KEP Chapter 781

The latest chapter of the voice in the heart of Korean entertainment, the 781 chapter has completely changed, floating astronomy

The “City Hunter” provided by the sound was greatly changed by Seok Jin-soo.

Especially for the actors, this time he did not follow the original version.

In addition to using Yoon-ah instead of Park Min-young, he replaced Yee Shi-yoon with Lee Min-ho.

Some time ago, he let Yoon Shi-yoon and Yoon-ah practice guns and fighting, just to prepare for this play.

Yoon Shi-yoon Although there is no Lee Min-ho shape, but today’s situation, the name is bigger, and the acting is better.

And in height, Yoon Shi-yoon and Yoon-ah are far more balanced than Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young.

The original version of this play, with the influence of Lee Min-ho alone, can be popular in Asia, showing the importance of idol actors.

So when he decided to change the actor, Seok Jin-soo made up his mind, and all the stars were replaced by idol actors.

Not only the male No.1, the female No.1, but also the male Jinyingโ€™s role, he was also selected by Chi Changxu.

Chi Changxu has been debuting for some years, and he started from the supporting role.

However, there have been signs of rising up recently, and gradually progressing to the status of niche. Therefore, it is absolutely appropriate to use him to serve as the male number two.

The only uncertainty now is whether Chi Changxu can accept Yoon Shi-yoon as a supporting role.

But this is a postscript.

Female No. 2 Chen Shixi, Seok Jin-soo thought about it and changed to Yoo In-na.

In addition to being an acquaintance, the beauty of Yoo In-na is also an important reason for Seok Jin-soo’s selection.

The beauty of Yoo In-na is the kind of vase-like beauty. Itโ€™s amazing, but it wonโ€™t grab the heroineโ€™s limelight.

I don’t know why, Seok Jin-soo always feels that she is suitable for the role of the female second.

Moreover, Yoo In-na has recently accumulated a good popularity through “Heroes”, has a certain number of fans, and is considered a famous artist.

In this way, the starring lineup of “City Hunter” rebuilt by Yoon Shi-yoon, Im Yoon-ah, Chi Changxu, Yoo In-na and so on is far more powerful than the original.

Seok Jin-soo believes that this cast of actors will be crazy when they are announced.

In addition, he poured fuel on the fire and arranged the role of the president’s daughter to Ji-yeon.

The original version was played by KARA’s Goo Ha-ra, but Seok Jin-soo and her are unfamiliar and naturally take care of themselves.

T-ara is now a super-line combination, and Ji-yeon is the ace of the combination. In such a guest role, it can also attract the attention of t-ara fans.

The characters in the remaining metallurgy did not move.

He is the only old play bone in the starring role, and it is the pinnacle of this play.

If he is there, he is not afraid of these young people giving a bias.

Except for these few people, the rest is not important.

Seok Jin-soo lists the list so that the following people will be invited. Can you come to the best, please don’t come and there is no substitute.

He knows the benefits of this cast, and Huang Yuzhou knows more.

Therefore, at the thought of this scene, the wall could be fragrant outside the wall, and Huang Weizhou made up his mind to eat the play.

“Stone scriptwriter, this drama we sbs pick up. In addition to the fixed playback copyright, our sbs will also give 30% of overseas copyright and online copyright income, how do you see?”

He is also a big bleeding, and he has sold almost a third of the proceeds.

Or because the other party is Seok Jin-soo, Huang Hao Zhou will definitely not agree.

Of course, the reason why he is so happy, there is another important reason, that is, this drama sbs does not need to be put into production.

Seok Jin-soo is a screenwriter himself, and he also has a film production company. He is exactly the same as taking the TV show and selling it to TV Station.

In this way, TV Station will have a lot less investment, and naturally it will be more generous in the transfer of benefits.

Today, Seok Jin-soo is rising in the field of scriptwriters, and is the master of various competitions. If sbs wants to tie him up, he will pay more.

After all, from Seok Jin-soo, you can earn more than it is.

Seok Jin-soo is not an insatiable person, so he is very satisfied with the conditions given by sbs.

“That’s it, if your company can agree to a quote of 1.3 billion each, then we can sign the contract now.”

“City Hunter” has a total of twenty episodes, each with 1.3 billion words, a total of 26 billion.

And this number is similar to the production cost of the show.

The remaining overseas copyright and online copyright, as well as the surrounding revenue, are the profit points of sbs and mysti89.

Huang Wei did not hesitate at Zhou, and extended his hand to Seok Jin-soo.

“In a word, I will let someone come over and sign the contract.”

It is a pleasure to discuss with Seok Jin-soo. As long as the two sides make one step in the distribution of benefits, an agreement can be reached soon.

So that it ended the discussion with Seok Jin-soo. When I left, Huang Haozhou was a little bit awkward.

The rest of the screenwriters and production companies, if Seok Jin-soo is so happy, how much time saved!

Unfortunately, the interests are moving, not everyone is as open-minded as Seok Jin-soo.

Since the agreement was signed, Seok Jin-soo did not delay, and quickly ordered the company to start preparing for the production team of City Hunter.

After consultation with sbs, the director of the show is still Jin Hyuk.

It was better to use it with his life and once worked with Jin Hyuk. Seok Jin-soo had a good impression of him. Plus the director in the original version is this, he is too lazy to look for other directors.

Jin Hyuk is eager to reverse the plight of the last TV series, so work is very efficient.

When he got in place, he immediately perfected the crew.

It is worth mentioning that this production team is not only mysti89 company, but also got help from lua entertainment.

Although mysti89 is bigger, in terms of film and television production, it is clear that lua entertainment is more experienced and more powerful.

So after negotiating with Yoon Jong-shin, Seok Jin-soo introduced Lua Entertainment among its partners.

Anyway, Kim Tae-hee’s company, she makes money is equal to his money, why not.

With the help of Lua Entertainment, the preparations for the “City Hunter” crew were quite quick.

Jin Hyuk, while inspecting the studio, told him to contact the actors on the Seok Jin-soo list.

Yoon Shi-yoon has no suspense here, and Seok Jin-soo has already greeted him. He also knows that there will be a TV series in the spring.

Therefore, his performance agreement was signed soon, and the pay per episode was 18 million.

This pay is certainly not high in the top actors, but Yoon Shi-yoon has no representative work except for a “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, so it can only be this level.

However, I believe that after the end of “View” and “City Hunter”, his pay will enter the 30 million mark.

Yoon-ah Here, the invitation to send to sm company, there is no problem. The company has been informed by Yoon-ah long ago that Seok Jin-soo is creating a TV series for her. It seems to be this one. .

Strong as sm company, its artists can take the ride of Seok Jin-soo, still very happy.

The old guy, Lee Sooeomma n, was dissatisfied with Yoon-ah’s pay and personally called Seok Jin-soo and wanted more.

In this regard, Seok Jin-soo just smiled and would not agree.

Don’t look at Yoon-ah is his girlfriend, but the grade of the actor is determined by the market, and he is not good at raising the price.

So by the time the agreement was signed, Yoon-ahโ€™s pay per episode was still one million.

This is the foundation of the previous “You’re My Destiny” and Girl’s Generation’s fame. Otherwise, it will not be enough.

But don’t worry, after the “City Hunter” broadcast, her pay will definitely break through 20 million.

Yoo In-na is where Seok Jin-soo personally contacts and there is no difficulty.

It has gained fame through Heroes, but how to go in the future, Yoo In-na and her company yg are not too good.

The only thing she has received so far is the big drama “Secret Garden”.

Only in this play, she plays the role of the female number three. There aren’t a lot of shots, and it’s barely a lot of color.

When Seok Jin-soo sent her an invitation, yg also found her a chance to appear.

The second female in “Best Love” is expected to be broadcast in May next year.

Unexpectedly, the invitation of Seok Jin-soo is also the second female.

“Yah!! Really, I am only suitable for the female No. 2? I also have acting skills.”

In the quiet coffee house, Yoo In-na sits opposite Seok Jin-soo, stirring the coffee unintentionally, but screaming at the man.

This woman is really beautiful, the face of an angel, the body of the devil, and a delicate heart.

Because I used to worry about Oolong, Yoo In-na never felt that I could cooperate with Seok Jin-soo.

The two also had some communication when they recorded “Heroes” every time.

However, she has a good relationship with IU and Ji-yeon, so she has learned about Seok Jin-soo from the mouth of two liTTL-Time To Love e missy.

Knowing that this guy is only a superficial mouth, but is very caring for girls.

So with this opportunity, Yoo In-na can’t help but make a difference and see if it can be profitable.

She is also ambitious, always acting on the second female number?

Seok Jin-soo is very indifferent to her.

“There is no inevitable relationship between acting and acting on the No. 2. Na Moon-hee sunbae-nim’s acting is still very good. Doesn’t he always play grandma?”

Yoo In-na is indignant, and the spurt of breath blows his hair.

“Then you said, why can I only play the female number two?”

Seok Jin-soo ็œจๅทด็œจๅทด็œผ.

“Because you are suitable.”

What a simple answer, simple and concise, but the meaning is clear, but Yoo In-na is extremely hurt.

“You are saying, I have not done the life of the starring?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“How do I know? I am not you. Maybe you will come and run, seize the opportunity. But I advise you, it is best not to pick up the female No. 1 play.”

Yoo In-na is amazed.


She thinks Seok Jin-soo must be crazy, and she would say so.

But whoever is an actor, who does not want to star?

Because only the starring can be infinite.

No matter how good a play is, how many people will remember to live in the supporting role?

Only the starring can fame and fortune, enjoy the flowers and applause, and earn rich profits.

As long as it is not a fool, who will not accept the starring, and willingly act as a supporting role?

Seok Jin-soo can look at her seriously.

“Our face is beautiful, but it is full of ups and downs. The more you strive to pursue something, the easier it is to lose. This is why you won’t succeed until you are thirty. And because of this effort, you will be in other Face failures. For example, love or something will cause you a lot of trauma.”

Yoo In-na is in doubt.

“You will still see the phase?”

Seok Jin-soo has not denied it.

“I haven’t been filming a photo recently, so I learned a little bit. Although I have a relatively shallow grasp, I can still see something.”

The Koreans are actually superstitious, and Yoo In-na listens to him.

“But now, if you don’t work hard, how can you live?”

Seok Jin-soo admits: “You are different. Normal efforts are needed, but not too ambitious. I have looked at your life, and if you are in a normal business, you may get more.”

Almost all the nails on the board made Yoo In-na feel depressed and silently stirred the coffee, which seemed difficult to accept.

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