KEP Chapter 825

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the end of the 825 chapter is the wind, the astronomical

The appearance of Seok Jin-soo gave Park Cheng-hsung great hope.

Knowing that there is a place to go in the future, and being tied up with Seok Jin-soo, Park Sung-hwan suddenly cheered up.

The wine didn’t drink anymore, and the people were spirited, and they went back and prepared.

“maknae, is our program really going to end?”

Only Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul are left, but the latter is extremely disappointing.

This is the first time he left the “Infinite Challenge” to take the program of the main mc. The most important thing is that it is not bad, and it has received a lot of praise.

The result ended with a dispute and a dump in the TV Station. I thought it was heartbreaking.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head, but there was no way.

“What can I do now? In this case, Park Sung-hsun has resigned, and the reputation of the program has also been damaged. Plus the new pd, I don’t know if it is not suitable. In this case, it is better to leave. “”

Noh Hong-chul certainly understands this truth, but it is a pity. But he is just an artist, and this situation is powerless to change.

After a little discussion with Noh Hong-chul, Seok Jin-soo made up his mind and called Yoo In-na, Yoon-ah, Ji-yeon and IU the next day.

Several people sat in the quiet conference room and their faces were not very good.

The program has such a big thing, the news is there, they can’t possibly not know.

“You probably know about the situation. There is no need to tell you something behind it. Calling you up today is to tell you about it. Go back and organize your own trip. Let’s quit this program.”

Yoo In-na and Yoon-ah are okay, although they are very sad, but all of them are only Seok Jin-soo.

He said that he would withdraw, they would not ask more, and they nodded directly.

However, the two children Ji-yeon and IU are very sad, licking their mouths and want to fight for it.

“Oppa, it doesn’t matter if you change the pd. We do it as usual, should it have no effect?”

โ€œItโ€™s interesting to record the program together with the eonni. If you quit, there wonโ€™t be such an opportunity in the future.โ€

Knowing the heart of their children, Seok Jin-soo didn’t care.

“There is not so simple behind this. It is not good for us to continue to do it. You should also be content with it. Through this program, you have all been popular and you will be content with this program.”

The two children have no decision and can only listen to the arrangements of Seok Jin-soo.

Don’t look at IU is not mystic artist, but Seok Jin-soo said that it is not much different from Park Yong-ho.

At the very least, IU knows that Seok Jin-soo won’t harm her.

Seeing that all four women have no opinion, Seok Jin-soo has completely let go of worry.

In fact, he is very clear that although there are many artists in “Heroes”, the four that are propped up in the program are the ones in front of them.

The Yoo In-na and Yoon-ah are the four most popular programs in the program.

Once they leave, even sbs want to maintain the program is impossible.

To do such awkward things, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t want to make sbs easier.

But I believe that to survive the crisis, sbs will not be much trouble.

Park Sung-hsun made a sacrifice, and the program ended. The position of the Secretary who had a deep background was very happy.

Seok Jin-soo did not wait for the sbs to send a message to respond, but directly represented Yoo In-na, Yoon-ah, Ji-yeon and IU, and conveyed the willingness to quit.

Although there were some surprises in sbs, Seok Jin-soo knew that the inside story was behind, so he chose wisely and agreed to his wishes.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, we are very sorry about this incident. But you also know that some things are not something that our Arts Bureau can control. We are very sincere to work with you, can only say that the situation is helpless. “”

In order to thank Seok Jin-soo for his contribution over the past year, the director of the sbs Arts and Energy Bureau, Mr. Dai Damou personally set up a dinner and expressed his apology.

This time, it has gone beyond the scope of the Arts Council.

The Minister has a high degree of authority and any decision made, the Arts and Energy Bureau has no way to resist.

As a result, Yan Dayou could only watch a ace program, which was so ruinless.

Although it is said that changing a pd and retaining Seok Jin-soo, Noh Hong-chul, Yoo In-na, etc., the program can still be done.

However, in the case of chicken feathers, this program continues to do so, and everyoneโ€™s mood is also strange.

So inside the Arts Council, the main point is to end the program.

Seok Jin-soo is very annoyed with the sbs, but he will not blame others. Knowing this situation is not the fault of Daisuke. On the contrary, from the perspective of the degree of victimization, they are more serious than themselves.

“Hey, Secretary, don’t need this. This is not your problem. In fact, we are all victims.”

้—ตๅคงไฝ‘ depressed Soju and took a sigh of relief.

“Hey, who said no? This bastard world, want to do something, it is really too difficult. You said, a good program, because of the above selfishness, the result is ruined. We sbs since xman After that, how long has there been no such a good program? Why donโ€™t you think about the complicated accounts, how hard it is to be suppressed by kbs.โ€

At this time, Seok Jin-soo was given to comfort him.

“Forget it, who is behind someone else, so you have to come back.”

Seok Jin-soo deliberately investigated and knew that the minister who misappropriated the funds was the nephew of the chairman of the major shareholder behind sbs.

You said that there is such a background, can sbs be able to start this minister for a Park Sung-hsun?

It can be said that Park Cheng-hsunโ€™s bad luck is reasonable.

This is not a fair society. It is completely impossible to ask for a fair and just situation.

In particular, sbs is a private company. The owner has the supreme power to fire an employee and can do it directly.

For example, this time, Park Sung-hsun will be dismissed and the contractual liquidated damages will be paid directly. If you go to the court, you can’t say anything.

Yan Dayou looked at Seok Jin-soo seriously and tried to ask: “If we invite you to do a program in the future, will you promise?”

He is very worried, because this time, Seok Jin-soo has a bad feeling for sbs, thus rejecting all sbs invitations.

If that’s the case, the damage caused by this incident can be too great.

Whether there is Seok Jin-soo participation, the popularity of the program, and the enthusiasm of the advertisers are totally out of proportion.

Seok Jin-soo ้Šฎ็‚ฒ็šตๆถ“โ‚ฌ็ป—ๆˆ™โ‚ฌ

“After a while. Now in this case, it is better for both of us to calm down.”

He has no prejudice against sbs, although this time it is abhorrent.

But which of the three major clubs is perfect?

“Infinite Challenge” is always funded by the card, and everyone is able to record the program.

But if anything happens, it will take some time to digest, so that the parties can adjust their mentality and start again.

Therefore, in Seok Jin-soo’s view, there is no way to cooperate with sbs in terms of art in the short term.

Give everything to time, and after a few months, a year, itโ€™s better to talk about cooperation again.

Zhai Dayou and his views are basically the same, and it is enough to know the mind of Seok Jin-soo.

“Well, I hope that after a while, our sbs can continue with you.”

After the completion of the business, sbs is also very happy.

The next day, sbs officially issued an announcement. I am very sorry for the troubles caused by the recent period of time.

In order to avoid the expansion of the situation and cause even worse effects, sbs decided to do “Heroes” from now on.

According to the announcement, the next recording is the final parting.

When the announcement came out, the outside world was in turmoil and caused a lot of repercussions.

Fans of many programs have issued protests, arguing that sbs is too ruthless.

Regardless of the impact, this is a problem with sbs. But now it is clear that sbs blames the program itself, clearly evading responsibility.

The main thing is that you can’t see your beloved idol on TV. This is the root cause of fan anger.

But obviously, the will of these people can’t change anything.

Sbs has been smashed, and I don’t want to delay any more.

Outside the public, South Koreaโ€™s broadcasting industry is full of excitement.

Because everyone suddenly found an exciting situation – Seok Jin-soo’s schedule was vacant.

To say that at the beginning of 2011 year, who is the hottest artist in Korea, Seok Jin-soo said that he is in second place, I am afraid no one dares to say first.

At the beginning of this fiery year, Seok Jin-soo is really too hot.

With the momentum of sweeping Grammy, he is already in the South Korean entertainment circle, no one can.

The result is that all the producers dreamed of being able to bring Seok Jin-soo to his knees and add lustre to his program.

However, Seok Jin-soo’s work is a lot of work, and film and television production is even more important.

The result is that he can take two programs, it is already the limit.

One is “Infinite Challenge”, where he started, he has been very stable in five years, and he has an important position in his mind.

Another program, but always occupied by the sbs Sunday file.

Starting with “xman”, “Family Outing” to the current “Heroes”, Seok Jin-soo has always put his Sunday file in sbs.

Because of this tradition, other producers are very weak, and they are in a hurry.

But this time is different. Everyone is in the circle. What happened in the end is very clear to many people.

They know that Seok Jin-soo can’t cooperate with sbs in this short time.

So, as a result, his free time has become a lot of ginseng fruit for people to see.

Any producer who is a bit ambitious has started to act, thinking about whether he can take the opportunity to recruit Seok Jin-soo.

For a time, the circle of producers that the public did not understand was already in full swing.

Everyone is planning to come up with the best sincerity. I hope this time I can successfully attack Seok Jin-soo.

Among them, mbc has the biggest action.

At the beginning of this year, mbc revived and wanted to create results in the long-lost Sunday stall.

And mbc is worthy of the variety kingdom, with creativity leading the Korean show.

A group of producers led by Kim Young-hee, after painstaking planning, decided to make a program based on the singer competition.

In order to maximize the effect, the singers invited by this program are all the top group of people in contemporary Korean music.

Don’t say that it is worthwhile to do so.

From the beginning, this program has caused great repercussions and has been loved by countless audiences.

Seeing, mbc seems to be rejuvenating on Sunday, and everything looks perfect.

However, the good times did not last long, and the huge crisis suddenly came to the fore, let mbc begin to find a solution.

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