KEP Chapter 845

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, Chapter 845 to see who will step on, floating astronomy

Was scared by the eyes of his teammates, this quickly explained.

“When you sing, it feels very pure, it feels like listening to children’s songs.”

Seok Jin-soo ridicule said: “Don’t be kidding, kindergarten sings like this, seonsaeng-nim will go on strike.”

It’s really sharp and vicious. In the laughter of everyone, Noh Hong-chul waved his hand and panicked.

“Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, I am still good, I am really good.”

In addition to him, bada also raised his hand.

“Bada, why are you raising your hand?”

Bada is obviously blinking.

“He said that he didn’t expect the lyrics to be this content. The singer would not sing without knowing the lyrics… It was such a very ugly but very creative thing! I don’t know the lyrics, but I was confident at first. The singer’s love song also started with such a hand, and it also had a reversal…”

Seok Jin-soo can’t really listen.

“Noona, you can tell the truth.”

Bada finally couldn’t fit, and grinned.

“In fact, it is because he is more close to him…”

It turned out to be a choice made by friendship, and it has nothing to do with music.

The part of Noh Hong-chul has passed, and the next person to appear, but the guest singers have all cheered up and even applauded.

I saw Seok Jin-soo walking out, the gas field is different from others.

“Wow, you can hear Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi singing on the spot.”

“Come to Infinite Challenge and wait for this moment.”

Not only the guests, but the members also felt a sigh of relief.

“What is this good to show? I don’t know.”

“What did he do when he sang?”

“Forget it, we are funny.”

Regardless of everyone’s rhetoric, Seok Jin-soo stepped onto the round table in the middle and came to Yoo Jae-seok.

“Our maknae, as we all know, is a real singer. I believe he will not make fun of music and will show the music. Maknae, what song are you going to sing?”

Everyone’s expectations, Seok Jin-soo said, but the scene exploded.

“Broneyes have been a year!”

No one on the scene was able to maintain a formal shape, all holding their stomachs and rolling around.

Noh Hong-chul was dumbfounded and rushed over.

“Yah!! Stinky boy, are you going to kill me? Why do you want to sing like me? I will never let you go.”

Just now Noh Hong-chul sang “It Has Been One Year” and scared everyone in the room.

Now Seok Jin-soo still sings this song, but with his strength, everyone has already imagined the contrast between the pole and the pole.

As a result, Noh Hong-chul really fell into the pit.

Unfortunately, the production team also found it very interesting. It did not give Noh Hong-chul the chance to save. The music of “One Year” soon sounded.

Noh Hong-chul was forced to pull back by others and gave the stage to Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo changed his mind and became more relaxed and focused.

“It has been a year” is a famous song, is a classic masterpiece of ramp; b, is also a popular selection of ktv for many people.

But it is not easy to sing the taste of naul. So, choosing this song really takes courage.

The people who are here can’t doubt that Seok Jin-soo will sing badly.

Just kidding, who is the one who dares to doubt the ability to control music?

The scene was silent, no one dared to make a sound, and they were all focused on listening to the voice of Seok Jin-soo.

Even the surrounding staff are the same, all quietly.

Don’t look at them often working with Seok Jin-soo, but the voice of Seok Jin-soo, they haven’t heard much.

Think about it, although I know that this is a singer, listening to his singing is a luxury.

Many people’s minds have come up with such an idea: Fortunately, today!

The light prelude was very fast, and Seok Jin-soo accurately captured the beat.

Because it is the first time, it will be good in a few days.

It’s been thought that it’s been a year.

Every anniversary with you

Sadness will come to my heart…

Ming and Noh Hong-chul just sang the same content, but the sound quality and emotions of the two have a different gap.

After listening to the first short paragraph, everyone on the scene sighed collectively.

Fortunately, this life can actually hear such a song on the spot.

Everyone has seen Seok Jin-soo’s performance in the Grammy, and it was shocked by the gorgeous stage.

But today, there is no disguised performance, and the inner instigation that is motivated by the sound of singing is really nothing compared to it.

It is obviously a song that everyone is familiar with, but several of them are emotional people who listened and listened, and unknowingly fell into tears.

No one noticed that Noh Hong-chul’s eyes had begun to tears.

That breakup, the impact on him is actually very big.

Just keep grinning and let the outside world ignore that he is actually a person with feelings.

Even if I sang this song just now, he now understands that it is true that he wants to express his feelings.

Mutual confession of the shame of the first love

And our first date has passed

Light a tearful birthday cake on your birthday




Although it is another year

But after a year and another year, I am still waiting for you…

The scene of the chaotic and noisy “Infinite Challenge” was recorded, because Seok Jin-soo went straight to the soul of the soul and became silent for the first time.

Everyone is enchanted by the song, and with his eyes closed, he tastes the artistic conception.

When the song was over and Seok Jin-soo began to linger, everyone actually felt that it was a pity to end so soon.

“Aigoo, is it too fast?”

“I haven’t heard enough yet.”

“The original music can still look like this!”

“Wow, it’s really right today.”

Li Di sent out such feelings.

“This kind of music, even if you spend more money on tickets, it is worth it.”

Who knows that his words have been recognized by all the guest singers.

“If Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi opens a concert, I will definitely be there.”

“I must have the best position.”

Listening to the attitude of the guest singers, none of the members were all flustered.

“Yah!! What do we do?”

“Why is this guy so powerful?”

“What have we become?”

Others are okay, Haha is the hardest one.

“Yah!! Why did you let me play behind him? I don’t want to face?”

The scene finally re-opened, and everyone imagined that Haha was going out soon, and they couldn’t hold it.

A short kid, who told you to be unlucky?

However, before Haha came out, Yoo Jae-seok had to interview guest singers.

“Everyone, after listening to the singing of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, who wants to work with him?”

Good guy, the voice is not falling, Yoo Jae-seok’s eyes are raised like the woods.

Guest singers, if there is one, no one will raise their hands.

Such a partner does not hold tightly. Is it going to cooperate with Noh Hong-chul?

For a time, everyone looked at Seok Jin-soo’s gaze, all like the burning fire.

“The musicality of this person does not need to be evaluated at all. We are not qualified to evaluate. It can only be said that it is our pleasure to cooperate with him.”

Psy said it was very serious, and there was no joke.

Only by being a musician can you learn more about the power of Seok Jin-soo.

As alive by music, if this life has not worked with such a person, it will be a matter of regret for life.

The performance of the guest singers, but the members of the unsuccessful members are under pressure.

If you choose maknae, what should they do?

The voice of Park Jung-soo is incomparably sorrowful, just like losing Min Shu.

“G-Dragon, g-dragon, you are mine!”

Kwon Ji-yong “GD” got helpless again, grinning.

It is said that the child’s smile is really low. If this program is going to laugh, Seok Jin-soo is very suspicious.

In any case, the shock brought by Seok Jin-soo is too late, but Haha has come out.

The devil is a reluctant one hundred percent, and the footsteps are the same as sticking to the ground. The expression on the face is more like death.

“Ah… really, why is it?”

After the sullen shouting, he looked back at the remaining people.

“Can we change?”

Jeong Jun-ha and Jeong Hyeong-don quickly opened their eyes, just like they didn’t hear.

Just kidding, you don’t want to be embarrassed. Do we want to be embarrassed?

Haha, who was rushed to the ducks, couldn’t do anything. He chose the model of “Seoul of the Moon” of the gold model, and the performance was OK.

After all, he is a singer, although the singing is not so good, but the display of the driving power and style of the stage is still very good.

The wrong place is, why is it coming out behind Seok Jin-soo?

“Haha’s performance, that feeling of freedom, is really good.”

Seesorro, who has a very good relationship with Haha, gave a good evaluation.

Li Di said so.

“In the members of the members, the performance is still possible. Only the bad place, Zhuyu is in front, so…”

Zheng is more direct.

“Seok Jin-soo’s performance is like the most superb scenery, and people are fascinated. The results are good, but the result is not careful, but stepped on it.”

Hearing himself as being embarrassed, Haha thundered.

“Yah!! Is that my fault? I don’t want to sing?”

His violent reaction made the guests laugh more cheerfully.

Haha was angry and yelled at the opposite side: “You know, there must be someone stepping on you.”

You are not saying that I am singing, but don’t forget that the song festival of “Infinite Challenge” is to be paired. So no matter what, there will definitely be a group of guest singers who will team up with Haha.

But the guests thought of a more horrible situation.

That is, the opposite is not only a bunch of Haha, but six piles.

This is simply a survival for the Jedi. Only a group of guests can be lucky.

For a time, the guest singers were all nervous, thinking about how to highlight the encirclement and not step on it.

But across from them, the six stacks of cockroaches did not consciously start a show that made people endless.

In the end, everyone noticed that, besides the music of Seok Jin-soo, the others are “Infinite Challenge”!

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