KEP Chapter 800

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 800 chapter TV contains love, floating astronomy

At the end of the year, the award ceremony was so hot because of Seok Jin-soo.

The mbc and sbs are two days of ice, and the treatment among the public is not the same.

The only thing that is fortunate is probably kbs.

Because Seok Jin-soo doesn’t have a program in kbs, he doesn’t need to go to the kbs show.

Although he has a TV series in kbs, he is still a hot “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, but because there is no advantage in the selection of awards, he did not participate in this acting award.

As a result, as he expected, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” did not receive any weighty awards.

As the kbs annual ratings champion, however, the big prize belongs to Zhang He of “Pushing Slave”.

After Kim Tae-hee came back, he was very resentful and thought he could once again win a big reward.

“Oh, noona, your role in Jin Zhuoqiu is a heroine, but because of the meaning of a villain, it is not pleasing. The role of the role and the consideration of acting is definitely not suitable for the big prize.”

Nestled in the arms of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee was not so sad.

“Forget it, anyway, itโ€™s gone, I donโ€™t want to. But the next time I remember, I must tell me in advance, I know that I wonโ€™t win the prize, and I will not attend.โ€

Seok Jin-soo Haha laughed and found that this noona had a child’s temper.

“Noona, what are you going to do? kbs won’t let it. If you don’t give you a prize, you won’t be awarded, but Jin Zhuoqi’s popularity is there, you need to fill the scene.”

Kim Tae-hee is helpless, but he knows the truth.

“The two days after the blind test, will you come to recharge the scene?”

Seok Jin-soo immediately slammed the mountain with his chest.

“This is still to say, noona’s play, I have to be there.”

Itโ€™s almost the same, and the sly Kim Tae-hee is very happy and takes the initiative to offer a kiss.

Itโ€™s a pity that a kiss can’t satisfy Seok Jin-soo. He turned over and pressed on the woman, and the big hand quickly started to move.

There are still two days of work on the “Blind Pass”, but “Infinite Challenge” has made a very interesting special.

The first recording after New Year’s Day was in a new studio.

The new year is approaching, the lights in the studio are full of colors, and the festive colors are everywhere, so the members are in a good mood.

Seven people came out and there were still viewers in front of them.

“Hello, hello, Infinite Challenge!”

Team Leader Yoo is rare to hold a tablet, which is not common in Infinite Challenge.

โ€œJust last year, we directly entrusted the audience to vote. The first ticket was Hahaโ€™s project.โ€

On such a beautiful day, everyone will not marry him, and they have applauded Haha for their congratulations.

Yoo Jae-seok continued: “This project was officially launched today, Infinite Challenge fan tv…ๅ—ฌ…”

Team Leader Yoo can’t say it anymore, holding his breath tightly, his face is very resentful.

Others are similar, all seem strange.

In the eyes of the audience, Noh Hong-chul broke the news: “The smell is coming out.”

Obviously just now, someone quietly released the poison gas and polluted the beautiful environment.

Today’s recording is a meeting of the “Infinite Challenge” members and fans who have a fate, so the “Infinite Challenge” fan tv is full of love.

The first protagonist is Jeong Jun-ha.

“What kind of person are you looking for today?”

Jeong Jun-ha talks with memories.

“Itโ€™s been a long time ago, itโ€™s really… shy.”

Seok Jin-soo came up with a sentence.

“You peek at the girl taking a shower?”

The scene crashed and Jeong Jun-ha thundered.

“Yah!! Stinky boy, don’t talk nonsense. I have a girlfriend, you will become a big trouble if you say so.”

Seok Jin-soo No matter what, the unfortunate thing is Jeong Jun-ha. He throws up the stalk and Jeong Jun-ha will have any experience. He doesn’t care.

Jeong Jun-ha managed to recover and talk about his own story.

โ€œI used to visit a Chinese restaurant…โ€

It seems like this story, Yoo Jae-seok knows that he will pick it up after waiting for Jeong Jun-ha to continue.

“With the younger generation of the community, after eating and having no money, I ran.”

Itโ€™s a story that doesnโ€™t taste. If you donโ€™t give money after eating, how can you be happy?

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t stand it anymore, and immediately asked: “Where is the restaurant that can’t give money?”

Everyone else was shocked, and Haha asked incredulously: “Do you want to go?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded seriously.

“No need to give money, why not?”

Hey, you earned more than six billion yuan, and even remembered to save money.

The audience was not happy at the moment, and the snoring of Seok Jin-soo was also blushing.

Jeong Jun-ha is still immersed in the story, he said heavily: “It was almost twenty years ago, and it has been hanging in my heart.”

Park Myeong-su can’t stand it anymore.

“Before finding the protagonist, should I be criminally punished first?”

Jeong Jun-ha was shocked and his eyes flashed.

Noh Hong-chul has to follow up.

“I am also a victim. It is indeed an economic criminal.”

When it comes to stocks, Jeong Jun-ha gets smashed again and laughs again and again.

It was hard to calm the nostalgia of Noh Hong-chul and the process of finding the protagonist began.

“People twenty years ago, is it true that the protagonist is there? If it doesn’t appear…”

Jeong Hyeong-don is very imaginative.

“In case the boss of the Chinese restaurant does not appear, maybe the police will come out. Come in with a handcuff, so…”

This scared the big fat, and his mouth was smashed.

To tell the story of Jeong Jun-ha, the members played a sitcom and returned to it twenty years ago.

It was Jeong Jun-ha who rebuilt four times. According to him, it was very popular, but from the perspective of the drama, it was still a lot of funny elements.

Just watching the melodrama, the members are very embarrassed, I really don’t want to say that this sitcom is played by myself.

In the sitcom, when Yoo Jae-seok cried and studied very tired, Jeong Jun-ha took everyone to the billiard hall and showed everyone the technique of billiards.

In fact, Jeong Jun-ha’s billiards technology is really good, sitting in the second spot in the “Infinite Challenge”.

No way, when Seok Jin-soo was mixed, it was called the Jeonnam ball god. After playing in private for a while, no one will bet on him anymore.

As the story of the melodrama continues, the theme is gradually revealed.

It turned out that Jeong Jun-ha had a swollen face and was fat, and was placed on the fire. He had to be a guest, but there was no money in his pocket.

Young and prosperous, I didn’t want to lose face in front of my companions, so Jeong Jun-ha didn’t have the money to pay for the restaurant’s account because of this, and finally chose to escape.

Fortunately, he still has a conscience, because he has been remembering for so many years.

“Yah!! Saying that I have to pay back, the result has not been returned for twenty years. Is this still human?”

At the end of the day, Seok Jin-soo still sprinkled salt on the wound, and Jeong Jun-ha was fidgeting.

Others think about it and feel very funny.

Next, it is the process of finding the parties. Yoo Jae-seok became a reporter, and it started.

He also wanted to play the teleport, and the result of the production team did not cooperate at all, let him make a joke.

What everyone didn’t think was that Yoo Jae-seok came to the vicinity of the college where Jeong Jun-ha was rebuilt. Everything here has not changed. It seems that time has not changed.

Seeing this scene, Seok Jin-soo said with emotion: “At first, Jeong Jun-ha ran away, and the boss’s resentment was very deep, so I bought all the nearby ones and kept them as they were. I hope that Jeong Jun-ha can Find it here and return the money.”

You say so, Jeong Jun-ha is under more pressure.

It is obvious that Jeong Jun-ha is more restless and his face is sallow.

Yoo Jae-seok’s search was quick and he found the Dae-sung pavilion where Jeong Jun-ha had eaten the king’s meal twenty years ago.

But unfortunately, the restaurant is still the restaurant, but the boss has changed.

The former boss transferred the restaurant to others three years ago because of physical discomfort.

In the end, it was only through the housing agency that the owner of the former Dae-sung Pavilion moved to Xindulin.

As a result, Yoo Jae-seok struggled to find the past and found out that it was not.

But the boss here provided a clue that there was a Chinese restaurant on the first floor of the Xindulin Food Court.

Hard work pays off, on the first floor, Yoo Jae-seok finally found the protagonist of the event, which was the owner of the Dae-sung pavilion where Jeong Jun-ha finished the run.

Jeong Jun-ha was very excited because he found the boss, and revealed another thing.

It turned out that this was not his only time to eat without giving money, but he had also eaten squid in Sokcho.

“Yah!! It turned out to be a stealer!”

“Can’t you go all night?”

“The laws of our country are also imperfect.”

Faced with the ridicule of the younger brothers, Jeong Jun-ha is flushed and has no place.

Finally, he walked to the center of the stage and called for the background.

“Boss, owner of the Dae-sung Pavilion, nim!!!”

The call of one after another implies the expectation of Jeong Jun-ha’s uneasiness.

Finally, in the emotional music, a thin figure slowly came out from the background.

The fate of twenty years ago, no matter how good or bad, can meet again, it is really a tearful thing.

Twenty years have passed and many things have changed.

Jeong Jun-ha is no longer the hard-hitting student, and the boss is getting older.

It became more kind than the boss in the impression of Jeong Jun-ha.

Both of them have a lot to say about this encounter.

I also saw that the boss was really kind and did not hate Jeong Jun-ha because of the events of the year.

The search for “Infinite Challenge” is quite timely, because this year, the boss of Liu Yingchang, who did not pursue Jeong Jun-ha, has already planned to close the restaurant and start taking a break.

I have been cooking for more than forty years, and I am too old, and I can’t keep up with my physical strength.

If you miss this time, I am afraid I will never find it again in the future.

At the thought of this, it is embarrassing, and I feel that this special edition makes a lot of sense.

The unsuspecting members are all masters of destruction.

“I have a problem. At that time, 100,000 yuan was a considerable amount. If the boss wants to catch it, he can fully… can fully grasp it.”

Twenty years ago, 100,000 yuan was a big fortune. The salary of civil servants is similar to this.

Park Myeong-su is getting more and more excited.

“The college is behind, and the face is quite big, you can catch it.”

Jeong Hyeong-don is also curious.

โ€œWhy donโ€™t you stick to it?โ€

Seok Jin-soo is also very emotional.

“Boss, if you insist on it, we don’t have to suffer so much.”

Well, everyone said that there is no such thing as his funny.

In the look of the big fat collapse, everyone laughed.

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