KEP Chapter 862

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 862 chapter is coming! Floating astronomy

The singers’ guesses are unanswered and everything is going on as usual.

Only Song Eun-yi was happy and knew that his rice bowl had been saved.

Compared to singers, these managers are actually more dangerous.

However, it is only to earn a performance fee, but can not stay in the program, but also to see the singer’s play.

“I am a singer” has been recorded until now, and ten years have passed. But the manager, after a constant replacement, has already left several people.

She also wants to appear in such a popular program for a long time, which is of great benefit to the wallet and popularity.

I didn’t expect this production team to be so strong, and invited Seok Jin-soo to make her heart settle down.

“It’s right, I’m at least able to live in the summer.”

For this lovely noona, Seok Jin-soo also likes it.

“Noona, don’t worry. I will let you be buried here as long as I like.”

Song Eun-yi is laughing and laughing.

It is worth mentioning that, regarding the invitation of Seok Jin-soo, the production team is carrying everyone.

Don’t say singers, even members of the expert advisory committee don’t know.

No way, Seok Jineng-nim Kim Hyeong-seok of Seok Jin-soo is in it and it is impossible to open to them.

At the time of the rehearsal, Seok Jin-soo was placed in the first place.

On the way from the waiting room to the stage, everyone was cleared, quiet and terrible. Only Song Eun-yi accompanied him and came to the scene.

“How, feel the atmosphere of the war? Don’t be nervous.”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“What is this nervous?”

Song Eun-yi revealed an intelligence.

“The other singers seem to be sick.”

A glimpse of Seok Jin-soo.


Song Eun-yi nodded and looked at it intently. I don’t know if this news will make Seok Jin-soo feel the pressure.

Who knows that this sudden fist, excitedly called.

“Asa, this is a win.”

This, you are really not sympathetic!

“Although other singers are in a bad state, you can’t relax. You are new, the stage is not adapted, and the team’s cooperation is also a problem.”

As a manager, Song Eun-yi is still entrusted.

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Noona, you still don’t know? The band here, I used to work with me. The stage of Grammy, they also went.”

Song Eun-yi doesn’t know about it.

“Really? Daebak, aren’t you at home?”

Seok Jin-soo just nodded and smiled and walked onto the stage.

Seeing his figure, the busy staff at the scene all stopped, and they applauded in unison.

Everyone is very excited. As long as they think that they can be on the scene today and hear the song, everyone can’t help but get excited.

Similarly, Jiang Xiuhao and Xu Yingdao, who were debugging the instruments on the stage, also got up and greeted them.

Everyone who hasn’t seen it for a few months is very happy.

“Haha, we talked about it before, this stage can’t be without you. Sure enough, you are still here.”

Xu Yingdao is very happy to be able to work with Seok Jin-soo again.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head in a wry smile.

“No way, the pd are rogues, and all the means are used. I have to come. I haven’t practiced in a few months, are you not born?”

Jiang Xiuhao is not happy.

“Hey, how can it be hand-made? This song is also our best work, even if it is a dream, it is playing drums.”

Today’s show, Seok Jin-soo’s song to be performed is “rollinginthedeep”.

The theme of this issue is that the singers choose the songs they like, but Seok Jin-soo is so special.

More importantly, the Korean audience has not heard it at the scene.

So the production team unanimously requested Seok Jin-soo’s first performance and sang his representative.

However, Seok Jin-soo has no choice but to insist on the production team.

Sure enough, as Jiang Xiuhao said, the band’s people really didn’t have a hand.

After the rehearsal, everyone quickly entered the state and almost passed it.

The most intuitive for the stage is the staff below.

At the time of Seok Jin-soo rehearsal, the following people are already talking about it.

“Wow, such music, such a stage, can not be eliminated.”

“Yah!! What did you say? This strength is not the first. It means that the person who listens has no level and taste.”

“I have always said Seok Jin-soo and Seok Jin-soo. I really heard it before I realized it. It really won’t be deceiving.”

“I decided. I will come to the scene every time I record. I will not go even if I am on vacation. I must listen to Seok Jin-soo to sing.”

At the end of the rehearsal, on the way back, Seok Jin-soo noticed the performance table on the wall.

There are performance sequences and performances of the singers.

For the purpose of investigation, Seok Jin-soo took a closer look.

Song Eun-yi is the same, and I was shocked when I saw it.

“Daebak, Li Suluo is going to perform a crying fist? Is she going to sing rap?”

Speaking of Li Suluo, it is a pure sound that is full of souls and direct people.

Who can think that for a good ranking, the noona actually fights, to play hip-hop.

Seok Jin-soo but grinned and was not scared.

“What is sing rap? This noona would admire her if she performed street dance.”

Song Eun-yi couldn’t help but laugh.

Really, Li Suluo is old. And the physique is not very good, can you dance the street dance?

Going back to the waiting room, I came here unexpectedly.

No one else, just the one who has just accepted the appendectomy.

The sunbae-nim couldn’t put down the program even in the middle of the illness, and at the same time curious about the new singer, so he dragged the sick body and ran over.

“Sunbae-nim, so you can’t worry, you will be on the stage.”

Ren Zaifan shook his head.

“No, I can’t sing at all, and my stomach doesn’t work.”

Seok Jin-soo slaps a slap.

“This is the way to go on stage. Not only to sing, but also to dance the most intense street dance. You think, you can sing and dance, and your stomach will smash out. The stage is really amazing. Brother, you Will create history.”

Ren Zai Fan’s stomach is very hard.

“Yah!! Stinky boy, don’t make me laugh, do you want to kill me?”

Time passed quickly, unconsciously, the sunset began to drift, and the official game began.

In the big studio, I was already full of the expected audience.

When the lights are on, the first to appear on the stage is Ren Zaifan.

“It seems that because I miss this applause in particular, I probably have to hide my tears in the quilt. I can’t continue to perform in my singer. I want to sing especially, but the abdomen is not strong. No way. I am very sad to leave.”

The singer personally explained the situation to the audience, so the audience is more acceptable. After all, there is no way for anyone to have a healthy problem.

It is not difficult to see that the program group has become much smarter because of the previous controversy.

Because of Li Suluo’s nephew problem, today’s mc was replaced by Yoon Do-hyun.

“Yah!! Why do you want the singers to be mc? It’s been a hard work to prepare the songs, and you have to be a host. You are crushing.”

The writer next to him heard the ridicule of Seok Jin-soo, which was very wronged.

“But the audience likes it.”

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“The audience doesn’t care who is going to be mc, you just don’t know how to deal with it.”

The writer wants to cry and tears, and finds that working with Seok Jin-soo is really a very hard thing.

But let alone, Yoon Do-hyun’s host is not bad.

Maybe “I am a singer” program, because the atmosphere is different, so you don’t need a special professional mc. So it’s just right for the singers to host themselves.

The conversation started and the game started.

The first singer to appear was the Kim Bum show, a model of the equipment, very clean.

Seok Jin-soo and another mysterious singer were arranged by the production team to make the final appearance, and it was necessary to leave the suspense.

The game really started, the managers were sitting together, and they were equally nervous.

“Ah, start, start!”

“Why am I so nervous?”

“Wow, this atmosphere is really not a joke.”

Everyone was disturbed by the emotions, but found that Song Eun-yi was very quiet and looked dull, as if it had not been affected at all.

Everyone thinks about this. She started today as a manager of a new singer.

“Yah!! You are very confident. Why, is the singer you are responsible for?”

Park Myeong-su asked, he could see that he was very curious.

He is the manager of Kim Bum show, and naturally he is also full of vigilance against other singers.

Song Eun-yi certainly won’t reveal it, it’s just a smile.

“Let’s wait and see, it will definitely scare you.”

The attention of others has been drawn.

“Is it a great singer?”

“Is it Renshunyi sunbae-nim coming?”

“It won’t be Li Wenshi sunbae-nim? That’s just Daebak.”

Song Eun-yi’s smile is getting brighter and brighter. In everyone’s guess, the mouth is not close.

“Yah!! Who is it?”

“Hey, noona, wait, we can know.”

All kinds of temptations by others are really curiosity.

But Song Eun-yi just shook his head. He was really questioned. He was slightly indulged and deliberately said: “If you must know, then I can only tell you this.”

Said, her tone became mysterious. The three words that were spoken also made other managers feel shocked.


Everyone was stunned, although I still don’t know who it is, but I already feel the power of the face.

This program has gathered some of the best singers in Korea.

But in this lineup, Song Eun-yi actually used the word “God” to refer to newcomers. So imagine how scary this new singer is.

For a time, in the quiet manager’s waiting room, everyone thought about it.

I am thinking about which singer can play the name of “God”.

At this time, the first performance of the Kim Bum show appeared.

The war was on the verge of exploding, so that everyone did not have time to think about anything else, and began to pay attention to the movement of the stage.

Kim Bum show, who is ill and has a bad state, can you make a good start for this recording?

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