KEP Chapter 808

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 808 chapter carefully speaking, floating astronomy

“seonsaeng-nim, what should I do?”

Heize stood in front of Seok Jin-soo and his face was very horrified.

She did not think that her own show of time will actually cause such a big trouble.

In the past two days, she has paid attention to entertainment news. The results are all about Seok Jin-soo’s possible cooperation with Eminem.

This is no problem, especially on her Twitter, all of whom are coming for this. A variety of questions asked, so that she could not see, she was scared that she did not dare to go online.

“seonsaeng-nim You see, this should be a reporter, and he still believes in me.”

Heize has not yet turned into an entertainer mentality, and it is not very suitable for this huge amount of attention. What I didnโ€™t even think of was that some of the reporters who tried to prove that they had privately believed her tweets.

Those people even claimed that as long as she was interviewed and revealed something, she would give her a sum of money.

Heize was so troublesome that he finally had to turn to Seok Jin-soo here.

Compared to her, Seok Jin-soo is very light.

He worked with Eminem, which was not a very unspeakable thing. There was nothing to worry about.

The only difference is that the main partner of this cooperation is Eminem.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know the deployment and plans of others. It’s not good to stand up and talk about what to say first.

“Don’t worry about them, if you can’t do it, you set Twitter to prohibit attention. After a while, the hot spot will be fine.”

Seok Jin-soo focused on it and found that it was basically a Korean journalist who was questioning on Heize Twitter.

If you think about it, if the media on the US side is interested, you will naturally contact Eminem’s company. Why bother?

Only South Korean media reporters did not have access to Eminem, so they took their minds to a little girl.

As for Seok Jin-soo, because the clarity of the photo is not so high, he only has a background. The outside world is not too daring to grasp whether that person is him or not.

Although he knows that he is going to the United States, he is said to be attending the Grammy.

This year’s Grammy venue is in Los Angeles on the West Coast.

Eminemโ€™s studio is in New York, and thousands of miles away, no one can do it.

Heize had no choice but to follow his arrangement and temporarily set Twitter to be a state of prohibition.

This is a lot better, and she will not be bombarded by those intimate information.

Seok Jin-soo spent half a month in New York to help Eminem complete the song, and the rest of the mv shot was Eminem’s own business.

He also had his business to be busy, so he bought a ticket to Korea from Heize, and he left for Los Angeles.

When he arrived at the airport, he did not leave, but waited in the same place.

Four hours later, a flight from South Korea arrived, and everyone in the “Infinite Challenge” program group arrived.

After a long period of preparations, the “Infinite Challenge” trip to the United States has arrived again.

This time, unlike before, members are more excited.

“Wow Haha Haha, America, let’s come!”

“Long live, it’s so warm here.”

As soon as they came out, the members screamed and looked like lunatics.

Affected by the ocean currents, although similar to South Korea’s latitude, but Los Angeles is warm and spring, the climate is very pleasant.

At this point, everyone took off the thick winter clothes and the whole person relaxed.

Just outside the airport, the first recording after the arrival of the United States began.

โ€œEveryone, everyone, Infinite Challenge!โ€

This time the slogan, everyone shouted more fanatical than ever.

After all, this time is to witness the miracles and honors, and the funds are sufficient, so that everyone can record with a lot of money.

โ€œMaybe the audience already knows, our infinite Challenge maknae, our favorite singer, our Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, are honored to be nominated for the most outstanding Grammy Awards.โ€

Not only is Yoo Jae-seok excited, but everyone else is similar.

“Maknae is this, he is the god of music!”

Park Myeong-su is screaming at the eyes and has become a fan of Seok Jin-soo.

With Seok Jin-soo’s understanding of him, this old guy is definitely trying to get something from himself, otherwise he won’t be so flattering.

Jeong Jun-ha is even more exaggerated.

“Wow, as soon as I think that maknae might be on the stage and get the Grammy trophy, I can’t sleep without it.”

You are too exaggerated, so some people can’t stand it anymore.

“Brother, you slept all the way, and you can’t wake up if you don’t eat anything.”

Jeong Hyeong-don immediately smashed his bottom and made Jeong Jun-ha’s face flushed.

Haha, who is also a singer, cares about something else.

“maknae, how likely are you to get on the stage?”

He started out as a singer, but unfortunately it was not very successful. After turning to the comedian, the career was improved.

But for the singer’s road, he still has a dream.

Itโ€™s a pity that in the past few years, he has made little achievements in music, and he can only be considered a good mix.

Not to mention the honor, it is even less pitiful.

Even the domestic awards have not been received. When I think that maknae has actually come to Grammy, and even may win the prize, he is envious.

For Haha’s question, Seok Jin-soo thought about it very seriously.

“I am sure I will be on the stage.”

Everyone was shocked and didn’t think he was so confident.

“you sure?”

“Don’t you get insider?”

“What do you say is so full, what if you don’t go up?”

Everyone thinks that Grammy is too tall, almost holding a pilgrimage. So for Seok Jin-soo affirmative, I feel incredible.

Seeing everyone’s surprise, Seok Jin-soo is helpless.

“Because I have a performance task, 100% will be on the stage.”

The other six people are depressed and they have to beat people.

“Yah!! Bokestick, where are you playing word games?”

“Do we ask this?”

“Are you a little too much expansion? We are still brothers.”

Seok Jin-soo spread his hands and his face was extremely embarrassing.

“You only ask me if I will be on the stage and I will not ask anything else.”

The brothers were really angry, and they smashed him well.

In retrospect, the recorded content will be dominated by him.

After all, this time the Grammy is the top priority, everyone has come to the first time, there are still many unknowns.

“Maybe everyone has been paying attention to one thing recently. Now we have invited the party and asked him to answer it personally.”

Turning around, Yoo Jae-seok asked Seok Jin-soo directly.

“There has been a recent rumor on the Internet that our Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi has cooperated with the rapper Eminem. Is this the case?”

This time Seok Jin-soo is not vague, but affirmative: “Yes, in the Grammy not long after, everyone can see the works we have cooperated with.”

Eminem had already stated it before, and admitted this, so here today, Seok Jin-soo is not necessary for confidentiality.

I heard that Seok Jin-soo really cooperated with the rapper, and others were even more envious.

“When are you guys, when did you get better with Eminem?”

What is the word, the scent of Seok Jin-soo is smashed.

“When it was the New York diners special, Bruno didn’t bring him to visit our restaurant. Since then, we have occasionally contacted. This time he wants to make a new album, so he sent me an invitation.”

“Wow, even Eminham certified singer, our maknae, where is your limit?”

Jeong Hyeong-don hugged him, his face was like a mother, as if his mother saw his son Dae-sung.

Noh Hong-chul thinks more.

“Eminem is not very great. He is also in the European and American music circles. Through him, can you know the great female celebrity? If you can, you can meet Eminam next time. Bring me?”

Nima, this dead liar, really will not have a good thing.

Everyone punches and kicks, which is a crazy idea of โ€‹โ€‹breaking the fraud.

“There are still half a month from the Grammy Awards ceremony. I don’t know what arrangements are there next?”

The subject of this recording is Seok Jin-soo, so I have to look at his itinerary to arrange it.

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and said, “Next, I have to practice the Grammy show, so I will be very busy.”

“What about us?”

“What are we going to do?”

“Do we have nothing?”

Seok Jin-soo scratched his head and found that they really had nothing to do.

But itโ€™s hard to come to the United States once and not let them stay.

“Here is Los Angeles, the location of Hollywood. Many movies and familiar movies that everyone is familiar with are all shot here. If you have nothing, you can visit them everywhere. Maybe you will be seen by American producers, invite you. Participate in the American TV series.”

“Yah!! Don’t talk nonsense, do you want to kill us?”

Without waiting for him to finish, everyone swarmed and blocked his mouth in a panic.

Damn maknae, dare to say anything, what if Kim Tae-ho is serious?

As for their foot acting, the Korean dramas are not performing well. What other American dramas are they talking about?

If you say this, what if Kim Tae-ho finds it interesting and really does a special interview for a US drama interview?

Everyone in the panic didn’t notice that Kim Tae-ho was very quiet at the moment and was already immersed in contemplation.

The only eyes are very bright and seem to be brewing something.

I don’t know why, in the very clear weather, everyone always feels cool behind.

In fact, before coming to the United States, the production team has already developed a comprehensive plan.

Although the funds are sufficient, Kim Tae-ho is not a profligate character. So in the past two months, I have to decide how much content to record.

However, this time, unlike before, the production team did not arrange for Seok Jin-soo.

His current main task is to participate in the Grammy perfectly and show the style of Korean singers.

For this, there is nothing to be slow in recording the Infinite Challenge.

However, Seok Jin-soo has plenty of time. After busy practice and rehearsal, there is still plenty of time to record the program.

But the first thing to do is to put everyone down. After all, I have to stay in Los Angeles for half a month. Let everyone have a good rest.

“Everyone, let me go, the company has already arranged accommodation for everyone.”

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