KEP Chapter 837

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 837 chapter terrible neighbor, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo has thought of countless possibilities, but the only thing that I didn’t expect was that Lee Myung-gu wanted to rent his own building.

As long as he thinks that the South Korean gossip of the D-Society wants to be a neighbor with himself, he will not shudder.

In that case, what else does he have Secret?

Lee Myung-gu is still not doing it. I didn’t expect him to refuse it very simply. This made the gossip head dissatisfied and immediately roared.

“Yah!! Isn’t your building rented? Why can’t you rent it to me? I will pay.”

Seok Jin-soo patted the table and did not let it go.

“Everyone else can do it, but you can’t do it. A Fuck, if you move in, we can’t even sleep well.”

Lee Myung-gu understands what’s going on, and he doesn’t even want to fight.

“I said that you don’t have a long heart for a bastard? Since we have been a neighbor, do we socially explode your news? In that case, look up and see you, how do we work?”


Seok Jin-soo Think about it and find out that it is.

The amp;bsp;d society is terrible, it seems that there is no pervasiveness to the Korean entertainment industry, there is no news they do not know.

But the scary thing about them is the peek in the dark.

Once d and yst made neighbors, everyone is going up and down the building. I am afraid that even if the company knows something, it will not be exposed.

Otherwise, the parties are downstairs and rushing up can blow their dog’s head.

Conversely, if you think about it, once the neighborhood is a neighbor, it will not be a threat, it will be a good umbrella.

“You really won’t expose our news?”

Lee Myung-gu pinched his nose and reluctantly assured: “Don’t worry, your yst news, can you expose it? I must first consult your opinion. How do you see it?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

β€œNot only are we yst, but also a entertainment and Son Ye-jin studio, you can’t do anything.”

Lee Myung-gu felt that his request was a bit too much.

“Yah!! What do they have to do with you? Are you too much to control?”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t talk, just looking at him with a strong look. Obviously, he did not agree, Seok Jin-soo would not compromise.

Lee Myung-gu’s gossip fire burns.

“Yah!! You don’t really have anything to do with them?”

Seok Jin-soo is not very angry: “Don’t tell me, you don’t know.”

Although the d agency never blew his news, he is very convinced that the d society must know something.

Those reporters who track and keep him all the year round must have the shadow of the society.

Sure enough, Lee Myung-gu smiled and couldn’t fit.

“Man, you cows, these two beautiful women can eat. Hey, like us, there is not even a yellow face.”

Seok Jin-soo sneered at it.

“Cut, your relationship with the model, don’t you have to say it?”

Lee Myung-gu changed his face and looked at him timidly.

“Yah!! How do you know?”

This guy has long been married and has a son and a daughter with his wife. But this guy is not a good person, but also has a beautiful model outside, and also gave the woman a lot of job opportunities.

But this thing Lee Myung-gu did very secretly. I asked myself very carefully, but I didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo knew it.

In the horrified eyes of Lee Myung-gu, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“The ability of your company to do the news is really good, but it is far worse than the prosecutors.”

Seok Jin-soo Although the relationship with Lee Myung-gu is good, the interests of the two are more connected and not really friends.

He is also afraid that Lee Myung-gu, a guy who feels that his own news is over the interest, will be thrown out.

So after Liang Cheng sat on the position of the Attorney General, he begged the help to check the bottom of Lee Myung-gu.

The result is very pessimistic, and Lee Myung-gu’s identity is not so clean.

This person is not only treacherous, but also unclear with the ruling party. His d society can get the wind and fire, maybe there is a ruling party behind the support.

This is also the reason why the Korean government and the society have something to do, and the agency can expose the news of the entertainment industry.

In the press, this method is called a focus shift and can alleviate the pressure on the government.

On the other hand, the D agency can get so many news that others can’t get, and there is no political power to help.

However, Lee Myung-gu is not clear to the ruling party, but Seok Jin-soo has no bad feelings about himself.

It is impossible to see people badly because of one’s political position.

Seok Jin-soo, although not fluent to the ruling party, has no prejudice against individual individuals.

But the heart of the victim is indispensable, and the heart of the person is indispensable. With Lee Myung-gu’s handle in hand, he didn’t dare to take risks at a critical time and create trouble for himself.

Sure enough, after listening to Seok Jin-soo, Lee Myung-gu suddenly stunned, no longer arrogant.

What Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know is that Lee Myung-gu did use his mind before.

This is Korea’s top celebrity, which is a news gathering and not lacking in material.

When Lee Myung-gu was down, Seok Jin-soo pulled him and let his d-go go to formality.

In the view of Lee Myung-gu, the news of yst company has not been exposed for the past two years, and it is considered to be good.

This time I wanted to rent the building of Seok Jin-soo, and Lee Myung-gu was thinking about using the news I had to see if I could get it cheaper.

However, I did not expect that Seok Jin-soo knew more horrible than what he had mastered.

When I heard Seok Jin-soo point out the inspection system, Lee Myung-gu knew that it was better to be smart.

In the past two years, in order to engage in news, the company has done a lot of taboos, only he knows.

Prosecutors are the same thing, once they intervene, if the agency can continue to operate, it is a dilemma.

Don’t look at the shadow of the ruling party behind the d. But once things get out of the way, those politicians will definitely only clear the relationship.

At this point, Lee Myung-gu realized that this person in front of him was much more terrible than he thought, and he could not provoke it.

But from another angle, Lee Myung-gu is eager to get up.

Seok Jin-soo Since it is so energetic, it is much closer to D, and it is of great benefit to him.

After all, no one is afraid that there are fewer trees on their heads.

If you have one more cover, you will have more security.

After thinking about this, Lee Myung-gu’s mood was eager.

“Well, I have promised all your conditions. Without your permission, yst, a entertainment and the news of Son Ye-jin studio, we don’t report it. This is always ok? This time I can rent the building. Give us?”

If this is the case, Seok Jin-soo has no opinion.

Amp; bsp; d this kind of time bomb, rather than always worried, it is better to put it around safer.

“That’s good, every year, 350 million, I will rent it to you.”

Hearing the price given by Seok Jin-soo, Lee Myung-gu couldn’t sit still.

“Yah!! You are too dark? How can we afford such a high price?”

Seok Jin-soo has no compromises.

“Don’t pretend to be poor. How much have you earned in the past two years? You know for yourself that I am already the best price. If you want to, please go and ask, on Sangam-dong, the price of 300 million is still Can you rent three floors?”

Sangam-dong is now in a lot of land, and land prices are skyrocketing, and it is almost catching up with Gangnam. So Seok Jin-soo is really not greedy, it does give a conscience price.

But without comparison, there is no harm.

Lee Myung-gu is arrogant: “Yah!! You give Son Ye-jin 80 million a year, why is it so high when I come to me?”

Take a look, the d agency is awesome. Even with such commercial prices, they all listened to them.

Seok Jin-soo is not unexpected at all, and the sound is louder.

“You are such a big newspaper, do you mean to compare with a woman? Then, what do I have to do with her, can you compare?”

In the face of Seok Jin-soo shameless, Lee Myung-gu can do only the middle finger.

“Damn, there are guys with the same sex and no one. 300 million, no more, otherwise we would rather not rent.”

There are too many 350 million yuan, and the agency is not big enough. It is impossible to spend so much money every year, just for one building.

So the bargaining is affirmative, just see how Seok Jin-soo has made a counteroffer.

Lee Myung-gu is ready to bargain, but Seok Jin-soo’s approach has flashed his waist.

“Okay, the deal, you can come over and sign the contract tomorrow.”

The annual rent of 300 million, although very cheap, is not unacceptable for Seok Jin-soo.

As long as he rents for ten years, his construction costs will come back.

If you can use this price to make d society become your own umbrella, it is definitely worth it.

Although I didn’t think Seok Jin-soo would be so happy, but rented the office building at a lower price, Lee Myung-gu was relieved.

The small red house of their d agency can finally become history.

At night, at home, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are rare.

Kim Tae-hee had a good rest, was ready for the night shot, and was ready for dinner.

Yoon-ah ran over because I was going to start the “City of the City” boot shot tomorrow.

liTTL- Time To Love e missy Once again became the starring, feeling a little nervous, ran here to seek comfort. By the way, I went to the scene with Seok Jin-soo tomorrow, and the province ran back and forth.

The three people were so hard to sit down to eat together, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Seeing that the two women were talking and laughing, Seok Jin-soo brewed it and attracted their attention through coughing.

“Noona, Yoon-ah, there is something to tell you. The remaining three floors of our home have been rented out today.”


“Great, it’s a big income.”

Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah were also very happy to hear the news. Two small financial fans began to calculate how the annual rent would be used.

After a long time, they remembered the business.

“Right, who is it for rent? Is it a restaurant? That would be great, we can eat food without going far.”

As discussed before, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are very inclined to rent the three floors to the restaurant.

“Hey, it’s not a restaurant. We are an entertainment company below. If the restaurant is above, it is not appropriate for people to come and go.”

Seok Jin-soo gives a reason, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah think about it, and it does.

The two women think about it, this is really not realistic.

“Who is it rented to?”

Yoon-ah is anxious and asks.

Seok Jin-soo is hesitant and sloppy.

β€œHey… rented to the industry that is common to us.”

The two women came to the spirit.

“What? Is it an entertainment company?”

“Which entertainment company? Is it going to be a gathering place for entertainment companies?”

Can’t resist the two women’s constant questioning, Seok Jin-soo had to say.

“Well… that… the rent is… is the d agency!”



Good guy, the voice is falling, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah are cooking together, all of them are scared. (https:)

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