KEP Chapter 869

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 869 chapter recommended by the audience, floating astronomy

Although there were four people, plus the devon that rushed in, there were five people.

In the end, after the selection of the Jin Ji-ho coach, Jane was identified as a helper.

Next, there are various exercises.

The members are still raw, and it takes a lot of time to adapt to how to row. So the rest is the separate exercises, each looking for the right time.

“Infinite Challenge” came to an end and the recording of “I am a singer” came again.

Seok Jin-soo found that after taking this program, his life has become much more fulfilling.

At the very least, there will be no boring time, I don’t know what to do.

Especially now, women are not at home.

Kim Tae-hee was injured and the parents of the family came from Ulsan.

Big Lady Kim didn’t dare to let her parents know the fact that she lived with a man, so she ran back to the home of Sanchengdong.

In addition to the final filming of the “Blind Card”, she is also afraid to stay with Seok Jin-soo and influence her status.

Son Ye-jin accepted the invitation to shoot a photo for the fashion magazine and went to Italy.

The TV series of Yoon-ah and Yoo In-na also entered a busy period, and there was not much time to come back.

For a time, everyone is busy.

Seok Jin-soo If there is nothing to do, it is too depressed.

Fortunately, there is a filming of “I am a singer”, so that he will not be bored.

After the last match, everyone’s rankings were determined.

Seok Jin-soo, although playing for the first time, even though excited, the audience gave him a lot of praise, so he got the first place.

Ock Joo-hyun is also a newcomer, but also shows the self-esteem of the Girl Group singing, becoming the second.

The last one is bmk, which is already in jeopardy.

This time, the recording will be for the second round of the competition.

Everyone gathered in the studio of Rishan mb and stood in a semicircle. In front of everyone, it is a turntable covered with a blue cloth.

Seok Jin-soo read “I am a singer” and knows that this turntable will determine everyone’s choice and Fate.

“I am a singer, and now I am facing the second competition. I am the first place to receive the blessings of the audience. I really like this place. I hope that you will continue to support me and let these people go away.”

Said to do m, so from this period, the work of the host fell to his head.

However, what he said, attracted the hatred of everyone.

“Yah!! This guy is really not humble!”

“We won’t be easy to finish!”

“Your good luck is over.”

TOEFL was a funny host, and everyone was a lot easier. Between the noisy, the atmosphere is not as stiff as it used to be.

Seok Jin-soo absorbed all the firepower and said: “The first time you participate, you may not be able to adapt to this time of the song selection. After all, there is not much time left for everyone to prepare. But it doesn’t matter, you can’t stand being eliminated. “”

Still can’t expect him to say good things, but it also provokes the singers Haha laugh.

“Wow, the best m is not the same!”

Li Suluo stood by and looked at Seok Jin-soo’s smooth lines, feeling very much.

“No harm without comparison!”

Yoon Do-hyun is the same, and finally I feel like a program.

Faced with the singers’ praise of Seok Jin-soo, some people are not happy.


Park Myeong-su ε‘—.

Because of such a link before, the things he presided over were all done by him.

But this old man, everyone knows, the funny and well-designed sitcom that is a genius.

But let him say the lines and come smoothly, it would be too difficult for him.

So a few times before, everyone was hard to endure.

Well now, Seok Jin-soo is coming, the host’s handover bar is handed out, and Park Myeong-su feels the threat.

He glared at Seok Jin-soo, slobbered and shouted: “Yah!! You guy, what are you doing here? You have to kill me in the Infinite Challenge, and don’t give me a way to live here.”

In the laughter of everyone, Seok Jin-soo is very indifferent, waving at Park Myeong-su.

“Brother, don’t be excited. I am here to help you, so you have more time to go home to take care of Min Shu.”

Park Myeong-su has no choice but to smile. It is really a maknae with a mouthful.

Park Myeong-su was settled, and under the auspices of Seok Jin-soo, this time the selection of the song revealed the theme.

This time the selection, the production team handed over the power to the audience, called the audience jury recommended song.

In other words, the singers want to sing the songs recommended by the audience.

Everyone is a little nervous when they see this rule.

After all, what the audience recommended, no one knows. If it is a difficult song, isn’t it bad luck?

“The audience jury that went back last time after watching the game has a more intuitive feeling for everyone, so I recommend the songs that I hope everyone can sing. After you read it, if you don’t like it…”

Is there a turning point?

The singers’ eyes are all bright, waiting for Seok Jin-soo to continue.

“If you don’t like it… you have to sing.”

Yes, a big flicker, almost let everyone flash.

“Mo Yah!! That’s no choice!”

“I thought I gave us freedom.”

“Yah!! This fluent language is getting more and more powerful.”

Seok Jin-soo always smiles and laughs at everyone’s slogans.

Say it all, and then it’s natural to open the song.

The blue cloth was pulled open to reveal the true face of the turntable.

The first is Li Suluo. The audience jury recommended seven songs, many of which gave her a burden.

“How can Shen Chengyu’s preface poem be here?”

Gao Yingxu took the initiative to say: “I personally think that Suo Luo Noona sings Jin Xianzhi sunbae-nim’s midsummer night dream will feel better.”

Seok Jin-soo asked: “Is this song ok?”

Li Suluo nodded quickly.

“Yeah, it should be.”

She also licked the melody and was looking for feelings.

Seeing it, she seems to like this song very much.

Seok Jin-soo immediately said: “I hope you can’t choose.”

Li Suluo laughed and shot him.

This guy, I don’t want others to be good.

Finally, by turning, the song that Li Suluo wants to sing falls on the sunflower’s “Give me a happy person.”

It can be seen that this song still makes Li Suluo more satisfied.

Seok Jin-soo asked: β€œHow do you feel?”

Li Sulu seems to adapt to his style, and the answer is very concise.

“What can I do, sing.”

After Li Suluo, other singers also chose to play the songs they wanted to perform.

Kim Bum Show is South Town’s “With You”, Park Jung Hyun is Pani’s “The Sea in My Old Drawer”, bmk is the resurrection of “Rain and Your Story”, Ock Joo-hyun is the gold model of “Love It Goes Far Away” “, yb is the “early morning train” with five fingers.

Finally, Seok Jin-soo is left.

“Yah!! I haven’t heard Seok Jin-soo singing other people’s songs.”

Yoon Do-hyun found a situation and couldn’t help but marvel.

As soon as he said, everyone thought about it.

This is true!

Although he knows that Seok Jin-soo is a top singer, he used to sing his own songs. He really didn’t know how he sang other people’s songs.

Park Myeong-su asked: “Have you really sang someone else’s song?”

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“How have you not sung? Forgot to be on the bungee platform, I am not singing you for me, I am for you.”

“Oh, yes, yes, really sang.”

“Is it the bungee jumping with Yoon-ah?”

“That period is very Daebak.”

Kim Bum showed off with a smile: “Because of your practice, I don’t know how many men hate you. I was scared to death, but I was asked to sing by a woman.”

Seok Jin-soo shook his shoulders.

“But ladies should thank me, aren’t they?”

During the talk, the songs recommended by the audience jury for Seok Jin-soo were also shown.

Seok Jin-soo is a bit dumbfounded.

“Mo Yah!! What are these? Why are there songs that I have never heard of?”

Seeing his flustered appearance, everyone else is happy to die.

“Haha, you are still too young. Some songs of the age, you don’t know it is normal.”

Seok Jin-soo looks at the past one by one, and the more it looks, the more confused it is.

Rui Min’s “Love Story of the Mountain Village Teenager”, Luo Xun’s “Forever”, Li Yanshi’s “Rose Flower”, Poet and Village Chief’s “Thorn Tree”, Han Young-ae’s “Coordination”, Zhang Hye-jin’s The sky of the little man and the “not” of gummy.

Just how to read, these songs are not simple.

Others feel the same.

“How is Seok Jin-soo singing love story of the mountain village boy of Ruimin?”

Kim Je-dong also said: “People who may not have lived in the mountain village do not know.”

Park Myeong-su knows more about Seok Jin-soo.

“Your home is not a fishing village, it should be similar to the mountain village? What kind of love are you in the fishing village?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head innocently.

“I don’t know, I don’t have love in the fishing village. The girls there know my sister, so I don’t play with me.”

“Hey Haha Ha…”

Everyone smiled and didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo’s sister to play again.

Seok Wan-ju, which has appeared in other programs, makes the audience novel.

In particular, the two quarrels of brothers and sisters are all classics.

It is unlikely that there is such a sister who wants to have a love story in a small fishing village.

It must be smashed by Seok Wan-ju.

Bmk also found a situation.

“The songs of many female singers.”

This is where Seok Jin-soo scratches his head.

“Yeah, I am a man, why do you want me to sing a song by a female singer? It’s just that the adaptation is going to be dead.”

Yoon Do-hyun patted his shoulder with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a big deal.”

Kid, you have been ridiculing us before, and now it is the way of the other.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t hesitate to fight back, turned the turntable, and began to concentrate on his Fate.

When the carousel slowly slowed down and finally stopped on the pointer, he directly covered his face.

“Ah… why is this song?”

Others are similar.

“Daebak, sing a song of gummy!”

Park Myeong-su The laughing gums are all out.

“We maknae, I still know. It is a cool child, the character is very simple. How can someone like him sing?”

Gummy’s “Don’t” is a very sad and sad love song, expressing the woman’s reluctant pleading for the lost relationship.

How can such a song let Seok Jin-soo perform?

The poor national superstar, at this time, has felt that the world is dark.

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