KEP Chapter 813

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the only 813 chapter, floating astronomy

The annual Grammy is over, but the shocking aftertaste of many people has spread for a long time.

No way, the birth of any new record will be like this.

The appearance of the Grammy Awards four awards that have never been won by one person is enough to let the outside world talk for a long time.

South Korea is even more crazy, because it is Koreans who have completed this feat.

With the strong and paranoid patriotism of the Koreans, there are people in the world who have achieved such success in the international arena.

Sorry, all the news pages today are giving way. There can only be one protagonist, that is Seok Jin-soo.

At 10:30 in the local time in South Korea, when the Grammy ended, all TV news, online media, paper media, etc. in Korea began to play continuously.

Walking in any corner of South Korea, open any space in the network, you can see the news of Seok Jin-soo covering the Grammy.

He took the stage four times, each time holding a different trophy, saying different testimonies, all were completely recorded and reported.

There are some exaggerated media, even using the words “Seok Jin-soo dominates the 53 Grammy”.

In the past, people used to think that the Korean media used to be exaggerated, but today no one feels like this.

The person who has won the four awards does not dominate the Grammy. What is it?

At this moment, Seok Jin-soo really became a national hero. The “Korean Daily” even used the national superstar to describe him, but no one felt it wrong.

Because there are no achievements in the international achievements of Korean artists, no one is higher than him.

Unless someone can capture the Oscar winner, but think about it, it is not realistic.

Even the often biased American media, this time is full of news from Seok Jin-soo.

After all, this record is of a world nature, and Americans must acknowledge this.

This singer from the East has achieved the feat of countless people in Europe and the United States for decades.

In the face of real results, the prejudice of race, color, and language all lost energy, and they all turned into the highest praise.

“Top Weekly”, “Billboard” and many other top media, all gave Seok Jin-soo the highest praise.

The great Oriental boy, this is the view of many Europeans and Americans.

It can be said that this night of Grammy is the night of Seok Jin-soo.

He has always been relatively flat in front of the honor, and at this time he is also confused and feels the power of the dramatic change.

Not to mention the members of the Infinite Challenge, there is no quiet time since the Staples Center.

“Wow, itโ€™s really right. We have witnessed history, and itโ€™s an immortal history!”

Standing on the balcony of Beverly Hills, Park Myeong-su’s eyes were red, but he screamed wildly in the night sky.

Although he did not do it, the greatness of his closest brother, he also won the honor.

The same is true for everyone else.

Noh Hong-chul drank a little more, but in the middle of the living room, he danced with Sergey Gray.

His open personality and crazy spirit miraculously have something in common with European and American women. No one can think of it, he can play so well with Sergea Grey.

Seok Jin-soo, Bruno Mars and Eminem have won many trophies in succession. Nothing else, of course, celebrate well.

So in the luxury apartment that the company arranged for Seok Jin-soo, a grand party started.

Elektra and Atlantic Records are simply happy, and they are very satisfied with the ability to introduce and sign Seok Jin-soo.

Otherwise, the greatness of the four crowns can fall on their heads.

So in this party, the top of the Atlantic Record and Elektra company came, and invited a lot of beautiful models to make it lively.

Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best of the Year, Best Newcomer of the Year, Best Pop Male Singer, Best Rapper, Best Rap Album, full of seven trophies side by side, attracting everyone to run In the past, took a group photo.

Some of the participants at the meeting sent the photo with the trophy to Twitter and Facebook, and the netizens exclaimed.

No way, the seven Grammy trophies are put together, the scene is really spectacular.

The most talked about is the photos of Seok Jin-soo, Bruno Mars and Eminem standing side by side behind the trophy, which has become an important part of the history of world pop music.

At the beginning of the party, Seok Jin-soo was surrounded by encirclement, and countless people came over to congratulate him.

I donโ€™t know, Iโ€™m happy today, and heโ€™s all smiled.

The “Infinite Challenge” program group also accepted the invitation and appeared in the party.

Of course, shooting is impossible, but you can have fun.

Therefore, Yoo Jae-seok, Kim Tae-ho, etc. also put down their work, carrying wine glasses, shuttled in the party, chatting and dancing with the people who watched the eyes, and playing the game.

Because of Seok Jin-soo, the people who came here were very friendly to the Orientals, so the atmosphere of the party was exceptionally good.

Elektra is willing to spend money, wine, food, beauty, a fragrant and luxurious party to make everyone more fanatical.

The hot music sounded, and the three protagonists Seok Jin-soo, Bruno Mars and Eminem were pushed onto the center stage.

The three people also went from good to good, impromptu to a performance, causing people around to cheer.

This stage of cooperation can not be seen at any time. The performance of the three powerful superstars was faithfully recorded by many people with their mobile phones.

It is conceivable that in the next few days, their performance videos will definitely appear on the Internet.

But it doesn’t matter, I am happy today, so everything is casual.

Even the unsuccessful members jumped out to perform, and they were able to get warm applause.

Haha performed the reggae music “rose” and gave many people a thumbs up. The husky voice of this little man is a perfect match for reggae music.

Noh Hong-chul The perverted dance that separates the limbs makes many people laugh. Some people who are interested in coming up, took the initiative to run over and learned from him.

Seok Jin-soo played for a while, drinking a lot of wine, so I was quiet. Looking around, seeing everyone playing well, he is relieved.

Originally, he was worried that his brothers were not very good at English. How do you communicate with people here?

It was discovered that music and dance were common.

He is one of the protagonists of the party, so from the beginning, he has no leisure. Not only do you have to socialize, but you are also surrounded by countless beautiful women.

When I was crazy, I didnโ€™t know how much oil was being smashed. Anyway, my face is burning, I donโ€™t know how much I have been kissed.

If you look in the mirror, there will definitely be a lot of lipstick marks?

Fortunately, this is the United States, and the party is also private. If you pass it out, Kim Tae-hee has to teach himself.

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo woke up a bit and got up and went to the bathroom.

Looking at the mirror like this, sure enough, the whole face is red.

Frightened, he quickly cleaned it up before he returned to normal.

The timing was just that good, just when he put himself in order, the phone on his body rang.

Take it out and see it, it was called by Kim Tae-hee.

Calculating the time, the news on the South Korean side must have been overwhelming. Even if Kim Tae-hee is busy with movies, I guess I know.

His own man has made such a great work, and if he still doesn’t know what to do, Kim Tae-hee is too sorry for her IQ.


Seok Jin-soo’s tone is lively even if he is imagining Kim Tae-hee.

Just a deep call, let Kim Tae-hee feel his affection.

The beauty of Jindamei is warm and the tone is gentler.

“I saw the news. How did you do it? Four awards, you don’t know, the reports here are crazy.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and pretended to be indifferent.

“I didn’t do much. I just sat there watching the fun. Look, look, the trophy flew over.”

“Smelly fart!”

The beauty is beautiful, and you can feel the charm of it across the ocean.

“In any case, you are doing very well, it is no better. Hey, when you bring the trophy back, I must take a good look at it, what is the difference between Grammy.”

Seok Jin-soo loves the same words as no money.

“What is it to watch? My honor is not your honor. You are my woman, we are one.”

Kim Tae-hee certainly thinks so, but it must be sweet to say this.

She enjoys the favor of men.

“How long will you be back? I… miss you very much.”

This is the first time Kim Tae-hee has expressed his thoughts so straightforwardly that Seok Jin-soo is also moving.

“Come on, after the end of today’s Grammy, we will go back tomorrow.”

His work on the US side is almost over, so there is no delay. Naturally, it is necessary to go home.

The elektra company said that there were several interviews waiting for him in the US, but Seok Jin-soo pushed this to Bruno Mars.

The interview did not give money, he did not work in Europe and America, and did not need to promote himself.

As long as he can always produce good works, then he will not be forgotten.

I heard that he will be back soon, and Kim Tae-hee is excited.

“That… then I am waiting for you at home the day after tomorrow.”

During this time she has been busy shooting the “Blind Pass”, tired and dimly dark, has not seen Seok Jin-soo for a long time.

Long-term separation brings more violent thoughts.

At this time, I saw the news of Seok Jin-soo, which made her more eager for the solid and warm embrace of men.

Seok Jin-soo Why not?

“Then we will see you at home the day after tomorrow, I want to eat noona.”

Kim Tae-hee smiled warmly.

“I will be ready, just waiting for you to come back.”

This sentence is worth a thousand words.

Itโ€™s hard to end the conversation with Kim Tae-hee, and Seok Jin-sooโ€™s phone is still ringing.

He just picked it up and the voice of Yoon-ah screamed.

“Oppa, really, I have been calling Tae-hee eonni for so long, I have to fall asleep.”

In his most brilliant time, his women were as excited as he was, so the phone was on the front and back.

Imagine the look of Yoon-ah, and Seok Jin-soo’s thoughts are as wild as a wild grass.

“If you want to sleep, you can’t sleep now. When I come back, let’s sleep together.”

The phone was quiet, and then the blame of Yoon-ah broke out.

“Bad Oppa, I think about that.”

Seok Jin-soo laughed.

“Itโ€™s my Yoon-ah is so beautiful, I canโ€™t think of anything else.โ€

Even more explicit, Yoon-ah is hot and full of pride.

“Oppa, I… I miss you too.”

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