KEP Chapter 851

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 851 chapter controls the situation, floating astronomy

Weapons are all collected, and we must study countermeasures.

Noh Hong-chul is a swindler, and he has discovered a loophole that he can exploit.

“To use the strategy, so let me come first.”

Said, he raised the cloth in his hand.

“This is a sticker. Put a cloth on one side and fold the sticker on the other side to disguise it as a pair of scissors.”

โ€œHaha Haha Haha…โ€

When I heard him, everyone laughed.

Sure enough, itโ€™s a great national fraudster.

When Noh Hong-chul did it, he swayed a little faster in the distance. Not to mention, it looks like a scissors.

This effect can be too great.

If someone misunderstands the scissors and then holds the stone to catch him, it is equal to self-investment.

Not only that, Noh Hong-chul can also use this to easily detect the opposite weapon.

Itโ€™s time to go on the departure and the matchup.

Everyone is getting off the elevator, and the bb party called.

“I am the boss of the hungry belly party…”

One is Seung-ri’s voice, and Seok Jin-soo probes in the past, killing from the source.

“If you can’t do it, just talk.”

I donโ€™t have to look at it, the Seung-ri on the phone is definitely awkward, and there is no sound for a while.

Yoo Jae-seok asked with a funny smile: “You said you are a boss?”

Seung-ri managed to recover and was still pretending.

“I am the boss.”

Yoo Jae-seok doesn’t listen at all.

“Where are you all?”

Seung-ri is still taking a break.

“in your heart.”

Seok Jin-soo is impatient.

“Come out and see, it is a man, don’t shy away.”

Yoo Jae-seok is the same attitude.

“I don’t have a mood to laugh now, let’s meet! Organize a meeting with the organization and do it.”

The opposite is in battle.

“Wait a minute to meet up.”

Everyone here went to the van, and the opposite side also changed to Jeong Jun-ha to answer the phone.

Yoo Jae-seok doesn’t hesitate.

“Jeong Jun-ha shouldn’t be a boss?”

The tone of Jeong Jun-ha is obviously lying.

“I am a boss.”

Seok Jin-soo is pressing hard.

“You swear, if you are not a boss, you will not get married before the age of forty-five.”

“Yah !! brats, you come to me, I have to beat you can not.”

Good guy, only one sentence, Jeong Jun-ha, was blown up, and he was not allowed to play a sitcom.

There is nothing to understand here, everyone laughed and decided.

“Jun-ha brother is not a boss.”

“He definitely is not.”

“Win it, definitely one.”

No way, playing this kind of psychological warfare, five young children and a blank-minded Jeong Jun-ha, can’t really compare with a group of old-fashioned people.

Finally, the two sides confirmed the location of the meeting, which was in the Panpu area where the Olympic song festival was held.

In the car that departed, the atmosphere of the infinite party was very good.

“It is the most important thing to remove the first person from the other side first.”

Noh Hong-chul completely dominates the atmosphere and he will be the main force.

Yoo Jae-seok, who is the boss, specified his order as the first appearance.

Noh Hong-chul is full of confidence.

“Talking to them and saying more, you will definitely be trapped.”

The tactics were arranged and Yoo Jae-seok made a prediction.

“We will get Seung-ri in this battle.”

Jeong Hyeong-don said: “Brother, do you know where we are the biggest difference with them?”

“Because what?”

Jeong Hyeong-don smiled.

“There is still no Noh Hong-chul.”

A group of people laughed at extra treacherousness and sang the godfather’s song.

Seok Jin-soo followed: “Do you know that we have a bigger difference with them?”

Before he asked everyone, he already smiled: “There is still no Jeong Jun-ha.”

The people in this car are more happy and have fun.

Soon, the Infinite Party first arrived at the agreed place.

Jeong Hyeong-don is on the opposite side of the Infinite Party.

“Our organization has come to the Panpu area, what about you?”

The bb party was shocked. I didn’t expect the action here to be so fast, and they were still on the road.

Of course, the main purpose of this phone is to pretend to pass the false information that Jeong Hyeong-don is the boss.

Looking at everyoneโ€™s performance, Yoo Jae-seok is very emotional.

“The most remarkable thing about our organization is that everyone is acting like this.”

Noh Hong-chul also followed: “Everyone has called, and only if I don’t play, it will cause suspicion.”

The man who made the other party suspected of being suspicious, it is estimated that the bb party has already circled.

Everyone ate cold drinks and waited for a while, only to see far away that the bb partyโ€™s car was hesitantly approaching.

Everyone waved and leisurely ate something, indicating that the other party came over. But the other party does not get off at all, just say hello through the gap in the window.

When you look at this side, you have to chase it, and the other party will drive the car fast.

“Is it a man who will come down and run away?”

However, the obvious scallions of the bb party were frightened, and they were blocked by the infinite party in the car, but they could not even open the window.

In the panic, Jeong Jun-ha’s weapon was exposed and was seen by this side.

He is a stone, there is no Secret.

The game was enough, and the bb party was suppressed from the momentum. Only then did everyone retreat, so that the bb party could get off.

“Wait a minute, I just… I saw the one on the waist of Jun-ha. But… I wonder if this is counting us? There is only one, watching is a fist, but I am afraid… In the unlikely event that Jun-ha is a boss, it may be deliberately shown to us.”

Faced with the suspicion of Yoo Jae-seok, Seok Jin-soo shook his head decisively.

“No, Jun-ha is 100% not a boss.”

Everyone was shocked and looked at it in amazement. I don’t understand why he was so sure.

“maknae, why are you so sure?”

“What have you seen?”

“How did you know that?”

Faced with the curiosity of my brothers, Seok Jin-soo is in the tunnel: “Aigoo, this is recording, bigbang is the protagonist. Jun-ha brother is not very smart, but the basic principles still know, how May be rushing to be a boss?”

A strange perspective makes my brothers laugh.

But think about it, everyone also found that Seok Jin-soo said absolutely right.

Although this special feature is called the Seoul Gangster, there is no problem with the bigbang special, which is to promote the bigbang’s comeback.

In this case, the most outstanding characters do not give the protagonist, give them these supporting roles, can that be said?

Kim Tae-ho, who was next to him, also turned black. I didn’t expect such a hidden loophole that nobody noticed, and it was caught by Seok Jin-soo.

Nima, damn kid, what are you so smart about?

Noh Hong-chul thought about it and proposed: “Wait for me to go up, how to eliminate Jun-ha brother first?”

Seok Jin-soo hastened to stop.

“Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, can’t eliminate Jun-ha brother.”

Jeong Hyeong-don is unknown.

“Since I know what brand Jun-ha is, he is not a boss. Why can’t he eliminate him?”

These brothers, how can you observe how inconspicuous?

“I said that you wouldn’t think about it? If Jun-ha brother is eliminated, who is driving across the street? It must be Jun-ha brother to open it. In that case, he knows Hong-chul Hyeong’s card, isn’t it? Will you find a way to tell others?”

The five people of bigbang didn’t have a driver’s license at this time and couldn’t start to swim. So the task of moving is on the body of Jeong Jun-ha.

Even if he was eliminated, he had to act as a driver to protect the movement of bigbang.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t believe that Jeong Jun-ha will be tight-lipped.

He will certainly convey the message to others in a variety of ways.

“Infinite Challenge” is different from other programs. The rules of the game are not strict, and there are loopholes everywhere.

Although this gives everyone a lot of room to play, it can also make all kinds of unpredictable situations.

So for the sake of confidentiality, Jeong Jun-ha cannot be eliminated first.

“Is already known Jeong Jun-ha’s card anyway, and with his mind, what does it matter if he can’t escape?”

Seok Jin-soo finally came to a summary, but the big fat diss is not light, but also makes everyone laugh very crazy.

Yeah, Jeong Jun-ha was sent over. Itโ€™s not so much a bigbang helper.

Noh Hong-chul developed the tactics and Seok Jin-soo perfected the strategy.

There are two of them, and the Infinite Party is simply impeccable, far better than the blundering bb party.

Now, the situation has begun to tilt toward the Infinite Party.

“Brother, don’t forget, you are now wearing scissors. So intentionally or unintentionally, you must show the fear of Jun-ha brother, so that you can deceive them better.”

Seok Jin-soo once again told me to let Noh Hong-chul focus on it.

Now, all that has been said is finished, just waiting for the bb party to get off the bus and come to the first positive confrontation.

Over there, the bb party was very careful to park the car in the distance, and a group of people quietly came down.

“Hong-chul, you go to flicker.”

When I heard the instructions of Yoo Jae-seok, Noh Hong-chul walked boldly.

“Please send someone over.”

Jeong Jun-ha will only shout: “Don’t come over, don’t come over, we will go down.”

Seeing that all the bb parties have appeared, the big guys who were hiding behind are also swarming.

This time is a psychological war, of course, the momentum can not be lost.

“What happened to these guys?”

“Itโ€™s really daring.”

Compared with the bb party, which is the same as the squatting student, the infinite party can be more fluent.

One by one, swaying shoulders, twisting the eight-step, with a scary smile, step by step.

The opposite will only shout: “Don’t come over again, don’t come over.”

Noh Hong-chul suggested: “Is it good to be alone?”

Jeong Jun-ha bargained.

“Can’t two people do it?”

The infinite party will not let it go.





Really, a group of childish ghosts.

Jeong Hyeong-don started the attack.

“Jeong Jun-ha ‘ssi, what are you doing with your fist?”

Jeong Jun-ha’s face was black, obviously I didn’t want it, and the Infinity Party really saw it.

After squatting for a while, I laughed.

“Oh Haha Haha…”

Haha scared him.

“Hey, take my cloth and get rid of you.”

Dae-sung escort.

“Go away, go away.”

Kwon Ji-yong “GD” shouted: “I didn’t think it was lie to you?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “Small boy, wait until you lie to a woman and say this again. Do you know what it is to lie?”

Kwon Ji-yong “GD” language plug, looked at it with regret, did not expect this brother’s mouth so poisonous.

I don’t know if we are idols, the company is still not letting fall in love!

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