KEP Chapter 875

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 875 chapter is convincing, astronomical

After the sound fell, the performance of Seok Jin-soo was finally over.

This also means that all the singers of this “I am a singer” knockout have all appeared.

As a finale, Seok Jin-soo’s performance ended, but did not receive any response.

There was silence in the audience and there was silence in the waiting room.

No one can do anything, everyone has only one action, and that is still tearing.

The grief is so great that no one can easily come out, and there is endless resentment in the sad world created by Seok Jin-soo.

Even Seok Jin-soo is not good for himself.

He thought of a good idea and re-interpreted “Do not” with the board. But the hate-themed sorrow, the performers need to invest a lot of mental power to interpret.

The result is that performing this art form has a great impact on the singer.

As a result, the song was over. He stood alone on the stage silently, but he could not get out of the mood for a while.

In the silent world after the performance, this is a situation that has never happened before.

Even the production team was a bit helpless, and did not expect the influence to be so great.

Fortunately, as a powerful program, Seok Jin-soo knows what he should do, even though his emotions are not yet controlled.

He barely rubbed his eyes, then put away the microphone and squatted against the stage to show goodbye.

This move suddenly made the stage come alive.

There was no time for people to respond at all. The applause was overwhelming and loud, like an earthquake.

Countless people clapped their tears and applauded, but they found that the tears still wet the clothes.

However, this applause was warm and enthusiastic, but with unprecedented grievances.

The resentful person is naturally Seok Jin-soo.

Blame this guy, why are we all crying?

What should I do today?

What should I do tonight?

Originally, I was in the mood to appreciate the highest music, but I had to bear the boundless sorrow and it took a lot of perseverance to get out.

The guy who made this sad source, can you not be blamed by everyone?

At the very least, Kim Tae-hee, Son Ye-jin and Yoo In-na, Yoon-ah, their crying eyes, to make Seok Jin-soo die tonight.

In the background of the singer’s waiting room, the singers who enjoyed his performance all the time, broke out at this time.

β€œWow, Daebak! This is art and art!”

Kim Bum showed thumbs up with both hands, and there was no thought of lifting the bar with Seok Jin-soo. All that remains is the most sincere admiration.

“Certified, really certified! Seok Jin-soo, I started to be his fan today.”

Li Suluo also slaps and even puts himself in the position of a fan. As a great singer, she was really conquered by Seok Jin-soo this time.

“We actually competed with the art on the same stage, and winning or losing is no longer important.”

Ock Joo-hyun’s makeup has been crying, but it is also fascinated by the charm of the younger brother.

On the other side, Seok Jin-soo went back to the stage five times in a row, and was tired to return to the waiting room.

“Wow, God is back!”

Here, everyone is waiting for him, and the applause is no worse than the audience.

Yoon Do-hyun was so excited that he hugged him.

“Yah!! Why are you coming here? You are not a singer with us.”

“Brother, cough…”

Just saying a word, Seok Jin-soo kept coughing up.

The board is really too hurt, and Rao feels uncomfortable with his strength.

Others saw the situation and quickly handed him water.

Seok Jin-soo drank half a bottle at a time, only to feel that the donkey no longer protested.

“Wow, when I sing, I really thought I was going to die.”

Kim Bum nodded and showed the same feeling.

“We also thought we were going to die.”

Park Chung-hyun patted his shoulder and encouraged: “But anyway, you did it. It’s really the most handsome stage, so everyone is conquered.”

After a short break, the final vote finally came out.

Everyone returned to the stage, but this time it was not a performance. Instead, sit down and accept the final evaluation.

Seeing bmk’s face is ugly, Seok Jin-soo quickly comforted: “Noona, you are doing very well, don’t worry.”

Bmk is a strong smile.

“Now I don’t have to worry about it, I am afraid it is you. Aigoo, we are going to die.”

Knowing this time, saying that everything is superfluous, comforting words can not comfort people. So Seok Jin-soo began to be naughty again, hoping to use naughty to adjust everyone’s mentality.

β€œI also think I am safe. If noona is eliminated, I invite you to eat beef soup.”

“Mo Yah!! Is it just beef soup? No, you must add another spicy fish soup.”

As the saying goes, fat people are wide. Sure enough, bmk also laughed and made a joke with him.

Everyone sat down, Park Myeong-su said: “Now the second game is over, and the rest is finally released. Please Professor Zhang Jihao, announce the competition to everyone.”

The combined vote rate of the two events will determine who is the knockout.

However, when the ranking is announced, it must be announced from the first place.

Zhang Jihao: “Today’s game rankings, the results are announced by me.”

He said, he opened the envelope and saw who was the first in the second round.

“The first place is… Seok Jin-soo !”

The rankings were finally announced, and everyone was applauding. But looking at everyone’s expressions seems to be reasonable.

Seok Jin-soo is also relieved to know that he is safe.

In the first round, he was the first and the second was the first. When these two rounds are added together, his vote rate is definitely much higher than that of others, and he will never be eliminated.

“Wow, come alive!”

He and Song Eun-yi hugged each other to celebrate this good result.

“Certification, true certification, this performance is not the first place, it is not right.”

Even other singers and managers have the same idea.

The stage of Seok Jin-soo today is really an unparalleled shock and impact.

After watching his performance, many people know that he is definitely the first.

If such a performance can’t get the first place, then how much the audience’s appreciation level will be unbearable.

β€œThe performance of Seok Jin-soo shows us a new form. I believe that more people will try to combine pop music with our national music in the future. In this respect, the meaning is even more significant. “”

Professor Zhang Jihao, who usually only publishes the rankings, also rarely commented on the performance of Seok Jin-soo.

As an authority on Korean music, he devoted himself to studying the history and development of music. From the performance of Seok Jin-soo, he saw new possibilities.

This kind of discovery is very exciting for his scholars.

Facing the praise of the professor, Seok Jin-soo hurry and express his modesty.

After Seok Jin-soo, Professor Zhang Jihao began to announce the second place.

There is no suspense, Kim Bum show is also a safe stage.

He also completed the breakthrough this time, providing the audience with a gorgeous stage show.

It can be said that without the sudden emergence of Seok Jin-soo, he is definitely the first strong contender.

The third place is Park Jung Hyun, the young singer who, as always, plays steadily, although not bright enough and novel, but it guarantees safety.

The fourth place is bmk, a very mysterious place. It seems to be medium, but don’t forget, bmk is the seventh place in the first round.

With this ranking, at least let her see the hope of security.

Next, the remaining talents are more worth seeing.

The fifth place is Ock Joo-hyun, an absolute safety ranking for her.

Because she was second in the last round, she would not be eliminated if the two rounds were added together.

But in this way, the remaining Li Suluo and Yoon Do-hyun became tough.

Li Sulu ranked fourth in the first round. This time, whether it is ranked sixth or seventh, it is very dangerous.

Yoon Do-hyun is also similar. The third place in the previous round seems to be a little bit safer than Li Suluo.

However, because the statistics are the votes, so in addition to the rankings, the data is also critical.

Zhang Jihao did not delay and directly announced the rankings of the last two.

As a result, Li Suluo is the sixth, and Yoon Do-hyun is at the bottom this time.

The atmosphere was completely different, and Li Sulu was a little excited when he learned that it was not the bottom.

Yoon Do-hyun’s face is a lot stiffer. As a singer who has been debuting for so many years, the bottom is really a kind of pressure.

“The seventh place is very glorious… Haha Haha. I have some pre-feeling, but I still feel a little shameful. But fortunately, today’s performance, there is nothing to feel dissatisfied. The orientation of music may not be I feel that everyone is working hard. It’s just a little for my team… what to say, some awkward.”

Faced with the sorrow of Yoon Do-hyun, Seok Jin-soo patted his shoulder.

“Brother, don’t say it, go back and send a red envelope.”

Nothing worked for this, and the big guy who got it laughed again and the atmosphere was much better.

Park Myeong-su took a look at it and said: “Now the two rounds have been published, and it is time to publish the final result. Please announce it.”

To read out the knockouts, the atmosphere that was finally pulled up by Seok Jin-soo was suddenly suppressed.

As a famous singer, leaving the program like this is really a big blow to everyone.

But no one can avoid it, and Zhang Jihao has to play the spirit and make a final reading.

“Now announce the results of the first and second games, the final result after the total.”

At this moment, everyone is mixed and looks awkward.

“The end result, seven… Li Su Luo!!!”

No one can stop it, and the result is still coming out. Although I know that it is among the seven people, everyone is still a bit unacceptable.

In the atmosphere of suffocation, no one knows what to do, and the scene was once quiet and scary.

In the end, Li Suluo stood up. After he stunned, he said: “Thank you, I accept this result. When I was interviewing, I have already talked about the seventh place many times. Like today’s game, I thought it was the first. Seven, and finally the seventh. But Dao Xian first helped me to get to the bottom, I can get the sixth place, which surprised me.”

This is not a funny thing, and Yoon Do-hyun can’t laugh at all.

Li Suluo is still trying to save the atmosphere.

β€œEverything is perfect today, whether it’s the audience jury, the singers, the production team…”

Looking at the simple noona’s hard work, Seok Jin-soo was sour and hugged her from the side.

“Noona, don’t say it, I will take you to the next copy and will help you through customs clearance.”

Sure enough, this is a useful thing, Li Sulu suddenly surprised.

“Really? That’s great. Yah!! I asked you to take me last time. Why don’t you bring it?”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled and said: “I don’t want to bring it, it’s Kim Hee-chul. That guy thinks you are too dishy. You have fire, just look for him.”

Speaking of the game, Li Suluo is coming, and even the things that have been eliminated are ignored.

“Yah!! Kim Hee-chul, you are waiting for me!”

Poor universe big celebrity still don’t know, he was sold by his own family.

At the concert, he slammed a sneeze and fell to the stage.

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