KEP Chapter 822

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 822 chapter is sunny, floating astronomy

The consultation time is very long.

Because of the diagnosis, the hospital has gathered a lot of experts and has not seen the news.

Outside the clinic, Seok Jin-soo, So-yeon and So-yeon Dad walked up and down anxiously, and there was no way to sit down and take a break.

During this time, Seok Jin-soo received a lot of calls.

There are people like Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok, Lee Dae-gyu, etc., also played by Yoo Jae-seok and others.

When the reporter heard the news last night, Eun-ho made a statement on behalf of the company, telling the outside world that So-yeon’s mother was sick.

So everyone got the news today, although they can’t come over, they are very concerned.

Before the final result didn’t come out, Seok Jin-soo didn’t say much, just a few words.

“Oppa, would you like to take a break? You haven’t slept all night.”

Looking at the face of Seok Jin-soo, So-yeon is very self-blaming.

Obviously, I am a daughter. The responsibility of taking care of my mother is right on my shoulder.

But last night, Seok Jin-soo was as busy as a son, better than her.

This makes So-yeon very touched and uncomfortable.

Looking at the eyes of Seok Jin-soo, I feel so sad.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and smiled. “It’s not bad anyway, wait.”

It took three hours to calculate the time. In any case, the result should come out.

Some things Seok Jin-soo didn’t say, in fact he was very worried.

When he took care of So-yeon’s mother last night, he noticed that the situation of So-yeon’s mother seemed to be very bad, as if the illness was serious.

Maybe waiting for the results to come out will be a heavy blow to So-yeon’s father and daughter.

So he must be here, or else no one will end up.

See Seok Jin-soo, who is not willing to leave, has been with him, So-yeon’s heart is really warm.

In this most tormented time, he can stay with him, really stronger than anything else.

Unconsciously, So-yeon gradually approached him. Gently holding his arm and treating him as his own.

In the quiet corridor, a pair of little people look so harmonious.

Finally, after a long wait, the door of the consultation room was opened. The experts who went in before came out and came to the trio.

So-yeon father and daughter quickly got up and rushed to the front, stopping the doctor’s way.

“Doctor, how? What is my mother?”

“Doctor, is it dangerous for my lover?”

The doctor looked around and took a breath and finally said the conclusion.

“Two, after our repeated research and diagnosis, the patient’s condition has been determined. It is indeed cancer, it is breast cancer.”


This is a big deal, So-yeon is really awkward, the whole person has fallen to the ground, and people have passed out.

Seok Jin-soo came a little slower and couldn’t help her. Immediately ran over, carefully let her lean on the arm, and kept shaking.

“In-jung, In-jung, how are you? Wake up.”

Similar to So-yeon, So-yeon’s father was also struck by lightning and the whole person was sluggish. Just repeating a word in my mouth is more like a struggle of despair.

The dark scene three years ago seems to have re-emerged on the head of this family.

Seok Jin-soo is also in a heavy mood. I didn’t expect the situation to be really the most serious one.

But as a matter of urgency, the fainted So-yeon made him more concerned.

Fortunately, after his constant calling, So-yeon finally woke up slowly.

But the girl who woke up was very scary.

It was a face that didn’t have a life, and I couldn’t see any color at all.

After a little while, she finally broke out.

Holding on to the neck of Seok Jin-soo, So-yeon could no longer control his emotions and cried.

“Why? Oppa, why is God doing this to me? I have lost two relatives, why should I take my mother?”

She is crying so miserable, and poor seems to have lost the world.

How awful is this world to make such a kind girl so sad?

Seok Jin-soo is also very angry, but can’t say anything. Just holding So-yeon tightly, she kept slaping her back, hoping to help her be strong.

The scenes of sadness in front of the eyes made the doctors feel a little helpless.

After a long while, he couldn’t easily find the gap between So-yeon’s crying.

“Oh… that, I havenโ€™t finished the situation yet. Although the patientโ€™s condition is not too early, itโ€™s not too late. Breast cancer is not a terminal illness, because cancer cells have not spread and are fully cured. Possibility.”


Itโ€™s like a car with a speed of three hundred miles at a time, and in the corridor of a tragic world, the crying stops.

So-yeon and So-yeon dad looked up and looked at the doctor with surprise, even though they were still red eyes.

The transition came too suddenly, jumping directly from hell to heaven, is it easy for mortals to accept?

No, So-yeon’s father and daughter are completely stupid.

Especially So-yeon, ignorant, with a hint of shame after shame.

How hard it was to cry, how thick is it now.

Really, the doctor is too bad, why do you say it without saying a word?

She didn’t want to think about it. It was obvious that she had attacked too quickly and she did not give the doctor a chance.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo is still awake, and quickly asked: “Doctor, you mean, is there a possibility of full cure?”

Finally, someone can talk normally, and the doctor can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“This is the case. Among all the cancers, the possibility of breast cancer cure is almost the highest. And the patient’s condition is very optimistic, the cancer cells have not spread, and the cure is almost certain. If the best treatment is used. It can also eliminate the possibility of recurrence.”

After listening to the doctor’s detailed introduction, the three people could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

This is simply the biggest surprise.

Especially when I learned that my mother could be cured, all the strength of So-yeon came back.

She broke free from Seok Jin-soo’s help and rushed to grab the doctor’s sleeve.

“Doctor, please be sure to save my mother. Be sure to use the best treatment. I can’t lose her.”

Of course, the hospital will not refuse the hospitalโ€™s request.

The doctor smiled: “Miss So-yeon, please rest assured, we will treat the patient with care. Just…”

Yes, the turning point came again, and So-yeonโ€™s heart was raised at once, and he hurriedly asked, โ€œWhat is it?โ€

The doctor looked at everyone in front of me and cautiously said: “It is very expensive to use the best way to treat it.”

I heard that it costs a lot of money, but So-yeon has no hesitation at all.

No matter what, no mother is important.

โ€œHow much does it cost, even though you said it.โ€

The doctor is still very cautious and is very slow.

“Conservative estimates, about five to seven hundred million or so. But the effect is also very obvious, the treatment can be ended in about two months, allowing the patient to fully recover.”

So-yeon and Dad were stiff and their faces were dignified.

They thought that the cost of treatment would be a lot, but they didn’t think it was so high.

From 500 million to 700 million, this money is almost impossible for ordinary families like them.

Even if you sell iron in a pot, you can’t do it.

So-yeon’s father is just an ordinary wage earner, and that income can keep the family’s daily expenses very good.

Although So-yeon is an entertainer, he has just debuted for more than a year, and the contract is in a period of low income.

The previous income, supporting her daily application is not enough, there is no savings at all.

At this time, I heard the price of the treatment, and the whole person was stupid.

But soon, she woke up and looked very firm.

“No matter how much the cost of treatment, it doesn’t matter. Please ask the doctor to help my mother. I will raise the cost as soon as possible.”

This is my mother, for her, So-yeon can do anything.

So she was not intimidated and tried to make herself strong.

But the doctor is very embarrassed.

โ€œMiss So-yeon, we are very admired for your filial piety. However, according to hospital regulations, large medical projects like this need to be delivered at half the cost in advance.โ€

South Korea is a capitalist society, and hospitals exist only to make money.

With such high treatment costs, the hospital has to consider the risks.

After all, no one can easily come up with hundreds of millions of dollars. If the hospital cures the people, what should the patients do?

It can be said that the hospital’s considerations are understandable.

Itโ€™s just that the rules make the So-yeon father and daughter feel helpless.

Because in their hands, it is very difficult to get tens of millions. More than 200 million in cash, as long as you think about it, they can’t breathe.

But at this moment, a gentle words rang in the ear of So-yeon, but it was said to the doctor.

“Is it 500 million? Is it OK to pay now?”

So-yeon suddenly turned back and saw Seok Jin-soo standing behind her, like a mountain, making people feel safe.

“Oppa, how can this be? We can’t…”

She couldn’t let her finish, Seok Jin-soo stopped her.

He knows her careful thoughts, because of the reasons for the breakup, So So-yeon has been very entangled in front of him, trying to maintain self-esteem.

So despite the enormous difficulties that are unparalleled, I just want to solve it alone.

Just silly missy, hundreds of millions of huge money, can you solve it alone?

“Nothing is important to the aunt’s condition? Let’s cure the disease first, and the rest will be said later.”

His words are very light, but So-yeon is unable to continue to stop.

One side is the hope of saving the mother, and the other is his own self-respect.

In the past, So-yeon has always felt that human self-esteem is the most important and cannot be abandoned in any case.

But at this moment, she suddenly realized that there were more important things in her life.

Successfully convinced So-yeon, Seok Jin-soo once again smiled at the doctor.

“We don’t pay half of the cost in advance, but pay in full. If it’s not enough, it can be added. I think my words should be very convincing?”

Just kidding, who is he?

Years ago, his income was just out of big news.

Of course, the hospital also knows that this is the absolute big gold master.

With his assurance, everything is not a problem.

The doctor nodded immediately.

“Of course there is no problem, we will start preparing now. From tomorrow, we will be able to enter the treatment. Please rest assured that Mr. Shi will mobilize the best medical resources to help the patients.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled and said it would be welcome.

“I still trust the level of your hospital. Since you said that you can heal, then I will wait and see. I hope that I will not let me down. I don’t want hundreds of millions of expenses to be squandered.”

The doctor on the other side couldn’t help but shudder. It is not easy to know that the money is earned. It is necessary to play the spirit of one hundred and twenty cents in the process of treatment.

Similar to their private hospitals, once Seok Jin-soo wants to deal with it, it won’t be difficult.

Everything is fixed, Seok Jin-soo is the first, and Eun-ho follows the doctor to pay.

Quietly quieted down in the hallway, So-yeon looked at Seok Jin-soo, who was always smiling.

It was this man who once approached her because of the nonsense, and left her because of the long-term strangeness.

But now, he seems to be in front of her with the most dazzling gesture, like a colorful cloud and a golden armor.

Today, like the Savior, she has revived her life.

In the face of this, So-yeon found himself sinking again.

When I think of my mother’s turn to safety, all of this man’s credit, So-yeon can no longer restrain. A milk swallow casts a forest and plunges into the embrace of Seok Jin-soo, crying again and again.

Itโ€™s just this time the tears are hot and happy, and thick like honey.

Next to them, watching a pair of little people who don’t know each other, So-yeon’s father smiled very gratified.

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