KEP Chapter 818

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 818 chapter is generous, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo’s heart is literally tens of thousands of horses.

Listening to the speech of the great commander, I have to vomit.

Laozi can win the prize. That is Laozi’s hard work and talent. Is there a fart relationship with your political achievements?

At this moment, he really wanted to punch his face on the other side’s face.

Think about the consequences, I have to hold back.

β€œThe success of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi proves that our Republic of Korea is now on the right path and is widely recognized by the international community. Therefore, we should stick to the original practice and be firm and will be able to have a good future. Mi-rae.”

The people who were full of the scene, except Seok Jin-soo and Yoon Jong-shin, all applauded and felt that the big commander was very good.

Nonsense, they are all a group, of course, think so.

Seok Jin-soo Take a look at Yoon Jong-shin, the representative of the company is also helpless, did not expect the arrival of the two, is to give the other party a gold.

After all, the big commander finished, everyone can sit down.

Facing a table and not talking about fine food, Seok Jin-soo just moved the chopsticks in a courtesy manner, and only said a few words to the Li Mingb couple.

Looked out, avoiding the lens, the other party does not want to communicate with him in depth.

I believe that with the intelligence capabilities of the government, it is impossible to not know his political position.

If it is not the impact of his award, it is estimated that the other party will not arrange this reception.

It’s hard to get past two hours, and Seok Jin-soo and Yoon Jong-shin can’t wait to escape from Blue House and swear that they won’t go again in the future.

“This broken place is really suffocating.”

“Yah!! The politicians’ acting is really good!”

Yoon Jong-shin loosened his tie and sighed again and again.

Anyway, a troublesome thing is over, Seok Jin-soo can be busy with his own.

After returning, I spent a romantic day at home with Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, but there is still a woman waiting for him.

Although Yoo In-na has been quiet, there is no urging and dissatisfaction, but Seok Jin-soo has not forgotten her.

And he thought about it, and he would prepare a gift for the other party.

So I bid farewell to Yoon Jong-shin, Seok Jin-soo, who didn’t bring it, drove alone, and quietly came to Yoo In-na’s residence.

Yoo In-na’s residence is in Yanbu-dong, which is a very busy part of Mapo. Because of Hongdae, the culture is very strong.

When Seok Jin-soo arrived, Yoo In-na was already at home.

Her identity could not be exposed, so she could not go to Sangam-dong, so her nest became the best place for two people to date.

This is the first time Seok Jin-soo has come to Yoo In-na’s home.

The house is not very big, it looks like more than 70 square meters, but it is very warmly arranged by her, and it is pink everywhere, which makes people feel happy.

When Seok Jin-soo came in, Yoo In-na stood at the porch, fluttering with big eyes and watching him, and didn’t talk.

Feeling what, Seok Jin-soo looks back.

The eyes of the two met in the air, and suddenly sparked.

Yoo In-na took a nap and then opened his arms.

Seok Jin-soo grinned and directly caught a bear and took the little woman into her arms.

Without a single delay, the lips of the two men bite together. Then I lingered from the door to the bedroom, leaving only the clothes all the way.

Yoo In-na knows his identity and wants to have a place in the crack between Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah.

So she was able to give Seok Jin-soo the gentleness and boldness that Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah couldn’t think of.

She wholeheartedly opened herself to Seok Jin-soo, and was about to trap him in her own gentle town.

Seok Jin-soo really is very heart-warming, brave and fearless, and doesn’t need to think too much.

After several rounds of confrontation, Yoo In-na lost all her energy, and the soft mud was soft in the arms of Seok Jin-soo. The fine and rapid gasps represented her discomfort.

However, her expression is like a mountain flower blooming, colorful, and extraordinarily gorgeous.

Obviously, she is already very satisfied.

It is very difficult to have such a man and not to be satisfied.

At this time, Yoo In-na has to do what he wants. He only relies on the solid embrace of men, enjoys the endless aftertaste, and the comfort of men lingering.

She has become a kitten and is comfortable to move.

“The preparation for the TV series is hard and hard?”

Seok Jin-soo has a lot to say. After all, it has been missing for more than a month. He is very concerned about the situation of women.

Yoo In-na smiled.

“There is nothing tired, it is normal work. My role is just a matter of interpretation, there is no special request. Unlike Yoon-ah, every day, I look pitiful.”

Imagine Yoon-ah’s pitiful look, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but smile.

“She is the protagonist, and it is hard to do it.”

After talking about himself, Yoo In-na is also very concerned about his situation.

“Your trophy, why didn’t you bring it to me? I am also very curious, what is the Grammy trophy?”

Seok Jin-soo had no choice but to explore.

“The trophy is too big. It is not very convenient to take it out. It was sent to the company and it was shown as the honor of the company.”

Originally according to the ideas of Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, the two trophies were at home, and they looked good.

However, Seok Jin-soo thought about it and decided to put it in the company.

There are two top trophy towns in the company that will give the company a strong confidence that it is not far from the best music scene in the world.

It is said that there are so many people in the company. When they are fine, they go to the trophy and wander around. The novelty and enthusiasm of the team will be great if they are used to make music.

Look at Yoo In-na, and Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “This time I came back from the United States and brought you a present. Would you like to see it?”

This is not nonsense. Women have no resistance to the word gift.

Yoo In-na sat up at once, letting the air smudge the exaggerated arc.


She is really happy, she did not expect Seok Jin-soo to think about herself.

She knows that Seok Jin-soo will definitely bring gifts to Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah. As for myself, it is not bad for him to forget.

It is not clear that Seok Jin-soo has always been very generous in treating women.

This is Park Chun-hwa who taught Seok Jin-soo since childhood.

The more you treat a woman, the more you can get. How much love you can get for how much you can give to a woman.

Seok Jin-soo has always kept this in mind, so the women around him are always able to receive some of his gifts.

Some are very expensive, some are very intimate, and they can exchange the joy of women.

Seeing Yoo In-na really happy, Seok Jin-soo got up from the bed, didn’t wear clothes, went to the living room, took a bag in.

The bag was placed in his bag before, so Yoo In-na didn’t see it.

But when I saw the exquisite look of the bag, I knew that the gift inside was very extraordinary.

Yoo In-na is just like a kitten with a takraw ball, so he sits quietly, but his eyes are always following the movement of the bag.

Seok Jin-soo returned to her side and handed the bag to her hand. She smiled and said, “Open it, see if you like it or not?”

Yoo In-na couldn’t wait any longer, and quickly took the bag and opened it.

Because the bag is not big, the small box inside is also very delicate.

But although small, but the style of the box has a mysterious sense of luxury, making people look extraordinary.

Especially after Yoo In-na saw the above logo, he held his breath and looked at Seok Jin-soo incredulously.

Seok Jin-soo is really willing to give yourself such a luxury top brand?

Whatever thought of it, Yoo In-na’s hand that opened the box couldn’t help but tremble.

However, after she really opened it, she was still shocked.

In the small box, the bottom is carefully paved with a layer of dark blue cashmere cushion. On the cushion, a black and white watch is shining.

Yoo In-na carefully pointed out his fingers and gently touched the dial, feeling the special coolness that natural materials have.

She has seen a lot of jewellery and can see at a glance that this watch is inlaid with valuable diamonds.

More luxurious, the entire dial is made of 18k white gold.

Not to mention the other, the two materials alone are worth a lot.

Not to mention the brand logo in the middle of the dial, but also raised the grade of this thing countless times.

Vacheron Constantin’s series of 81760/000g-9862 watches, the world’s top luxury watches, is unmatched.

Seeing Yoo In-na’s cautious look, Seok Jin-soo personally helped her out the watch and put it on her.

The black strap and her white jade wrist fit together, creating a cool effect.

As if the two should be naturally integrated, perfect and amazing.

It is clear that there is only one more watch, but the whole temperament of Yoo In-na has sublimated to the extreme. Such a beautiful woman, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but lose her eyes when she slaps her wrists and puts her watch and glamorous face together.

He is like this, Yoo In-na is even more unbearable.

Because she picked up the product warranty from the box, she saw the price above.

The number above is 358186, but the sign is the US dollar.

Yoo In-na silently converted it in my heart, and the whole person was stupid.

The gift that Seok Jin-soo gave her was as much as 380 million.

At the thought of this value, Yoo In-na couldn’t help but swallow, trying not to let himself stun.

God, she just wants to find a man to rely on.

Unexpectedly, this man is so secure, just as convincing as Mount Everest.

Never before, the Yoo In-na feels deeply that his choice is incomparably correct.

With such a man, his life will not be too bad.

For a time, the beauty is delightful and more tender and watery.

I didn’t take the exquisite curve of the original and took the initiative to join in, and once again dedicated myself to it.

Realizing the initiative of the beauty, Seok Jin-soo enjoys the time, can not help but sigh, the generous some did not do.

Otherwise, would you have such a fairy-like life?

Fortunately, the ability to make money yourself is good and will continue to be maintained in the future.

Being swayed by the waves, the luxury watch is even more embarrassing in the sway of the beauty, emitting a deadly charm.

Seok Jin-soo is thinking about it while showing the power.

Such a gift is so good, expensive, and inconspicuous. It is simply a weapon to capture the hearts of women.

It seems that when you choose gifts for women, you have to pay more attention.

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