KEP Chapter 815

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 815 chapter crazy effect, floating astronomy

The no-pick program group was returned by an Asiana Airlines aircraft.

As the name suggests, this flight is between the United States and South Korea. Therefore, the passengers on the plane are basically Korean-based.

When the people who saw the “Infinite Challenge” program group came up, especially Seok Jin-soo, everyone in the cabin actually stood up and gave him a round of applause.

Seeing it, everyone’s look is very happy.

As a compatriot of Seok Jin-soo, his achievements have made them feel glorious.

Today’s Seok Jin-soo has become a postcard.

In the past, when these Koreans went to somewhere, some people even asked where is South Korea?

Now, as long as they mention the name of Seok Jin-soo, others will give a thumbs up and express their preference.

This change will really make the compatriots feel very proud.

So at this moment, everyone’s applause is sincere and sincerely proud of the achievements of Seok Jin-soo.

The unsuspecting people were also dumbfounded and did not expect Hui to be treated like this.

For a time, everyone is also full of red light, and even screaming, to thank the compatriots for their love.

In particular, Seok Jin-soo, from the moment he entered the plane, did not stop the ceremony, and became more modest.

He knows that the more time he is, the more modest he is.

It’s hard, everyone found the location, just about to sit down, but the captain came over.

“Come, please come with me.”

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, it’s a bit puzzling.

According to the ticket in hand, their seats are here, and they have not gone wrong.

The captain saw the doubts of everyone and gave a good explanation.

“Everyone has worked hard. According to the company’s instructions, in order to make your journey not so exhausting, I will help you upgrade to the business class. Please come with me, the plane will take off soon.”

Everyone is even more puzzled.

How is it good, it becomes a business class?

Yoo Jae-seok quickly stopped the captain and carefully asked: “Is it wrong? We have not expressed the willingness to upgrade the business class?”

The captain had to explain more clearly.

“You misunderstood, upgrade to business class, this is the decision made by our Asiana Airlines management. You are glory for the country on the other side of the ocean, let us Asiana Airlines also have the honor. Everyone is a national hero It is reasonable to accept the best treatment.”

No one picks up the crowd and looks at Seok Jin-soo incredibly.

Good guy, just because of a Grammy Grand Slam, even the airlines have given everyone the best treatment.

No way, everyone’s seat has been changed, so I have to follow the captain and change to a better business class.

Not only that, but the captain also informed everyone that all the consumption in the plane, Han Ya Hankong is fully borne, they do not need to pay any fees.

“We borrowed the light of maknae. Otherwise, how can there be such treatment?”

In the sigh of Noh Hong-chul, everyone nodded. Although they are always in harmony with each other, the eyes that look at Seok Jin-soo are all with the color of worship.

At the very least, everyone knows that it is impossible for them to be so preferentially treated by themselves.

“Yah!! It’s like this now, what if it returns to China?”

Meiong Hyeong-don suddenly thought of one thing when he was eating the most advanced dishes provided by Hankow.

And his words also attracted everyone’s ideas.

“Is there a red carpet already laid over at Incheon Airport, and then the honor guard team is in place?”

It’s a madman, the brain is terrible.

Haha also followed: “Then we walked off the plane and saw that the big commanders and parliamentarians were all concentrated under the plane.”

Jeong Jun-ha is also coming.

“Then maknae held two trophies, walked in front of all of us and accepted cheers alone.”

Listening to them saying so much, Seok Jin-soo goose bumps are all up.

“Yah!! How is this possible? Don’t talk nonsense, not to this extent.”

Just kidding, what they said, all the courtesies of other countries’ leaders came to visit.

The Grammy trophy is great, but it is definitely not the level they say.

However, Seok Jin-soo still underestimated the influence of this creation. When it arrived in South Korea after a long flight, Incheon Airport gathered more than 3,000 fans.

South Korean fans have a tradition of meeting at the airport, and then the number of 3,000 is still a bit scary.

In addition to fans, there are countless reporters and media. From the moment you leave the customs, you can’t see anything in front of you. It’s all white.

It was flashed by the spotlight.

Even if I have been debuting for so many years, I have already adapted. At this moment, my eyes can’t stand it.

What is even more unexpected is that the government official has actually sent people to meet.

Although it is not a general commander, the president of the National Assembly Shen Jingshu, the president of the diplomatic agreement Zheng Mengzhun, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Zhong Huan, the Korean Recording Association, the Secretary of the Republic of Korea, Wen Changhuan, etc., are rarely seen in the customs. At the door, when Seok Jin-soo came out, they sent flowers and said many congratulations.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t think it would be so grand, but fortunately, his mind was still very clear and knew what to do.

He stood in the center of these big men, and also specially took the Grammy trophy and Shen Jingshu and Zheng Mengzhun respectively, and let the media take a photo.

Then he merged with Du Zhonghuan and Wen Jinghuan respectively to satisfy the willingness of these officials to show their faces before they were able to leave the airport.

Du Zhonghuan also specifically told Seok Jin-soo that President Lee Ming b will host a dinner at Blue House three days later.

These traditional rituals, anyone who has made outstanding contributions to Korea, will have such treatment.

Although Seok Jin-soo, a Hunan native, does not like the government today, this kind of thing cannot be refused.

Anyway, everyone is sitting together, facing the camera and stacking up smiling faces, and will not fight.

Outside the airport, mysti89 has already prepared an open top bus.

Seok Jin-soo walked over and showed off two Grammy trophies under the watchful eyes of thousands of fans.

Every time you show one, you will get fans to scream, and you will be more excited than you won.

Outside Incheon Airport, it has never been as lively as it is now.

Even in order to make the fans see clearly, the bus also took a round trip around the scene, with the greatest possible close contact with the fans.

Mysti89’s intimate move greatly satisfied the fans’ wishes, but frozen Seok Jin-soo into sb.

Damn, a few nine winters ride on the open top bus, which bastard offers the ambiguous idea?

Fortunately, this fan service is in place, and Seok Jin-soo’s return back to motherland has been warmed up in advance.

After receiving a brief interview with the media at the airport, Seok Jin-soo quickly returned to the company.

Here, it is a bit of a lively. Anyone who has no itinerary in the company is here at this time.

Compared with outsiders, the people here are more happy.

Because the honor of Seok Jin-soo is the honor of mysti89 company, it is everyone’s honor.

“Haha Haha, let me see, is this the Grammy trophy? Wen assistant, take it quickly and put it at the company’s door, the most prominent position.”

Looking at Yoon Jong-shin’s self-made claim, Seok Jin-soo smiled bitterly.

“Brother, even if you want to be the facade of the company, give me some time. Let me take it back and let my family see it, then put it here.”

Just kidding, there are three women waiting to see at home. If he doesn’t take the trophy back, he doesn’t know what trouble will come.

Yoon Jong-shin reacted, and he was too anxious.

“Oh, listen to you.”

Compared to him, Kim Hyeong-seok is more emotional.

Holding the best trophy made by Grammy, the eyes are already red.

He succeeded.

Not as a music producer, but as a music tutor.

He taught the best and best apprentice, the best apprentice in the world. This disciple brought back an unparalleled honour, giving him a sense of comfort that his parents saw their children become talented.

After paying attention to his appearance, Seok Jin-soo quickly walked over and hugged his own teacher.

“seonsaeng-nim, how are you, I am very handsome?”

Kim Hyeong-seok took a nap and suddenly laughed.

“It’s very handsome. I watched the live broadcast all the time. Your performance is the best stage. This is what you deserve, it is deserved.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha laughs.

“It is what we deserve. In my honor, at least half of the seonsaeng-nim credits. Without seonsaeng-nim to get me started, can I have today?”

Kim Hyeong-seok has no merits.

“It’s still your Yoo-chun Fu, otherwise, how can there be success today?”

Lee Dae-gyu is purely happy in the Big Four.

He slammed it over, took Seok Jin-soo, hugged his neck, and then took a cell phone and kept on.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

Seok Jin-soo is depressed and dead.

This brother, knowing him for almost 30 years, has never taken a photo with him. Today, good guy, for a while, I don’t know how much I took.

Lee Dae-gyu patted her chest and creaked.

“You are my closest brother. I want to brag about others. I have to have evidence. Just show them photos and see who dares not to believe?”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know what to say.

This damn guy, co-authored to say that I am a younger brother is very shameful, right?

The trophy came and went in the hands of everyone in the company, and it was still alive for a while.

Yoon Jong-shin has put down his words and prepared a luxurious party to celebrate.

Everyone is looking forward to it, and the heart is also extremely high.

Just kidding, the company that works for him has a Grammy Grand Slam winner, and going out to chat is a very face-saving thing.

Seok Jin-soo came to the quiet office with Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok and Lee Dae-gyu as everyone circulated the trophy.

Here, Seok Jin-soo directly fainted.

I saw Yoon Jong-shin pushing the file stack as high as the computer case to Seok Jin-soo.

“Look at it, these are all endorsement applications. All of them are given high prices, both domestic and international.”

“This…the whole world is looking for me?”

Seok Jin-soo feels that breathing is difficult, and for the first time I saw such an exaggeration.

The last time “rolling in the deep” was around the world, those advertisers were already crazy.

But compared with the present, nothing can be considered.

He clearly predicted that this was the beginning of madness.

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