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KEP Chapter 779

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, who is the 779 chapter? Floating astronomy

Lv Yunhe thought very well, but I thought it was too good.

In his expectation, Seok Jin-soo slowly shook his head.

“I don’t want to come, I don’t have that much time. But my brother can rest assured that the artist’s weight is absolutely enough.”

I heard that it was not Seok Jin-soo, and Lu Yunhe was a bit disappointed.

However, he also knows that Seok Jin-soo is a person who cannot be ignored, so the opinions of this person should be well listened to.

β€œIs it an artist at mysti?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded, no more concealment.

“It’s t-ara, I have planned a group for them. I am looking for a show agency to cooperate with, is my brother interested?”

As soon as I heard that it was t-ara, Lu Yunhe immediately released his eyes.

After winning the Golden Record Source Award, this combination has become a high-profile idol combination.

It is said that the number of programs that t-ara has been invited to is innumerable.

Although not Seok Jin-soo personally appeared, but his first program in jtbc, can pull t-ara to help, the weight is enough.

“Of course it’s okay, just say it. Go back and contact me jtbc, there should be no problem.”

The comprehensive editing channel has just been established, and there are still many difficulties.

The most serious point is that no artist has appeared.

The three major clubs have deep hostility towards the comprehensive editing channel, and they have already released their words in the circle.

Whoever wants to play the program of the comprehensive editing channel, don’t think about going to the ground again.

Therefore, many artists are very worried at present. After all, the prospects of the comprehensive editing channel are unclear, and no one dares to gamble on their future.

Only those artists who are truly big-named and have nothing to lose will not care about the threat of the three major clubs and join the arms of the channel.

The real big name is similar to Seok Jin-soo.

With the signboard of the superstar, I want to go where I want to go, and who I want to work with.

Whether it is the ground wave or the comprehensive editing channel, I hope that he will come.

In addition, some movie actors can also.

In the art world, even if it is as strong as Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho-dong, they dare not act rashly.

After all, people like them are the core competitiveness of a broadcast agency.

If they ran to the comprehensive editing channel, the damage to the ground wave would be too great. Therefore, the reaction of the ground wave will be extremely strong.

T-ara is just right, has stepped into the ranks of the super line, and does not care much about the threat of the ground wave.

Their brand value is there, which can bring a lot of benefits to TV Station. There is no direct relationship between the agency and the delivery agency, so the delivery agency does not threaten their survival.

So Seok Jin-soo decided to put their group in jtbc and there was nothing to worry about.

He also doesn’t know the prospects of the comprehensive editing channel, but jtbc is backed by the Central Daily News, and it is unclear with the Samsung Group.

When you make a good deal at this time, it is equal to the charcoal in the snow. It is definitely better than the others to gain a foothold in the future.

Regarding the t-ara’s group, it is so fixed.

Everything has to wait until Lu Yunhe resigns to jtbc before he can make a conclusion. Seok Jin-soo is going to continue to improve the planning of the group.

In his hands, there are many projects.

Just a movie, three of them work at the same time.

Among them, “Viewing” has already started shooting, Han Zailin, Son Ye-jin They ended the shooting of Jeju Island and have moved to Gyeongbuk.

The “Blind Pass” has also completed the makeup, and will definitely start up next week.

“The War with the Criminals” will take a while.

The cj group has signed agreements with Choi Min-sik, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Sung-woo, Kwak Do-won, Zhao Zhenxiong, Ma Dongxi and others. These actors are in the training stage.

The studio was also under construction under the supervision of the CJ Group.

After all, the Busan style of the 1980s and 1990s could not be found in the city.

In addition, under the rush of Eun-ho, the license of the production company finally ran down.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t scream, and didn’t tell anyone. He just used it to Kong Liu, Huang Donghe, Kong Zhiyong, etc., and used them to shoot “The Furnace.”

Li Meijing also knows that it matters, so everything is done quietly.

According to Seok Jin-soo, the funds he has given have already been paid.

At present, Huang Donghe and others have begun to recruit actors, and it is expected that they will start shooting soon.

This is the case on the movie side, and the TV series is also very busy.

The preparations for “dream high” have ended and are now in the shooting stage.

The kbs side also emptied the schedule, and on the 1 month 1 Day next year, the show will meet the audience through the kbs2 channel.

However, the major broadcasters did not stop because of this. On the contrary, everyone focused on Seok Jin-soo’s new play.

The last time he released the news, the major delivery agencies were all heart-warming.

Seok Jin-soo’s new play, look at the scary ratings of the past and have a huge influence, the delivery agency will not be able to withstand the money.

Among them, mbc is the most unproductive, and it has adopted the method of interest exchange.

It gave Seok Jin-soo the most unacceptable solution, but it was to block the way to get started.

Seok Jin-soo is not stupid, and his performance this year is not enough to qualify for the award.

Instead of taking the trophy and being embarrassed by the people, affecting their reputation and status, it is better to offend mbc.

Anyway, this delivery agency has been smoldering recently, and there is not much of him.

Moreover, he is more aware that mbc still dare not turn his face.

Otherwise, he really went to other broadcasters, mbc is to cry.

In addition to mbc, sbs feels that it has the greatest chance.

Because Seok Jin-soo already has a play to be broadcast in kbs, can’t you put both plays on a TV station?

Besides, kbs have such a big appetite, are they swallowed?

In order to get a new play by Seok Jin-soo, sbs is well prepared and comes to the door with confidence.

Even in order to convince Seok Jin-soo, the sbs came back.

“Haha, rock writer, take the liberty, don’t bother you?”

Holding Jin Hyuk’s hand, Seok Jin-soo didn’t feel good: “Brother, are you outside the opinion? When did I close the door for you?”

In addition to Jin Hyuk, there is another person who is the director of the sbs TV drama production bureau, Huang Weizhou.

I don’t know why, the officials in TV Station have changed very quickly.

When I was working with sbs on Temptation Of Wife, the Secretary was still someone else. In just two years, the director changed to a new person.

However, Huang Weizhou is very good at talking, holding Seok Jin-soo’s hand, and the good words are the same as not needing money.

“I always want to get to know the stone scriptwriters. It’s just that you are busy with things, there is no good excuse, and you can’t take the liberty to go to the door.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“Yu, you are too polite, the cooperation with sbs was very pleasant, and I am looking forward to renewing the front.”

Seok Jin-soo is telling the truth, he really appreciates sbs.

Although this TV Station has no human touch, it is all about performance. But doing things is crisp and neat, there are not so many moths.

If you do well, you can bring benefits to TV Station, then TV Station will hold you unconditionally, and good resources will tilt toward you.

If you don’t do well, then TV Station is not too polite, just turn your project and turn it into a new one.

Unlike mbc and kbs, because of the political background, the relationship is complicated and anything can happen.

Even the ace program “Infinite Challenge” and “Two Days and One Night” can be disturbed, and it is conceivable to what extent.

From the perspective of the collaborators, Seok Jin-soo likes the cleanliness of sbs.

And unlike mbc and kbs, sbs is a private TV station with no political background.

Here, both capital and achievements have the final say. Bs is also willing to invest heavily in exchange for large returns, so it has always been a bloody in the acquisition of copyright in TV dramas.

“Although I haven’t seen the new work of stone scriptwriters, but because of your trust in us, we still hope to win this show. Please be assured of the price, our sbs are very sincere.”

Huang Wei did not turn around at all, and went straight to the subject.

Although he was the first to deal with Seok Jin-soo, he heard a lot of rumors from sunbae-nim.

Knowing that this is not an insatiable person, but the conditions given by one’s own party are not too much, then everything is easy to handle.

With this foundation, he does not have to go around.

Seok Jin-soo is not suspicious of the sincerity of sbs. But he is careful when he does things, and he has not been smug.

After the two people were asked to sit down, they took out the script and handed it over.

“I have already finished the script, and the two are still taking a good look, and then give you the ideal conditions.”

The script is the basis of everything. The sbs also have to read the script, know what to shoot, and then have a certain psychological foundation, knowing how much to invest.

I can’t always say that because the other party is Seok Jin-soo, I don’t know what to shoot.

The size of the investment is not the same as the ancient drama, the modern drama, the action drama and the action drama.

So even though Huang Weizhou said that he was very aggressive, he looked at the script and was very serious.

Fortunately, there are not many scripts, and the contents of the twenty episodes have been rushed through, so that you can count on them.

After reading all of them, Huang Weizhou and Jin Hyuk looked at each other and saw appreciation from the other side’s eyes.

Unlike Huang Weizhou, Jin Hyuk has worked with Seok Jin-soo.

At the beginning, with the script “Brilliant Legacy” of Seok Jin-soo, Jin Hyuk became the top director and was noticed in the TV series.

So many times after midnight dreams, Jin Hyuk often sighs that Seok Jin-soo is his own nobleman.

After working with Seok Jin-soo on “Brilliant Legacy,” Jin Hyuk himself directed another work.

It is also the book of the big screenwriter, Su Xianjing’s “Princess of the Prosecutor”.

At that time, he was very smug and felt that he could do very well.

After all, Su Xianjing is also a famous screenwriter, and the script is very good to him. Not to mention, the cast of the actor is also very luxurious.

Kim So-yeon, Park Shih-ho, Han Zhengyi, Cui Wei, etc., are all very powerful and famous actors.

However, the reality gave him a head start.

After the show aired, the highest ratings were only 12.4%.

Don’t talk about the fire, even the basic disk did not earn back.

Jin Hyuk’s reputation, which was earned through Brilliant Legacy, was all squandered this time.

Fortunately, by filming “Princess of the Prosecutor”, he and Huang Wei met on Monday, and they became friends.

Huang Weizhou does not believe that the failure of “Princess of the Prosecutor” is the reason of Jin Hyuk.

He is just a director, and he has succeeded before.

It is said that Su Xianjing is very overbearing and does not allow others to change his own script. Therefore, the content of the filming and the selection of the actors are all carried out according to her intentions.

Then the performance of the TV series is not good, Su Xianjing has to bear the corresponding responsibility is not it?

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