KEP Chapter 861

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the first recording of the 861 chapter, floating astronomy

“Shanghai Love” is not just a simple red, and gave Seok Jin-soo has brought great benefits.

Because he borrowed the story of patriots in mv, and paid tribute to the ancestors who had sacrificed for the independence of the country, the result caused great repercussions in society.

Many well-known people have stood up and praised him.

In today’s exaggerated and luxurious era, there are people who have not forgotten the sacrifices of the martyrs. This spirit is worth promoting in any case.

The results of the media survey showed that it was amazing. In the survey of 10,000 people, there were more than 60% who did not know who Yin Fengji was.

It is not difficult to find out how serious the lack of patriotic education is.

Even the South Korean government, which has always dealt with Seok Jin-soo, has stood up this time, focusing on his practice and taking the “Love of Shanghai” tree as a model.

With the help of the government, the influence of the song has increased to a higher level.

The added benefit is that the three 93 years of liTTL-Time To Love e missy have become so popular that they have become the leaders of the new generation.

The delicate and pure IU, the lively and tidy Ji-yeon and the simple Luna, have been loved by countless people, and they have become the qualifications of national idols.

Seok Jin-soo is also very happy to see that things are going so well.

I didn’t expect 93line, which was a temporary one, to bring so many benefits.

The women in the family are harmonious, and the career is smooth, which makes him feel very happy. There is no longer any resistance to the performance of “I am a singer”.

After Ren Zaifan agreed to transfer Huang Zhilie to mystic, Seok Jin-soo also officially promised to star in “I am a singer.”

For this matter, Shen Zhengxiu is happy to find the North.

When the first recording arrived, the guy danced in front of Seok Jin-soo and became a big monkey.

“Consenzada, Conza Mida…”

As soon as I came up, the pd did nothing, just saying thank you.

He was really excited about being able to successfully invite Seok Jin-soo. Even if the camera is already running, he is still a little dizzy.

In this regard, Seok Jin-soo can’t say anything, just swinging his hand and looking calm.

His calmness led Shen Zhengxiu, so that the pd is finally back to normal.

Next, it is the interview time.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, thank you again for your performance. You can come, our program is finally finished.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded.

“You don’t know, I don’t want to come. You guys are too good, so hyeong is out.”

Everyone in the production team opposite him snickered, and everyone was satisfied.

Whatever the means, Seok Jin-soo can be called Seung-ri.

Shen Zhengxiu began a formal interview.

“Our program is a competition program. As the top singer of the Republic of Korea, are you confident?”

Seok Jin-soo is still very calm.

“I won’t lose anyway.”

Shen Zhengxiu was shocked and did not expect this confidence.

“The ones who participated in this program are the top singers. Are you confident that you can win them?”

Seok Jin-soo widened his eyes and smiled. “Why aren’t you confident? I still know a lot about them. Li Suluo noona, I lost to me when I last played. I heard that I have keyboards at home. I am embarrassed, and I am sure I am panicked.”

The accident broke the news and made the scene laugh.

Don’t look at Li Solo’s age, but she is a famous game madman.

The biggest hobby is to play games at home, and even push the trip.

Last time Seok Jin-soo met her in the game and was easily ko by Seok Jin-soo.

“Dao Xiange will only rock, let him cut his hair, he will be finished.”

The laughter is even bigger. Everyone finds that it is really wise to invite Seok Jin-soo.

This is really interesting.

And unlike other singers who cherish the word like gold, maybe it is the relationship of programming all the year round, he can say very much. Do not use Shen Zhengxiu to ask questions, the mouth will be endless.

“Zheng Xuan Noona’s self-confidence is not enough. If something happens to hit her, she will collapse.”

Everyone was shocked and found that it was not the top singer who came here, it seemed to be rogue.

“The best thing to win in these people is Fan Xiu Ge, as long as it is better than the face. Oh… his face, the emperor level!”

The people in the production team are no longer able to stay normal.

Please, we are a singer competition program. What are you doing with your face?

Poor Kim Bum show, I don’t know if I hear this, will it rush to kill him?

It was hard to calm down. Shen Zhengxiu asked a very serious question.

“What do you think is the singer?”

At the beginning of the program, Jin Yingxi pd also asked the singers this question.

As a result, the singers who got it all fell into meditation and felt a lot of emotions.

As a person who has been debuting for many years, everyone has a feeling of being immersed in the heart.

Shen Zhengxiu is very curious, how does Seok Jin-soo think about the singer?

But he still knows too little about this, so he always encounters situations that he can’t think of.

“Singer? It’s a singer.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t hesitate at all, just said it, and the answer was extremely simple.

This straightforward statement makes Shen Zhengxiu a bit dumbfounded.

β€œDoes the singer not have much meaning? What impact does your life have on your mind?”

This time Seok Jin-soo thought about it for a while.

“Ah… the effect is still quite big. I have earned a lot through the singer…”


The scene crashed again.

Many people have burst into tears and said that you can play well?

In fact, for the singer, Seok Jin-soo also has his own opinion.

“Singers are singers, people who can sing, people who can sing good songs, people who like others to sing, people who can survive by singing. It’s that simple, the rest says more, just packaging. Ah, like civil servants, prosecutors, and architects, they are just a profession. I also saw those people who said it. Um… You know, when a merchant sells a product, it’s not good to publicize it.”

Yes, the interview will not go on.

This product, and everyone, and other singers are not on a single channel.

Even if you talk about chaos, you will dissipate others.

It is estimated that after the program is broadcast, the audience will laugh at it, and others must be jealous of him.

At the end of the day, Shen Zhengxiu had to tell Seok Jin-soo to keep him strictly confidential. Don’t disclose the news that he is about to appear.

The production team is even more rigorous than ever before, and all informed people have been given a password.

Seok Jin-soo, now the biggest singer in Korea, will be the atomic bomb that shocks everyone in the program group.

Shen Zhengxiu is already waiting to see. When Seok Jin-soo appeared on the stage, other singers and audiences were dumbfounded.

After the interview, Seok Jin-soo and the production team discussed the issue of his first performance and completed the preparation.

The next day, in accordance with the time specified by the production team, he drove to the mountain mbc.

As a new singer, his identity is strictly confidential. So when is it, how to enter the standby room, all this is confidential.

The other singer’s car just stopped at the main entrance, and then walked in. But he was different and was led to the underground parking lot. The way to the standby room was also cleared, and none of the people I saw.

“Yah!! The security of the big commander is not like this?”

Seeing the skill of the production team, Seok Jin-soo can’t help feeling.

Very smoothly arrived at the floor where the standby room is located. Seok Jin-soo walked all the way and saw the location of others.

However, his current identity is confidential, so he cannot visit. Just got into your room, started making makeup and waiting for rehearsals.

“It seems that there is still a newcomer besides me today?”

What Seok Jin-soo remembered, asked the responsible writer.

Seok Jin-soo came in as a substitute for Ren Zai Fan who was quit, and Ren Zai Fan was not a singer who was eliminated.

Then there will definitely be a new singer, and together with myself, enter this program.

The writer nodded but did not disclose any information.

Everything needs to be revealed when the singer performs.

At the time of makeup and waiting, the door of the waiting room was gently pushed open. Then, at the door, a woman’s incredible exclamation sounded.

Although not big, it was still heard.

Seok Jin-soo turned to look at it and immediately smiled: “Noona, is that you?”

What he saw was not someone else, it was the familiar noona Song Eun-yi.

“I am a singer” is a competition program, but it is also a variety program. So how to make the program interesting is also a question for the production team.

Knowing that the singers have a poor program in addition to the amazing singing power, the production team has set the role of manager.

These managers appeared as singers’ helpers, and they were all served by gagman who was good at making programs.

To put it bluntly, their existence is to make the program interesting.

Song Eun-yi This time, I was sent by the production team to be the manager of the new singer.

But she did not think that the singer she was responsible for turned out to be Seok Jin-soo.

Because of the relationship of Yoo Jae-seok, the two are very familiar. But when Seok Jin-soo appeared as a singer, Song Eun-yi could not help but be scared.

Pulled in by Seok Jin-soo, Song Eun-yi is still dizzy.

“Daebak! How come you? Yah!! I am a singer!”

Seok Jin-soo Haha laughs.

“Noona, can I not?”

Song Eun-yi is dressed as a sweat.

“If you can’t, who can still? Wow, it’s Daebak, this program is getting more and more interesting.”

Seok Jin-soo rushed Song Eun-yi and reached out.

“Noona, let’s go to the end together. You can rest assured that as long as I am there, I will never let you get off. Your performance fee should be able to earn a lot.”

Song Eun-yi laughed out of breath.

β€œHaha Haha Haha, because it is you, so I can definitely live to the end.”

While they are laughing and laughing, other singers are coming.

But everyone is basically the same. After coming, I only care about one issue.

“Who is the new singer?”

“Wow, the confidentiality of the production team is very good!”

“Who is coming again? I hope not to be too powerful.”

“I always feel that you are making a big move! Will it be a terrible singer?”

Facing the tension of the singers, the production team just smiled and looked forward to the dumb look of everyone.

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