KEP Chapter 833

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 833 chapter is too simple, floating astronomy

Since the coach was found, the members began to formally engage in the sport of rowing.

“We don’t know much about rowing. It just seems to be heard that the lower body needs to be healthy.”

Yoo Jae-seok spoke out the doubts.

In response, the coach gave a positive answer.

“People say that if they go to the boat, they think that only the upper body is used, but the rowing is full body exercise, and the legs, waist and hands must be used.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

โ€œBefore I heard that I was going to do a special boat race, some people started to exercise.โ€

As soon as he finished, Jeong Jun-ha stretched his thighs out. Not to mention, unlike the previous loose pines, his thighs are now much stronger.

At the very least, Jeong Hyeong-don slaps and slaps his hand.

Yoo Jae-seok asked with a funny smile: “Can such people also race?”

Just now everyone saw the rowing, only 60 cm wide, it is doubtful that big fat butt can get stuck.

Jeong Jun-ha is very upset.

“What kind of person do you say?”

The coach is very optimistic.

“There are also larger people in the rowers.”

Seok Jin-soo asked: “But is there such a big ass?”

“Yah!! Stinky, what about nonsense?”

Jeong Jun-ha blew up and raised his hand to teach him.

Seok Jin-soo had a quick eye and quickly went to the side.

This time the coach is a bit embarrassed.

“If it is not too big…”

It seems that he also imagined the situation of Jeong Jun-ha’s big butt stuck, and even laughed.

Back in the rowing, Jeong Hyeong-don asked: “How much does the boat cost?”

When Kim Ji-ho said it, he shocked everyone.

“One person uses a rowing boat, usually the price of a medium-sized car.”

Everyone took a sip of cold air, and did not expect that the seemingly inconspicuous rowing boat was so expensive.

“The extent of 30 million?”

“Yes, it’s almost like this.”

Yoo Jae-seok asked nervously: “When one person uses 30 million words, how much is eight people used?”

The words of Kim Ji-ho are getting scarier.

“The eight people use 100 million.”

Jeong Hyeong-don exclaimed: “Itโ€™s just a sled!

When they did the special sled, they were scared by the price. I donโ€™t think that rowing is the same, itโ€™s equally expensive.

The coach explained the reason.

โ€œItโ€™s not made of wood, because itโ€™s made of special aviation materials, itโ€™s so expensive.โ€

Noh Hong-chul asked carefully: “What if we sit up and accidentally break it?”

The coach smiled and said: “That’s all you can buy.”

Noh Hong-chul sighed.

“Fortunately we have maknae.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“It’s not my business?”

Noh Hong-chul is very serious: “Because you have money, we don’t have to worry about compensation.”

Seok Jin-soo is ridiculous.

“Why should I compensate? This is the responsibility of mbc.”

“Hey, if you have so much money, what can you do if you buy one for everyone?”

Jeong Hyeong-don was very unhappy and felt that he was stingy.

“I have money, and that’s what I earn. Why do the money in the program have to come out?”

Seok Jin-soo is not willing to follow suit.

Regardless of the quarrels of the younger brothers, Park Myeong-su asked: “Would you like to send a paddle when you buy a ship?”

The answer to Ji-ho is very surprising.


Jeong Jun-ha asked: “How much is the paddle?”

This thing is not cheap, one is worth 1.5 million.

Good guy, overall, a rowing boat for eight people is almost like buying an imported car.

“What is the rowing? Please ask the coach to give us a good explanation.”

Everyone is a starter for this sport, so start from the basics.

Everyone sat down and started listening to the coach.

“Have you seen a boat with two hands?”

Everyone nodded, this is very common.

“Like the item of eight, use only one side of the paddle.”

Yoo Jae-seok is very small, and the biggest worry is a problem.

“Isn’t this happening in a shipwreck? Because we have some members who are afraid of water.”

Haha asked: “Is there a situation in the water?”

The coach is very happy and straightforward.


Everyone was nervous, only to understand that the movement did not seem so safe.

Jeong Hyeong-don asked: “What should I do if I am overturned?”

The coach is ready.

“When this training is going on, I will tell you.”

I heard that there are also special boating trainings, and everyone is very cautious.

Next, the coach began to introduce the various positions on the rowing.

He simply drew the look of the rowing boat on the blackboard, and then labeled one to eight and the words ox.

“No. 7 and No. 8 are the most reliable and best-skilled people on the team. The first place to pull the boat out is to provide forward force to the back.”

Everyone thought of a person in unison.

“Jeong Jun-ha.”

“It must be Jun-ha.”

“On the 4th and the 5th, it is the most responsible and leadership person in the team.”

Finally, the number one on the bow.

“No. 1 needs a person with a good sense of rhythm.”

As soon as I said this, everyone laughed.

โ€œHong-chul Hyeong is definitely not good.โ€

“If Hong-chul is sitting on the 1st, the boat will return the same way.”

Every time I do something big, Jeong Hyeong-don is very excited.

“The helmsman also elaborated on it.”

The instructions about the helmsman are actually very simple, that is the commander. It is the only team leader on the ship and the conductor in charge of direction.

At this point, everyone knows that the duties of various positions on a ship are not as white as they were at the beginning.

Next, the coach made a specific arrangement.

“In order to arrange important positions in the rowing, a physical test was prepared.”

Later, the coach led everyone to the sports hall, where there are a variety of equipment.

As soon as they got here, the members began to look down. Grabbing a variety of instruments, showing nothing about his power.

Itโ€™s a pity that in the eyes of the coach, there are really no graceful figures.

The first is the endurance test, which is very simple, that is, the pull-ups.

“There is no time limit, you can do a few.” The coach said the rules.

This is the beginning.

Yoo Jae-seok first named Noh Hong-chul.

โ€œNoh Hong-chul has been working out recently.โ€

The big face was not modest, and he immediately took off his coat and walked up for the first time.

The coach gave a specific explanation when he was preparing.

“The rower’s pull-ups can do more than 16 times on average.”

Very scary data, it is worthy of people who use their arms all day long.

Noh Hong-chul stood under the shelf and said nothing, he immediately started.

The first one is not difficult, just go up.

In the second time, the leg began to swing slightly.

In the third time, the shouts were louder and the legs were already showing signs of struggle.

In the fourth time, the legs began to thrash like a frog.

But don’t say, the effect is good, Noh Hong-chul is doing thirteen.

Noh Hong-chul is followed by Yoo Jae-seok, which makes it easier.

One after another, it is intuitive to see how much Team Leader Yoo manages the body. People who are almost forty years old, there is no sign of aging at all.

As a result, Team Leader Yoo lived up to expectations and even made seventeen, which exceeded the average level of rowers.

After Team Leader Yoo, it is the weakest and most innocent.

Just seeing him standing under the shelf, everyoneโ€™s heart will have a bad feeling.

Don’t say everyone, Park Myeong-su is also guilty. I haven’t started yet, I have found an excuse for myself.

“I went back to the funeral last night, so I didn’t have the strength.”

As a result, the one who only did one and a half fell, and he pulled his arm and hurt.

Park Myeong-su is followed by Jeong Hyeong-don and started with a reason.

“There are stones in the viscera, there are seven.”

Seok Jin-soo ridicule said: “Is there an Infinite Challenge in your internal organs?”

Everyone laughs, and the heart says that this number is really consistent.

His performance was worse than Park Myeong-su, and none of them did.

After Jeong Jun-ha made one, Haha hit his mouth.

Poor “Infinite Challenge”, and sure enough, the average is below.

In the end, only Seok Jin-soo was left, and he also walked under the shelf.

โ€œMaknae is absolutely no problem.โ€

“He is more diligent than my fitness, and my physical strength is definitely the best.”

Seok Jin-soo, in everyone’s discussion, laughed and jumped on the shelf.

During his daily fitness, he also did pull-ups. Although I have not tested the limit, I can probably do a few, but I still have a few.

Not much more, 19 were done, and the forehead began to sweat.

But this number is already the first among the members.

Seeing the excellent performance of maknae, my brothers could not accept it.

“Hey, young is good. When I am so young, I can do twenty.”

“I can do twenty-five.”

“I can do thirty.”

A group of shameless, even if you let you back to birth, you can’t do ten.

Through the endurance test, the coach mastered the first-hand data. Next, the entry and rowing training of the rowing began.

Instead of scratching the real paddle, it uses a training machine. That is the instrument that he used when he first saw the coach.

โ€œWhen winter training, use this machine when the water freezes.โ€

The surface of the water is frozen, and the boat cannot of course be drawn. But the athletes must be trained, so use this machine.

The coach gave you a demonstration of the action, including every detail. After letting everyone master it, let everyone sit up and start their own exercises.

When you look at it with your eyes and touch it on the ground, it feels completely different.

The most important point is that everyone did not think that this guy is so powerful. Just scratching once, I paid a lot of physical strength.

Everyone tried it a bit, and the result was that the physical strength was bottomed out. The distance displayed on the screen was only one hundred and eighty meters.

It was not until this time that everyone discovered that the problem seemed serious.

Itโ€™s no longer a hundred and eighty meters. How do you plan to draw two kilometers?

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