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KEP Chapter 874

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 874 chapter sings the whole country, floating astronomy

Before the rehearsal, Song Eun-yi stood on the sidelines, so I already know the songs of Seok Jin-soo.

At this point, see Seok Jin-soo’s dignified face, and quickly comforted: “It doesn’t matter, Kim Bum show performance is great, but you can win.”

Seok Jin-soo took a sigh of relief and sighed: “I hope that when I come to power, I can enter the mood.”

The songs he prepared this time, if he can’t fall into the sad atmosphere, it is really difficult to express the extremes of the song.

Even he is like this, others can imagine.

In the audience, Son Ye-jin is very worried.

“eonni, you said… can he win?”

Although Kim Tae-hee is playing a beat, his expression is very firm.

“I will definitely win.”

Son Ye-jin was amazed.

β€œEonni saw his performance?”

Kim Tae-hee shook his head.

“No, that guy is very secret, even we hide it.”

Yoo In-na also got together.

“How can eonni be sure he can win?”

Kim Tae-hee’s look is still firm.

“Because he is Seok Jin-soo, it is my man, I know his skills.”

Son Ye-jin and Yoo In-na have a deep sense of shock.

No wonder Seok Jin-soo respects Kim Tae-hee and always puts him first.

I used to think that it was the gas field effect of Kim Tae-hee.

Today, they only discovered that the position of Kim Tae-hee in the heart of Seok Jin-soo was caused by the mutual trust between the two.

Seeing Kim Tae-hee’s unconditional support for Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin and Yoo In-na have a deeper understanding and know what they should do in their emotional life in the future.

The performance of Kim Bum’s show was extremely exciting. Just after the end, it caused the audience to cheer.

It is conceivable that this time, he will definitely not be too bad.

It was in this cheer that Seok Jin-soo stepped onto the stage.

“Thank you Kim Bum show, it made the highest stage. Wow, today’s fun is big. You may not know, because Kim Bum show ‘ssi, now it’s messy behind. There are so few singers, while spitting and crying. And the production team said they want to quit.”

His playful words made the audience sway and squat, but they couldn’t stop.

“So I am here to please everyone, don’t cheer so hard, leave your strength until I play, okay?”

Not good, the audience started to smash again.

Seok Jin-soo adjusted the atmosphere and began to introduce the next singer.

“Well, I am the second singer of the singer knockout. I am behind the Kim Bum show. The one who is under pressure, please… Park Jung Hyun!”

As a singer, Park Jung-sung’s magic weapon for survival is the singing of her nine songs and sighs.

She is very clever, and in the adaptation of the song, she has highlighted her strengths and made the stage as elegant as ever.

Although there has been no change, in such a knockout, as long as survival is king.

In this way, one singer came up one after another, creating a round of climax.

But looking at it, the top performance of the Kim Bum show created a lot of pressure on the latecomers. When Ock Joo-hyun came out, he had to perform again because of the guitar mistakes.

The result is because of this, seriously affecting her status. So when she came down, she was already full of tears and sad.

Fortunately, in the last game, her performance was good and she took the second shot. So this time, although it has played a different role, it should not be a singer of a round.

That’s it, in the atmosphere of suffocation and wonderful coexistence, the recording of this issue has finally come to the end.

Seok Jin-soo began to prepare silently when Li Su Luo was on the stage.

His costumes, when they were on stage, finally changed dramatically.

I saw that with the help of Hye-jin, he was replaced with a hanbok that was rarely seen on the stage of “I am a singer.” The dress of the whole person has also become ancient and ancient.

Song Eun-yi was even more nervous than him, and he circled around him and did not let go of any little omissions.

Until all of them were confirmed, the noona shook his fist.

“Let’s go, let us shake the world.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded, didn’t speak, but walked out of the waiting room first.

Now, the first thing he has to do is to brew the atmosphere.

In the process of walking, he almost thought about all the sad things in life. This is not enough, and even brought himself into the sad film and television plot.

Not to mention, this is still very effective.

When he came to the standby position, his whole person has become a grievance. As long as it is revealed a little, it is estimated that a sad field can be created.

And as time goes by, the more pain and grief that accumulates in his heart.

So that Seok Jin-soo got rid of himself, and began to tell whether this sadness is reality or imagination.

In general, he is already in a state of mystery. It’s not good to vent, there is no way to come out.

On stage, Li Sulu’s performance is finally over. But she did not step down, but after the adjustment, directly started mc.

“Everyone, finally, today I am the singer knockout to the end. Look at it, everyone is waiting, what kind of stage is prepared. To be honest, I am also very curious. He is very secret, it is said to be made. The group is also in the rehearsal, only to see the true face for the first time. So let us wait and see. Look, the stage of our music god Seok Jin-soo brings us. Welcome!”

The general applause of the mountains and the sea represents the voice of the audience.

Many people appear here today, all because of Seok Jin-soo.

Tickets for “I am a singer”, which was popular in the past, became more popular because of the performance of Seok Jin-soo.

It is said that in the market, there are three million people who want to buy a ticket and not get it.

Now, Seok Jin-soo has finally come out, can the audience not be excited?

Li Sulu walked off the stage and Seok Jin-soo stepped onto the stage.

When he saw his appearance, the audience was exclaimed.

The same is true of the singers in the background.

“Mo Yah!! Does he wear hanbok?”

β€œWhy is it Hanbok? What is the point?”

“Is he really ready for a big move?”

“Wow, why are you so desperate?”

“The more powerful the person, the more horrible it is.”

Now, Seok Jin-soo has finally appeared, and everyone has been aroused curiosity. I was curious about his dress and wondering what kind of stage he had prepared.

Only the people in the production team have started their spirits and adjusted to the best state, waiting to see everyone’s dumbfounded look.

No one noticed that Shen Zhengxiu, who was standing in the corner, had already picked up his shoulders, and his mouth was full of satisfied smiles.

Hey, wait and see, the next stage, even if you are ready to prepare, will be scared.

Seok Jin-soo came to the center of the stage and stood quietly, completely different from the way he laughed in the past.

Because he has entered the state, he can’t easily come out and destroy the mood.

The boiling of the audience gradually calmed down, all focused on the stage, looking forward to this last performance.

What surprised everyone was that the performance didn’t start right away. Because everyone saw it, many people took the instrument to the stage.

“Mo Yah!! Is there a different accompaniment?”

“Is that the guqin?”

“That is gamma, what kind of music needs such an instrument?”

The audience was even more curious when they saw some of the less common instruments that came on stage.

Finally, after a long wait, the performance is finally coming.

In the audience, many people clasped their hands and their eyes were reluctant to stare at the stage.

Seok Jin-soo finally raised his head, just the moment the mournful melody sounded.

The sound of the music that Guqin pulled out immediately gave the audience a layer of goose bumps.

In this guqin, it is also mixed with the piano’s crisp and sweet twist.

The combination of ancient and modern, native and western instruments is so wonderful that there is no dissonance.

Anyone who listens to the ear has only one feeling, as if this melody is so right.

However, everyone is familiar with it and can hear it from the melody. This is the adaptation of Gummy’s “No.”

Along with the mourning of the low music, the scene on the stage changed and turned into a snow fluttering.

For a time, the world was plain, and it added more sorrow and sorrow.

Finally, Seok Jin-soo’s microphone was finally put to the lips.

In a light voice, his voice is like this atmosphere, directly hitting the soul.

I am just talking about it.

It’s a joke…

Just opening a lyric, let everyone realize.

“My God, it turned out to be a national music!”

“No wonder wearing a hanbok, it turned out to be a plate!”

“This is too bold? Such a song has been adapted into a board. Can he control it?”

Understand what happened, the audience was more excited and more worried.

In South Korea, Bansori is a national music and is very popular among many people. But at the same time, because of the different interpretation and vocal styles from popular music, it is extremely difficult.

No one thought that Seok Jin-soo was so bold, so he adapted a popular song into a board.

Now, everyone is worried and curious as to whether he can succeed.

After all, the board is a complete cavity, and has strict requirements for a person’s singing and qi. And this kind of big and big vocal can also make the feelings reach the most extreme resonance.

Can these be done by Seok Jin-soo?

The audience did not think much, and the performance of Seok Jin-soo continued in the shocking mood.

Say the sentence you want to end

Ani ~yo … Ani ~yo … Ani ~yo … Ani ~yo stocks…

When the two sentences came out, the scene was completely blown up.

Without him, Seok Jin-soo really did it, and the whole charm of the board was revealed.

However, he sang a modern love song, but there is no sense of disobedience.

Everyone who heard it couldn’t help but clenched his fists, opened his mouth, and vented the shudder from the depths of his soul.

Say thank you for turning coldly

Let me do it

Playing a little temper makes you angry

I really am sorry, I am really sorry.

Never again break up first…

Seok Jin-soo has entered the realm of mystery, and the song is getting more and more desolated and mournful. The grievances that make the gods sad are haunting the entire studio, and no one can escape.

Even before the rehearsal, the production team that I saw had blinked with tears at this time, which triggered the most essential sorrow in the depths of the soul.

For a time, all the people in the studio who were paying attention to this performance could not speak.

Only the trembling body and the falling tears proved that they were really touched by a song.

You can’t be like other women

If you leave me leaving

I will die slowly in tears…

Seok Jin-soo’s voice is like a sly wave, washing the hearts of the audience over and over again, bringing endless resentment.

Who can think that this is just the effect that he can create after ten days of contact with the board?

Anyway, the recording scene of “I am a singer” has never been like a present, and has been gathered into a sea by tears.

Not only sensitive women, but even many men keep rubbing their eyes. The sly lips and tight face prove that everyone’s life has a lot of stories.

Originally these stories were hidden and the results were seduce by a song by Seok Jin-soo.

At this moment, he created the sorrow of the whole country!

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