KEP Chapter 806

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 806 chapter confidant, floating astronomy

Every time I go to the United States, Seok Jin-soo is very complaining.

No way, the time on the road is too long. More than ten hours in the sky, people are dizzy.

Itโ€™s hard to get to New York, itโ€™s already dark night.

Fortunately, someone came to pick him up and didn’t let him act alone.

Eminem is fully armed and tries to dress himself up as an ordinary person. Otherwise, if it is recognized, it is estimated that the airport will be blocked by the water.

“Man, you are finally here.”

As soon as I met, the tall Eminem came to a warm hug. Feeling out, this guy is really excited.

Seok Jin-soo provided him with a good song, just in his heart.

From the moment I saw the song, Eminem strongly wanted to get the song out and listen to the one who knows her best.

He rushed to find the past with his songs, and he was delighted that the guy was also very impressed after listening to the song, and finally promised to come back again.

Eminem knows that all this is the credit of Seok Jin-soo.

So when Seok Jin-soo came over, he enthusiastically took the landlord’s friendship and ran to the airport to pick him up.

The two got on the bus and were pulled by Eminem. Seok Jin-soo is also very concerned about the song.

“Man, how are you, the song is not bad?”

Eminem was driving while Haha laughed.

“Damn, itโ€™s not bad. You bastard, do you have the voyeurism? Why are all my voices being seen by you?”

Seok Jin-soo also smiled and raised his leg on the passenger car.

“It’s not all you said. I just wrote songs according to your thoughts. I am a producer and serve a singer like you. That is, I am a product manufacturer and must make the product conform. Your user’s preferences are good.”

โ€œHaha Haha, you describe it well.โ€

Before by Bruno Mars, Eminem met Seok Jin-soo.

But at that time, he only thought that this oriental was a good music producer and didn’t care much.

Just kidding, the rapper is very proud and has no forgotten.

And many of his music is done by himself, and he enjoys the highest praise and does not need the help of others.

The change in the perception of Seok Jin-soo begins with “rolling in the deep.”

It was this song that made Eminem discover that the Oriental was not only a good producer, but also the best singer.

Nahaโ€™s singing and understanding of music should be about the same as himself.

Look, this is Eminem, this is his highest opinion.

He never thought that someone would be stronger than himself.

Grammy is approaching, he also accepted the invitation, and will attend and perform at the time.

But what the show is, he has been pondering this time, but there is no idea.

When I was drinking, Bruno Mars gave him advice. Why not ask Seok Jin-soo?

Eminem thought it was not bad, so he contacted Seok Jin-soo.

The two talked a lot through the phone, and Eminem also explained his own state of mind, his own life, his own distress, his own wishes, etc., if it can help Seok Jin-soo’s creation, He has no concealment.

What he didn’t think of was that his confession was a big surprise.

When I got the work created by Seok Jin-soo, no one knew that Eminem locked herself in the studio.

He cried for a long time, and for a long time, he never felt so happy.

This is the song he wants, this is the voice he wants to express.

Only such a song can express his grievances and depression in the past two years.

Never since then, Eminem is eager to make this song a reality. Not by himself, but by the person he saved.

Of course, this also requires the help of Seok Jin-soo.

He is the producer of the song, only he knows the essence and truth of this song.

This is why Eminem is so eager to want him to come.

“Next month’s Grammy, I want to play this song on the spot, let the damn bastards hear it all. That is the best stage and the stage I want most.”

Eminem said very seriously, and the look is unquestionable.

Seok Jin-soo smiled beside him.

“Ok, then next month’s Grammy, let everyone see and see.”

Eminem turned to look at him seriously.

“Stone, can we do that?”

In this matter, Seok Jin-soo is more aggressive than him.

“Of course, as long as I am there, there is nothing that can’t be done.”

Eminem Haha laughed and found that he and Seok Jin-soo turned out to be a type of person.

In the field of music, it is so unruly, so I am the only one.

No wonder it is very good for this guy from the first sight, only the same kind will be like this.

“Asshole, this is all for you. As long as I do, I will give you a hot introduction to the hot chick.”

In response, Seok Jin-soo smiled and responded.

“**, Laozi has a woman, the best woman in the world.”

Eminem was very enthusiastic and arranged Seok Jin-soo to live in his home. Anyway, there is only one of him here, and the child is not around.

Europeans and Americans will not easily invite others to be friends, and once they do, they will truly treat you as the best friend.

Seok Jin-soo was not flattered. He knew that Eminem would have made himself a confidant since he took out the song.

Eminem had made a lot of preparations at home and planned to have a deep and indiscriminate discussion with Seok Jin-soo.

Who knows Seok Jin-soo This guy doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and is very boring.

But this is also good. When I went to Eminem’s studio the next day, at least both of them were awake.

Here, Seok Jin-soo saw another person.

A middle-aged black man, tall and strong, looks like Kong Wu is powerful, almost like a boxer.

But as long as it is a person who understands music, seeing this person is all awe-inspiring.

Because this person is in the hip-hop world, is the real top king.

Nowadays, those who are in the hip-pop field are in front of him, a veritable junior.

This person is drยทdre.

An unparalleled successful hip hop singer, a very very successful music producer, a very good actor, a very minded businessman.

Most importantly, this person is also a teacher of Eminem.

At the beginning, he insisted on signing Eminem with everyone’s contempt and suspicion, which created the current hardcore king.

Therefore, Eminem is very respectful to this person, and has never changed in so many years, even if dr. dre encounters many difficulties, he will never give up.

The reason why he encountered dr. dre here is because Seok Jin-soo wrote a song for Eminem.

In 2008’s year, dr. dre’s son, Little Andre, was killed at the age of twenty because he was taking too much heroin at home.

This made dr. dre grief and sent his child very sadly.

Not only that, but because of the drug, he has also been questioned by the outside world, and even the investigation by the federal police.

During that time, it was the darkest period of life in dr. dre, and the cause suffered serious setbacks.

Many of the people who had flattered and sought after him, those who looked good, all left, and abandoned him in his most difficult time.

Only Eminem has always been consistent with him, and deeply knows that this benefactor of his own has great strength.

But how to wake up dr. dre’s fighting spirit, let him come back, Eminem is annoyed, never found a good way.

When inviting Seok Jin-soo to create, Eminem said a lot about him and dr. dre, and talked about it.

What Eminem didnโ€™t know was that after listening to his story, Seok Jin-sooโ€™s voice was properly sent to reflect him well.

Seok Jin-soo has gone through his mind and found this song to be too sensational.

Not only did Eminemโ€™s feelings about dr. dre be revealed, but the so-called wine and meat friends who abandoned dr. dre went to attack.

And the melody of high spirits is also full of fighting spirit, which can remind the listener of the glory of dr. dre.

The whole song can be said to be written around the dre.

Dre has never had a record in 7, and has experienced the pain of losing his son andre young.jr and the company’s discord.

After a series of setbacks, the album prepared by dre was also delayed to meet the fans and claimed that the album was the last one.

It can be said that now is the life of dre, and the former friends of dr.dre also abandoned him, no longer really care about him.

At this time, Eminem stood up, “i need a dotor”, and it can be seen from the title of the song that he wants to make dere get out of the woods.

This song can be said to be a song to repay dre as his teacher, friend and relatives.

Seok Jin-soo also didn’t think that Eminem, who looks like a blind man, is actually a person who is so passionate and righteous.

“Are you a stone? Nice to meet you, man. Thank you for your creation, the song I listened very well, let me cry. I really thank God, I think I know how to do it.”

Embracing Seok Jin-soo, dr.dre tears in tears, and the whole person is also flying, looking out, he is coming out of the bottom of life.

Dr.dre is too tall, holding him, Seok Jin-soo feels like a bear, but also serves as a life mentor.

“I was also moved by your friends. Amy and I said a lot about you, which gave me inspiration. If this song can make dr.dre come back, it is simply meritless.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t call his real name, but used dr.dre, which means self-evident.

Dr.dre was awkward, and when he looked at Eminem, his eyes were soft.

He worked hard all his life, and in the end, fortunately, there is also a close friend.

Even for this, he will not continue to sink.

“Man, let’s take a look at the songs. If you want to perform on the Grammy, the time seems to be very tight.”

The dr.dre, which has been revived, quickly converges on feelings and hopes to help Eminem. 8)

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