KEP Chapter 824

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 824 chapter ends here, floating astronomy

In response to criticism from the outside world, sbs did not hesitate, and sold Park Cheng-hsun directly.

According to sbs, the so-called charitable donation is just Park Sung-hsunโ€™s self-assertion and is not within the sbs plan.

All the consequences caused by this will be borne by Park Sung-hsun.

In order to calm the outside criticism and shirk responsibility, Park Sung-hsun actually received the sbs dismissal.

Poor Park Sung-hsun did not think that his own good intentions actually caused such a result.

He entered sbs in 2001 year. After ten years of hard work, he finally got into the position of responsibility pd. He is preparing for grand exhibition, and the result has become a victim.

Such a result, so that Park Sung-hsun can accept?

To this end, he made a lot of noise and accused the high-level shameless.

It is a pity that this society is simply not a place to be reasonable.

The high power of the minister who misappropriated funds is not at all a small pd.

Park Sung-hsun is accused everywhere, and no one is responsible for him.

Then he thought of the most critical witness and agreed to the couple of his practices.

But when he went looking for a couple, he was horrified to find that the sunbae-nim was actually transferred and left his current job.

When he contacted the couple with all his frustration, the other party did not want to prove it to him.

The most important thing is that the couple said it was straightforward.

Even if he stands up, it doesn’t help, and it may cause him to lose his job.

At this point, Park Sung-hsun discovered that he had no hope.

Ten years of hard work, once turned into a bubble, or in the most awkward way, which makes Park Sung-hsun completely depressed.

I thought that my work was gone, my beloved program also said goodbye, and the decadent Park Sung-hsun was so desperate that I chose to borrow alcohol to eliminate it.

Noh Hong-chul accompanied him, and the two talked and talked a lot about the heart. In the end, Park Sung-hsun became what it is now.

Knowing what happened, Seok Jin-soo sighed and sat down in a depressed mood.

He was really sympathetic to Park Sung-hsunโ€™s experience. But unfortunately, he can’t do anything about it.

After all, this is a matter inside sbs. He is an outsider and is not qualified to participate.

One more thing, although this kind of thing is very angry, no one can stop it.

In the workplace, this mess is not too much. As a subordinate, when I encountered this situation, I really didn’t go to apply for it.

Even if things happen to mysti89, it is the minister who is replaced by Seok Jin-soo, and it will definitely let the following people back.

The only difference is that he will give enough compensation so that the other party will not lose in vain.

Rather than being like sbs, itโ€™s so ruthless.

Park Sung-hsun seems to be drunk and not drunk. In fact, he knows that Seok Jin-soo is coming.

But the spirit of his decadence, he did not care about etiquette as usual.

He just squatted on the table and said the words of anger by the wine.

“A Fuck, liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, how dare you do this?”

“Everything I do is not for sbs, why is it for me?”

Before and after, he spent more than half an hour. Seok Jin-soo sat quietly, listening to his anger.

No one responded, and the monks are not so cool.

When Park Sung-hung was tired and finally tired, he sat up very dissatisfied and glanced at Seok Jin-soo angrily. He felt that this person had no humanity at all.

Can’t you see the plight and sorrow of others?

Is there any sympathy?

Unfortunately, he still doesn’t know Seok Jin-soo.

Because Seok Jin-soo has seen the embarrassment, it is more than him.

If sympathy is useful, what else is power and money?

So in the eyes of Park Sung-hsunโ€™s dissatisfaction, Seok Jin-soo just faintly asked: โ€œIs there a turning point?โ€

Park Sung-hsun does not speak, just a cloudy appearance, enough to explain everything.

Seok Jin-soo asked again: “So what can you change by making yourself a ghost?”

Of course, nothing can change.

Park Sung-hsun does not know it, but he is not willing to go.

Without giving him the opportunity to speak, Seok Jin-soo continued: “Your life is your own, you have your family, you have to live for them. You are so decadent, what can you do?”

Ruthless words, the stimulating Park Sung-hsun is in a spirit, and the wine is going down.

“I just don’t want to be frustrated. What’s wrong with this world, why do you let those bastards do so?”

Seok Jin-soo is still calm.

“So what revenge do you have? Or what benefits can you bring?”

Park Sung-hsunโ€™s paranoia came up and roared angrily.

“Do people think about the benefits, no matter what they do?”

Seok Jin-soo spread his hand and smiled coldly.

“Don’t want to benefit, don’t you think bad luck? Or is your brain circuit different from others?”

Very sharp words, let Park Sung-hsun again speechless.

Finally, let Park Sung-hwan calm down and Seok Jin-soo can continue.

“Now things are like this. You should be thankful that you are behind the scenes, not as much as artists. Although the loss is great, the public will definitely forget you after a while. The media and journalists do not. How much interest has been holding you back, giving you the opportunity to reinvigorate.”

Park Sung-hsun stared at him with a stinging scar in his eyes, like an injured beast.

“Can I get back on my feet? Who will give me this opportunity?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and pointed at himself.

“its me.”


Park Sung-hsun looked inexplicably.

“How can you help me?”

Seok Jin-soo did not answer him directly, but asked: “So let’s talk, what can you do?”

Park Sung-hsun poured a large glass of white water and eased the hoarse throat. He was depressed and said: “What else can I do? I can’t do anything other than a program.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“That’s it. What can I do besides helping you with the program?”

Park Sung-hsun was shocked and suddenly showed a surprise.

“Are you planning to use your influence and let me return to sbs?”

Seok Jin-soo slaps the brain and discovers that this person is a powerful shaft.

“Brother, wake up, I don’t have such a big face, in such a situation, it affects the decision of sbs. And if I don’t get it, I will trap myself.” bs is now eager to eliminate the bad influence, right? No one has a shabu-shabu.

Seok Jin-soo If you have such a trade, then with his influence, it is not the best magnet.

He is not stupid, there is no need to trap himself in order to save a Park Sung-hsun.

It can be said that this is not the case, Park Sung-hsun is depressed again.

“What do you say about this?”

Seok Jin-soo was the first to discover that Park Sung-hsun was actually a sapwood head.

“I said that your vision can be released? South Korea is so big, not only sbs can do programs.”

Park Sung-hsung was stunned and finally understood the meaning of Seok Jin-soo.

“Why, is there any good place for Mr. Shi to arrange me?”

At this time, he also understood. It is impossible for bs to go back, unless the minister who made the matter is killed and let him return to the king.

But unfortunately, he is just a small pd, a king of farts.

Whether it is him or Seok Jin-soo, it is not a threat to the family.

More importantly, Seok Jin-soo did not have that position, in order to confront him with a real power of the minister.

This is a helpless fact. After so many things, Park Sung-hsun can still look at it calmly.

Seok Jin-soo is right. The most important thing that is now in front of him is not how to take revenge, but what to do with his future.

After being dismissed by sbs, he lost his job and lost his source of income.

And he has a wife, a child, no income, how to raise a family?

In the absence of a way to clear the grievances, it is more important than anything to find a job and guarantee income as soon as possible.

And this, it is really Seok Jin-soo can help him.

“You come to mysti. At present, the company is involved in the production of art, but there is no professional person to lead. If you come over, this part can be handed over to you.”

The mysti company is getting bigger and bigger, and the field of hunting is gradually increasing.

In particular, with the establishment of the comprehensive editing channel, in order to enrich the program resources, extensive cooperation with the outside world has been given, giving entertainment companies the opportunity to create programs.

Seok Jin-soo has discovered this sensitively, so he plans to start making talents for the company’s hoarding program.

In the past, the situation that pd and writers could only go to TV Station is now being gradually broken.

Park Sung-hsun poured a glass of water to make his mind clearer and began to think about Seok Jin-soo’s proposal.

However, he did not consider it for too long.

The fact is that his situation did not give him too much room for consideration.

There is a job available to him, and although the prospects are unclear, it is better than nothing.

“Well, it seems that I have to accept it.”

Seok Jin-soo was also very pleased to hear Park Sung-hsunโ€™s words.

At the very least, this guy is not stunned by anger and knows how to make a wise choice.

He has been working with Park Sung-hsun for a long time. He knew it when he was from xman, so he knew the talent of this guy.

Now, mysti intends to make a big impact in the art field, just lacking talent. If you can attract Park Sung-hsun to join, then the gap in this field is equal to filling.

Noh Hong-chul sat there and listened quietly to their discussion.

Now that Park Sung-hoon is finally out of decadence, he is also very happy.

“Yah!! Cheng Xun Ge, maybe you are blessed by misfortune. You know maknae, but he has a lot of valuable ideas. In the future, his ideas may be handed over to you. “”

Park Sung-hsun smiled a bit, but not as optimistic as Noh Hong-chul.

“I hope so.”

Looking back, he still has a lot of sadness.

“Oh, such a good program, itโ€™s a pity to say goodbye.”

He looked at Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul and asked: “This program, will you both continue to do it?”

“Heroes” scores so good, sbs certainly can not bear the chicken laying eggs. Although he has dismissed Park Sung-hsun, he can imagine that he will send someone else to take over.

Noh Hong-chul is still considering it, but Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“Is it a mess now, what do you mean by doing it again? I am sure to leave, Yoo In-na, Yoon-ah and Ji-yeon, IU are estimated to leave.”

Others he can’t guarantee, but among the four, two are his women, one is his artist, and the other is his disciple. His opinions cannot be ignored.

Now that this program has deteriorated, Seok Jin-soo has no intention to continue, and naturally does not want those who are close to him to get stuck in the water.

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