KEP Chapter 876

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the different training of the 876 chapter, floating astronomy

At the end of the recording, Seok Jin-soo walked away from mbc.

Just sitting in the car, I found the atmosphere inside is unusual.

As soon as he looked up, he saw that all four women looked at him with tears and looked very pitiful.

Seok Jin-soo is a bit flustered.

“Yah!! What’s wrong with this? How are you like a pug?”


The women who had not had a good atmosphere all laughed at once.

This is a big deal, and I still have tears in my eyes. As a result, because of the violent laughter, the tears were flying around.

That scene, just like the lotus leaf shake, makes women wolf.

“Yah!! You said? Don’t blame you.”

Kim Tae-hee pulled him in, shut the door by the way, and drove himself to the house.

As for Seok Jin-soo, it was surrounded by three other women in the back seat.

“Oppa is really, why are you singing that sad song? I can’t help but cry when I listen. You see, your bags are crying, what can you do if you shoot for tomorrow?”

偎 Se Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah spoiled.

Seok Jin-soo pulled her face, looked at it carefully, and it hurt.

“Really, is it so powerful to cry?”

Yoo In-na said: “Hey, you still said it. You don’t know, the audience is crying into the river.”

Son Ye-jin unscrewed the water bottle for him. When he handed it over, he said, “Don’t sing such a difficult song in the future. Your nephew is hoarse.”

Seok Jin-soo sipped the water and felt a lot of emotion.

“Oh, I don’t want to. Anyone who calls these singers are too powerful. If you don’t make a trick, I will be eliminated.”

Yoon-ah is his blind believer.

“Oppa is so powerful that it will not be eliminated. Just on the stage of Oppa today, no other singer will live the next month.”

They are on the scene today, and they are really not affected by the “Do not” version of the board. It is already conceivable that after the program was broadcast, the outside world reacted.

Yoo In-na’s movements were faster, and she handed her phone to Seok Jin-soo.

“Look, the Internet is already open.”

Seok Jin-soo took it over and looked at it carefully before I realized that it was mbc’s “I am a singer” official website.

In the message area here, it is estimated that the audience is on the scene today, and this has already been occupied.

More than a hundred messages, of which three-quarters are about him.

Out of Seok Jin-soo’s surprise, most of the audience were dissatisfied.

Dissatisfied, not Seok Jin-soo’s performance is not good, but he said that he lied to everyone too many tears.

So that now I am back at home, still crying.

There are also some people who are dissatisfied that Seok Jin-soo is too late.

Such a singer, how good it is from the first period. In that case, wouldn’t it be possible to appreciate a lot of periods?

After reading the official website, Seok Jin-soo went to Naver again.

It’s even more heated here, and the audience’s explosions are endless, telling the story of today’s recordings.

Although there is not too much detailed content, it has seduce more people’s curiosity.

As you can imagine, when the program is broadcast, it will definitely be very popular.

Because the women were crying, so when they got home, Seok Jin-soo took the initiative to prepare a delicious dinner for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that although there are four women in the family, the best person to cook is Seok Jin-soo.

Even Son Ye-jin is very excited about the food made by Seok Jin-soo.

“You a big man, what is it to cook so well?”

With a slightly swollen belly, Son Ye-jin is very resentful.

Originally in this home, she also wanted to occupy a place with outstanding cooking skills.

Who thought that the most powerful person turned out to be the head of the family.

Yoon-ah has more than she ate.

“Oppa is really different from ordinary men. Ordinary men simply don’t go into the kitchen.”

Seok Jin-soo squeezed her smooth face and smiled: “So, your Oppa is not a man.”

Kim Tae-hee is also full, look around, and tells: “Since your men have done delicious food, the work of packing, isn’t it…”

Don’t let her go on, everyone knows.

Four women, like hardworking bees, began to work after the meal.

Seok Jin-soo had wanted to help, but the result was taken away.

He loves them so much, and cooks them after hard work. They are not the princess who has reached out to reach out, and he is very understanding of his hard work.

Seeing that there is no such thing, Seok Jin-soo came to the studio on the third floor.

I had ordered Hyo-min to be solo. Now that I have time, he wants to get the song out.

The song is ready-made, you don’t need him to think about it, you only need to make it through the machine.

No one bothered in the quiet studio, Seok Jin-soo was very efficient. After a while, I made the demo.

In the next few days, as long as you continue to refine the sample and add various instrument effects, you will eventually become the full version of the melody.

Today, the women at home are there, and Seok Jin-soo is not busy with work.

The most beautiful but gentle town, so that he could not wait.

From the third floor all the way down, but did not find the women’s figure.

He is a bit strange, where have people gone?

Fortunately, when he came to the first floor, he heard the laughter of the women.

Walking along the sound, when he pushed the door of the pool, the whole person was stunned.

I saw the constant temperature swimming pool, when the four gorgeous mermaids shuttled through the clear water, leaving only a glimpse of the hustle and bustle.

Kim Tae-hee is a big red bikini, but it is in stark contrast to her skin.

Son Ye-jin is a pure white swimsuit. It looks like it is not wearing clothes. The whole person is exquisite and clear.

Yoo In-na chose a pink swimsuit, which is more delicate and feminine.

Yoon-ah’s most energetic, sky-blue swimwear is like her young heart, which makes her unite with the blue water. It seems that she is like a princess in this water.

The first time I saw this fragrant scene, Seok Jin-soo was not good for the whole person. A brain is dizzy, leaving only the instinct to swallow.

Seeing his stupidity, Kim Tae-hee smiled and said, “What are you looking at? I am not coming down. After fatigue, it is the best way to relieve the bubbles in the water.” It.”

Seok Jin-soo smashed his clothes as fast as he could, and then jumped into the water.

Kim Tae-hee was frightened.

“Yah!! How are you, all of you?”

Seok Jin-soo deliberately hooligans.

“I didn’t prepare swimming trunks, so I had to do this.”

Say it, his big hand also greeted Kim Tae-hee.

The poor national goddess, the poor little cloth on his body can withstand his harassment. Three or two times, the breathless Big Beauty Kim sank in the water.

The other three women did not expect to be in the water and saw such a living spring palace. For a moment, all were dumbfounded.

So Seok Jin-soo and the thief who sneaked into Yaochi happily harassed the seven fairies who played here.

Oh, no, not the seven fairies, the four fairies.

This little thief is superb, and Rao is a four-fair mana with no bounds and can’t resist his bad tricks. Or, the four fairies simply have no resistance.

This night, Seok Jin-soo is really beautiful.

After conquering one by one, he also overbearingly held all four women in his big bed.

Five people have been together for so long, and finally realized his dream of being sleeped.

Fortunately, he had the foresight. The bed was made so big before, and the results were well utilized.

Good people have a good dream, Seok Jin-soo is sweet all night. Open your eyes, only Son Ye-jin is left in your arms.

Everyone else has a job and has quietly left.

Only Son Ye-jin was idle, eager for his arms, sleeping like a pig.

The people around him were not honest. After a few harassment, Son Ye-jin also woke up from his sleep.

After several times being smashed by the waves, after playing the game that Son Ye-jin liked, the two finally got up.

“Noona is it okay today?”

Drinking the beauty porridge made by Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin is refreshed.

After looking for such a One Man, it was a great satisfaction.

“There has been nothing to do recently, a little boring.”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it.

“Then let’s go boating.”

Son Ye-jin is unknown.

β€œWhy are you thinking about going boating?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “Because I am going to train. But a person is too boring, noona will accompany me.”

Son Ye-jin This is how Seok Jin-soo is talking about the training of the special edition of Infinite Challenge.

Their members have recently taken time out, in various adaptive training. I haven’t gotten to the time of collective training, so I went alone.

But she is a bit worried.

“You are going to record the program, I am not going to be good?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“Just just go to training, not to inform the program group.”

Although the members are each training, the production team will follow. But if they don’t notice, the production team doesn’t care.

Anyway, this part of the respective training, there are few shots in the post-editing.

I heard that there is no production team to shoot, but also with Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin is completely heart-warming.

After eating the morning (noon) meal, the two men were armed and drove to the Mesari.

Here, as usual, a serene.

Seok Jin-soo, with Son Ye-jin, found the Kim Ji-ho coach and introduced each other.

Seeing it, Kim Ji-ho is also a fan of Son Ye-jin. I can see the goddess, and the handsome guy is ashamed a lot.

“Coach, haven’t anyone else been here?”

Kim Ji-ho shook his head.

“No one is coming today.”

Seok Jin-soo is satisfied.

“That’s great. So, get a double rowing, I am practicing with noona.”

The coach naturally had no opinion, and with Seok Jin-soo to get the boat and the paddle, it didn’t matter.

Seok Jin-soo is different from other members in that he is familiar with boats and water. You don’t need to teach, you can do it well.

So the coach is very reassured, not afraid of what happened to him here.

“Is this a rowing boat? So small!”

After seeing the rowing, Son Ye-jin was very surprised.

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