KEP Chapter 805

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 805 chapter good news, floating astronomy

Seeing that Son Ye-jin was so embarrassed, Seok Jin-soo was particularly helpless.

He took a paper towel from the side and carefully wiped the grease from the corner of his mouth.

Son Ye-jin first shrank a little, then did not move, let Seok Jin-soo gently move.

I don’t know why, I have a strange feeling.

This man, when he is overbearing, makes people breathless, and when it is gentle, it looks like a warm wind.

Son Ye-jin doesn’t know why, in short, enjoy this treatment.

Meimei’s chicken soup was clean and it was discovered that his stomach was bulging.

“Oh, no, I have to eat.”

Looking at her frowning face, Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled and opened the door to let the cold wind in.

“If you eat too much, take a walk.”

Bird Ridge is only a film city, and there are no residents, so it is extraordinarily quiet on weekdays.

The two walked on the trail in the mountains, squeaking on the snow under their feet, and there was no fun.

Fortunately, today is a cloudy day, so the whiteness of the mountains is not as dazzling as the sunny day.

At the same time, because it is cloudy, it is not very cold. The two are slowly walking, but they are also comfortable.

“You are a screenwriter, and you never come. The director has opinions.”

Son Ye-jin spoke about gossip and told some things about the Seok Jin-soo crew. However, what she said is the meaning of Han Zailin, and who is the meaning, it is not clear.

Seok Jin-soo breathed fresh air and smiled bitterly: “I want to come, but I don’t have time. You are all professional, I believe you can do well.”

Son Ye-jin suddenly thought of something, filled with a smile: “Right, haven’t congratulated you yet, and won the best reward.”

“Thank you, that’s what I deserve.”

“Smelly fart!”

See Seok Jin-soo for granted, Son Ye-jin couldn’t help but swear.

Then whispered: “Every award is recognized by others, so it must be accepted with gratitude. You are here to say nothing, if you are heard by others, you will say that you are arrogant.”

Unexpectedly, she would think for herself, and Seok Jin-soo was also moved.

“Thank you for your reminder, I will pay attention. But I am different from you. I am responsible for funny people. Sometimes, everyone will only smile and not be serious.”

Son Ye-jin is just enough.

“You can do it yourself.”

Seok Jin-soo is also very concerned about her.

“How, the shooting is not tired? Your play is coming to an end?”

The filming of “Viewing” is not step by step according to the plot, but is divided into several parts by Han Zailin, and the parts with similar scenes are taken together, so that there is no need to repeat the set.

Son Ye-jin doesn’t have a lot of plays in the film. Apart from the part of Jeju Island, there are still a few dramas that are basically over.

“Well, there is still a week, my part is over. The rest, it will take time to shoot in the spring.”

She also has a part of the play, in a sunny atmosphere.

At this time, the number of nine cold winters, everything around is white, and there is no way to shoot. Even if you build an indoor scene, the effect is not so good.

Therefore, the part of Han Zhelin’s crisp award was taken to the spring when it was moved to the spring, which saved a lot of money.

“The day when there was no filming, what are you going to do?”

Anyway, it’s a bit of a chat, and Seok Jin-soo cares a little more.

Son Ye-jin thought for a moment and said, “I plan to organize the studio first. I am not going to be able to stay. There are some commercial activities, I have to attend. There are various awards ceremonies. Refused.”

Celebrities like her, even if they don’t film, the activities will not be less.

Since Seok Jin-soo cares about himself, Son Ye-jin asks: “What about you?”

Seok Jin-soo is busy.

“Well, I am going to the United States soon, to go to the Grammy. If it goes well, I am afraid I will stay in the United States for about a month.”

Seok Jin-soo News about the Grammy has long been reported, and Son Ye-jin has long known. Only she did not think of anything else.

“Why is it so long? Can you come back after you have finished?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled smugly: “There are some cooperation, you also know that the money in the European and American entertainment circles is better.”

Thinking of the news of the year, Son Ye-jin is also awkward.

“I really can’t think of it, you actually earned so much. Oh, I am also very hard, but not even one tenth of yours.”

When Seok Jin-soo’s income news came out, Son Ye-jin’s mother even called her and said what it was like. Also specially marry her, such a good man must be firmly grasped.

In addition, don’t worry too much, sometimes you close one eye and make full use of your own charm.

In front of such a powerful man, there is nothing wrong with grievances.

Son Ye-jin, who made it, couldn’t help but laugh and say what he said.

Why did her mother have already identified the matter, she could not explain it at all, and had to deal with the past vaguely.

But looking back, the man in front of him can earn more than six billion a year, and she can’t help but feel her heart.

“I said that you have earned so much, so you are going out? Isn’t it afraid to be in danger? How do you have a dozen bodyguards?”

Seok Jin-soo’s face is awesome to the woman’s imagination.

“Yah!! Not so exaggerated. I don’t do bad things, don’t go to dangerous places, do things with bodyguards? I only have you around, can you say that you have any intentions for me?”

Son Ye-jin turned his eyes.

“What can I do for you?”

Seok Jin-soo nods.

“Also, just like you, even if you want to have any intentions for me, you don’t have that ability. Just tap it, you are finished.”

Say it, but the eyes are still aiming at the hips of Son Ye-jin.

Even with a thick down jacket, Son Ye-jin feels hot. No way, the eyes of Seok Jin-soo are too strong.

If it is, Son Ye-jin has long since collapsed.

But today I drank the chicken soup carefully prepared by others, and I was immersed in the thick gentleness, so that she could not get angry.

“Bad people, I don’t want good things.”

Seok Jin-soo is in a good mood, joking along with her words.

“Then do you want to?”


Son Ye-jin is a slap in the face, and the thin face is hot and can spread the pancakes. The result was Tae-yeon, who came and went next to Seok Jin-soo.

She doesn’t know what she is craving. The opposite of this man is always stronger than ever.

But Seok Jin-soo has a taste of it, it seems that it is just a joke. With a slight smile, I took the lead in the first place.

Only in the snow, Son Ye-jin’s resentment is on the rise.

I went to the “View” and looked at the hard work staff and actors. I exchanged some opinions with you. I saw that there is nothing safe. Seok Jin-soo is finally safe to do something else. .

When he returned to Seoul, he received good news.

Before that, he sent a fax to the Grammy Organizing Committee to ask about the possibility of entering and shooting the Infinite Challenge.

After so long, the Grammy side also seemed to understand the influence of the program “Infinite Challenge” in South Korea and Asia, and the results were agreed.

As long as the Grammy Awards ceremony is held, the Infinite Challenge program group is scheduled to shoot on-site, so there is no problem.

Not only that, but the Grammy also sent a letter of invitation to Yoo Jae-seok and others so that they could justifiably appear at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

This really solved a big problem and made Seok Jin-soo very excited.

When he conveyed the news to Kim Tae-ho, it was obvious that the Yoon-ah pd seemed to be crazy.

Needless to say, the originally planned recording plan has to change.

The “Infinite Challenge” has begun to actively coordinate the itinerary and prepare for the trip to the United States.

This time, unlike the previous trip to the United States, the mbc also knew what the Grammy meant, so it approved ample funds.

It can be said that if you go to the United States this time, everyone’s itinerary will be much more comfortable.

Among them, Noh Hong-chul and Haha are excited, and they are all fantasizing about what to do if they appear on the Grammy site.

Just waiting for them to think about you, they were called Nagging by Yoo Jae-seok for a while, completely quiet.

This trip to the United States seems to be moving in the right direction.

Just as the news from Grammy came back, Eminem personally called Seok Jin-soo.

“Damn, stone! I really want to say a swearing word to express my feelings. You are the locust in my stomach, why do you know me so much? Fuk, I love this song. I must have it. Do it, definitely, no matter what the price.”

In the song for Eminem, Seok Jin-soo used gaeko and heize to make the demo, and then sent it to Eminem’s mailbox.

Not to mention, although the little girl heize entered the music industry for the first time, the talent is really good, especially the performance of rap is amazing, so the power of gaeko is shocked.

The enthusiastic gaeko took the initiative to guide Heize and said that she would continue to teach her in the future.

Gaeko’s love, finally let Seok Jin-soo breathe a sigh of relief. After all, he is not good at hip-hop music, he will compose music, but he can’t perform, so there is nothing to teach heize.

In the demo, heize’s performance is good, showing the charm of the song’s original sing.

If it weren’t for her singing, Seok Jin-soo would like to recommend her to work with Eminem.

After all, this is a scary qualification. If it is true, no one can ignore her in the Korean music industry.

Anyway, the song was heard by Eminem, who simply loved the song.

Because this song expresses all his thoughts and thoughts, it is his true portrayal.

Excited Eminem took the song to find the partner he had dreamed of, and the result also successfully touched the other side.

The other party finally agreed to go out and will come out of grief.

Now that everything is ready, the only thing missing is that you have to wait for Seok Jin-soo to come to the US to start recording the song.

Seeing that Eminem really likes this song, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t have to prepare anything else.

Look at the South Korean side, there is nothing, and the women greeted him, he went to the United States first.

As for the “Infinite Challenge” program group, because there are so many people, it takes more time to prepare and will rush over at a later time.

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