KEP Chapter 863

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 863 chapter is blown up! Floating astronomy

It’s easy to see Seok Jin-soo before, but when other singers started performing, he still quietly admired it.

Those who can play this program are all top singers.

In terms of strength, there is really no doubt.

Rao is his strength, and he will certainly win if he is not sure.

The music competition is not simply better than the high-pitched voice, and it is not the voice of anyone who is more pleasant.

It’s all about the understanding of music, the commitment of emotions, and the resonance with the audience.

For example, Tae-yeon is simpler than singing, and Seok Jin-soo falls on her ten streets. But Seok Jin-soo has no confidence at all about the emotional expression in the song.

He also sang “If” and found that it was completely inferior to Tae-yeon in artistic conception.

It is this perception that Seok Jin-soo sits here and thinks a lot.

Today is his first appearance, and his performance is “rollinginthedeep”, but fortunately.

From the next time, I have to sing and adapt other people’s songs. Can he really do it well?

What if you don’t do well?

The program is very popular, so there are a lot of viewers who come to the site to accept the application.

Before the program started, the audience also accepted an interview with the program group.

As a result, in addition to the two newcomers, other singers have received a lot of support.

And in the hands of these audiences, there are voting rights. The winners and losers of the singers are all in their hands.

The Kim Bum show has come to the stage and begins to brew emotions.

As a singer, his pressure can be imagined. Not only to sing for your own achievements, but also to be a pioneer in the program.

The song he wants to sing is also very classic.

The resurrection band’s “neverenstory” is his singer’s enlightenment work.

After the adaptation, the rock and roll of the song is gone. The elegant guitar sounds into a monologue for a soulless man.

From his first sentence, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but sigh.

“Yah!! This song is too pure. The soul has resonated with it, and everything has come to mind.”

No, Kim Bum showed a clean and melodious song, and the audience was silent. Some sensitive people have begun to follow the singer silently and fall into the story of the past.

As a singer who won’t disappoint, Kim Bum’s show is so perfect that it’s got a round of applause.

It can be expected that his votes will never be bad, and there is no possibility of bad rankings.

After him, the second appearance of bmk is also worth looking forward to.

This professor-level strength singer, who has been playing steady and domineering on the stage, has always been talked about.

The song she chose was the “Letter” of Jinguang Town, which had influenced countless people.

In the soft soft light, bmk suppresses his own treble. However, in every lyrics and every word, I put in a lot of emotions, so that many older people have gradually moistened their eyes.

The road to life is very long, there will be many encounters, and many will be missed.

And those who missed, received my letter?

Are you okay?

See the word as you like.

Bmk really puts the essence of this song out. As a real singer, it doesn’t need gorgeous decoration. It is just a song from the bottom of my heart.

“I am a singer”, the best singer with feelings.

Bmk incorporates the feelings of missing mothers into the songs. If such a family is a normal person, who can not be moved?

Even Seok Jin-soo, who heard this song, not only remembered his mother.

The Shuntian woman, who is always tempered, seems to have never said a good word to herself.

However, when he set off to go to Seoul, the figure standing at the foot of the mountain was deeply imprinted in the heart of Seok Jin-soo.

Only when he was there, Seok Jin-soo discovered that he was a little bit of this program.

“Sorry, sorry, I am arrogant. Wow, singers, it’s really amazing. Thank you for this song, thank you sunbae-nim. I will definitely do it in the future, and I have to be such a singer.”

Park Jung Hyun, Li Suluo, yb, and the singers one by one took to the stage and showed a stage that they never thought of before. Seeing Seok Jin-soo is dizzying, and I find that I used to be a hero in the world.

Here, it is not a place to casually mix.

If you don’t play well, it is estimated that you are going to be a shame.

Finally, after yb, there are only two new singers left.

Seok Jin-soo is also curious. Who is the new singer who joins me?

He stared at the monitor tightly, waiting for the newcomer to appear.

Yoon Do-hyun started the introduction.

“The first time I boarded this stage, I was nervous. I am not nervous at first, but the more nervous I am. I didn’t know anything at the beginning. I came to see that it was not the case. It’s a new singer today, and this one should be very nervous. The song to be sung is a song that everyone is very familiar with, and it’s a resounding song between the public. What kind of stage will be presented, let us have a request This new singer. This singing song is between Li Chenghuan’s thousand days.”

“Yah!! The host of Dao’s brother is really not very good? He said that the newcomer must be more nervous. He is deliberate, is he wanting the opponent to play badly, and then he gets a good name?”

This is a singer’s play, Seok Jin-soo is a little nervous.

However, for Yoon Do-hyun’s poorly hosted, he had to ridicule.

Regardless of the lines or tone of Yoon Do-hyun’s speech, if the spirit of the new singer is not strong enough, it is estimated that the nervousness in the background will be fainted.

The writer next to him heard his words and could not help but laugh.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is a good mc, how can it be handed over to you after the work that I hosted in the future?”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t hesitate.

鈥滃ソ鍟婏纴锷犳紨鍑鸿鎴戝鎴戝 ammonia绛斿簲銆傗€

銆婃垜鏄瓕 嬨 嬨 嬩 嬩 嬩 嬩 璇 璇 璇 埌浠栵纴姣忎竴 埌浠栵纴姣忎竴 埌浠栵纴姣忎竴 熺殑鍑 熺殑鍑 鍗冧簲锏 鍗冧簲锏 鍗冧簲锏 鍗冧簲锏 鍗冧簲锏 鍗冧簲锏

杩欐槸鐩墠 ╁浗鑹 ╁浗鑹 ╁浗鑹 ╁浗鑹 锛屾瘮 锛屾瘮 锛屾瘮 锛屾瘮 锛屾瘮 锛屾瘮 Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

娌”Pregnant 娉曪纴璋佸彨浠栧お闅 娉曪纴璋佸彨浠栧お闅

Key 屼笖浠栧湪姝屾 涓殑鍦 涓殑鍦 涓殑鍦 綅锛屼篃鍐 畾浜嗕粬 缑銆婃垜鏄瓕 缑銆婃垜鏄瓕 缑銆婃垜鏄瓕 缑銆婃垜鏄瓕 缑銆婃垜鏄瓕 媝 媝 ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram ogram銆

鎹杩欎 浠 浠 爜鎶ュ埌鑹 爜鎶ュ埌鑹 爜鎶ュ埌鑹 爜鎶ュ埌鑹 铡 铡 铡 铡 铡 铡 纴涓婇 纴涓婇 纴涓婇 镄勪 镄勪 镄勪 镄勪 镄勪 傜敋镊 傜敋镊 傜敋镊 傜敋镊 傜敋镊 傜敋镊 傜敋镊Borrow eok Jin-soo 锛屽啀锷犻挶涔熷彲浠ャ€

寮 鐜╃瑧锛 鐜╃瑧锛 b b b 潃 潃 Seok Jin-soo 鍗 皢鍑 皢鍑 皢鍑 紨杩欎 紨杩欎 紨杩欎 鎯呭喌铡 鎯呭喌铡 窡骞垮憡鍟呜皥鍒わ纴骞垮憡璐 窡骞垮憡鍟呜皥鍒わ纴骞垮憡璐 窡骞垮憡鍟呜皥鍒わ纴骞垮憡璐 窡骞垮憡鍟呜皥鍒わ纴骞垮憡璐栌鍒嗕箣涓夊崄銆

杩椤 ammonia 鏄疭 eok Jin-soo 镄勫▉涓ワ纴骞垮憡鍟嗕 涔熸槸鐪嬭彍涓嬬銆

鍙嶆缇婃瘘鍑哄湪缇婅韩涓婏纴mbc gallium 崭笉鍦ㄤ箮澶氲姳镣 挶 挶€

钖埌Seok Jin-soo 镄勮瘽锛屼綔瀹跺嵈 存 存 存 存

鈥渁ll锛屽锛屽锛屽杩欎箞璇村畾浜嗐€粠涓嬩竴粠涓嬩竴粠涓嬩竴熷紑濮嬶纴灏熷紑濮嬶纴灏eok Jin-soo 鈥荣si 鏉ヤ富鎸佸惂銆傗€

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

鈥渊啊!! noona 锛岃 Umbrella 浜嬩綘鍙 浜嬩綘鍙 pot hydrogen 钖楋纻鈥



寮 鐜╃瑧锛屽埗浣 鐜╃瑧锛屽埗浣 鐜╃瑧锛屽埗浣 粍鑺 粍鑺 闾 闾 d箞澶х殑浠烽挶鎶娄粬璇 潵锛屽綋鐒跺笇 潵锛屽綋鐒跺笇 chain 涗粬鑳 仛镄勬洿澶 仛镄勬洿澶 晩銆


镞犺鏄潕绱犵绥杩樻槸Yoon Do-hyun 锛岄兘涓嶆槸鑳芥椿璺冩皵姘涚殑浜恒€

缁撴灉杩涜鍒 Dress up 幇鍦纴 program 岀殑绔炰簤鏄 岀殑绔炰簤鏄 岀殑绔炰簤鏄 缑瓒婃潵瓒婃縺鐑堬纴寮勭殑姝屾 缑瓒婃潵瓒婃縺鐑堬纴寮勭殑姝屾 浠 浠 浠 浠 浠 €


濡傛灉 chain 変竴涓棦鏄瓕 嫔 嫔 鏄笓涓歮 鏄笓涓歮 镄勪 镄勪 镄勪 鏉ユ拺璧 鏉ユ拺璧 満瀛愶纴浠栦 満瀛愶纴浠栦 満瀛愶纴浠栦 鍙槸姹 鍙槸姹 € € €

Seok Jin-soo

涓嶈 娌 娌 ° ° ° 殑镞堕棿锛屾柊姝屾 殑镞堕棿锛屾柊姝屾 殑镞堕棿锛屾柊姝屾 殑镞堕棿锛屾柊姝屾 涓婂満浜嗐

Key 屼粠杩欎綅涓 鍑 鍑 潵锛孲 eok Jin-soo 灏 珮鍏 珮鍏 浜嗭纴璺 浜嗭纴璺 浜嗭纴璺 宸 宸 宸 宸 宸 宸

鈥滃搰鍝】纴铡夊noona 鏉ュ暒锛佲€

鍙笉鏄帀瀹硁oona 鍢涳纴.l镄凮ck Joo-hyun 鍟娿€

鈥滃綋骞 浣峮 浣峮 oona 锛屼竴涓﹄ 灏 灏 灏 憜骞 ses ses ses ses 锻 锻 傗 傗 傗

骞 ソ ソ Ock Joo-hyun 鍦ㄨ垶鍙 笂钖笉鍒 笂钖笉鍒 笂钖笉鍒

l鍜宻es鍙槸镞楅紦鐩 綋镄勫 綋镄勫 嬶纴涓よ 嬶纴涓よ 镄勭珵浜夊崄鍒嗘縺鐑堬纴鍏 镄勭珵浜夊崄鍒嗘縺鐑堬纴鍏 镄勭珵浜夊崄鍒嗘縺鐑堬纴鍏 郴涔熶笉澶 ソ銆傛嵁璇 ソ銆傛嵁璇 ソ銆傛嵁璇 ソ銆傛嵁璇 ソ銆傛嵁璇鹃€佺ぞ镄勮佺ぞ镄勮佺ぞ镄勮寤婇噷锛屾椂寤婇噷锛屾椂夋恳鎿€

Key Sun ck Joo-hyun 灏 槸缁勫悎 槸缁勫悎 岃劸姘旀渶澶 殑涓 涓纴鐢氲呖姣擫 涓纴鐢氲呖姣擫 Hyo-ri 杩 嚩鐚 嚩鐚 €

涓嶈 澶 澶 涓嶈浜嗭纴姝ゆ椂绔椤湪鑸炲彴涓婄殑 涓嶈浜嗭纴姝ゆ椂绔椤湪鑸炲彴涓婄殑 Ock Joo-hyun 锛屽嵈鏄 缑寰堢揣寮狅纴涔熷彉寰椾紭 缑寰堢揣寮狅纴涔熷彉寰椾紭 缑寰堢揣寮狅纴涔熷彉寰椾紭 呬 呬The manuscript chain is 夊コ浜 夊コ浜 夊コ浜 夊コ浜 靛懗浜嗐


褰揿 闾 闾 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜 釜伀绾潚銆

鑸掔紦镄勯煶涔愪腑锛屽ス镄勬瓕澹 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 傛粙娑 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀 鍦熷湴锛岀锛屾暡 掍 掍 煶锛屾 煶锛屾 煶锛屾 煶锛屾 煶锛屾 娑 娑 娑 娑 娑

杩欎簺骞寸殑大箰鍓 箰鍓 殑缁忓巻锛岀湅鍒 殑缁忓巻锛岀湅鍒 嚭鏉ワ纴瀵 嚭鏉ワ纴瀵 ス镄勭 (ス镄勭 湡镄勫緢澶 €€

璁╁ス鐢竴锏讳笂杩欎 鑸炲彴锛屽 鑸炲彴锛屽 鑸炲彴锛屽 鑸炲彴锛屽 鑸炲彴锛屽 変 変


宁》潃杩欐牱镄勬劅鎱纴Seok Jin-soo 绌 笂镙囧 笂镙囧 笂镙囧 镐 殑 殑 ㄨ ㄨ ㄨ. 锛屾妸宁借瓙 湪浜嗗ご涓婏纴寮e湪浜嗗ご涓婏纴寮湪浜嗗ご涓婏纴寮

浣滀 鏂 鏂 镄凮 Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo

Yoon Do-hyun 涔熸槸镞犳瘮 囨捈鍦 囨捈鍦 囨捈鍦 囨捈鍦 囨捈鍦

鈥滃崄鍒嗘劅璋ck Joo-hyun 四(4) A 濂 涓 涓 涓 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 銆傛帴涓嬫潵锛屽 € € € €钖庝竴浣嶆瓕 嬩 嬩 銆 銆 鏋滆褰 (1) 杩欎綅镄勮瘽锛屽彧鐢ㄤ竴涓瓧灏辫 杩欎綅镄勮瘽锛屽彧鐢ㄤ竴涓瓧灏辫 澶熶 銆傞偅灏 銆傞偅灏 銆傞偅灏 槸绁烇纴 槸绁烇纴 槸绁烇纴Invalid effect璁╀粬鍙樻垚 fine璁╀粬鍙樻垚 mental disorder 镄勩€傗€

闅 缑 缑 Yoon Do-hyun 涔熻兘鎼炵瑧浜嗭纴璁╄浼椾 鍏ㄩ兘鍓崭 鍏ㄩ兘鍓崭 钖庡悎銆 钖庡悎銆 钖庡悎銆 篃鍦ㄦ 篃鍦ㄦ 篃鍦ㄦ 篃鍦ㄦ 鐤 鐤 鐤 鐤 纴鍒 纴鍒 纴鍒 簳鏄皝 簳鏄皝鍟婏纴灞呯劧褰揿缑璧风镄勮瘎浠枫€

杩欎篃   澶︼嚜澶 钖э纻 钖э纻 钖э纻 钖э纻

杩欎箞澶 紭绉 紭绉 镄勬瓕 镄勬瓕 镄勬瓕 镄勬瓕 嬩 嬩 嬩 嬩 嬩 嬩

濡傛灉绛変笅涓嶅濂 殑璇濓纴宀 殑璇濓纴宀 笉鏄镊 笉鏄镊 笉鏄镊 姝 姝 棤钁 棤钁 棤钁 棤钁

镓€ chain 変汉閮界桠铏戠殑镞跺€欙纴Yoon Do-hyun 璧 笅浜呜垶鍙 笅浜呜垶鍙 笅浜呜垶鍙 纴鐒跺悗鐏厜涔熸殚浜嗕笅鏉ャ

涓 鐗囨 鐗囨 榛戜腑锛岃皝涔熸 榛戜腑锛岃皝涔熸 榛戜腑锛岃皝涔熸 夌湅鍒 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 纴璧 笂鑸炲彴镄勬瓕


鈥滃埗浣 粍镄勪缭瀵嗕篃澶ソ浜嗗惂锛熲

鈥滃搰锛屽眳鐒剁敤涓娄 绁炵殑绉 绁炵殑绉 锛屾洿锷犳湡寰呬 锛屾洿锷犳湡寰呬 锛屾洿锷犳湡寰呬 锛屾洿锷犳湡寰呬 锛屾洿锷犳湡寰呬

浠庤浼楀腑鍒 緟 緟 chain哄锛屽埌manager 浼戞伅瀹わ纴 € € € € € € 閮 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉 鐩硷纴绛夌潃鐪嬭绉鍒 鍒 簳鏄皝銆

I can’t wait for everyone to wait too long, and the melody that no one is unfamiliar suddenly sounds.

This melody is so explosive, as everyone has heard before.

And this melody brings you not only a wonderful music, but also a sense of pride that everyone agrees with.

I really can’t think of it, this kind of music is actually here today.

Nothing to say, this song is the biggest proof.


For a moment, it was just a moment.

When the lights on the stage lit up, and the figure wearing a raincoat and a head down on the stage, all the people who witnessed this happened, all bombed.

At this moment, everyone has only one voice.

God… really came!

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