KEP Chapter 803

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 803 chapter of fresh blood, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo said that it is not a fan of his own in the program.

Since you have promised that people will perform together and satisfy the fans’ wishes, they must do it well.

So program down, he left Edo-ho’s contact information for Zhang Duoshan, let her come to the company this weekend.

The purpose, of course, is to check in the studio about the strength of this small fan, and then see how to arrange the performance.

Anyway, such a performance is just to satisfy the fans’ wishes. It is not important that the stage is perfect and imperfect.

As long as you understand the strength of Zhang Duoshan, then you can arrange a performance.

Zhang Duoshan is beautiful, but he did not expect his superstar idol to be so approachable.

Not only did they agree to their wishes, but they also gave them the opportunity to cooperate. I thought that I could be alone with the idol, and she couldnโ€™t sleep well for several days.

Itโ€™s hard to get to the weekend, Zhang Duoshan deliberately dressed himself up, trying to make himself look more beautiful, and then took the bus to myMystic89.

When she arrived at the company’s door, she discovered that there were many people gathered here. I only knew it when I heard it. It turned out to be a fan of t-ara.

myMystic89 company is such an idol group, so fans who come from the wind are basically theirs.

Although t-ara has not had any activities recently, it rarely comes to the company, but it still can’t stop the enthusiasm of fans.

And looking at those fanatical fans, Zhang Duoshan could not help but smile.

I used to be crazy about idols like these people. I was lucky enough to meet a best idol and give myself the opportunity to realize my dreams.

So, Zhang Duoshan, are you ready?

Don’t be embarrassed, you must be recognized by the idol.

Zhang Duoshan, who made up his mind, called Eun-ho.

Not long after, Eun-ho came out of the company and gently said to her: “The director has been waiting for you in the studio, come with me.”

So Zhang Duoshan was led by Eun-ho into myMystic89 in the eyes of other people.

This is the first time Zhang Duoshan came to the entertainment company, so I was curious about everything. So go all the way, look all the way, what is new to everyone.

myMystic89 company is not big, a lot of things are clear at a glance.

Eun-ho is a manager of Seok Jin-soo. His personality is similar to that of Seok Jin-soo. He is very kind. So I walked all the way and introduced Zhang Duoshan all the way.

“There is t-ara’s practice room over there, but they are not there, otherwise they can help you sign.”

I heard that it was the practice room of the top idol group t-ara. Zhang Duoshan was very excited and picked up his toes and looked inside.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the angles and the absence of lights inside, so she could not see anything.

Eun-ho pointed to the other side: “There is an actor department there. There are a lot of actors in the company. But they are less than the singers, so it is very quiet.”

As a fan of Seok Jin-soo, Zhang Duoshan knows what the activities of idols are.

She knows that Seok Jin-soo has a lot of great film and television works, and she has also chased it.

I think that a lot of works were born there, she could not help but have a pilgrimage, really want to look at the past.

But Eun-ho’s footsteps kept going, and she had to keep up.

Not long after, I finally came to the studio.

Zhang Duoshan was in a mood and walked in with Eun-ho, only to find two people inside.

One she knows is Seok Jin-soo.

There is also a middle-aged fat man with a gray hair, good looks, but it is very raw.

When I heard the sound of opening the door, the two people inside watched it together and Seok Jin-soo stood up directly.

โ€œHaha, my fans are coming!โ€

Zhang Duoshan is faint and stunned.

“Oppa, it’s a problem for you.”

Seok Jin-soo touched her hair and smiled and said: “I have any troubles. Anyway, I have time. I can satisfy other people’s wishes, and I will be happy.”

If the idol is kind, the eyes of Zhang Duoshan will be stunned.

Itโ€™s just that she is not looking good, even if she smiles happily, her eyes are sharp and seemingly strong.

And her face is long, but fortunately there is a long hair cover, otherwise it will look even stronger.

“I just don’t know if I can get approval from Oppa. I heard that Oppa is very strict in music.”

When I heard the fear of liTTL- Time To Love e missy, everyone in the room smiled.

“Nothing, if you can’t do it, it’s your own.”

Seok Jin-soo is not a comforting personality. It is good to say that it is a bit angry.

However, Zhang Duoshan was not scared, but instead stood up.

“I won’t be a shame. I am Zhang Duoshan. I will definitely be the best.”

“Oh, very confident.”

The middle-aged white-haired man laughed and seemed to be satisfied with her confidence.

Seok Jin-soo introduced the following: “This is my music introduction seonsaeng-nim, Kim Hyeong-seok seonsaeng-nim. He is a great musician and also taught Park Jin-young. He is here today. Can better discover your potential.”

I heard that this person turned out to be Seonjineng-nim of Seok Jin-soo and also taught Park Jin-young. Zhang Duoshan was really frightened.

Sure enough, the people around Seok Jin-soo can’t be underestimated. If you just come out, this resume will scare people.

Zhang Duoshan was busy and sincere, and greeted again and again.

Everyone has seen it, and Seok Jin-soo talks about business.

“To call you today, mainly to see your music literacy, look at your style, so that we can decide what we are going to perform. How, is there any tension? Can you give us a performance?”

Itโ€™s a scene that I donโ€™t even want to think about in the face of an idol.

Zhang Duoshan can’t help but feel a little worried, but Strong Heart makes her more excited.

“Well, I can.”

Seeing that the little girl has no market, Seok Jin-soo and Kim Hyeong-seok can’t help but smile and have a little appreciation for her.

The average girl, when she sees such a scene, can even speak nervously, and her mind is blank.

Zhang Duoshan can also perform courageous performances, which is very remarkable.

Kim Hyeong-seok turned around and fucked the console and asked, “What song do you want to perform?”

As long as Zhang Duoshan speaks, he can call up the accompaniment.

Anyway, it is not a selection of singers, and there is no need to listen to the ability of Zhang Duoshan to sing.

Really want to perform, Zhang Duoshan is still a little nervous. But she also knew that the opportunity was rare, or forced herself to calm down.

“Well… I like jessi very much, I want to sing a happy life.”

Seok Jin-soo and Kim Hyeong-seok were shocked when they heard her selection.

“Do you like hip-pop?”

Zhang Duoshan nodded and did not hide.

โ€œI feel that hip-hop music is relatively free and free to show my thoughts, not so constrained. And nowadays young people like hip-hop music, which may be the trend of Mi-rae.โ€

Seok Jin-soo nodded and recognized her.

At the same time, I realized that this little girl has a set of her own thoughts, not blindly saying that she likes music.

“If you want to do hip-hop music, you must have your own personality and color at least. Otherwise, it is easy to be eliminated.”

Seok Jin-soo Although he does not do hip-hop music, he is always watching.

This style of music is very popular among young people. Because young people are free and do not like the generation that is being managed.

If you want to be welcomed by young people of this kind of thinking, then you must have your own unique style in the hip-hop music field to occupy a place.

This is his advice to fans. If Zhang Duoshan really wants to make music in the future, it will be a little help.

After all said that, under the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Hyeong-seok guided the melody of Happy Life.

Seeing it, Zhang Duoshan really likes jessi, and does not imitate her music.

So when the music came out, the momentum of the little girl changed, and it was a lot more fierce.

Em ye ye ye

Em you konw i that this……

Just two sentences, the eyes of Seok Jin-soo and Kim Hyeong-seok are on.

This little girl can!

Both of them are musical abilities, and in the judgment of music, it is like a god.

So even though Zhang Duoshan only sang two sentences, both of them found that the little girl’s tone is very characteristic.

Unlike Jessi’s hard-nosed domineering, it makes people feel that it is a powerful noona.

On the contrary, in the voice of Zhang Duoshan, there is a certain charming doll sound. The sound is crisp, soft and yet individual, and is completely different from many hip-hop female singers.

In the lead part of the previous section, her performance is like this.

But when it really started to sing, Seok Jin-soo suddenly found out that her rap was different.

A good personality subwoofer, compared with the singing part, seems to be completely two people.

The most important thing is that this girl is perfect for singing or rap.

Although there are many flaws in her performance, there is no professional music training. On the contrary, the talents shown in her performances are not learned by many people.

This sleek and very free-spirited subwoofer rap, coupled with her glamorous appearance, like the queen and a little woman, has a versatile charm and is a type that Seok Jin-soo has never seen before.

He is keenly aware that such an image would be very popular if it appeared in the music industry.

Thinking about it, his heart gradually got an idea.

When Zhang Duoshan finished the performance of a song and waited for his comment, he smiled slightly.

โ€œHow good, do you really like music?โ€

Unexpectedly, he would ask, Zhang Duoshan was a bit worried, but he nodded and looked very firm.

“Well, in order to be able to do my favorite music, I promised my parents to study hard. Just because I achieved good results, they agreed.”

Seok Jin-soo has a idea.

“Do you want to be a singer?”


Zhang Duoshan looked at it with surprise and always felt that Seok Jin-soo was not asking casually.

โ€œCan I really be a singer? Does Oppa think I can?โ€

Although she likes music, she has made up her mind, but she has no confidence in the future of Mi-rae.

It can be said that Seok Jin-soo’s words really gave her great courage.

Seok Jin-soo is simply clear.

“I feel that you have great potential and want to train you into a powerful singer. How, are you interested?”

Zhang Duoshan was completely paralyzed, and his face was hot. He did not expect his idol to be so optimistic about himself.

She involuntarily touched her face and tried to cool the disordered thoughts.

“Oppa, I… can I really?”

Her performance made both people laugh.

Kim Hyeong-seok also said: “You are the best talented seed I have seen in addition to Jin-soo over the past few years. If you are a singer, it will definitely be great.”

I heard that Kim Hyeong-seok raised himself to such a great degree, and Zhang Duoshanโ€™s heart did not mention how happy he was.

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