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KEP Chapter 864

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, who is the 864 chapter, floating astronomy

“I heard that, I was crazy all over the singer yesterday.”

“Can you be crazy? Those guys are so amazing, even Seok Jin-soo has come.”

“Oh, are you two at the scene yesterday? I told you that I happened to pass by yesterday, and then I saw the performance of Seok Jin-soo. Wow… really, I promise you will regret it.”

โ€œIs it really amazing?โ€

“Hey, I usually say singers and singers. It looks like a lot of people. I saw the performance of Seok Jin-soo yesterday. The so-called singers really turned into salted fish.”

“I see, this time I am a singer to be really Daebak. If you don’t get it, you will be compared for two days and one night.”

“What is it? You haven’t watched the Internet? It has exploded.”

It was really an explosion. The audience and singers on the scene yesterday were blown up because of the appearance of Seok Jin-soo.

When the program was recorded, the audience couldn’t help it anymore, and immediately shared the news of Seok Jin-soo on the Internet.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred, one hundred pass. Just overnight, through the developed network, there are already things that no one knows and no one knows.

The god of music, the highest achievement of Korean pop music, Seok Jin-soo, starred in “I am a singer.”

This is from 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, occupying all the relevant content of the top ten list of Naver Hot Search.

Itโ€™s all this, itโ€™s the best.

The Internet is talking about it all over the place, even within the entertainment industry.

Gain Seok Jin-soo’s achievements in the field of pop music is too great, and his achievements are completely incomparable to other singers.

Countless people are actually looking forward to when they can witness the music of Seok Jin-soo again.

I have been busy with art programs and film production, or I have been planning in the company, it seems that I donโ€™t care much about music.

Now, finally, the great god was invited out of the mountain, standing on the stage of the top singer’s fight “I am a singer”.

As soon as I think of it, I can hear the voice of Seok Jin-soo every week, and everyone will be happy to faint.

Not to mention the public’s reaction, the internal situation of the entertainment industry is enough to show how big the influence of Seok Jin-soo is.

Shen Zhengxiu has not come out of yesterday’s fiery recording, is busy with the post-production of the program.

And by his side, he stood by the director of the mb Arts Bureau, Cao Wenxun, and the director of the three arts divisions, Quan Xi.

Both of them have very busy work, but at this moment, they are standing next to Shen Zhengxiu and personally comment on the editing of the program.

From this, we can’t see that the mb art bureau has paid more attention to the performance of Seok Jin-soo.

In the words of Cao Wenxun, that is

“I don’t care about the weight of other singers, you remember me, the clips of Seok Jin-soo, be sure to keep the biggest part for me. If this weekend’s program is broadcast, Seok Jin-soo’s lens does not exceed fifteen. Minutes, I will replace you all.”

With such a mountain pressure, Shen Zhengxiu simply widened his eyes and did not let go of every point of the recorded material.

But when he was busy, he got a call.

“Abu Say, what?”

“Oh, it turned out to be Li Wenshi sunbae-nim. Hello, hello, how do you think about calling me?”

“What? Want two tickets for the next recording? Well, I am asking someone to send you in the past.”

It was learned that the big sunbae-nim Li Wenshi of the singer came to ask for a ticket, and Shen Zhengxiu did not take it seriously.

This has happened for so many years of program recording.

There are always acquaintances who like a program, who will contact the person in charge of the program and ask for a few tickets.

Therefore, no matter what program, as long as the audience is needed, a certain number of tickets will generally be set aside.

Shen Zhengxiu readily agreed, just put down the phone, intends to edit it carefully, but the phone is ringing again.

This inevitably makes him a little dissatisfied. After all, no one likes to be bothered to work.

But when he saw the caller ID, he quickly woke up.

“Aigoo, it turned out to be President Yang Hyun-suk. How do you think about calling me? What? Want two tickets for the next recording? Well, I will get you ready.”

Yang Hyun-suk is the president of three entertainment companies yg. He personally came to ask for a ticket, Shen Zhengxiu could not refuse.

Two consecutive calls were made for the ticket, which made Shen Zhengxiu very surprised. But when the third call came back, he was a little panicked.

“Miss Ha Ji-won, how are you? Do you want tickets too? Well… well, I have the last two left.”

Putting down the phone, Shen Zhengxiu is simply dumbfounded.

What is the situation?

How do you usually want to ask for the big people in the entertainment industry that you can’t see? All of them call for tickets.

Can be next to him, seeing him for a while, he sent out six tickets, Cao Wenxun can be upset.

“Yah!! Shen pd, you are too happy to send this ticket? In case there are people waiting for tickets, what do you do?”

In the face of the accusation of the Secretary, Shen Zhengxiu is also very helpless.

“But the Secretary, you have heard it. Who are these people who have offended me? Can I give it?”

Cao Wenxun certainly knows this, and he also grabbed his hair.

“That way, from now on, no matter who will come to the ticket again, you will not give it. It is said that I said, my mb’s director of the Arts Bureau personally spoke. I would like to see, who would dare not listen?”

Seeing the Secretary for the record, Shen Zhengxiu was relieved.

Cao Wenxun also understands a bit, this is definitely the effect of Seok Jin-soo.

This stage is really too rare. So I heard that he wants to sing, all the gods have jumped out and want to enjoy it on the spot.

Otherwise, it is the big sunbae-nim of the music world, the president of the entertainment company, and the top actress. Why bother with the ordinary audience?

It is not a program, nor a performance fee.

He has already foreseen that from today, the people who ask for the ticket must be indispensable.

However, there are so many tickets reserved in the hands of the production team, and it is impossible to send them out. Therefore, he had to use the majesty of the director of the Arts and Energy Bureau and cut this matter from the source.

Look at it, who can dare to make him unhappy.


The phone rang again, and Cao Wenxun immediately slammed into Shen Zhengxiu. Dangerous eyes, I hope Shen Zhengxiu can understand what to do.

But at this moment, right next to the right to smash him.

“Secretary, it is your call.”


Cao Wenxun came back to the world and took out his mobile phone. The voice was very dissatisfied.


But for a second, he immediately became humble, just like a pug.

“Aigoo, Aigoo, president nim, A twisted Mi Mi! Yeah? You want two tickets for me as a singer? Ok, ok, absolutely no problem, I will personally send you in the past. What? Not two Zhang, is ten? President nim, pretending to ask, so many tickets… Yes, I know, I will send you the past.”

The phone hangs up, and the three people face each other in a small room.

Just now, Cao Wenxun was still domineering. He said that whoever asked for tickets again would simply refuse. Someone is dissatisfied, he gives a pocket.

I did not expect that the phone call again was actually the president.

As a result, his little director could not hold it at all.

I really didn’t think that because of the appearance of Seok Jin-soo, the president was asked to ask for tickets.

Shen Zhengxiu is very dissatisfied.

“Ah, the size of the president, what is it doing? Why is he so much? Ten, is he finished?”

Cao Wenxun is also full of cold sweat.

“Hey, do you think itโ€™s just the presidentโ€™s own opinion? Someone found him. Members of Congress, mayors, prosecutors, big business owners want it. Yah!! Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is so powerful?”

I heard that because of Seok Jin-soo’s performance, these great big people had to come to watch, and Quan Xi and Shen Zhengxiu were also frightened.

Looks like they played big this time.

Please come to a Seok Jin-soo and make so many things.

But this is not finished, Shen Zhengxiuโ€™s phone is ringing again.

“Zheng Xiu Ge, I am Seok Jin-soo. Let’s give me ten tickets for the program. Don’t say no, or I will quit.”

Although Shen Zhengxiu is helpless, he can only promise.

“Don’t stop, as long as you don’t quit, when my ancestors can do it. Ten tickets are you? I am ready for you.”

Just kidding, this one is really only for now.

Seok Jin-soo was relieved when he heard Shen Zhengxiu agree.

No way, the women used various means and wanted to go to the scene to listen to him singing. He couldnโ€™t stand the beauty of the beautiful, and had to agree.

Now that the tickets are coming, it is estimated that the women will be gentle to him.

He didn’t know, because of his appearance, the gods of what roads were alarmed. The poor reservation ticket in the hands of the production team has already begun to bottom out.

He is very busy, and “Infinite Challenge” needs to be recorded.

Today’s recording is a follow-up to the last rowing special.

Because you want to participate in the eight-a-side rowing, plus ox, a ship needs nine people.

There are only seven members of Infinite Challenge, and if you are injured or absent, it is certain to look for help.

Before Noh Hong-chul boasted of Haikou and said that the task was handed over to him.

So today everyone is getting together and it is to discuss this matter.

“Everyone, let’s justify it, first hire the possibility 10%.”

Noh Hong-chul has really made a rigorous plan, although I don’t know if it works.

With his advice, the first person appeared on the screen.

Handsome face, strong and standard figure, like a statue.

Not someone else, it is the famous actor So Ji-sub.

Just looking at the characters that appeared, everyone questioned it.

“Hey, how can this be 10%?”

“Even 1% is impossible.”

So Ji-sub’s information is very comprehensive, even introducing the history of his handball players.

Yoo Jae-seok: “If So Ji-sub can really come, the beautiful Hong-chul will die there.”

Noh Hong-chul ate a big cockroach.

“What are you talking about? I am officially certified.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “What do you say in front of So Ji-sub…”

Jeong Jun-ha also ridicule said: “Ji-sub really wants to come once, it must be like annyeonghaseyo.”

Really, is there a need for comparison?

Even if you don’t see the real thing, everyone knows that Noh Hong-chul’s so-called beautiful man is standing next to So Ji-sub, that is the squid.

But as a top actor, how can So Ji-sub play a long and tired rowing special?

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹Noh Hong-chul is really unreasonable.

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