KEP Chapter 798

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 798 chapter did not get anything, floating astronomy

Both body and mind are satisfied, let Yoon-ah have a good night’s sleep, and sleep very sweet.

This kind of creature, that is, will evolve.

From the beginning, it was unbearable to take a fierce slash from Seok Jin-soo, and it took a long time to recover. Yoon-ah has become stronger.

No matter how tired, as long as you feel it, you will naturally wake up and become more beautiful.

Yoon-ah happily woke up from the bed and went to the mirror to dress up. And seeing the more beautiful look in the mirror, the corner of the mouth is not a sketch of a sweet smile.

A woman with love and nourishment is a woman with vitality.

After all was done, she left the bedroom and went to the first floor, and she found that Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na were all up.

Seok Jin-soo is making breakfast, Yoo In-na is beside him, and it seems to be a good match.

Yoon-ah didn’t think much, after all, I feel good.

“Oppa, what have you done?”

After a hard night, her stomach was already screaming. When you smell the aroma of the food, the saliva begins to secrete.

Seeing her, Seok Jin-soo’s face flashed an unnatural smile and quickly got up.

“It’s all you love, I’m ready.”

Yoon-ah leaned over and saw that it was all that he liked, and he was even more happy.

“Wow, you can have a good time today.”

Looking back, seeing Yoo In-na is always silent, she can’t help but ask: “Is eonni also cooking?”

Yoo In-na was a little confused, and Haha was awake for a long time.

“Ah…Haha…not…I won’t do anything, it’s not bad to be able to help. It’s not a thank you for your care last night, so I have to talk about it.”

Yoon-ah squinted, my heart was a bit confused, why this morning, Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na are very strange.

Just why, she can’t see it.

Can you be surprised?

Especially when facing her, the two must be difficult to be natural.

Yesterday evening, Yoo In-na hid outside the door and saw a live erotic palace. The thrilled desires burst out and could no longer be tolerated. As Yoon-ah slumbered, she slid into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Seok Jin-soo did not take a shower despite the sound of water.

Because of such a fierce battle, he did not fully satisfy.

No way, Yoon-ah’s combat power is still a little worse, and he can’t drain his energy. So when Yoo In-na ran in, Seok Jin-soo was working on his own.

This embarrassing scene was completely seen by Yoo In-na and made Seok Jin-soo completely dumbfounded.

He did not expect that Yoo In-na would run in.

Before he could react, Yoo In-na closed the bathroom door and took off his clothes in three or two times.

The perfect and tender body that once was impressive appeared again in front of you, and Seok Jin-soo did not have the flames that burned down.

But he was still sober, and while blocking the enthusiasm of Yoo In-na, he asked in horror what she was doing.

Yoo In-na didn’t care, just hugged him and said what he had to surrender.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let Yoon-ah know.”

The resistance of Seok Jin-soo was not very strong, and the temptation of Yoo In-na was too great. So in the sound of the water, there was an ulterior relationship between the two.

Only experienced in the field, Yoo In-na knows what Yoon-ah enjoys.

It was so cool, the whole person seemed to be floating above the clouds, and it seemed to be in a fairyland.

In an hour or so, she drained all her energy and consciousness, making her the same confusion as Yoon-ah.

In the end, Seok Jin-soo quietly took her back to the room to settle down, and then survived the crisis.

However, Yoo In-na is a mature woman, and resilience is not comparable to Yoon-ah. So I woke up in the morning than Yoon-ah and followed Seok Jin-soo to the kitchen to prepare.

Before Yoon-ah came down, the two had already talked a lot.

What makes Seok Jin-soo most trouble is the relationship between them. I don’t know what to do.

He originally thought that Yoo In-na was just like the previous Chae-yeon, just wanted to find a temporary comfort.

But Yoo In-na made it clear that the woman who wants to be his is not just playing.

This time Seok Jin-soo was guilty, and he had to confess Yoo In-na with the situation and told Yoo In-na that he already had two women.

Originally, he felt that, when he said this, Yoo In-na must be frightened and then choose to leave.

Unexpectedly, this woman is just a wink, and she looks indifferent.

“Since you have two, how can I be more than one? You can’t afford it. Besides, we can make money and eat you.”

Seok Jin-soo is in a hurry.

“Yah!! I don’t mean this. I mean, how can I tell them both?”

Yoo In-na sighed and knew that this was a problem that must be faced. In this matter, I need to sacrifice a lot.

“Since it’s hard to say, don’t say it for the time being, I won’t let them know my existence. You are here, I won’t come when they are there. And… and you can go to me anyway, anyway Not too far.”

At the end of the day, Yoo In-na is really awesome.

“You can rest assured that I am not a momentary impulse, but really feel that you are a great man. I will wait until everything is completed.”

Seok Jin-soo knows that Yoo In-na is giving everything time.

Before Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah admit her existence, she will be quiet and will not disturb their relationship.

This is really a clever woman. It seems that there is nothing to ask for, just silent dedication, but it succeeded in occupying a position in the heart of Seok Jin-soo.

Things have reached this point, and Seok Jin-soo has no way.

To blame, you can only blame yourself.

Who told him that he couldn’t control his lower body, so he got so much trouble.

Is it just the source of trouble, really because of his lower body?

Seok Jin-soo never knows that good men and women, like the eye-catching gems, always attract the love of others.

In order to get such a treasure, others will certainly be eager to go.

Without Yoo In-na, there will be Jiang In-na and Park In-na attacking him.

Anyway, this can only be the case. Seok Jin-soo is a guilty conscience. When facing Yoon-ah, he always plays drums.

A breakfast, the atmosphere is very strange.

That is, after Yoon-ah was hungry, he only looked at the food and was not aware of it.

So good to eat breakfast, sent the two women away, Seok Jin-soo was relieved.

Just what to do in the future, he still has no clue. I had to take a step and see it. I have passed it.

Fortunately, the real year-end has arrived, and all sorts of things have distracted his attention, leaving him innocent.

The mbc performing arts awards were held as scheduled. The brothers of Seok Jin-soo and “Infinite Challenge” once again walked onto the red carpet and accepted the cheers of the fans before entering the studio.

Every year is almost the same, the seat of “Infinite Challenge” is always in the best place.

As the signboard of mbc, this is the treatment they deserve. All the peers have no opinions, but only the envy of them.

However, this year’s performance award, Seok Jin-soo’s interest is very poor.

Because of the TV drama, he and mbc are very unhappy. Although the outside world does not know, but I believe that mbc is definitely awkward.

So for this time the mbc performing arts award, Seok Jin-soo is not looking forward to it.

He is only a member of the “Infinite Challenge” and is obliged to attend. If there is a good reason, he will not come.

So since he sat down, he was very quiet. With a slight smile, it seems to be the same as the audience on the spot.

Seok Jin-soo refused to do the practice of performing the show.

Even if mbc asked for the name of the “Infinite Challenge” program group, he did not agree.

You can’t let anything come to you. If you are not happy, you won’t do it. If you don’t think about the audience, you won’t even come to this performance award.

So this year’s mbc performing arts award, Seok Jin-soo will not stage on stage, just sit quietly below.

He even chose a special position, which was blocked by his brothers, so that the camera could not shoot him.

Mbc don’t want to take advantage of it from him. It is necessary to let those bastards suffer in order to be awake.

Knowing the contradiction between maknae and mbc, the atmosphere of “Infinite Challenge” is also very dull, and there is no feeling of joy at all.

Everyone also thinks that mbc is doing too much, just because of the relationship between status and fame, it is not easy to express.

However, Kim Tae-ho is said to have had a big fight with the director of the Arts in private, and it is fierce to scold each other.

Anyway, Kim Tae-ho is not afraid of offending the leader. If he can’t, he will resign and leave. With his fame, some are rushing to the place.

It can be said that in the face of the three gods in the “Infinite Challenge”, mbc is also very troublesome, but can only be affected.

In this strange atmosphere, the mbc performing arts award began.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s performing arts award mc is finally not Lee Hyuk-jae.

The guy was spoke by Seok Jin-soo, because the bar was hitting people in the bar, and as a result everyone shouted, and now it is no longer possible to mix in the entertainment industry.

The netizens outside are just shocked by his approach. In fact, everyone in the circle knows that this guy and the organization are entangled, not a good person, it is sooner or later.

However, this year’s mc, Seok Jin-soo is not very optimistic.

Park Mi-sun and Kim Hyun-jing are two female mcs, I am afraid it is difficult to hold up the scene.

Sure enough, two mcs are boring, and the celebration can only be continued in a language that is not very funny.

It is a long time to introduce each program group, and it is very boring.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo’s guess was confirmed as the performance awards were awarded one after another.

The winners of the Variety Award for Excellence in the Arts Department gave Kim Hyun-chol and Kim Shin-young of “Quiz in the World”, and the best awards were awarded to Park Myeong-su and Zhao Huilian.

Not to mention Seok Jin-soo, “Infinite Challenge” has never won any awards.

Park Myeong-su’s humiliation award, Jeong Jun-ha’s home award, this is what a ghost.

If it wasn’t for the last Yoo Jae-seok’s performance award, this year’s mbc performing arts award, “Infinite Challenge” seems to be absent.

The ambiguous practice of mbc has caused a lot of criticism in the outside world.

The most popular point of public discussion is why there is no Seok Jin-soo in the winner of the Best Awards in the Variety Department?

Although it is impossible to get a big reward for his performance, the best reward is absolutely deserved.

At the very least, compared with Park Myeong-su, in this year’s program, he is much better than Park Myeong-su.

Because of an performance award, mbc was smashed by the dog blood.

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