplicably lying in the gun, but it also made Haha feel much better.

Kim Jong-min and Haha were artists of the same period, and the two were enrolled in the same time, and they retired almost at the same time.

In the same way, both of them are very hard after the comeback, because they can’t keep up with the rhythm and can’t find the position.

Fortunately, they are all close friends and have not given up on them.

So the two insisted on “Infinite Challenge” and “Two Days and One Night” respectively, far more fortunate than Qian Mingxun.

Qian Mingxun, who used to be popular around 04, 05, and 06, has retired since he retired. Because no one has brought it, he has gradually disappeared from the TV screen.

Haha’s mood is much better because of the encouragement of maknae contrast.

“Time is like water, years are awkward, and the entertainment system is changing with each passing day. The monks are very grateful. The program is still there, I can come back. It is popular because it is the core of the program itself…”


Jeong Jun-ha took another bottle of water and put the bottle down, interrupting Haha’s words.

Good guy, after a while, it has become seven bottles.

For the situation of Haha, Jeong Hyeong-don also has a view.

“Hello, I always think about what to do to get sympathy.”

Good guy, what to say.

Haha’s little expression of aggrieved face.

“What are you talking about?”

Jeong Hyeong-don quickly pointed to the road: “Look, you see.”

In fact, don’t look at the discussion is very intense, but for Haha’s comeback, in fact, everyone is very grateful.

After all, it is a member who walked together from the beginning. His return also made others feel a lot better.

Being able to leave, but also able to come back, the feeling of peace of mind, is not home.

This day’s clearing specials really said a lot, but also explored a lot of content.

For example, the ratings, the crowds, the advantages and disadvantages, etc., all said.

This is a summary of the recent situation of Infinite Challenge, and let members know the specific situation and have a clear understanding of the program Mi-rae.

Subsequently, the second part of the recording also began.

Unlike the first one, the second part has a lot more people.

The production team invited six guests and dozens of college students to enter the studio, and to review the issue of Infinite Challenge from a new perspective.

β€œIn the second part, there are more people involved, discussing the need for improvements and improvements in the Infinite Challenge.”

After a brief introduction, Yoo Jae-seok intends to introduce the guests.

But when they saw the first place, the members couldn’t help but smile.

Not only did they laugh, but the other party was a little embarrassed.

No way, it is too familiar.

Noh Hong-chul: “Is the couple also coming?”

Seok Jin-soo: “It’s our couple ah couple, I didn’t expect to come.”

The first guest was Lu Yunhe pd of the mbc Arts and Energy Bureau. At the same time, he is also a couple of “Infinite Challenge” and is one of the general leaders of the program.

After Lu Yunhe, it was a little red among the guests and the most popular person, IU.

liTTL- Time To Love e missy is very excited to be here, and screaming at you.

This was followed by magazine editor and popular cultural critic Jiang Mingshi, who was often seen in the newspaper.

Variety writer Jin Chengyuan is also an acquaintance of everyone. I can always see it in other programs, and I have worked with several members.

The next one got the unanimous praise of the big guy, Kim Hee-chul of super junior.

However, Seok Jin-soo is not satisfied with his appearance.

“Yah!! Are you familiar with the script? You are not ready to shoot, what are you doing here?”

Kim Hee-chul is also very annoyed.

“This is the Infinite Challenge. The company let me come. What can I do?”

Seok Jin-soo reveals his oldest.

“You are not saying that you can’t force you anything you don’t want to do? Even Lee Sooeomma n seonsaeng-nim won’t work.”

Kim Hee-chul was so angry that I didn’t expect this guy to be indisputed.

“I like it very much here, it is my own coming.”

When the two met, they were noisy and the big guys were very surprised.

Yoo Jae-seok gives an explanation.

“Everyone may not know that Kim Hee-chul ‘ssi and our maknae Seok Jin-soo are the same age and close relatives.”

The big guy realized that the two were not contradictory, but friends.

The last guest is the cartoonist Jiang Pu.

It is a diverse combination that has deep insights into the field of popular culture.

In addition, around the audience, there are still 50 college students, who are also fans of “Infinite Challenge”.

Ms. is preferred, so Yoo Jae-seok focuses on IU when it comes up.

“The ten generations represent Miss IU, singing very well. Can you sing without a burden, can you?”

When I heard the IU want to perform, the big guy’s expression was clear and applauded.

The IU is not on the scene, knowing that this is an opportunity for publicity.

“Then the theme song of this time is good, I will sing it.”

Said, she took the microphone and really sang it.

Without the accompaniment, her voice and singing skills are unobstructed.

Seok Jin-soo listened carefully and nodded softly, feeling gratified.

This missy’s singing is really good. After these days of tempering, it is already in full swing.

Others don’t have so much thought, but they don’t listen enough.

Haha: “Nagging also sang, want to listen to Nagging.”

Yoo Jae-seok immediately said: “Would you like Nagging with you?”

Haha shot in the air and quickly bowed his head and didn’t dare to speak.

Nagging of Team Leader Yoo, that is nuclear weapons, the effect is absolutely amazing. Anyone who has received it will be terrified and uneasy.

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