KEP Chapter 832

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, Chapter 832 Why are you so handsome? Floating astronomy

Everyone thought about the boating too simple, and took it with confidence.

The next thing to do is naturally to contact the field and know what is a rowing.

Everyone departs from the cafe to the Misari Rowing Arena.

When I got here, everyone was immediately attracted by the wide water surface.

“Wow… it’s art!”

Yoo Jae-seok: “Is it for the first time?”

Seok Jin-soo is coming here.

“Brother, you are also coming for the first time, don’t pretend to be familiar.”

On the wide waters in front of the eyes, although the weather is cold, there are many people who come to train.

Looking at the past, a variety of rowing boats shuttled across the lake and looked very relaxed.

β€œIs this an artificial lake?” Jeong Hyeong-don asked curiously.

Yoo Jae-seok does know more.

“Of course, the artificially built arena.”

At this time, Haha noticed the scene on the lake.

“There is moving over there.”

Following his guidance, everyone saw that on the far side of the lake, there was a four-person rowing boat that was starting.

I saw four people sitting back in the direction of the boat, the speed of the paddle in the hand was very uniform, slowly pushing the rowing boat across the water, the speed is getting up little by little.

Everyone saw the eight-person rowing boat that they will challenge. When the rowing is on the beach, everyone can see more clearly.

“No, this is too narrow?”

I learned that the eight-a-side rowing is only sixty centimeters wide. In other words, just enough to hold the ass and sit in.

Out of curiosity, everyone walked over and greeted the athletes who practiced.

β€œCan you visit the rowing boat?”

Of course, I saw that the program was recorded and the athletes were very happy.

Going closer, everyone can look more carefully.

The seat inside the original rowing boat is very similar to a bicycle. Not only that, this seat is not fixed, but can slide back and forth.

“Look at their thigh muscles.”

Haha pointed at the athletes and lamented.

Everyone looked at it and it was a bit dumbfounded.

Originally imagined, rowing, relying on paddle advancement, can not use the lower limbs. But after seeing it on the ground, I realized that it was not the same thing.

Jeong Hyeong-don walked over and accidentally touched an athlete’s thigh and found that he was as strong as the iron.

Yoo Jae-seok has some questions.

β€œIs it still a bicycle or other project?”

The athletes shook their heads.

They only carried out this kind of exercise, and their strong thighs were all formed by practicing rowing.

Seok Jin-soo asked in confusion: “The arm is like this, so the arm is like this, how is the leg…”

The athletes explained that everyone knows that the rowing boat that seems to be sitting is actually a full-body exercise and a lot of legs.

β€œWhat is the maximum speed of the rowing?”

“The speed is twenty-five to forty kilometers.”

When we heard this answer, the members were all stunned. It was discovered that he and others seemed to think of the sport simply.

Because there is no understanding of the rowing, everyone has a lot of problems.

β€œHow far do we have to challenge?”

Kim Tae-ho told everyone.

“Two kilometers.”

It doesn’t seem to be far from listening, it’s not two kilometers.

“That will be over.”

Listening to the bragging of the unlisted members, the athletes next to them just smiled, but the meaning of it was not found.

Haha pointed at the lake.

“How far is it from here to there?”

As a result, this distance is exactly two kilometers, which is the maximum distance of this artificial lake.

Just as the athletes are going to train, Kim Tae-ho proposes to let the members ride on the shore and follow the trainee.

This just happened to let the members feel the speed of the rowing, so everyone went to the van.

At the time of the rowing, the van was also started, in a position parallel to the rowing, so that everyone can see more clearly.

I can’t feel anything about the speed of the mouth. However, when I watched it on the ground, everyone discovered that it didn’t seem to be the case.

“Can we do this at this speed?”

“No, it’s very fast.”

“Oh oh. What the helmsman said, ordering.”

“They speed up and start getting faster.”

What is most amazing to the members is that the eight people on the rowing boat have very uniform movements and the same frequency of the paddles can provide the maximum driving power for the rowing boat.

What surprised everyone even more was that they watched for a long time, and the rowing only ran for two hundred and fifty meters.

“Is it only two hundred and fifty meters now?”

“This is four times the distance of one kilometer.”

“If there is a person who is tired, the boat can only be rotated.”

The more you know, the more surprises you have and the more you feel that the challenge is not that simple.

“How do you plan for two kilometers?”

“Not a person, but eight people must save their strength together and cooperate to complete.”

“Although I have been wrestling, but this…”

The more I look at it, the more I am flustered and feel the tremendous pressure. Two kilometers ago, it was too simple for everyone to think about it.

But unfortunately, they have no retreat.

I took a good look at the eight-a-side rowing exercise and everyone started to see the coach.

“Let’s get started soon, anyway, you have to do it.”

“It’s good to look at it.”

Followed by the instructions, everyone walked into a warehouse-like building.

Suddenly from the bright place to the dark place, the line of sight is inevitably affected.

So faint, I saw a person in front, but I could not see clearly.

“One person is there…”

As I said, everyone walked in.

When you walked closer, everyone saw it clearly. It turned out to be a young man who was training on paddles on training equipment.

“It seems to be a player?”

The man clearly heard the words of everyone, but pretended not to hear, and practiced more hard.

It seems that it is also very imaginary.

Until everyone came to the side and greeted him, he responded and stood up from the equipment.

When they really saw the person’s appearance, the members broke out completely.

“Aigoo, long handsome.”

“How long is it so handsome?”

“This is a beautiful girl, a beautiful man!”

Everyone is not kidding, but this man is really handsome.

The tall, thick curly hair, and not inferior to the appearance of the film actor, but also the masculinity of the athletes.

Seeing this, the pressure of not picking members is so great.

In the eyes of everyone, this person made a self-introduction.

“Hello everyone, I am the coach who is responsible for teaching everyone to row, Kim Ji-ho.”

“You are a coach?”

Originally, everyone thought it was an athlete. I didn’t expect that such a young man turned out to be a coach.

But the most amazing thing for everyone is his handsomeness.

“The coach is embarrassed, how old are you?”

Kim Ji-ho: “Thirty years old.”

“So young?”

“My god, almost became maknae.”

“He is more like maknae than maknae!”

Seok Jin-soo ate a cockroach and was very dissatisfied.

“Yah!! My youth is physically, not on my face.”

Noh Hong-chul ridicule up.

“Your face is a little extra.”

Seok Jin-soo admits that he is not as handsome as Kim Ji-ho, and he knows that he still has it.

But you have a chin, what qualification do you have to say me?

Seok Jin-soo did not speak. He walked over and directly picked up the logo of Noh Hong-chul’s chest.

Noh Hong-chul is inexplicable.

“What are you doing?”

Seok Jin-soo came back and put the sign on the coach.

“It’s so handsome, only the coach wears this.”

The previous “Infinite Challenge” was originally a special edition of the beautiful men. As a result, the fans did not have a good eye. They chose Noh Hong-chul to be the first.

According to the agreement, the first place will be able to wear the beautiful man’s logo in one year, which is a privilege.

But after seeing the coach today, Seok Jin-soo felt that the logo only matched the coach.

When I saw the move of maknae, everyone did not agree on the same thing and felt that he was doing very well.

It is a pity that the road is one foot high and the height is one foot.

I saw Noh Hong-chul pulling open the jacket, and on his t-shirt, there is a beautiful man’s logo.

“Why are you still carrying two?”

Yoo Jae-seok is pulling Noh Hong-chul.

“You go to the side of the house and stand.”

Noh Hong-chul panicked, and the roots were the same as the roots, and four people were pushed to pass.

Since the family knows about their own affairs, it is ok to say that they are the first in the unspoken members. But compared with really handsome people, only shameful.

“You are a beautiful man recognized by the whole world.”

In any case, under the mandatory arrangement of everyone, Noh Hong-chul had to stand by the Jin Ji-ho coach.

Really, without comparison, there is no harm.

The two faces of the pole and the pole are together, and the effect is not too obvious.

The members who lost to Noh Hong-chul before were happy.

“Look at that big face.”

“There is twice the gap.”

Jeong Jun-ha is more vicious and has taken Noh Hong-chul’s hat off. This time, the big face can’t be hidden at all, so I have to eat and sneer at the members.

Even if Noh Hong-chul tried to suck his cheeks, shrinking the area would not help.

The coach is very good, and he compliments him: “It looks so handsome.”

Noh Hong-chul is unreasonable: “The sound is a bit…”

Since the appearance is better than the others, then it is not easy to admit defeat from other places.

But the coach is also an interesting person, boasting.

“I am the voice of Gang Dong-won.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t stand it anymore.

“Although I only saw it for a while, but the coach Nim, your virtual illness is a bit serious.”

Kim Ji-ho coach was very embarrassed to bow his head.

“I think you are all doing this program.”

Everyone understands what is going on, and they clap their hands and laugh.

“Coach, are you an artist?”

In any case, the coach is a fun person, and everyone knows that Mi-rae’s days are not boring.

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