KEP Chapter 859

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 859 chapter has fished the individual talent, floating astronomy

The words of Zai Fan made Seok Jin-soo very embarrassed and could not help but sink.

On the words of friendship, he and Ren Zaifan did not have any friendship.

If he does not agree with this aspect, there is nothing.

But Ren Zai Fan is the big sunbae-nim in the music industry, and he is not easy to ask for help. Suddenly came this way, so Seok Jin-soo is really difficult.

The most important thing is that the matter requested by Zai Fan is not a bad thing, and it does not harm the interests of Seok Jin-soo.

In addition, the big sunbae-nim is still praying for illness, which naturally takes the initiative side, and makes Seok Jin-soo a little embarrassing.

For a time, the ward was quiet and terrible, and the needle was audible.

Seok Jin-soo is in a tangle and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

But the young man suddenly spoke up.

“Seok Jin-soo sunbae-nim, I have always been your fan, I like your music very much. In fact, among your fans, people who like your music have been very upset. Everyone says that you are in music. There is too little investment on it. If you can only do art, you are too sorry for your talent.”

Just now, Zai Fan was from the perspective of sunbae-nim and humanity. Now the young man is attacked from the perspective of the fans, so Seok Jin-soo can’t help but smile.

“It’s all my job, and I didn’t mean to go it out.”

The young man immediately said: “Since it is your job, why can’t you invest more in music? We, your music fans, have been looking forward to it for a long time. Every time you can see, there are few of you. Stage. You are the winner of the Grammy Awards and have the highest musical strength in our country. Even if you want to satisfy the fans’ wishes, please stand on the stage.”

I really can’t think of it, this young man’s mouth can quite say. Especially the words with a little dialect are not annoying.

“I just heard you call sunbae-nim seonsaeng-nim, are you also a singer?”

Seeing Seok Jin-soo curious about himself, the young man was a bit flattered.

“Yes, sunbae-nim. I am the singer of the 07 year, Huang Zhilie. Maybe you haven’t heard my name, but I still insist on it because I like music very much.”

When the young man introduced himself, the voice of Seok Jin-soo’s mind jumped out of the person’s information in a timely manner.

Looking at it, Seok Jin-soo’s mouth showed a smile.

“You are very good and will definitely be a great singer in the future. There are not many people who can be recognized by Zai-fan sunbae-nim.”

I was very pleased with the praise of Seok Jin-soo. But he still said: “I am more than expected to see sunbae-nim standing on the stage, as the leader of our singer, let us appreciate the charm of music.”

Although he is one year older than Seok Jin-soo, he is indeed a descendant because he was debuted in 07.

It’s just his mouth, so Seok Jin-soo is helpless.

“Since sunbae-nim is hard to say, I have to think about it. Can you give me some time? sunbae-nim You also know that this needs to be coordinated.”

Seok Jin-soo has no choice but also a little hesitation. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to carefully consider it. In the end, it is not suitable for acting as “I am a singer.”

Ren Zai Fan grew a sigh of relief and the burden on his heart was put down.

“If you have a heart, if you are too embarrassed, I believe everyone will understand you.”

The reason why he promised Shen Zhengxiu’s request, came to invite Seok Jin-soo, because Ren Zai Fan is a real man.

In his opinion, since I promised to play “I am a singer”, I must do a good job.

In the eyes of real men, promise is more important than anything else.

However, there were unexpected events, and when he made up his mind, he developed appendicitis.

Obviously no one blames him, but he is still awkward, and he feels that he has influenced the program.

Therefore, when Shen Zhengxiu asked him to come forward, although he had no friendship with Seok Jin-soo, he decided to work hard.

Nowadays, my old face is still a bit useful. At the very least, Seok Jin-soo promised, think about it.

This is already the best result, and Zai Fan is also very satisfied.

Seok Jin-soo was rejected when Shen Zhengxiu and others invited him.

Say goodbye to Ren Zaifan, Seok Jin-soo is in distress.

“Noona, do you know that I am a singer?”

At home, Kim Tae-hee is recovering from injury, and the scars on his forehead are gone to return to work.

There was no way for the “Blind Pass” crew to take pictures of others.

Yoon-ah and Yoo In-na went to film “City Hunter”, but Son Ye-jin ended the filming of “View” and is now quite idle.

So today, at home, they are both, and they are talking with Seok Jin-soo.

When they heard his question, the two women nodded at the same time.

“A very good program, the singers are great. I found out for the first time that the music is so attractive.”

Kim Tae-hee was impressed while eating oranges.

She was relatively idle these two days, so if I had nothing to do, I would read the news and watch TV.

“I am a singer” is the hottest program today, so it appears very frequently in entertainment news.

Under the curiosity of Kim Tae-hee, I also looked for several programs to see. At first glance, I immediately liked it.

Son Ye-jin also nodded.

“The program is very amazing. I can bring the most amazing singers, big things that I couldn’t think of in the past, to be able to appear in a program and compete on the same stage. It is really a pleasure for those of us who like music. ”

Seeing that both women are in this attitude, Seok Jin-soo is a little hesitant.

“That, if I play this program as a singer, how about?”


“Do you want to be a singer?”

Unexpectedly, when he heard him, Kim Tae-hee and Son Ye-jin all sat up straight and their expressions were wonderful. It can be said that there is a surprise in the accident, it seems very exciting.

Kim Tae-hee slaps, very eager.

“Of course, you have to participate, you sing so well, why don’t you always sing?”

Son Ye-jin helps, and the eyes are shining.

“That is, eonni, when you were in Austria, you are not on the scene. Wow, the feeling of the stage is really wonderful. Although I am not a singer, I still remember very clearly. He should be on the stage, Really, then what do you sing?”

In the face of the excitement of the two women, Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“Yah!! I am going to star, not you. What are you doing so crazy?”

Kim Tae-hee is like a wave.

“Hey, we are not for you? Anyway, the status of the singer is higher than the comedian. I know that the Infinite Challenge is your foundation, so we don’t say anything. But since there is a chance to show you the majesty as a singer, why? Missed it?”

Son Ye-jin came over and hugged his arm, and he was still spoiled in his tone.

“You are the greatest singer in the Republic of Korea. So many people like your music. Why don’t you catch it?”

Seok Jin-soo scratched his head and said his embarrassment.

“But my work is too much.”

Kim Tae-hee pouted.

“What’s more? Now that the city hunters are shooting, the views are all in post-production, and there are still a few scenes left in the blind. What are you busy with?”

Seok Jin-soo is exceptionally wronged.

“Even in addition to these, there are company affairs. The company’s singer trip, I can’t leave it. Besides, you guys. I don’t want to spend more time, more to accompany you.”

Kim Tae-hee scratched his furry chin and smiled. “You can be with us at home. Can you still go shopping with us?”


Seok Jin-soo can’t speak.

He wants to go shopping with women, just think about it, this is not realistic.

He and any one of them, if they appear in pairs on the street, guarantee that they will be caught by the media and cause innumerable troubles.

Speaking of this, he is very embarrassed.

“It is to grieve you, there is no way for you to have it.”

Kim Tae-hee snorted and squeezed out Son Ye-jin, occupying half a chest of Seok Jin-soo.

“We don’t have so much luxury. Since we followed you, we don’t care about this.”

Son Ye-jin gives an idea.

“If you feel that we are treating us badly, when we have finished this section, we will go overseas to play. When we go overseas, there is not much concern.”

This idea is good, so Seok Jin-soo is full of joy, holding the face of Son Ye-jin enough.

“This is good. I will pack an island down. We want to play, how to play.”

He doesn’t need money now, as long as he can be with the women, it doesn’t matter if he buys a beautiful woman.

If it is, Kim Tae-hee and Son Ye-jin may still feel bad about spending money. But they know that this is Seok Jin-soo’s love for them.

They only accept, Seok Jin-soo will be happy.

“Then you should think about it, we can just wait and have fun.”

With the persuasion of the two women, Seok Jin-soo finally put aside his concerns and decided to star in “I am a singer.”

But before that, he decided to take advantage of it.

“Ren Jae-fan sunbae-nim, I am Seok Jin-soo. After my careful consideration, I can promise to appear.”

When he heard that he had promised, Ren Zai Fan took a breath.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, thank you. Thank you for your agreement, thank you for standing on the stage. Also, thank you for your music!”

This is a pure musician, not so many selfish distractions.

Just thinking that more people can enjoy the music of Seok Jin-soo, he is really happy.

But the idea of ​​Seok Jin-soo is much more complicated.

“sunbae-nim, there is one more thing. The last time you saw, your disciple. He is a talent, but the singer’s way is not very smooth. I want to rebuild him, I don’t know you. Views……”

When I heard Seok Jin-soo see Huang Zhili, Ren Zai Fan did not hesitate at all.

“哎Yah!! This is a good thing. I don’t want you to say that this younger generation is really strong. It’s bad luck, I haven’t come out after so many years of debut. Since you can see this ace producer, then It is his blessing.”

Huang Zhili’s brokerage contract is in the company of Zai Fan.

Ren Zai Fan said nothing, and directly agreed, will transfer the contract of Huang Zhili, and there is no penalties for penalties.

He is also very valued by this younger generation, but his company is very small and has no influence in the entertainment industry. I want to push Huang Zhilie out, but I have not caught it.

Now there is the best producer Seok Jin-soo who has seen Huang Zhilie, and Zhai Fan hopes that his younger generation will be able to take the road.

As for Huang Zhilie itself, I heard that Seok Jin-soo values ​​his own strength and will focus on building himself. He has already been happy to find the North.

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