KEP Chapter 831

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 831 chapter is a big project, floating astronomy

Although it is a song that Son Ye-jin likes very much, it has been more than two years since that person was only scattered, so the memory of Son Ye-jin is not so clear.

The most important thing is that after she went back from Jeju Island, she had carefully inquired, but did not find a little bit of information about the song.

What song is this, who sings, what the name of the song is, she does not know.

Son Ye-jin loved this song and went to a professional musician to ask.

Unexpectedly, many people were asked and the answers were very uniform.

That is, there is no such song at all, and there are no similar songs in the Korean pop music library.

There are no similar tunes.

I haven’t found it for so long, which makes Son Ye-jin very disappointed. I once wondered if I was listening to it.

However, the melody is so memorable, the singing is so tempting, this is not a fake.

The only thing she can do is to sing to herself from time to time.

Her most sad thing is that as time goes on, her memory of the song becomes more and more blurred.

She is really scared. One day, one day, this song will be forgotten with this memory.

When she sang and couldn’t remember the lyrics behind her, her mood became dim.

But at this moment, in her ear, the song that was once so familiar was suddenly sounded, and she suddenly made her live.

The mountain is not the sea, not the sea.

The mountains and the sea do not meet each other

This road is a dream.

In the dream, we still laugh together.

This flower field is blooming.

You said that you will be there when the flowers are open.

This is Jeju.

One’s Jeju

I miss you in Jeju alone.

Came many times

Watched many times

Still thinking about your Jeju

This is Jeju.

Only the flowered Jeju

You will definitely come to Jeju.

Have a beautiful sea

Red-stained mountains

There is also your Jeju.

I am waiting for you.

Waiting for you to come

Waiting for your arrival in Jeju………

Son Ye-jin The whole man was stupid, and he looked at him with a sly look. The man who always sang the song he had dreamed of with a gentle smile could not believe that it was true.

Going to Mt. Halla again is to remember a good memory.

What she didn’t think of was that the world really had a dream come true.

The song that was gradually forgotten by her, once again appeared in her ear.

Not only that, she clearly felt that the song she heard this time was more perfect than the one two years ago.

In other words, this time she heard, and finally the full version.

But what surprised her the most was that she thought it was the fate that she missed.

Listening to the beautiful songs and watching the familiar faces of men, Son Ye-jin’s memory is once again rejuvenated, perfectly blending the front face with the past.

At the top of the quiet Mt. Halla, only the voice of Seok Jin-soo is swaying at the heart of the woman and becoming the most romantic thing.

At the end of the song, Son Ye-jin has forgotten everything, only Seok Jin-soo is alone.

The good memories of the past have already surpassed the scenery and occupied all her hearts.

The same is true of Seok Jin-soo, who also thoroughly remembers what happened.

I really didn’t think that the woman who seemed to be ugly and never showed the true face turned out to be Son Ye-jin.

It’s really rare. In the time when the two have been in constant conflict, there is such a warm story.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you.”

The two looked at each other and felt that something was in their hearts.

In unison, the hands of the two men were slowly brought together, and they were as beautiful as the unchanging scenery.

This trip to Mt. Halla, except for the two of them, no one knows.

But this thing, in the hearts of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, has a great influence.

On the second day of shooting, Seok Jin-soo only supervised the morning field, and then he had to rush back to Seoul.

After a long break, the shooting of “Infinite Challenge” started again.

TOEFL in Seok Jin-soo’s trip to the United States, “Infinite Challenge” accumulated a lot of material. The result was from mid-February, a live broadcast to April.

In particular, the special edition of e, which participated in “Infinite Challenge”, created 28.7% ratings, the highest in the past two years.

The benefit is that the members have been very relaxed during the Seolnal β€œspring festival” without any shooting tasks.

But in April, the contents of the trip to the United States were digested and the filming had to be restarted.

“Wow, Haha, my brothers, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

It’s been a long time since I saw it. Even if Yoo Jae-seok and myself are a company, Seok Jin-soo feels a bit strange.

“It’s not the credit of maknae, let’s rest for so long.”

Haha opened his hug and pointed out that everyone can rest, relying on the relationship of Seok Jin-soo.

All seven people have arrived, and they have all been replaced with comfortable spring clothes. All of them are full of spirits.

This is a coffee shop, which is elegantly furnished, allowing seven people to sit here and add a touch of art.

“What’s the matter today?”

For the first time after a long time, Park Myeong-su couldn’t help but curiosity and asked directly.

It seems that Team Leader Yoo is also very excited, so it is very naughty to tease the old man.

“Today is gathering.”

Park Myeong-su’s episode addiction came up.

“I have to go, there is a courier to take.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t match him.

“Let’s go, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it today.”

Park Myeong-su can’t go on, and I can’t be angry.

“Yah!! Stinky, a good sitcom has been destroyed by you. Are you doing this program?”

Seok Jin-soo has a lot of mouths.

“You are playing a sitcom like this?”

Park Myeong-su ate a big cockroach and couldn’t speak in everyone’s laughter.

No way, he had to divert his attention and asked Kim Tae-ho: “What are you doing today?”

Kim Tae-ho is very happy.

“I have received an interesting proposal.”

But everyone is very nervous and stares at him.

This pd everyone knows too much, but whatever he says is interesting, it is definitely a hard time for the big guy.

That’s the way it is, what Kim Tae-ho said is still a shock to everyone.

“Cambridge or Oxford…”

Everyone exclaimed collectively and did not understand what he mentioned about these world famous schools.

“Don’t let us go to college?”

“Don’t be kidding, we can’t pass the college entrance exam.”

β€œGreat, there is art!”

Yoo Jae-seok immediately reprimanded Noh Hong-chul.

“What awesome, how do we go to Cambridge, Oxford?”

When everyone was noisy, Kim Tae-ho asked: “Have you seen the rowing competition between the two universities?”

Everyone nodded, still know a little. Especially in the recent movie “Social Network”, I feel very interesting.

Unfortunately, never doubt the brain circuit of the unlisted member.

Jeong Hyeong-don’s attention is obviously not on the point.

β€œIs Oxford and Cambridge not the same school?”

Seok Jin-soo seriously thought about it and said: “Sister school, it should be very good.”

Others quickly retort.

“Of course not.”

It’s not awkward, Park Myeong-su is not much.

β€œThe uniforms in Oxford and Cambridge are different.”

Yoo Jae-seok was shocked.

“School uniform?”

Everyone laughed and collapsed.

Really, where is the university uniform?

Jeong Hyeong-don: “Between the two universities, why is it a rowing competition?”

Kim Tae-ho finally talked about business.

“The Korean Rowing Association has come up with an interesting proposal. This year’s rowing conference of the world famous private universities held in South Korea, as a special project, commissioned the Infinite Challenge.”

I heard that everyone wants to participate in the rowing competition, and the members are scratching their heads.

“How can we have the strength to participate? The players have been practicing for a long time.”

Noh Hong-chul mentioned the actual difficulties.

Yoo Jae-seok also lamented: “The muscles of the rowing…”

Haha: “The muscles will explode, and there are people who have blood vessels when they are rowing.”

“Hey, bragging!”

Haha said it was too exaggerated and was unanimously condemned by everyone.

Listening to the difficulties raised by my brothers, Seok Jin-soo came up with an idea.

“In fact, it doesn’t matter. When we buy a better engine, we should still have hope.”

The members are all ridiculous.

“Yah!! I have to draw with my hand, what engine?”

“Is it a paddle, do you think it is a yacht?”

“Aigoo, this ignorant maknae!”

Seok Jin-soo’s face was so big that he found himself shameful.

“I thought it was about the same as the car. In order to pursue speed, it would be fine to change a good engine.”

Everyone talked a lot about it, but it is clear that the rowing as a special feature has been put on the agenda and it is impossible to change it.

But this does not affect the members complain.

“We are all a little older, than what is assembled in the rowing.”

Park Myeong-su obviously didn’t want to be too tired, and even said such a frustration.

Everyone laughed.

“What do you want to assemble?”

“Brother, you just put your eyes on the dolls.”

“After another two years, you can finish it and find it.”

Seok Jin-soo laughed and said: “Looking for this, Myeong-su is the best at him. He does it every day.”

Seeing everyone more and more, Yoo Jae-seok quickly corrected the track.

“But… when it comes to rowing, is there a different kind depending on the number of people on board?”

Kim Tae-ho: “Two-person group, four-person group and eight-person group, three projects. We are going to participate in the eight-person group, the paddler eight and the ox one, a total of nine people are needed, anyway, it needs Choose the other two.”

I heard that so many people are needed and everyone is shocked.

“How about? Do you?”

Park Myeong-su, as an old hyeong, asked.

Seok Jin-soo reluctantly said: “What can I do? Can you not do it?”

The production team has said it, and it must be done.

Haha asked a key question.

β€œIs the exact meeting day?”

Kim Tae-ho: “The conference time is 7 month 30 day.”

Everyone counts, and for a few months, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, and my heart also came up.

Obviously, I feel that after a few months of practice, there seems to be a fight.

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