KEP Chapter 796

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 796 chapter is perfect, floating astronomy

In the order of appearance, everyone has been carefully and scientifically studied.

In order to ensure the opening of the door, the starting candidates are all the most popular and the best.

After Zheng Jiaen, followed by Yoo In-na, who looks and looks like a champion.

And her style is completely different from Zheng Jiaen.

Yoo In-na’s clothing is dominated by black and white ol work clothes. But it has added a hollow lace design and a beautiful Krystal mosaic.

From the time she came out, she could hear the inspiration of the man.

I am afraid that if there is such a colleague in the workplace, all the men will be unwilling to work and indulge in her charm.

Yoo In-na obviously felt the atmosphere on the spot and a smile appeared on his face.

Not only that, but she also took the initiative to divulge her charm, and kept squinting at the outside of the t-stage, which made the audience’s cheers even stronger.

I don’t know why, Seok Jin-soo always feels that her wink is for herself.

Otherwise, why does she give more to this side?

Anyway, Seok Jin-soo feels that looking at such a beautiful person, he is full of blood and his heart is unstoppable.

After Yoo In-na, the appearance is the same high-profile Yoon-ah.

The sky-blue dress with gold line pattern and crystal-clear earrings makes Yoon-ah stand on the catwalk like a daffodil, and it has become the most dazzling focus.

Seok Jin-soo is also a bit dumbfounded, and watching the Ga-in swaying on the t-stage can’t stop his own saliva.

This is my own woman, how can I be so beautiful to this extent?

The sly light hit her, it seemed to add a layer of holiness to her, and Xianyi’s worship.

He couldn’t help it anymore, and he lifted his foot and walked behind the t-stage.

After a while, Yoon-ah, who had finished the show, came down and was dragged by him.

Yoon-ah naturally noticed the raging fire in his eyes, and he was also happy about his charm.

“Oppa, am I beautiful?”

Seok Jin-soo is nodding in a nod, hegemonic: “The next time we are alone, be sure to wear it to me.”

Since men like it, Yoon-ah certainly has no way to go.

“I went to your house at night and showed it to you.”

The outside audience did not know that there were two young men and women in the dark corner behind the t-stage. Anyway, looking at a familiar artist, appearing in a strange image, all are amazed.

Noh Sa-yeon, who used to look terrible, is completely sad here, just like the kind sunbae-nim.

Shin Bong-sun, who always makes people look good, is also an elegant noona today, so that many people who are very inferior to their image can find a way to beautify themselves.

This world, after all, ordinary people are more.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t ask yourself to be perfect. As long as you can stand out from the ordinary crowd, it is a kind of Seung-ri.

With such an idea, many of them were just looking at the lively audience, and they suddenly found out that this program was very helpful to their own cognition.

For a time, the audience was quiet and watched the show with a serious attitude.

Twelve female artists, although not many, but each set of five sets of clothes, the wheel out of the field, so that the catwalk is fully full enough.

Moreover, the appearance of the twelve female artists is taking turns. In this way, the interspersed display of styles makes the catwalk not monotonous, and the stage is colorful.

These female artists are also very contentious, knowing that this is a good opportunity to expand their image and enhance the public’s awareness, so they are very serious to face this show.

Originally in the eyes of the outside world, a variety program that will definitely be a joke, even made the taste of professional catwalk.

Many people are very embarrassed, wondering what they saw, whether it is a variety program, or a catwalk in Seoul Fashion Week.

Many of them are more interested in the design of female artists, and they have already started to buy.

After all, these clothes are able to be worn in everyday life, and are the style that even the most ordinary people can control.

The catwalk show is different from the general recording program. Once it starts, it will not stop, and it must be carried out in the end.

And each artist walked around for a lap, probably about a minute.

Even if everyone walks five times, it will add up to sixty minutes.

So when the audience is still unfinished, all the catwalks are over.

Watching a beautiful and perfect show, everyone is very satisfied.

At the end of the day, Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul led everyone out of the show, and all the applause was given to the artists who had completed the impossible task.

Since the appearance of “Heroes” until now, although the ratings of programs have hit record highs, as the artists themselves have been so praised, everyone is still the first time.

For a time, everyone who had worked hard for more than two months was full of tears, and all of them were crying on this stage of attention.

Even if the makeup is gone, it becomes ugly, and it doesn’t matter.

I have achieved such success today, and even if I am excited, I will be forgiven.

The colorful fluttering of the sky, the applause of the tide, everything, means that the “Heroes” fashion designer supermodel special feature that lasted for more than two months finally came to an end.

For many artists of this program, it is the first time to do this long and arduous challenge.

At this point, after success, go back and look at the hard days, the taste is really enough to remember a lifetime.

Did not say, the perfect end, which makes everyone in the program group very happy.

Seok Jin-soo was delighted and arranged a great dinner to help everyone in the program group.

The wine cellar is hot, and everyone is also very happy.

β€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, you said, how much viewership can we get this time?”

The Min-jung writer is obviously drinking higher and becoming more outgoing than ever.

At the time of recording the program, she was silent, and generally used the prompt board to express what she wanted to say.

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled and swallowed the juice from his mouth.

“Let’s do it so well, how can I get to 20%?”

He is not sure, but still feels that 20%’s ratings are no problem.

Recently, the Korean variety show has a good momentum, blossoming everywhere, and all programs are very popular.

It can be said that this period of time is the golden age of art.

Especially in the weekend, whether it is “runningman” or “Heroes”, they can not win “two days and one night”, the ratings are not comparable to other programs.

Normally, Heroes’ ratings are maintained between 15%18%. Similar to such a big special, there are certain improvements that can be expected.

The voice of Seok Jin-soo can be heard, but the Min-jung writer is not very satisfied.

“Ah, can’t you be the first?”

“Yah!! You are really greedy. The momentum of two days and one night is not so easy to be overtaken.”

Park Sung-hsun drank a glass of wine beautifully, but was very satisfied with the situation.

He was only an sbs ad, or because “Family Outing” ended, Zhang He temporarily retired in the pd, gave him the opportunity to go up.

Now he has become a famous pd through “Heroes”, he enjoys the achievements of today.

Min-jung writers are holding their hot faces and trying to stay awake.

“If you can’t take the first place this time, I am afraid there will be no chance in the future.”

She is also ambitious, watching the writers sunbae-nim in the ace program, and hope that they can become one of them.

If the program that I am responsible for can become one of the Sunday files, then in the world of writers, no one can ignore her.

Seok Jin-soo comforted: “The situation of two days and one night is something that can be met and cannot be sought. Our program, now able to have this result, has been unexpected. In my opinion, the future program, viewing The rate can exceed 15%, which is a very powerful situation.”

He clearly feels that as the influence of art can increase, the delivery agency is willing to invest in this field.

In addition, the establishment of the comprehensive editing channel is equivalent to adding more competitors in a limited period of time.

Maybe in these programs, there are red ones and no red ones.

But no matter whether it is red or not, there will be more than one program, and it will definitely share more viewers.

In this way, let alone the general program, perhaps similar to the “two days and one night”, “runningman” and “Infinite Challenge” such as the ace program, the ratings will drop significantly.

This situation has already appeared in the field of TV dramas. I believe that the art field will also be such a trend.

Although this special edition is perfect, it is not a success, but also depends on the ratings after the broadcast.

This will take a week to see, and now everything is still unknown.

“Pd, I paid attention to the feedback from the audience. Many people said that the clothes we designed are very good and there is a willingness to buy. I believe that sbs will not let go of this. But we as a program, society The influence and charity can’t be forgotten. If there is any benefit from this aspect, I hope to donate it, which is good for our program and even sbs.”

Seok Jin-soo gave this advice after thinking in detail.

This special edition, the feedback from the outside world is very good.

The costumes designed by female artists are very popular among the audience. I believe that after the program is broadcast, the public’s reaction will be like this.

With Seok Jin-soo’s understanding of TV Station’s virtues, if you don’t take this to make money, then it is not TV Station.

TV Station is also a business, and it is understandable to make the most of its advantages.

However, according to the experience of Seok Jin-soo in the past, the annual calendar of “Infinite Challenge” and the special festival of songs and sacrifices will have sales and audio sources.

But this kind of income, “Infinite Challenge” will be used for public welfare every time, and there is no evidence for it.

It is precisely because of this that “Infinite Challenge” can last forever, and has always been loved by the audience, becoming a unique national variety.

He also hopes that “Heroes” can have this effect and can become an amazing variety program.

In his words, Park Sung-hwan completely listened to it and kept nodding.

“You have a very good idea. After going back, I will react well with the Arts Council. I also think that we should do this. After all, we are all media people, and we should have the responsibility to contribute to society.”

Looked out, no matter which company is delivered, these production people are very good, and the ideas are similar.

Unfortunately, such a thing, Park Sung-hsun can’t be the master.

He is not a couple after all, just a pd just in the upper position, there is a lot of management on it.

Both Seok Jin-soo and Park Sung-hsun are optimistic about this and feel that there should be no problem.

After all, TV Station has to make money, but reputation is also very important, sbs should agree.

I didn’t even think about it, because of this incident, what the consequences were.

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