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KEP Chapter 784

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 784 chapter is a lot of strange women, floating astronomy

Since becoming an artist, Seok Jin-soo has seen countless beautiful women. But Yoo In-na is definitely second to none for women who are both beautiful and tall.

Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah may be better than her in appearance, but in terms of size, they are much worse.

Kim Tae-hee is not tall, and the body can only be said to be decent.

Specifically, it means that the flesh is well-proportioned, fat but not greasy.

Not to mention Yoon-ah, except for the incomparable appearance of the face, the body is innocent.

Unlike Yoo In-na, the beautiful is not like words, and the body is also very hot.

In particular, this time in front of Seok Jin-soo, let him see at a glance, it is a kind of embarrassing stimulation.

Yoo In-na still doesn’t know that his portal is wide open, and he is seen by everyone.

She had just drank a few mouthfuls of water, and her stomach was over the sea, and she was uncomfortable with the cellar.

This is the encounter with Seok Jin-soo, used to see the charm, have a certain self-control. If you switch to another man, I am afraid that Daebak will be immediately smashed.

Seok Jin-soo took a handful of water and suppressed the hot face and heart, and quickly jumped out of the pool.

The situation was urgent, and he couldnโ€™t take care of anything. He reached out and turned Yoo In-naโ€™s body over, leaving her face down. Then the other hand kept tapping her back and letting her spit out the water she had just drank.

Rao is saving people, but the tentacles are slippery, and the fullness of the swaying is from time to time to the palm of his hand, so that he is also very happy.

Especially from the back, Yoo In-na’s exaggerated arc, and no imperfect body and skin, is an unspeakable excitement.

Fortunately, Yoo In-na didn’t drink much water. Under his slap, all spit out.

Seok Jin-soo is afraid of continuing to make mistakes. She gently puts her down and ran to find a towel to help the woman wipe it.

But this is even more uncomfortable.

Because of the dryness of the water, Seok Jin-soo’s palms have seen every inch of Yoo In-na’s skin, and I have truly experienced the perfection of Ga-in.

Seok Jin-soo is really resisting with great perseverance, even if the brothers are already protesting in anger.

After all the hard work, I finally wiped out the Yoo In-na.

However, the woman did not stop, and when she turned around and opened her arms, she firmly held Seok Jin-soo.

After being pressed tightly, the woman’s face is more comfortable.

It seems that I have been soaking in the water for a while, so that she feels cold, so she will unconsciously look for a source of warmth.

It happened that Seok Jin-soo was the closest, and the breath was so strong that she naturally attracted her.

Seok Jin-soo clenched his teeth and told himself over and over again to control.

This is not his woman. It has nothing to do with him. He can’t mess around. Otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable.

He managed to get to where he was today, but he could not be destroyed.

Such self-hypnosis is very useful and really makes him hold back.

Picking up the big beauty without knowing but without reservation, Seok Jin-soo sent her back to the room again. Not only that, but also a dress back, hard to help women put on.

Itโ€™s a pity to see, he only took off the clothes of a woman. As for how to wear it, or face a woman who is not too honest, it is more tired than snoring.

Hey, he was busy for more than an hour, and he helped Yoo In-na put on his clothes.

However, because she was going to sleep, Seok Jin-soo did not put all the clothes back as it was, but kept the basic underwear for Yoo In-na and stuffed her into the bed.

This time, I was afraid that she would continue to run around. Seok Jin-soo locked all the windows and doors.

After finishing this, he was really relaxed and could go back to rest.

Wait, before going to sleep, it is difficult to calm the heat of the heat.

Hey, the woman is not around, and the body is guilty.

Yoo In-na can not know anything, toss enough, and tired enough. Plus Seok Jin-soo removed several clothes for her, not so hot, so I slept very well.

Stupid, did not know how many dreams, when I woke up, the sky was already bright.

After the hangover, the spirit is certainly not too good. Especially the head, it is almost the same pain.

If the bed under her body is very comfortable, she can’t lie.

But despite the pain in her head, she is facing serious problems.

Where is this?

Looking around in confusion, Yoo In-na tried hard to look.

No matter how she looks, I am sure that this is definitely not a place I am familiar with.

In the end what happened?

Why are you here?

Yoo In-na tried to remember, but only remembered to talk to Seok Jin-soo last night and then went to drink. Then the guy asked himself to drink a high degree of white wine, although it was very good, but the intensity was so high.

She remembers that she drank a lot, and then she was blank in her mind.

So, that is, after I was drunk yesterday, was Seok Jin-soo responsible for myself?

With a little clue, Yoo In-na is going to sit up and see where he is.

But when she did this, she immediately felt that it was wrong.

The clothes on my body are not the same, and they are obviously moved.

This discovery is terrible, and the heart of Yoo In-na is half cold.

Didnโ€™t you make a sinister thing to yourself after you drunk yourself yesterday?

Yoo In-na opened the quilt and checked it carefully.

She found that her coat and pants were gone.

Although the flesh-colored stockings are worn on the body, they are crumpled, and the thighs and knees are even twisted together.

The most important thing is that the underwear inside the t-shirt is gone.

That is the woman’s most intimate clothing, this is gone, enough to prove what happened.

Yoo In-na is pale and squats. At the same time, the eyes contain tears of remorse, confessing that they are not alert enough.

Because of the greed, the result is that you have lost the most precious things.


Wait, what’s wrong?

Yoo In-na carefully probed and touched it again, and did not feel any strange.

She is a woman who is almost thirty years old, and she has also made a boyfriend, and she is also very familiar with that kind of thing.

If you have done it, it is impossible to feel it at all.

The woman is delicate and sensitive, and the aftertaste will last for a long time.

However, she has checked it, and her own place is not only very dry, but also has not suffered any invasion, so things that scared her did not happen.

Itโ€™s strange, since it hasnโ€™t happened, why did your clothes become like this?

Yoo In-na was puzzled and had to climb out of bed, hoping to find clues.

The room where I live is very luxurious, and all the facilities are luxury that I have never seen before.

Is it in a super luxury hotel?

Yoo In-na searched around and found that his clothes, except the coats, quickly put everything on his pants.

After checking it out, she found that nothing was wrong, and she carefully opened the door of the room.

Outside is a corridor that is not too long, the floor is covered with warm and comfortable carpets, and there are also a number of beautiful potted plants.

On both sides of the corridor, there are plenty of rooms that look like the hotel.

But what makes her strange is why didn’t I find the phone in the room?

Can’t take care of that, Yoo In-na walked carefully and was looking for the person in charge of the hotel.

But when she walked to the corner of the corridor, she could not help but stunned.

This hotel does not have an elevator, but has to go down the stairs.

Yoo In-na was even more puzzled and had to walk slowly down the stairs.

But when she came down, she discovered that it was not a hotel but a luxury apartment.

“so big!”

After seeing it, Yoo In-na couldn’t help but sigh and found himself in the palace.

Such a luxurious and dreamy house, when can I live!

Her exclamation was heard, and a male voice came from the room next to him.

“Oh, are you awake?”

Yoo In-na turned to look at it and saw the Seok Jin-soo probe coming out.

Seeing this woman as usual, conscious, Seok Jin-soo can not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He didn’t drink too much, and naturally woke up earlier.

People who know that after a hangover are sure that their stomach is very uncomfortable, so they are preparing a soup for Yoo In-na.

Seeing him, Yoo In-na’s little face was red.

Since Seok Jin-soo has been seen here, and there are no other people, isnโ€™t it true that people who have moved their clothes?

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know what she was thinking, but she said, โ€œCome on, let me cook a soup, and drink it.โ€

Yoo In-na’s mind is more sensitive and I feel that this is the aftertaste of Seok Jin-soo.

This guy, definitely what I did to myself last night, and then guilty, so I will be so good to myself.

I know that because of the things five years ago, Seok Jin-soo was not very polite to her in the program. Not only has she always been topped, but she has always made difficulties for her.

How did it suddenly become a good person?

As the saying goes, there is nothing to be diligent, and itโ€™s not a traitor.

But the situation has already happened, and Yoo In-na must ask for the certificate.

At the wide dining table, the two sit opposite each other. Yoo In-na didn’t want to drink soup, but stared at Seok Jin-soo.

“You… what did you do to me last night?”

She doesn’t eat, Seok Jin-soo can eat very refreshingly.

I didnโ€™t eat much last night, and itโ€™s not too light to be tossed by this woman. He has long been hungry.

He was inexplicably heard by Yoo In-na.

“Yah!! Woman, I haven’t said you yet. Do you know what you did last night?”

Yoo In-na is gloomy and sad for herself.

“I was drunk last night and didn’t know anything. You guys must be squatting at me, I don’t know anything, so…”

Seok Jin-soo is too lazy to use with her.

“So you are drunk, take your clothes off everywhere, and then walk around in my house with bare bottoms?”

Yoo In-na’s words were intercepted and it was uncomfortable. Suddenly I heard Seok Jin-soo’s statement, and the white-faced face was instantly red.

“You… what are you talking about?”

Seok Jin-soo rolled his eyes.

“You are the man who meets me, pure and upright, and finally resisted. If you change to someone else, hey, you can’t cry now.”

Yoo In-na was in a mess, groping his hands and hurriedly asked, “I took off my clothes last night?”

Why do you want to say it again?

Seok Jin-soo is also very strange, so I asked.

Yoo In-na was ashamed and embarrassed, squinting at his forehead silently, but said something that made Seok Jin-soo stunned.

It turns out that she is always good, but she can’t be drunk.

Once I get drunk, I like to take off my clothes, and I am stripped of light, and I am still walking around.

Her family knows her situation and she knows it.

Therefore, when she was very ordinary, she noticed that drinking is also a taste.

However, yesterday’s assertion by Seok Jin-soo’s assertion was lost, and I thought about borrowing alcohol to eliminate it, and I forgot my own quirks.

I did not expect to be completely embarrassed in front of this man.

When I thought of myself without reservation, all of them were seen by Seok Jin-soo, and Yoo In-na felt like they were all hot, as if they were stuffed into the oven.

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