KEP Chapter 842

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 842 chapter of the powerful lineup, floating astronomy

Seeing it, everyone is very curious about the very strange type of Zheng.

Yoo Jae-seok revealed: “When everyone is chatting, Jeong Hyeong-don is on my ear. People on the fashion side? I still wear clothes.”

Although Zheng Zheng is a guest, he also ate a donkey.

Yoo Jae-seok also had to introduce Zheng’s experience.

“Know it, I made a lot of famous songs with bai, and I also starred in i’s mv not long ago.”

Not long ago, i’s mv, that’s not “good day”.

Seok Jin-soo, who can be a creator, didn’t know it at all, so he curiously asked: “Why is it in i’s mv?”

Haha also asked: “It is not the composer of this song.”

When I came out, Zheng Zai-type finally spoke up.

“It’s just… people told me to star in me…”

Just looking at him, everyone is funny.

“Why do you look so tired?”

Zheng Zai-type revealed his inner thoughts.

“It’s a bit scary, because it’s too shameful and too many people.”

Since he is so timid, everyone will say good things.

Yoo Jae-seok: “The type of brother is still doing a soundtrack.”

Haha: “It’s not a name in the world.”

Seok Jin-soo is much more honest.


A group of people looked at him angrily.

“Yah!! Stinky boy, shut up.”

“Don’t be so true.”

“We are just saying good things.”

Yes, everyone’s thoughts were exposed again, and Zheng was biting his teeth.

“If you feel embarrassed, just call the people below.”

I didn’t like to listen to it. It doesn’t matter. No one can change the type at any time.

Noh Hong-chul immediately started the attack.

“The clothes are also crumpled, just like the ones that have come, what’s the bad thing recently?”

Among them, Jeong Hyeong-don ran to the farthest position from the position closest to Zheng Zai, so the members asked: “Do you know Jeong Hyeong-don?”

Zheng nodded at the type.

“When I was in Paris, the Infinite Challenge was a great pleasure in my life. I am a fan of Park Myeong-su.”

This made Park Myeong-su a little nervous.

“Although I know you are my fan…”

I did not expect that the Zheng type reaction was very fast.

“Reassured, I don’t want to work with you.”

This reaction is absolutely ruined, causing everyone Haha to laugh, and the old man also ate.

It’s hard to get into the interview, Yoo Jae-seok asked: “Let’s feel like you’re in the song festival.”

Apparently felt out, Zheng Zai was just hit hard, and began to give up.

“Feeling is that I will be serious… forget it, I will try it.”


“Playing a little temper, absolutely.”

Everyone was very happy to see this type of guest for the first time.

Zheng Zai type is quite vengeful, and immediately began to fight back.

“There are a few people who are quite like meals.”

The sensitive and vengeful hyeong, this role is too novel, so that everyone is aware that the future recording will be very interesting.

But no one can pick up the members, but Seok Jin-soo immediately poisoned his tongue: “Brother’s dress is like a picture at the funeral home until three in the morning.”

This joke made Zheng feel happy and laughed a lot.

After introducing the Zheng Zheng type, the second one will come out.

When the music was heard, everyone’s reaction was completely different, just exclaimed.

When the door opened and the figure appeared, everyone’s cheers broke out.

“It is Adi Ge!”

“Adi Ge is coming!”

Compared with Zheng Zheng, this one is too famous.

The finalist of the performance, the owner of the refreshing voice, the author of the national love song “Fortunately,” Li Di!

From the beginning of Li Di’s walk in, everyone gathered up and warmly welcomed them.

However, watching everyone’s welcome to Li Di, Yoo Jae-seok is very shy for the members.

“Wait a minute, in the type of brother, people are hurt.”

The old man also found that everyone was a bit too hot, and quickly said: “This is not the case.”

Yoo Jae-seok said bitterly: “So when I started, I told everyone that everyone would welcome it.”

Going back, Yoo Jae-seok has to go round.

“Although we welcome the same mood and welcome Li Di’s mood, but we still…”

Zheng Zai type does not hide his own thoughts, and the cool two words trigger a hilarious laugh.

“Get it!”

He also revealed his feelings.

“Just… I just don’t want to go home directly.”

In this regard, Yoo Jae-seok comforted him.

“Once you get married, you may not want to go today.”

Park Myeong-su also said: “After we get married, we will complain, we can’t really go.”

Seok Jin-soo also said: “We are very fast with a person.”

Noh Hong-chul warned: “If you want to go, advise you to go early. Because of the feelings, it is difficult to separate.”

Looking back, I started to introduce Li Di.

Yoo Jae-seok has a lot to say.

“Although it has not appeared in our Infinite Challenge, it may be the first time today. If you understand it, you have a deep fate with the Infinite Challenge.”

Some time ago, “Infinite Challenge” recorded the Winter Olympics, and bgm used Li Di’s “Walk Together”, and the result became a hot topic.

Li Di is also very happy about this.

“After the broadcast, the music list is single.”

This is the influence of Infinite Challenge and it is also very proud of everyone.

Seok Jin-soo is very clear.

“This brother’s music is driven by selling. So as long as the timing is right, it will definitely be red.”

“Yah!! Don’t talk nonsense, what is selling?”

Li Di did not fight in one place and immediately refuted it.

“Then you write something joy, why do every song sing people crying? You are moving businessmen.”

Because it is very familiar, Seok Jin-soo can safely bicker with him, and the harmful Li Di has eaten one after another.

While beside him, seeing other people’s bad luck, Zheng’s laughter has not stopped.

Park Myeong-su stopped Seok Jin-soo.

“Forget it, people Li Di had a concert today, and I will pass immediately after the end, so I am polite.”

Seok Jin-soo sees that Zheng is too quiet and throws him a topic.

“Is there a performance in the type?”

Zheng is still vengeful.

“Well… don’t care. I have it, tomorrow.”

The special tone makes everyone laugh.

“Say non-honorable.”

Zheng was shocked.

“Can’t you say non-honorable words?”

Park Myeong-su asked: “Isn’t I going online? It’s a big deal to say non-honorable words.”

This is the latest focus news, and it has been used very interestingly by Infinite Challenge. It is also a ridicule for current events.

The same question, asked Zheng Zheng type, but also asked Li Di, that is the feeling of the song festival.

Li Di said very seriously: “I am the Infinite Challenge.”

This is the meaning of the “Infinite Challenge” super fans, but also makes everyone lament. I don’t think even among the artists, there are loyal fans.

Li Di continued: “I really want to be in the show. I am very happy to be together today. In the best men’s special series, it is a blessing that Jeong Jun-ha didn’t sing.”

Everyone thinks about this. In the last year’s thousand yuan best men’s special edition, Jeong Jun-ha, this guy, shamelessly sang Li Di’s “I am fortunate.”

At this time, he was mentioned by Li Di. Everyone was very curious. He thought about it.

“It was really shocked at the time, I hope I don’t want to meet Jeong Jun-ha.”

Big fat ate, very shy, finally knowing to ruin the good song.

In response, Jeong Hyeong-don broke the news: “Jeong Jun-ha does not see Jong-shin hyeong now.”

Seok Jin-soo knows a little more about this.

“Every time I talk about Jun-ha, Jong-shin hyeong shook his head and said that he had ruined his efforts for ten years.”

Jeong Jun-ha was crying and grievous.

“Ani ~ yo, I am not that bad.”

Speaking of the Olympic Song Festival two years ago, Yoo Jae-seok is also very emotional.

“It was already two years ago. Although not all of them, there are so many people. After the cooperation, the relationship with the composer was a bit awkward. One of them is Jeong Jun-ha.”

Anyway, this has been the case, and Jeong Jun-ha has begun to show a vicious side.

“Who is going to ruin again this time?”

Good guy, this can scare Zheng Zai and Li Di, and I don’t dare to look at him.

Speaking of Li Di, everyone still has a lot of opinions.

Noh Hong-chul said: “The appearance is also like us.”

Zheng Zai is really a very interesting person. If you just come out with a sentence, you can trigger a hilarious laugh.

“Listening is very uncomfortable.”

Since he is not convinced, then a problem emerges.

“On the basis of looks, guessing that you will be ranked first?”

Zheng Zai is actually very confident.

“I might be the first.”

This allows the members to accept incompetence and exclaim.

“hamp; nbp; myamp; nbp; G-Dragon!”

“The original spirit is not normal.”

“You only have music.”

“Can’t be so sloppy.”

Among them, Jeong Hyeong-don is the most excited.

“I can say it for the first time?”

Everyone is very curious, what he will say.

I saw that Xiaopeng seriously looked at Zheng Zheng, and it was a sincere one.

“Brother, you are really not very good.”

What is most interesting about each other, and Zheng’s type of laughter is not good.

It’s been a long time here, so Yoo Jae-seok kept getting tips from the production team to speed him up.

Yoo Jae-seok asked Li Di: “Who is waiting behind?”

Li Di will not say bad things about people.

“It’s all right, very curious about how to bring these people together, and to be surprised by the ability to invite.”

Even the famous Li Di said so, everyone is excited.

“Is there a female singer?”

This is the most concerned issue of the members, and they never conceal their minds.

“There is one.”

Yes, everyone is already excited.

“i ah i, come, i!”

That being the case, what are you waiting for, the invitation of the next singer begins.

When the door opened and the chubby figure appeared, everyone was happy.

People who know and are interesting come, and everyone’s emotions come up.


The best singer on the scene in Korea, the singer who can create the most beautiful stage, now appears in the song festival of “Infinite Challenge”.

No wonder Li Di will feel the inviting ability of Infinite Challenge.

If such a singer exists, the stage will not be bad.

It can be said that when the “Infinite Challenge” production team invited the singer, it obviously took a lot of thoughts.

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