KEP Chapter 838

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 838 chapter opportunity, floating astronomy

Whether it is Kim Tae-hee or Son Ye-jin, it is all about resentment.

No way, as an artist, they can be said to be a change of color.

Even Yoon-ah is also a ridicule. I feel that I will be here again in the future. I feel very confused. I always feel that it seems that someone is peeking out of the window.

Even if Seok Jin-soo repeatedly guarantees that because of the architectural angle, the situation in the yard is not seen from the building side, and women still need time to adapt.

After more than three months of preparation, sbs side, “City Hunter” finally began to shoot.

Although Seok Jin-soo and sbs were very unhappy because of the “Heroes”. But that is the art and the bureau, and the TV drama production bureau does not have this feeling.

It is still a big fan of Seok Jin-soo’s new work, which is still a hot topic.

For Seok Jin-soo’s new drama, the outside world is also very concerned, looking forward to what sparks can burst.

This is his first TV series in 2011. Whether there is any magic of the previous works, the outside world will wait and see.

In the eyes of the public, “dreamhigh” is simply not the work of Seok Jin-soo.

He only provided a script, and the rest of the supervision and shooting did not participate in anything. How can it be counted?

And compared with “dreamhigh”, the lineup of “City Hunter” is also very popular with the audience.

Yoon Shi-yoon recently made a name for himself and also entered the Chungmuro โ€‹โ€‹Road. The development of film and television amphibious is the most optimistic top star.

Yoon-ah is the heroine of the Seok Jin-soo TV series for the second time after You’re My Destiny.

Everyone is curious as to whether she can reproduce the glory of the past.

Especially fans of Yoon-ah are most excited.

Because Yoon-ah is not only good in the performance of “You’re My Destiny”, other works. Both the ratings and acting skills have been greatly questioned.

Yoon-ah fans are also looking forward to being an amazing actor by working with Seok Jin-soo.

4 month 2 Day, the opening ceremony of “City Hunter” was held at the Rishan Photography Center in sbs.

The main characters of the show have arrived, and everyone is happy.

As an entertainer, new jobs are stronger than anything else. Especially the works that are so concerned, how much benefit will it bring to everyone?

The boot ceremony was similar and it ended very smoothly.

“Everyone, we have a hard time writing a script, don’t let him say a few words?”

Jin Hyuk is very flattering, and I know that this time is my hope for a comeback.

And this hope is pinned on Seok Jin-soo.

Therefore, he is now offering Seok Jin-soo as an ancestor. Any opportunity to show your face was given to Seok Jin-soo.

Others are also very likely to come and applaud, and they will be awkward.

This is a very embarrassing Seok Jin-soo, even waved.

“What’s the point to say? Your spirit is not very good, keep it.”

“Brother, our play, how much ratings can you have?” Yoon Shi-yoon asked with a smile.

After several dramas, he is now very mature, and his performance is far more comfortable than he was at the beginning.

Even standing among a group of actors, it is also a style of leadership.

In this regard, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“You just have to make a film, just remember, you will be beautiful.”

Although he did not predict, but this sentence is very useful, all of a sudden the heart of the big guy is stable.

With him, shooting started quickly.

Itโ€™s rare to come once, and Seok Jin-soo didnโ€™t leave immediately. Instead, stay on one side and supervise the shooting.

Don’t say that it is different to have his screenwriter.

Many of his shooting opinions were not thought of by the crew. With his mention, the quality of the film has improved a lot.

In particular, Yoon-ah and Yoo In-na are two, because he is around, laughing all the time, not feeling exhausted at all, it seems to be the same.

Although it was the start-up ceremony held today, it was actually started before the filming.

As part of the preface, 1983โ€™s footage of Lee Jinโ€™s and other peopleโ€™s missions to North Korea was filmed earlier.

The crew even went to Thailand and took that part.

Today’s shooting is already the second and second episodes of the first episode.

In Seoul, the encounter between male and female protagonists.

In front of the statue of Yi Sun-sin, the handsome and handsome Li Runcheng and the refreshing Jin Nana, although they did not know each other, appeared in the same picture.

The difference between the two people is a perfect unity.

After watching the day’s shooting, Seok Jin-soo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Jin Hyuk, Yoon Shi-yoon, Yoon-ah These people are all responsible and have done a good job of shooting. Even without him, there should be no problem.

Look at the time is not early, near midnight, he is ready to leave.

โ€œItโ€™s very hard to stay up late, remember to add nutrition. Take care of yourself, do you know?โ€

Before the farewell, Seok Jin-soo told Yoon-ah carefully.

“Inside, I know. Oppa is also careful when you go back. Although I am not at home with Tae-hee noona, I don’t want to find someone else lonely.”

Seok Jin-soo has a big face with a fever.

“Yah!! What are you talking about? Am I kind of person?”

Yoon-ah is waiting for Yoo In-na, which is not far away.

“That’s not necessarily, isn’t there a beautiful noona going back with you?”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and thought Yoon-ah saw it.

“Yah!! What nonsense? There will be nothing at all.”

One day with Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah is already happy.

“Oh, even if there is anything, it doesn’t matter. Oppa is so powerful, it would be better for me and Tae-hee noona to be appropriate.”

Seok Jin-soo’s heart is a bit loose, I really want to ask, is it really ok.

Fortunately, his mind is still not confused, knowing that a woman has something that is impossible to be true.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I still have a job tomorrow, I have to go back and have a good rest.”

Itโ€™s hard to finish, Yoon-ah turned to continue shooting, and Yoo In-na walked over with her shoulders.

“What are we talking about with our smart LiTTL-Time To Love e Deer Yoon-ah? Why do you keep watching your eyes?”

The man has this stuff, and he starts to get out without restrictions.

Seok Jin-soo smiles, good words like no money.

“Because you are beautiful, you don’t always see enough.”

Yoo In-na turned his eyes and didn’t even believe a word.

“The rhetoric, these women, are you being fooled.”

Seok Jin-soo is the first to go.

“Yah!! I didn’t lie to you, it was you who chased me.”

Yoo In-na is depressed.

“Yes, yes, you are Seok Jin-soo, you are a great man, I admire you, so take the initiative to pursue you. Are you satisfied?”

Seok Jin-soo is very crazy.

โ€œHaha Haha, I said, I am amazing.โ€

Behind him, Yoo In-na had to use his hand to find his man’s narcissism.

The two returned to the car and Seok Jin-soo was a bit eager.

“Go to me today?”

Yoo In-na Unlike Yoon-ah, the task of shooting is not that heavy, and the leisure time is still a lot.

Yoo In-na is also the same, gently nodding, has begun to fantasize about this seemingly romantic night.

However, the good things are getting more and more, and before they set off, Seok Jin-soo’s mobile phone suddenly sounded.

When he picked it up, he only listened a little, and the whole person was blown up.

“What? You said Tae-hee noona was injured? Is it not serious? Where is she?”

Although I don’t know the exact situation, Yoo In-na was shocked to hear this.

Kim Tae-hee was injured, no wonder Seok Jin-soo was blown up.

It was hard to wait for Seok Jin-soo to finish the call. Yoo In-na found that Seok Jin-soo had become anxious.

“What happened? I heard… Kim Tae-hee sunbae-nim was injured?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and his brow was locked.

“Yes, she was accidentally injured when she was filming. The crew and assistants have sent her to the hospital and are receiving treatment. No, I have to rush over immediately. Sorry, I can’t accompany you at night. I Let Eun-ho pick you up.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t wait for a moment, and he can’t wait to fly to the hospital immediately.

Without seeing it on the ground, he did not know the multiple injuries of Kim Tae-hee. Just listening to Kim Tae-heeโ€™s assistant said that it was hitting his forehead.

A woman who is so delicate, it is a sin to be smothered by mosquitoes. It was hurt now, and it made his heart numb.

In this way, he naturally can’t take Yoo In-na.

But Yoo In-na didn’t think so, but suddenly flashed his mind.

Kim Tae-hee’s news of the injury made her shocked, but Yoo In-na was sensitive to it, which seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

She is different from So-yeon and Son Ye-jin. When she became a woman of Seok Jin-soo, she already knew that Seok Jin-soo had already had other people.

Although it is incredible to have both Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, since it is a fact, she can only accept it as a latecomer.

And these days, she has been thinking about how to insert a foot between Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah.

Since the two of them can serve the two women together, why not the three women?

She also doesn’t want to be sneaky, and she wants to be with her lover.

There was no chance before.

In addition to being familiar with Yoon-ah, she has not seen Kim Tae-hee’s face.

In this way, she does not know what to do if she wants to insert it.

Today, this is a godsend opportunity.

Kim Tae-hee was injured and she was right next to her.

The best part is that Seok Jin-soo is rushing to the past, and certainly not enough.

As a result, Yoo In-na naturally has a reason.

As a descendant of the entertainment industry, since I learned that Kim Tae-hee was injured, I couldnโ€™t say it if I avoided it.

She can use the excuse as an excuse to take the opportunity to approach Kim Tae-hee.

As a mature woman, Yoo In-na knows a little.

The relationship between people, from strange to familiar, requires fate and opportunity.

Now, the fate is there, and the opportunity is also there.

If she didn’t hold it tight and attacked the defense lines of Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah bit by bit, she would be part of them, then she would not be smart Yoo In-na.

“Don’t, let me go with you. I am a woman, there is me, a lot of things will be more convenient.”

Yoo In-na quickly found the rhetoric and made Seok Jin-soo have nothing to say.

Anxious Seok Jin-soo didn’t think much, immediately started the car and rushed to the hospital.

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