KEP Chapter 828

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 828 chapter trouble, floating astronomy

The mv shooting of “Love in Shanghai” took a week.

Then Seok Jin-soo and his team returned to Korea and began to enter the post-production stage.

According to estimates, I will be able to meet the outside world in early April.

Mysti also issued an announcement to the public that many people like 93line will meet with you again after eight months.

This is a big deal, 93line fans are all excited, have said that they will wait for this day.

In today’s Korean entertainment scene, the combination of the three 93 little sisters is so sweet and lovely, it is really impossible to find a second one.

In order to avoid trouble, mysti’s announcement is very clear. The 93line comeback is only for one month.

After all, the Ji-yeon belongs to t-ara. Seok Jin-soo is worried that other entertainment companies mistakenly think that he has forgotten the agreement and released t-ara.

With only one month of comeback, the impact on other peers is not that great.

Seok Jin-soo just got back and got a very bad news.

Before the “View” film was filmed in Jeju Island, after inspection, it was damaged. This means that parts of Jeju Island must be re-photographed.

It took almost five months for the filming of the photo to be over.

Next, just go into normal post-production.

I did not expect that this kind of trouble happened.

“How is it destroyed?”

In the conference room of the cj group, all the crew of the crew gathered, Seok Jin-soo asked.

Re-shooting, delaying time, not to mention, but also to renegotiate the lease of the venue, plus the weather and other factors, very troublesome.

It stands to reason that the most important thing in a movie is to take good film.

These things, no matter how careful the storage can not be overemphasized, how can damage occur?

Han Zaolin is also a lawsuit.

“How to damage the concrete, the time has passed for too long, it is impossible to find out.”

He had been beaten by Li Meijing before, and then he was questioned by Seok Jin-soo. The mood was depressing to the extreme.

The part of Jeju Island was shot at the beginning.

After the filming, he led the crew to Qingbei.

As for the film filmed in Jeju Island, it can’t be taken around at all, but it is handed over to the cj group for preservation.

After discovering that the film was damaged, he called the relevant personnel and investigated it in detail.

Everyone in the various stages has sufficient evidence and reason to prove that they have not violated the rules.

In this way, this incident became a headless public case, but it also made everyone’s efforts for more than half a month into nothing.

“Okay, don’t say this now. It’s a matter of urgency, or be ready to shoot again.”

Li Meijing waved his hand irritably and didn’t want to be in trouble.

Anyway, there is no way to pursue it. Several employees who were responsible for the custody have also been fired. But the movie hasn’t finished yet, so I have to do it again.

It can only be done now, Seok Jin-soo asks: “Is there any contact on Jeju Island? When can we use the venue?”

Han Zailingโ€™s work efficiency is still very high.

“The venue we used was not a special film studio, so once we contacted, we agreed. The only thing we need to pay the usage fee again, what do you think?”

When I used the venue before, I already paid the fee once.

Now I want to use it again, but I still need a usage fee for the venue.

Han Zailin is very embarrassed, I donโ€™t know if Li Meijing and Seok Jin-soo will get angry.

After all, this is a cost, and it is a sense of unnecessary cost, which is difficult for the producer to accept.

Unexpectedly, the two of them did not have the Daebak Thunder, just swinging their hands.

“Itโ€™s already been the case anyway. Itโ€™s too much to say, and Iโ€™m ready to shoot again.โ€

Seok Jin-soo is also a long sigh.

“I will follow this time, I will personally supervise.”

Because of this accident, the original plan was extended a lot.

Originally thinking about the film in July, the film can be released. Now it seems that I am afraid to postpone it until September.

For fear of any further accidents, Seok Jin-soo decided that he would personally supervise.

Until I saw all the film delivered to Han Zai Lin, I started to edit it later.

If there is any change after this, then I am sorry, Han Yulin, director, you have to bear all the consequences.

Han Zaolin also knows that this time the incident made himself lose a lot of points in the eyes of the two big eyes, and did not dare to say anything, but had to make up for it.

Three days later, the actors who had already been on vacation had to reunite Jeju Island.

“Hey, what’s this? I said, stone scriptwriter, should we give us overtime pay?”

When I met, Song Kang-ho ridiculed.

In the days of filming, Seok Jin-soo was familiar with him because he looked down and looked up.

โ€œYah!! You are the one who pays the film, what is the overtime pay?โ€

Song Kang-ho doesn’t want to let him go.

“In any case, we have already completed our work. Just call us back, no point to show how to do it? At the very least, please ask for a black pork and squid from Jeju Island?”

This guy is just a mouthful.

“Well, you are all uncles, I can’t do it.”

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t, but had to serve softly and promised to treat.

Song Kang-ho Haha laughed and immediately shouted: “Have everyone heard it? After the filming is finished today, our stone scriptwriters will treat the black pork and grilled squid in Jeju Island, so that everyone can eat enough.”

Everyone screamed, and the look was not as dissatisfied as before.

Seok Jin-soo looked in the eyes and thanked Song Kang-ho for his gratitude.

Anyway, just calling everyone back and shooting again is a dissatisfaction in the heart.

Because of this, it will delay the journey of others.

It is the pay of the artist to take the film, according to the arrangement of the producer, that is what it should be. Even if they took the second time, they didn’t have any compensation.

In this case, it is conceivable that the mood of these artists will be bad.

Now, Song Kang-ho is joking and smashing Seok Jin-soo’s treats, but it also eases everyone’s mood.

It can be said that his approach has a great help to the atmosphere of the entire crew.

Son Ye-jin came late.

She has been busy with studios recently and her activities are less than ever.

However, the actor is like this. When he is busy, he is busy flying up, and when he is busy, he buckles his feet.

It is expected that the new building of mysti company will be able to stay next month, so Son Ye-jin is finishing and is not planning to delay.

“Really, how can film be damaged?”

As soon as I met, Son Ye-jin was Nagging.

No one wants to do the same job for the second time. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with it, so it will be boring.

Seok Jin-soo is also very sorry about this.

“Working hard, wait for the filming, I will give you a big red envelope.”

I heard that there is a gift, Son Ye-jin is happy, and the crescent-like smile is fascinating.

โ€œHow big is it?โ€

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiles.

“Itโ€™s very big, it can wrap you up.”

Son Ye-jin is holding his hands on his face and turning flowers, it is very playful.

“Then I am waiting.”

Seeing that everyone is here, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, this is April, the weather is warm, and it will not be so hard.”

When I was shooting here last time, it was still 12 at the beginning of the month. Although Jeju Island is colder than the land, it can also feel the cold.

Unlike now, the grass grows long, everything recovers, and the warm sea breeze comes, not cold or hot, making people very comfortable.

โ€œItโ€™s really warmer than Seoul.โ€

Standing next to Seok Jin-soo, watching the spring scenery, Son Ye-jin suddenly had an impulse.

“Tomorrow, let’s go hiking.”

“Climbing the mountain?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit stunned and wonders why she has this idea.

Son Ye-jin said: “Before I went to Mt. Halla, something happened. So I thought about going again and looking for memories.”

Seok Jin-soo frowned and asked, “About love?”

Son Ye-jin shook his head and seemed to notice his nervousness, and he couldnโ€™t help but sneak.

“Just remember. I heard a song there, which made me always forget. So I want to go again and see if I can find memories.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and agreed.

“Well, I will accompany you tomorrow.”

At this time, Jeju Island is very beautiful. In addition to shooting, it is not bad to take the opportunity to play.

Speaking of it, from the end of last year to the present, he has not had any rest.

In the days of the rotation, no matter how good the physical strength can not stand.

Here, he is a producer. In addition to supervising the shooting, there is not much work. It is better to take the opportunity to relax.

Because it was a re-shooting, Han Zailin was very busy with everything.

Today, everyone is in place, shooting has already begun.

As with the previous shooting sequence, Son Ye-jin is still starting to look for Song Kang-ho.

Because I have already taken it once, everyone is already familiar with the lens and the position, lines and performances, so the progress is very fast.

The lens of the seaside passed by, and the shot on the side of the mountain, Son Ye-jin, was shot twice, and the light was over.

At the home of Song Kang-ho, the opponents of Na Jingxiaozi (Cao Zheng) did not delay for too long.

After finishing these things, look at the sun, the sun is just brilliant, Han Zai Lin decided, take more shots today.

Next is the performance of Song Kang-ho, so in order to let this brewing mood, I took a break for a while.

Seok Jin-soo was sitting in a chair and rested. Suddenly, Son Ye-jin stood at the door of the tent and waved at himself, his face very embarrassed.

Unknown, but he still walked away.

“what happened?”

Son Ye-jin didn’t talk, but looked around and found that no one noticed this, he took Seok Jin-soo and walked into the tent.

It is very quiet here, and there is no one.

Think about the next thing, Son Ye-jin is blushing like blood.

I have to say this for the sake of shooting.

Itโ€™s just that her voice is hoarse because of the excitement.

“That… you know, the next filming. But you asked… the kind of style you asked, I still can’t do it. That… help me…”

Seok Jin-soo The tiger’s body was shocked, his face was eccentric, and the devil in his heart burst out.

When I first thought about the first filming, in order to help Son Ye-jin find the kind of fascinating and flamboyant state, his mind also moved.

What he didn’t even think about was that this time, it was actually requested by Son Ye-jin.

Looking at Sun Damei’s bite of the cherry lips, slowly lowering the waist, turning the two petals round like the moon’s hips, Seok Jin-soo can no longer hold back.

“I won’t be merciful.”

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