KEP Chapter 797

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 797 chapter can not help, floating astronomy

The celebration of eating and drinking, the time passed quickly.

At midnight, everyone was full of food and drink, and many people were drunk and had to make birds and beasts.

Yoon-ah has already promised Seok Jin-soo and will go home at night. So the glimpse of everyone is almost gone, she took the first step and hid in Seok Jin-soo’s car.

Anyway, so many people, chaos, she disappeared, and no one cares.

But what she couldn’t think of was that when Seok Jin-soo came back, she still dragged a person.

No one else, it is Yoo In-na.

“Oppa, what’s wrong with this?”

If you say that you want to live the world of two people, why is there one more?

Seok Jin-soo is also depressed.

“Don’t mention, this woman has drunk too much. As a result, her manager has left in advance, can’t she throw her alone here?”

Yoon-ah is a bit unhappy.

“Then others can take care of it.”

There are so many female artists in “Heroes”, and there is a lot of good relationship with Yoo In-na. Why do you want Seok Jin-soo to take care of a big man?

Seok Jin-soo spreads his hand, especially helpless.

“Do you think the two little guys of IU and Ji-yeon can take care of people?”

The best relationship between the program and Yoo In-na is not the same as the age, it is actually two small maknae.

God knows that the age difference between them is so much, why do you want to play together?

But being a friend is nothing, but when it comes to caring for people, even if IU and Ji-yeon volunteer, think about Yoo In-na’s quirks, Seok Jin-soo is not at ease.

Thinking about it, let him manage it.

Anyway, Yoo In-na’s residence is very close to his home, bringing the woman back, waiting for her to wake up, and then going home is also convenient.

This is already the case. Yoon-ah is a little unhappy, but can’t say anything.

Three people in one car, returned to the home of Sangam-dong.

Like last time, Seok Jin-soo took the drunken Yoo In-na and sent it to the last room.

But this time he can have a lesson and told Yoon-ah.

“You come to help, take off her clothes.”

Yoon-ah is suspicious.

“Why take off her clothes?”

What does this man mean?

Do you have any intentions for Yoo In-na, but also help yourself?

This is simply ridiculous.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know what the magical picture of Yoon-ah’s head is, but I can’t say what I have experienced.

At this time, I had to lie.

“It was her manager who confessed that after the woman drank too much, she liked to take off her clothes and run around. If you are not afraid of me, I don’t care.”

Yoon-ah screamed, and I didn’t expect Yoo In-na, who looked like a scorpion, to have such a quirk.

But no matter what, she can’t let Seok Jin-soo succeed.

“That’s it, let me come, Oppa, go out.”

Seok Jin-soo licks his lips and feels a little pity inexplicably.

I don’t know what it is a pity, but I still left.

There are only two women left in the room, one sleeping and one awake. The rich aroma and the light wine mix, making Yoon-ah not very comfortable.

She doesn’t like drinking too much, and she always tries to stop. So I don’t understand why people are drunk?

Forget it, don’t want to.

Yoon-ah crouched on the bed and started to undress Yoo In-na.

Although they are all women, I don’t know why, when she touched Yoo In-na’s clothes, it still feels very strange.

She never helped anyone to take off her clothes. It was always Oppa who took off her clothes. And the speed is called a fast, many times she is dizzy, and there is no defense.

Yoon-ah had a red face and shook his head, annoying his thoughts.

The movements on her hands were not slow, and they took off Yoo In-na one by one.

Just as the clothes were reduced, Yoo In-na’s skin and body slowly emerged, making Yoon-ah’s movements slower.

Because of the look of Yoo In-na, Yoon-ah is really envious and smashed.

It’s so good, even if it’s upside down, it’s like a hill. Hey, when can you be so proud?

Her legs are beautiful, slender and straight, crystal and rich, unlike her own legs, she is too thin, but also legs.

Yoon-ah is the most dissatisfied with the part of her body, and the chest is still almost the same, mainly the legs.

She is very tall, but unfortunately the legs are not straight, and when the feet are standing, the legs are very obvious. Therefore, she has always been concerned about this problem, constantly covering up through clothes and standing.

At this point, I saw Yoo In-na’s flawless figure, which really made her feel good.

This woman is simply a stunner.

No, it must not be seen by Oppa, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable.

Yoon-ah didn’t know that Seok Jin-soo had seen everything.

As soon as I saw that I was off, I covered Yoo In-na with a quilt and left the room.

In order to prevent it, she also locked the door from the outside.

Of course, it can be opened with a little twist inside.

However, people who are drunk may not be able to do this.

Just now Seok Jin-soo didn’t say it. After the woman drank too much, she liked to take off and run around.

If this is seen by Seok Jin-soo, how dangerous it is.

Yoon-ah didn’t know that after she left, the originally sleepy Yoo In-na eyelashes licked and slowly opened her eyes.

Of course she is not drunk.

Knowing what problems you have and your mood has no effect, Yoo In-na is very controlled.

At the celebration party just now, she just drank a little.

The reason for getting drunk is that I want to find opportunities and Seok Jin-soo alone.

As for the manager, she also sent it away, the purpose is to create opportunities.

Everything went smoothly. Seeing her drunk, Seok Jin-soo didn’t care, and took her to her home.

The only thing that Yoo In-na didn’t think was that Yoon-ah was here too.

This is to annoy her, knowing that her plan has fallen short.

The real girlfriend of the family is here, she has no chance.

What made her even more unexpected was that Seok Jin-soo actually let Yoon-ah take off her clothes.

I don’t know why, being treated like the same sex, and making Yoo In-na’s heart strange, there is always a strange feeling in the flood.

If her patience was excellent, she was almost exposed.

This is so, she is also very dissatisfied.

Just that missy was browsing on my body for a long time, and I kept touching it and touching it. It was a part of privacy. What is it doing?

If you don’t know that Yoon-ah is a woman, Yoo In-na suspects that he is being insulted.

Wait, is that missy has a tendency to lace?

At the thought of this, Yoo In-na is very cold.

Poor, she only likes men, and she doesn’t want to be stared at by women.

It’s not really ecstasy, it’s always almost meaning to grind it.


It’s weird, where did you go?

Yoo In-na knocked on his head and found that his thoughts were getting more and more divergent.

Ok, now I woke up, what should I do?

If only Seok Jin-soo is alone, she will act according to the plan.

The girlfriend of the family is around, she has no chance.

Yoo In-na distressed on the bed, tossing and turning, and it was difficult to rest because of the comfort of the big bed.

I don’t know how long it took, she couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt that the room was very stuffy and she climbed up.

Putting on a t-shirt and hot pants, she walked out of the room and wanted to find water.

Yoon-ah doesn’t have Seok Jin-soo’s heart, and she puts a cup of warm water on her bed. Fortunately, she has been here, is very familiar with this place, can’t find it.

The empty big house is very quiet, only the dim little lights provide a comfortable sight, and the soft carpet walks without sound.

Yoo In-na had planned to go downstairs to the kitchen, but when she came out, she was stabbed by the diagonally flashing sight.

Looking around, I realized that Seok Jin-soo’s bedroom was not closed, and there was a slight gap.

Ghosts make God worse, she doesn’t know why, so she walks gently.

The distance was not very far, and her footsteps were silent, slowly getting together in the gap.

Through that little invisible seam, she was able to see the situation in the bedroom.

However, only one glance, Yoo In-na’s breathing is rushing, the whole body is rapidly heating up, and the mind is dizzy.

In the brightly lit bedroom, there is a scene of the erotic palace that is ashamed of the world.

During the day, Yoon-ah’s t-show made Seok Jin-soo a big hit, so be sure to read it again.

In order to satisfy her boyfriend’s wish, Yoon-ah brought both clothing and accessories.

Just in the bedroom, after she changed it all, she really let Seok Jin-soo sink into it.

Then, the clothing she wore was easily taken off at the speed of light, and it became what it is now.

She sank in the impact of Seok Jin-soo, but the pendant on both ears reflected the swaying of the lights, but it also stimulated the fighting power of Seok Jin-soo.

The two people in the lingering do not know at all that all of this was sneaked into.

Yoo In-na outside the door was completely dumbfounded, looking at everything that happened in the room, only feeling dry, and a flame in the lower abdomen exploded.

She is also a person who has experienced it, but seeing this scene is still not irritating.

In particular, Yoon-ah is so intoxicated that she is embarrassed.

She must be beautiful, and the expression of wanting to die will definitely enjoy it.

Yoo In-na has been watching for a long time, but there has been no sign of a war stop, and Yoon-ah looks more and more ecstasy.

She finally understood why Seok Jin-soo has two women.

How can a woman live with this animal-level performance?

I didn’t see Yoon-ah going to die, my eyes have begun to turn white, and my consciousness has begun to blur.

Not ecstasy to the extreme, how can this be?

Yoo In-na, who was fascinated by the look, couldn’t help it anymore, and the little hand slowly reached into the hot pants. Not too long, the carpet under her feet gradually became wet.

It’s a pity that the self-touching has never been a bit of a gun, but it has also made her heart more and more hungry.

The sense of emptiness that cannot be comforted strongly stimulates her.

At this time, the room finally floated in the rain.

Yoon-ah completely lost consciousness and fell asleep without image.

Seok Jin-soo snorted and gasped for a while, then got up and walked to the bathroom.

Yoo In-na looks really real, he seems to be still unfinished.

The whole brain is just the picture, which strongly impacts her nerves, and the volatilization of alcohol makes Yoo In-na’s guts extremely amazing.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. With the sin of the crime, she gently pushed open the door of the bedroom and then touched the bathroom.

Yoon-ah, who is sleepy and doesn’t know the day, still doesn’t know that his side touched a thief.

The thief walked by his side, and the door of the bathroom was also pushed open.

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