KEP Chapter 780

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 780 chapter, the astronomical

So this time sbs was determined to win the Seok Jin-soo new drama, the first director of Huang Weizhou was Jin Hyuk, and there was no concern because of his previous failure.

After all, Jin Hyuk has a successful cooperation experience with Seok Jin-soo and has a good relationship. With such a director, the possibility of persuading Seok Jin-soo will be much greater.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo easily let them see the script and understand what type of TV series he planned this time.

Huang Qizhou and Jin Hyuk did not think that this time, Seok Jin-soo actually played the urban action love scene.

However, the content of the script is that the two people appreciate it very much and see a lot of new ideas.

Jin Hyuk turned over and asked in confusion: “If I guessed it well, there seems to be a shadow of the Japanese cartoonist Hojo.”

This is one of his concerns.

As a director, Jin Hyuk has a wide range of interests and is not limited to the country.

So he knows the North Division and his comics, and there is nothing strange about it.

In the face of his doubts, Seok Jin-soo admitted with great pleasure.

“Yes, this play is based on the comics of Mr. Kitajo. The two can rest assured that I have acquired the rights to edit the comics in Korea.”

Seok Jin-soo pays great attention to copyright and doesn’t want to trouble himself.

Although the script is told by the voice, since it is the original original comic book, it is not too big a problem to buy the copyright.

Fortunately, the North Division is also very happy, and quickly sold the film adaptation rights to him.

Huang Yuzhou and Jin Hyuk were relieved to hear the worries of no copyright.

“Then we can talk about the operation of this play?”

Since there is no problem, Huang Yuzhou wants to take the right to play directly in order to avoid long night dreams.

Seok Jin-soo has other problems, so I wave my hand.

“Secretary Huang, don’t worry, there are some things that need to be made clear in advance.”

When the two saw it, Seok Jin-soo said frankly: “The two screens have also been seen, and there should be counts in my heart. Frankly speaking, don’t count on how high the ratings can be.”

Seok Jin-soo has the data provided by the sound and naturally knows the situation of the play.

Even when the ratings are the highest, it is only 19.1%. Compared with his previous dramas, the difference is too far.

In the past, his work, not breaking 40, made people feel strange.

In fact, when watching the script, as an experienced person, Huang Weizhou and Jin Hyuk did not think about this problem.

Both of them are people who have a strong foundation in the production of TV dramas. What kind of ratings can be achieved in any type of drama, and dare not say 100% guarantee, but at least there are counts.

Only because the play was taken by Seok Jin-soo, they were fortunate enough to think that perhaps Shi Da’s screenwriter is different from others.

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo smashed this layer of paper by himself.


Huang Weizhou is a bit hesitant. The reason why bs wants to take Seok Jin-soo’s play is not because he always creates good results. If the ratings of this show are not high, what else is it?

I knew that he would think so, Seok Jin-soo smiled and was in the chest.

“The reason why I want to say it in front is to be afraid of this kind of concern. The two may also know that the success of a TV series is not the only standard. In addition to this, there is a benchmark for measurement, that is, the impact. The ratings of this show may not be as high, but it is conceivable that the influence at home and abroad will be very great.”

Huang Weizhou has a little understanding.

“Stone script, what do you mean, can this movie sell high copyright overseas?”

If that’s the case, that’s not bad.

Domestic influence has been created, so it will not be affected in selling advertising. If the sales of overseas copyrights are also very popular, then sbs still earn.

They don’t know, but Seok Jin-soo knows very well what kind of sensation the show will cause overseas.

It can even be said that it is from this drama that Korean dramas have gradually gained a strong attention overseas. Other countries in Asia have also introduced the broadcast of Korean dramas as a specialized business.

This is the confidence that he has taken out the show even if the ratings are not high.

“So I don’t ask too much for copyright playback. But for overseas sales and online sales, I need a reasonable category.”

Since the ratings are not very high, Seok Jin-soo naturally does not have to ask for too much in terms of playing copyright.

There are so many interests in total, and there are more requirements in this regard, so other aspects should be reduced accordingly.

In this play, Seok Jin-soo obviously pays more attention to overseas and network revenues than TV Station.

What he said was already very clear, and Huang Qizhou was immersed in contemplation. Bs is different from the other two TV stations. This is a private TV station, and the interests are paramount. So the basis for considering any problem is whether you can make money.

Seok Jin-soo gives the conditions, so what Huang Qizhou has to do is to see if there is any profit.

Since Seok Jin-soo said that the play will cause a sensation overseas, what he wants to think about is what the play relies on to make waves overseas.

The plot?

Obviously not.

The original comics of this play have been out for many years and have many fans. It is not too easy to win by plot.


More impossible.

Huang Weizhou worked on TV Station himself. In fact, the situation of the Korean Wave in the international are actually very clear.

Don’t look at how the country brags, in fact, the influence of the Korean Wave in the international are really minimal.

The Asian region is better. At the entire international level, many people don’t even know where South Korea is.

So where is the highlight of this play?

Huang Hao Zhou soon wanted to understand.

Korean stream celebrity.

Yes, although the influence of the Korean Wave is not large, the Korean Wave celebrity has a good foundation in Asian countries.

In recent years, the Korean Wave celebrity has traveled overseas and has been well received everywhere. And these are the foundations that support the TV series to go international.

Understand this, Huang Qizhou could not help but ask: “I can read the list of performers of this play?”

People in the industry know that Seok Jin-soo has its own unique requirements for the cast. His play, there is no sea election.

But the main actors are basically his name, and then the following people will be invited.

If you really don’t come, you will consider the replacement.

Therefore, he is very convinced that Seok Jin-soo’s mind will definitely have a complete list of actors.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo did not disappoint him. Open the package and take out a list and push it to Huang Weizhou.

There are dozens of personal names on this. Some of them are not easy to identify, but also made special notes to avoid finding the wrong person.

However, Huang Weizhou has a veteran experience and does not care about the latter part.

He only watches the starring.

Because he knows that even if there are more actors in a movie, the audiences are the ones who care the most.

Only the starring can decide the popularity of a play.

What’s more, Seok Jin-soo said that this drama is very influential overseas, so the starring must be the Korean Wave star.

And when he saw several important stars, he was relieved at once.

The list of Seok Jin-soo is really luxurious enough.

The heroine Li Runcheng is not played by Yoon Shi-yoon, and the actress Jin Nana is also the Em Yoon-ah of the girl’s Generation.

These two people can be called the United States, the world is unparalleled.

Yoon Shi-yoon has soared very fast in the past two years. A “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” not only allowed him to go straight to the domestic market, but also attracted countless fans in Asia.

Not to mention, now I have moved to the movie field and have worked with big actors such as Song Kang-ho and Li Zhengzai.

It is conceivable that the star of Mi-rae is brilliant.

Coupled with his handsome appearance in the sun, the hero of this idol drama is exactly what it is.

The heroine Im Yoon-ah doesn’t have to say anything.

Beautiful, unlike the words, once again starred in the national TV series. And it is in line with the image of the characters in the play, and there is no sense of disobedience.

Girl’s Generation is even more horrifying in terms of the influence of the Korean Wave, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the first Asian women’s group.

These two starring roles are enough to prop up the upper limit of an idol drama.

Not to mention the role of male No. 2 Kim Young, Seok Jin-soo has chosen the recently famous Chi Changxu.

On the second female, Kim Young-soo’s ex-wife, Seok Jin-soo, named Yoo In-na.

The remaining presidential daughter, Cui Duohui, Seok Jin-soo asked to be starred by t-ara’s Ji-yeon.

In the drama of the older and heavily weighted Lee Jin, the focus of Seok Jin-soo is the veteran actor Kim Sang-chung.

It can be said that after seeing this list of actors, Huang Weizhou is very satisfied.

This is simply a TV series piled up by the Korean Wave star. It is strange that Seok Jin-soo can be sure that there will be a sensational effect overseas.

“Stone scriptwriter, this drama, we sbs want.”

The play by Seok Jin-soo is the hot work “City Hunter”.

When he promised to create a TV show for Yoon-ah, he thought of this.

The original female star of “City Hunter”, Kim Nana is the player of Park Min-young.

However, in Seok Jin-soo’s view, this role is very unsuccessful.

Because Jin Nana is a Blue House guard from a judo player, it is clear that the force is not low.

But Park Min-young is beautiful, but it has a fatal flaw, that is, the height is too short.

A guard who looks very short, how to see how it is not like that.

And the appearance of Park Min-young is too gentle and sweet, without the murder of the guards.

On the contrary, Yoon-ah is much better in this regard.

Her thin body may make her feel inferior in her usual life, but it is undoubtedly appropriate to appear in this kind of crisp guard.

Yoon-ah is tall and long, and plays in this actionable scene. The stretching will be very beautiful.

More importantly, although Jin Nana is the guard of Blue House, her life is very difficult. She needs to work part-time to support herself. She is a diligent family.

This trait is undoubtedly the same as that of Yoon-ah’s Zhang Shibi who has achieved Mo Dae-sung.

Yoon-ah has a good foundation and will be very easy and harmonious.

With so many conditions, Seok Jin-soo has no reason not to take care of Yoon-ah. 8)

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