KEP Chapter 812

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 812 Grand Slam, Astronomy

He first looked at the two awarding guests.

“Two, in fact, you are not familiar?”

Not to mention the two awarding guests, even the audience was dumbfounded.

Why is the testimony of this product so unique?

The two award-winning guests were asked, and there was no way to make a nod, saying that they were not very familiar.

Seok Jin-soo shrugged, ridicule said: “I feel the lines below you.”

The audience under the audience burst into laughter and applauded for his straightforwardness.

After all, the Grammy Awards guests are arranged by the organizers and cannot be acquaintances.

But for this matter, Seok Jin-soo is still the first one.

He laughed again: “In fact, it is easy for the two to get acquainted. It only needs a bottle of red wine and a bed. Unfortunately, our Grammy only gives the trophy and does not provide a bed.”

The jokes with a bit of taste made the audience laugh and gave him the middle finger of the two awarding guests.

After ridiculing the awards guests, Seok Jin-soo began to get up to date.

“I am lucky, I have God to take care of, although I don’t believe him.”

Well, the first sentence that came up made the audience laugh again.

You don’t believe that God is taken care of, what should the faithful believers of God do?

Fortunately, the words behind Seok Jin-soo let everyone understand what he meant.

“The first year I came to the United States, I achieved a fantastic success. Of course, this requires your recognition. Do you think I am not successful?”

Nonsense, just entered the European and American music scene and won two Grammy Awards. If you are still not successful, what is it that is successful?

Obviously, this Seok Jin-soo does not need everyone to answer.

“So I think, I belong here. I didn’t do anything here, I can live very well. So as a well-mixed singer, I love Grammy.”

His speech always makes the audience laugh.

Isn’t it, although he released songs in Europe and America, the amount of activity is surprisingly small.

Only a few live performances have become a hot topic.

In this respect, his success is really envious of the hard-working singers.

Fortunately, his song is really good. Everyone admits it, so he made a round of speeches and gained applause.

After coming down from the stage, Seok Jin-soo discovered that Jeong Hyeong-don and Haha actually cried.

“Why are you crying?”

Unclear, he simply asked.

Jeong Hyeong-don has a red eyes and can’t say a word.

Haha is better, but it is hard to hide.

“Really, as a brother who looks at you growing up, seeing you are so beautiful on such a sacred stage, my heart is…”

Seok Jin-soo understands, but it is funny.

“Yah!! I am the protagonist, I haven’t cried, what are you doing? Is this a trick to know?”

No matter how much it touched, it was changed from his mouth, and the tears of Jeong Hyeong-don and Haha became jokes.

“Yah!! You said so, what have we become?”

“Bad boy, wasting our feelings.”

Seok Jin-soo squats.

“I didn’t let you cry.”

Or Park Myeong-su calm, grabbed his trophy and pinched it in his hand.

“I will help you with it, maybe there will be some awards.”

The words of this blessing are so clever that Seok Jin-soo will smile and warm.

Today, Seok Jin-soo is full of people. After he won two awards, Eminem also won the best rap album by working with Rihanna.

For a time, Seok Jin-soo, the area where they were sitting, became the focus of the audience.

No way, it seems to be taken care of by God, and various awards continue.

Just as Eminem won the award, Seok Jin-soo quietly left the seat.

The Grammy has come to an end and he needs to prepare his performance.

Grammy has a wealth of experience in the performance of the stage, combined with the style of Seok Jin-soo, let his songs and the symphony orchestra cooperate to highlight a grand and spectacular stage.

In the corner where no one noticed, the stage was quickly laid out.

But when the guests announced that his performance was coming, the center of the stage quickly set off a bonfire. The rain curtain of this bonfire and special effects formed a huge contrast, making the stage full of science fiction.

Then, the lights unfolded. Behind this wonderful setting, the band of Seok Jin-soo and the symphony orchestra of Hongdae revealed the lineup.

Then, the rhythm of “rolling in the deep” adapted by Seok Jin-soo sounded, and it seems that it is not Grammy, but the sacredness of Vienna.

The prelude to this adaptation is very long, perfectly combining the advantages of the modern band and the classical symphony orchestra, giving the audience a great sense of hearing.

Waiting for the prelude, Seok Jin-soo, a white robes, slowly walked out from the campfire, but his voice strongly shocked everyone’s eardrum.

The Staples Center is so broad, but his singing is so full. It seems that there is a big clock in the sky, and the singing voice of Qing Yue is sent to everyone’s ears.

Compared to the performances of the previous singers, Seok Jin-soo’s appearance completely made the unlisted members crazy.

They were sitting under the stage, very close, so Seok Jin-soo’s performances all came to the bottom of their eyes, without missing any details.

Because of this, they only know how perfect the stage of this maknae is.

Today, here, let them re-recognize Seok Jin-soo again.

The performance of “rolling in the deep”, there is no gorgeous dance, completely winning with singing.

But because of this, when Seok Jin-soo finished the performance, it was also very hot and sweaty.

The more minimalist stage, the more requirements the singer has. Because you have no other means of attracting the audience, your voice is your only weapon.

If it is not good enough, the stage will be destroyed.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo’s singing skills never have to worry, he has the best scorpion in the world.

At the end of the song, he opened his arms and stood on the stage, turning the following famous singers into his fans.

The applause began in the first row and continued in the last row, even behind the scenes. Anyone who heard his voice stopped at this time and sincerely gave him a compliment.

If you want to judge the best performance stage of this year’s Grammy, Seok Jin-soo’s singing and Eminem, dr.dre and Sergea Grey’s performances are definitely two pairs.

After completing the performance task, Seok Jin-soo can finally get down.

He quickly returned to his position and once again accepted the congratulations of his brothers.

“Maknae, write songs for me in the future. I need you!”

Regardless of the deep affection that Park Myeong-su said, Seok Jin-soo did not hear it.

Old guy, the brother’s “Cold Noodle” was not destroyed by you, and I haven’t found you yet.

Fortunately, this is the award ceremony, which attracts everyone’s attention.

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony are on the stage, and they will be awarded the Best Production Award of the Year.

Another Seok Jin-soo was nominated, and it is the final prize of the Grammy.

If you want to compare, the Best Production Award is equivalent to the sound source award in the Golden Record Awards, and it is one of the highest honors.

Everyone held their breath and waited for the results to come out.

However, the crazy thing happened. Among the strong enemies, Seok Jin-soo once again made a big break and became the winner of this year’s Best Production Award with “rolling the deep”.

The Grammy choice is “rolling in the deep” instead of “uptown funk”. When they look at it, they value the musicality of the work.

Although the performance of “uptown funk” is better, it is more entertaining, and it is not as good as “rolling in the deep” to show the quality of music.

Seok Jin-soo was very excited and took the stage with Mark Jonson.

“Wow, everyone, this is my third time on stage. I have already got the three most incredible trophies. But don’t expect me to cry, this is a happy event. I will hold all the trophies tonight, laughing. Like a fool.”

His words have now become the expectations of the audience, and he did not disappoint everyone, but also brought laughter.

“In any case, I can get the best production award of the year, and I would like to thank Mark. The song will not appear so smoothly without his help. Thanks to Atlantic Records, thank you for your appreciation, give me I had the opportunity to meet with you. Finally, I would like to thank my boss, Yoon Jong-shin from South Korea, and my seonsaeng-nim Kim Hyeong-seok for their help. They also worked hard for the birth of this song. It should also appear here, but they are not willing to fly, and I have no choice.”

The previous one was quite good, and finally it was awkward.

I don’t know if Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Hyeong-seok in Korea will burst into tears.

If you really know that you can get the Grammy Annual Production Award, they will climb if they climb.

As a musician, where are you going to find such scenery?

The unseen members looked at the three trophies in the hands of Seok Jin-soo, and they were all unbelievable. This was actually obtained by Seok Jin-soo alone.

But what I thought of, Haha exclaimed.

“Wait, maknae won’t get the best album of the year?”

He said this, everyone was shocked and sucked up.

There are many Grammy awards, but the most important thing to say is that there are only four comprehensive categories of awards, the best album of the year, the album of the year, the song of the year and the newcomer of the year.

One of the best songs of the year was Bruno Mars’s “uptown funk”, and Seok Jin-soo, who is a producer, was one of the winners.

He is the best producer of the year and the best newcomer of the year.

Then among the four most important awards, there is only one album of the year.

If this award is also obtained by Bruno Mars, then Seok Jin-soo can achieve the grand slam of the single Grammy Award.

Wait, let’s go back and look at history. Has anyone done this feat?

Everyone has a lot of history about Grammy, but I have thought about it from beginning to end. It seems that no singer has swept the four major awards.

Is Seok Jin-soo going to create a new world record?

In the expectation of everyone, the award of the annual album award has finally arrived.

The two award-winning guests had very little nonsense and went straight to the topic.

The nominations for the annual album awards are arcade fire’s “the suburbs”, Eminem’s “recovery”, lady antebellum’s “need you now”, lady gaga’s “the fame monster”, and Bruno Mars’s Uptown special.

This is the last of the current Grammy. After more than two hours, the final big prize is spent, obviously everyone is paying attention.

The awarding guests didn’t seem to like to delay the time, so they read out: “The winner is…uptown special, Bruno Mars!!!”


It was impossible, and the scene was blown up.

More people are congratulated by Bruno Mars’s madness this year, but people around Seok Jin-soo are digesting him to sweep the four major prizes.

Unfortunately, this is crazy.

Rao was accustomed to the wind and rain with Eminem and Bruno Mars, and he has been shaking his head and wondering again and again.

But soon, their surprise changed to the surprise of the audience.

Because everyone saw it, Seok Jin-soo walked on the lineup to receive the award.

Everyone remembers this, this is the fourth time he has come to the award today.

What’s scary is that he won all the general awards.

Rao is a person who knows the history of Grammy again. At this time, he is also frantically flipping through the records, thinking about how to describe this moment.

The winner of the same grand slam in the same history of Grammy appeared in such a grandiose place.

Tomorrow’s report, how crazy is it?

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