KEP Chapter 840

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 840 chapter, the intimate sister, floating astronomy

Kim Tae-hee has been honored as the national goddess and has always been very self-sufficient.

I feel that I will not have any opponents in the Korean entertainment industry. But at this time facing Yoo In-na, she couldn’t help but marvel.

This woman, the beauty is counted, the key is that the kind of beauty in the United States, I see the pity, and the appearance of the face and the formation of the extreme contrast of the hot body, really let her be amazed.

This is the so-called angel’s face, the devil’s body!

“Yoo In-na ‘ssi is really beautiful, no wonder it’s so popular in Heroes.”

Because of the relationship between Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah, Kim Tae-hee also likes to watch this program when it is ok.

When she saw it, she felt that Yoo In-na was too human. It’s not easy to find out where you are, and you’ll be able to stand out from the twelve female artists.

Praised by Kim Tae-hee, this makes Yoo In-na heart Satomi.

“Which sunbae-nim are you so good? I am late, only to work hard.”

While chatting, Yoo In-na’s movements did not stop.

She naturally took out an apple and carefully cut it.

It was only when she met Kim Tae-hee for the first time that it was reasonable to say that this kind of waiter should not be done by her.

However, she did it, and she still felt that there was no sense of violation, as if it should be.

This natural and close-knit ability is really impossible for people to learn.

Even Kim Tae-hee didn’t notice the anomaly at the beginning and accepted this fact.

It wasn’t until Yoo In-na cut the apple, cut it into small pieces, and then sent it to her mouth with a sign, she picked it up.

“Aigoo, Yoo In-na ‘ssi, don’t need this. I don’t have anything, how can I help you?”

Looking at Kim Tae-hee, I was so embarrassed that Yoo In-na was still as light as water.

“It’s okay, sunbae-nim. It’s my pleasure to be able to feed sunbae-nim to eat apples. This is the only thing I can do. The man next to Yah!! Taking care of yourself is a problem.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t expect Yoo In-na to open himself.

However, she did not say anything wrong. As a man with a big leaf and a caring person, he is really not good at it. He didn’t think of cutting apples for Kim Tae-hee, but also cut them into pieces of moderate size so that Kim Tae-hee could eat them.

Yoo In-na’s words speak of Kim Tae-hee’s heart.

“Who said no, this guy, if he let himself live, I am afraid it will not be finished. He will not even stack his clothes, so he will pile up indiscriminately. Every time he sorts out these things, he is exhausted.” ”

Kim Tae-hee doesn’t say anything at all, and there is a sense of declaring ownership.

It is not her hostility to Yoo In-na, but the fact that women face a threatening same-sex, naturally.

In fact, because of Yoo In-na’s well-behaved, Kim Tae-hee was very impressed with her.

But no way, she is so beautiful, and there is a perfect body that neither Kim Tae-hee nor Yoon-ah have.

I know that this man will find his own deficiencies from the other side.

After getting along for a long time, Kim Tae-hee also discovered that Seok Jin-soo is not a clam.

Sometimes some of the means and practices between the bed and the bed really make her blushing and unable to face.

If it is not experienced, can you do this?

However, she was just sullen, and did not mind.

This man is too strong, and every time she wants her to die, she can’t stand it. Even with Yoon-ah, there is only one more victim.

Kim Tae-hee sometimes feels that he is looking for a monster?

Obviously there is nothing on the surface, how can it be a strong metamorphosis in that matter?

She still remembers that she once talked to Noona.

When she talked about Seok Jin-soo’s ability to persist for more than an hour, noona’s jaw-dropping expression and subconscious pouting movements.

Such a man, no woman does not like it.

It’s a pity that I only met myself.

Anyway, I have shared One Man with Yoon-ah, and Kim Tae-hee is not so persistent in this regard. But it is not so easy to get into her eyes.

Therefore, there are still some vigilance, and this man cannot be messed up.

They are not close to them.

But in any case, with the help of Yoo In-na, Kim Tae-hee was taken care of this night.

The speed of intimacy between women is very fast. Only a little while, Kim Tae-hee and Yoo In-na have abandoned the honorific words, just like the sisters.

No way, these two women, a enamel heart, a clever 伶俐, come together, it is quite a match, regardless of the outcome.

Needless to say, Kim Tae-hee lives in the ward, certainly the most luxurious one, so there are suites and beds.

Seok Jin-soo refused to leave and stayed here all the time.

Until late at night, Kim Tae-hee is very helpless.

“Or, you send In-na back, then come back.”

Seok Jin-soo is willing to accompany, she is very happy. She also wants to get along with her lover, and there are endless words.

But what did Yoo In-na stay with here to suffer, so Kim Tae-hee suggested.

But before Seok Jin-soo said anything, Yoo In-na was at the forefront.

“eonni, forget it, I’m fine. Jin-soo. He’s tired for a day, and it’s not safe to drive at night. It’s so big, it doesn’t matter if I am one. Besides, there is something that I am in, eonni is not convenient. I will be fine.”

Kim Tae-hee Look at the time, it has been more than two in the middle of the night. Seok Jin-soo, even if he is sitting, is constantly dozing off, knowing that driving in such a state is too dangerous.

“Hey, how is that fun?”

Yoo In-na smiles.

“I don’t mind, I haven’t had any shooting tasks in these days, so I don’t delay anything.”

There is no way, Yoo In-na will live here.

Seok Jin-soo asked her to go to the suite inside to have a chance to speak with Kim Tae-hee.

“This girl is really good, it will be very pleasing, and it will definitely be mixed in the entertainment industry.”

Although the time for meeting was not long, Kim Tae-hee made a positive evaluation.

Seok Jin-soo is also amazed at this.

“She debuted late, and in order to debut a lot of suffering, people will be honed.”

Kim Tae-hee’s eyebrows are light and his mouth is screaming with a weird smile.

“Do you know her well?”

Seok Jin-soo has a bell in his heart and can’t relax.

“I have been doing programs for more than a year. If you don’t understand, it’s weird.”

Kim Tae-hee laughs, the tone is very dangerous.

“There are twelve female artists in Heroes. Do you know? For example, when is Noh Sa-yeon sunbae-nim’s birthday?”

Seok Jin-soo is a long day, and his face is awkward.

“I know what the birthday of noona is doing?”

Kim Tae-hee’s white eyes are still charming.

“Hey, the thief is not a small guy.”

Seok Jin-soo touched the nose and felt that the noona didn’t seem very angry, and the mood relaxed.

After talking for a while, Kim Tae-hee’s sleepiness came up and he fell asleep.

At this point, Seok Jin-soo also breathed a sigh of relief and slept in the bed next to him.

Early in the morning, he was woken up by the phone. It was the notice from Eun-ho, and today there is the recording of “Infinite Challenge”, which started from the early morning and cannot be delayed.

Seok Jin-soo sighed and got up from the bed and found that Kim Tae-hee and Yoo In-na also woke up.

“If you have the task of shooting, go ahead. There is me here. I will take care of Tae-hee eonni.”

Yoo In-na was happy to hear the phone content of Seok Jin-soo.

This is to create opportunities for yourself. If you don’t grasp it, it will be too stupid.

In Seok Jin-soo’s two women, she and Yoon-ah have a good relationship, confident and confident that Yoon-ah accepts herself.

Kim Tae-hee alone, she is under a lot of pressure on the noona’s reputation.

Just now Kim Tae-hee is hurt and needs someone to look after. Even better, Seok Jin-soo had to leave because of work.

So as long as you are a little more diligent, Kim Tae-hee’s defense can definitely be knocked open.

Although Seok Jin-soo didn’t understand her thoughts, she still had doubts.


Kim Tae-hee is even more embarrassed.

“哎Yah!! How can this be? I am fine, there is a manager here, it doesn’t matter.”

Yoo In-na will convince people.

“eonni, I have been hurt before, knowing how to maintain the fastest recovery. eonni and movies to shoot, not how to recover as soon as possible?”

When it comes to this level, Kim Tae-hee hesitated.

“But this is too hard for you, how am I going to be?”

Yoo In-na found the reason very well.

“I debuted very late. I didn’t have any hope. It was Jin-soo who helped me a lot, let me stand in Heroes, and arranged for me to be a TV series. I never knew how to thank him. What he does is what I should.”

With the reason for repaying, Kim Tae-hee could not refuse.

So after Seok Jin-soo left, Yoo In-na stayed in the hall.

It was already bright, and Kim Tae-hee couldn’t sleep, struggling to get up.

Yoo In-na hurried forward and asked, “Eonni, are you going to the bathroom?”

Kim Tae-hee nodded and was very embarrassed.

Yoo In-na was very natural, helping to untie the hanging medicine bottle and holding Kim Tae-hee into the bathroom.

Kim Tae-hee has never been used to the habit of others, and it is a bit nervous.

“You gave me the bottle, I have no problem.”

Yoo In-na did not agree.

“No, eonni is sitting, the bottle is too low.”

Kim Tae-hee is blushing.

“I… I am big, stinking.”

Yoo In-na grinned.

“Then I can’t stand at the door, I can give the eonni the wind.”

Kim Tae-hee, a person who really can’t do it, can’t help but see it. In the face of Yoo In-na, she took off her pants and sat on the toilet.

After a while, Yoo In-na found the topic.

“Eonni, do you have constipation problems?”

Kim Tae-hee’s face is not natural, but it is not denied.


These actresses look glamorous. In order to maintain the image all the year round, I have to endure hunger, so there is a high possibility of changing constipation.

In this regard, Kim Tae-hee is also very distressed, shy to talk to others.

But Yoo In-na stood in the perspective of her patients, but it made her feel better.

“Eonni, I know a secret recipe, I will help you get back, which is very helpful for relieving constipation.”

It’s a very sensible sister, which makes Kim Tae-hee’s impression of Yoo In-na even better.

“Is it really good? Please, please.”

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