KEP Chapter 791

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 791 chapter is more curious, floating astronomy

The nature of Seok Jin-soo is not found, and the Yoo In-na sitting in the co-pilot is completely paralyzed.

Another woman turned out to be Kim Tae-hee.

However, this discovery made Yoo In-na discover that his entire three views have completely collapsed.

God, it is incredible that such two peerless and outstanding women have coexisted around One Man.

Because of the inadvertent disclosure of Seok Jin-soo, Yoo In-na wanted to understand a lot of things.

Yoon-ah has only appeared in Seok Jin-soo’s two works, and she has already been suspected.

But from this perspective, Kim Tae-hee’s suspicion is even bigger.

Not only that, but Kim Tae-hee passed the scandal with Seok Jin-soo.

Starting with Temptation Of Wife, Kim Tae-hee, with the help of Seok Jin-soo, step by step from the criticized vase to the acting queen.

Even people on the Internet are saying that Kim Tae-hee is able to get rid of the title of the vase, which is exactly the credit of Seok Jin-soo.

Seke Jin-soo, why do you help Kim Tae-hee?

When you launch a work, choose Kim Tae-hee as the heroine instead of choosing someone else?

So many people now call Kim Tae-hee an autumn girl, only the heroine of Seok Jin-soo.

Only a woman of her own will let him take care of it with all his heart and soul.

To be so, Yoo In-na is still difficult to calm down.

Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, how many men’s dreams are not available, can tolerate the existence of another woman, sharing One Man, is hard to believe than the Arabian Nights.

Even as a woman, Yoo In-na feels that a beauty like Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah can be pursued to make a man happy.

But this guy in front of him, actually has two people.

what is this?

This is a crime.

When Yao Zhengxun took Han Ga-in to his hand, he was selected as one of the three biggest thieves in Korea.

What kind of storm will be caused if the outside world knows what Seok Jin-soo is doing!

This is the modern society, and the era of men’s wives and wives enjoying the blessings has already passed.

Anyone who still does this will be subjected to the most cruel criticism.

In Korean society, people who have derailed their feelings have always been the most demanding.

Yoo In-na is very curious, Seok Jin-soo has not thought about this problem?

But when I think about it, she laughs herself and feels a bit worried.

Seok Jin-soo may be unlucky, but it was discovered because of emotional derailment.

But the problem now is that there are no opinions from two women, and they can live in harmony. What can outsiders say?

The law does not allow men to marry and marry, but Seok Jin-soo and Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are not married.

The law does not have provisions, and it is illegal to fall in love with many people.

As long as it does not involve deception and financial disputes, the law is difficult to play a binding role.

In addition, after the entertainment industry, Yoo In-na also saw many facts that were unimaginable in the past.

Those rich people, because they have money and power, they have many women at the same time, live the life of the wine pool.

She has seen it for more than one time, and the women who have spent their time, surrounded by men for money, are extremely slaves and have no dignity.

At that time, she was also very contemptuous of these women, I think they can still experience the fun of being a man?

After she entered the society, she experienced the hardships of life and realized the bitterness of others.

Even so, she did not lose her confidence in life and became a slave to fame and fortune.

But in any case, these years of experience have made her wonder about some things.

Just to make her a little bit incompetent is that Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are such good women that they will share One Man with others.

Women like them, as long as they hook their fingers, there will be countless men flocking and treating them like the Queen.

Why are you competing for One Man?


Yoo In-na suddenly thought of some past events and his face was once again weird.

Because she has seen some news before, it was not long ago.

In the news, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah attended the event together. The two sat together, holding hands and chatting very happy.

And looking at their feelings of deep affection, how to look is not like an emotional enemy.

Surprisingly, is it possible for two women to coexist harmoniously under such circumstances?

Or is there anything strange about this man, can you let the two days of the girl have no reason to fight?

Yoo In-na was puzzled and looked at Seok Jin-soo’s eyes more and more surprised.

Long is not handsome, if not the name is placed there, thrown into the crowd, simply can not find.

It’s such a One Man, but he is holding his left and enjoying the best two women in Korea.

This is simply a mythical story, and it will also make countless men mad.

Not to mention a man, even Yoo In-na has discovered this fact, and it is also very embarrassing.

But think about the talent of this man, and everything he can bring to women, especially female artists, Yoo In-na can’t help but feel that this is taken for granted.

If One Man can hold himself into a superstar, you can enjoy the most glory, get all the honors you want, become the most dazzling woman, then you will be surrendered.

In the past, although some men have made such a promise to themselves, she is very clear that those guys can’t do it at all.

They are just greedy for their charm, so they lie to themselves. I will give myself some money, like alms.

Yoo In-na is such a smart woman. It is natural to see clearly who can give it to himself and who is coveting himself.

This is why she is faced with the temptation and seduce, always insisted and can not debut.

Fortunately, her insistence in exchange for good results, although the debut time is very late, but since her debut, her star journey is still smooth.

But Yoo In-na also thought a lot during this time.

She found that her level and realm seemed to be a bit of a stop.

If you don’t get help anymore, maybe it will be the celebrity of this grade in the future, and you can’t go any further.

To this end, she has talked with the company’s director in detail.

In this regard, the directors have the same view, but they can’t find any good way.

Strong as yg company, want to promote the artist’s position, but also look at the opportunity.

Otherwise, after so many years, why is the combination of bigbang only the top?

Although the company is powerless, Yoo In-na’s ambitions are not just that.

The more she debuted, the more she was eager to succeed.

Because it is not successful enough, the twilight of his own star is close to him, what should he do in the future?

At this time, in order to succeed, there are many sacrifices.

Unfortunately, looking back and looking around, she could not find a way and method to be more successful.

This is why she will be shocked after seeing Seok Jin-soo’s home that day.

Such a powerful man, and the talent that can promote others’ success, is simply tailored for her.

It’s a pity that when she was in her heart, she found that Seok Jin-soo was already famous.

Originally found this fact, she is ready to give up.

Although she is eager to be more successful, her temper is weaker and she has no courage to fight.

Let her compete with other women to win, this is not her nature, but also for her.

Originally she had given up and no longer had an illusion about Seok Jin-soo. Suddenly, it was discovered that Seok Jin-soo had two girlfriends.

This amazing fact once again seduce the curiosity of Yoo In-na annihilation.

Originally, she was holding the gossip, but when she learned that the two women of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, she also had a different mind.

People are divided into three or six, etc., regardless of the equality of everyone, but when looking at others, they will always unconsciously classify others.

If the two women of Seok Jin-soo are just ordinary people, Yoo In-na will definitely sneer.

This is both for Seok Jin-soo and for women, and they are not good people.

And she is definitely not willing to go close to such people and avoid it.

When she found that Seok Jin-soo had the right-handed beauty of Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, she was a woman who was even better than herself. Her mind was subtle.

Even the national goddess Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are willing to live under the wings of Seok Jin-soo, so why not as a woman who is not as good as them?

Seok Jin-soo, who is focused on driving, doesn’t know that the big beauty next to him is strong again.

At this time, Yoo In-na is quietly planning, and what should be done to get close to Seok Jin-soo.

He has the fact that there are two women, and he will definitely be very careful. Even if you know it, you can’t say it easily.

In that case, instead of getting closer to the distance between the two people, the man is pushed away.

After thinking for a long time, Yoo In-na wisely decided that she would pretend not to know about it.

It is imperative to slowly approach the man and discover his strengths and strengths.

This way she is better able to judge whether she wants to be one of his women.

This can be a matter of her lifelong happiness, no matter how careful she can’t be.

She does not have to drive, she can carefully observe the man next to him.

“Who will support you in the two-day catwalk? Must be Yoon-ah?”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t think so much, he didn’t know that there were so many bends in the woman’s mind.

“I support it, what is it? One person’s success is useful, everyone is successful, we are Heroes.”

Very unexpected answer, but also shows the overall situation of Seok Jin-soo.

This man, the realm of thought is really different.

Yoo In-na did not give up.

“I surely hope that Yoon-ah will get a good position?”

She didn’t believe it, and Seok Jin-soo didn’t even have this selfishness.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo nodded happily.

“Of course. She won a good place and will be happy. She is happy, I can be comfortable. Otherwise, I have to comfort her not.”


This is the comment that Yoo In-na gave him, and he is very clear about his care.

She is more aware that a woman who is in a good mood can’t tell the gentleness of a man.

Obviously, Seok Jin-soo is looking forward to this.

But what she cares about is not this.

“What about Yoon-ah? There are eleven female artists. Do you think anyone is better?”

When asked this sentence, Yoo In-na couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

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