KEP Chapter 879

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 879 chapter is all ready, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo didn’t have much time to manage the public opinion on the Internet, and he didn’t care.

Anyway, there are counter-measures behind it, not rushing for a while.

Besides, this May, he is very busy.

On the one hand, it is necessary to supervise the solo production of Hyo-min, as well as the shooting of “Infinite Challenge” and “I am a singer”.

But compared to these, other work is more important.

Kim Tae-hee’s “Blind Pass” finally completed all the shootings, and when it was finished.

Such a big event, Seok Jin-soo can not help but rush to the scene.

The story of “Blind Pass” is actually quite plain, and there is no big scene. The final ending was also a very traditional one. After all the games were finished, the police were late.

To say that the highlight of this play is entirely supported by the heroine alone.

Kim Tae-hee devoted all his efforts to the show, and it took several months to prepare.

And her hard work is also worthwhile. In the process of shooting, everyone is impressed by her professional attitude.

Especially the female blind person she performed is even more amazing.

An Shangxun, the director who has held positions in various awards ceremonies all the year round, said that Kim Tae-hee’s performance is very promising for the competition or the shadow of the dragon.

And hearing his comments, Kim Tae-hee is more confident.

She remembers that the origin of this film is Seok Jin-soo in order to satisfy her desire for acting.

Thinking of this, the lively scene of the killing, Kim Tae-hee, like the water, only accommodates Seok Jin-soo alone.

“Mo Yah!! Noona Why are you looking at Jin-soo? What is it good for him?”

Unexpectedly, the look of Kim Tae-hee’s affectionate style was noticed by Kim Hee-chul.

This guy is rude, and he gave it out directly.

Good guy, for a while, all the people around have heard it, and they all looked over.

I did not expect that I was moved for a while, but I was discovered. Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but panic, and his cheeks were covered with blush.

Seok Jin-soo glanced at Kim Hee-chul and was dissatisfied with the guy’s big cockroaches. Then he stopped in front of Kim Tae-hee and blocked everyone’s attention.

“Okay, everyone, now the filming part of this movie is all over. Thank you very much for your hard work for more than two months. Without everyone’s hard work, our movie will not be so smooth. So today, here, our mystic and Lua Entertainment has prepared some small gifts to thank everyone for their efforts. I hope that there will be opportunities in the future, we can also cooperate.”

Say, Seok Jin-soo waved his hand, Eun-ho and Kim Tae-hee’s manager, who led the people and began distributing gifts to everyone present.

Not a valuable gift, but very beautiful.

What makes everyone happy is that in addition to the small gifts, each person receives a box with a shopping voucher worth 500,000.

With these shopping vouchers, you can go to the corresponding mall and buy the corresponding products.

These vouchers are part of the gift, but they are not the money for mystic and lua entertainment.

It’s the sponsor of the movie, which is a reward for everyone.

After working for so long, I have earned a lot of income and got a very thoughtful gift. Everyone is very happy and all of them are dissatisfied.

Seok Jin-soo is still not free, holding An Shangxun and telling him.

“The post-production of the film, you must hurry. When is the specific release, although it is not yet determined, but it will not be too late. If the original sound music, I have already let the sunbee director busy, it is expected to come out in about a month. ”

Seok Jin-soo’s films have always been very efficient, and even the staff must be very rushed.

His play, the original sound music is all made by himself.

Because there is sunbee, the music director is helping, so Seok Jin-soo just has to get the song out.

The rest of the post-production and synthesis, as well as the cut and application, sunbee can do very well.

An Shangxun didn’t want to delay. After all, this was his first time after a long time, and he was looking forward to his work.

“Stone script, can’t our movie release date be determined?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“How do you want to be behind the scenes? You know, that is the highlight of the cj group this year.”

Before Seok Jin-soo assured Li Meijing, this year’s box office champion should also be left in cj. Therefore, cj is very valued for “Viewing”, and has been supervising the production all the time.

With the maximization of resources, the post-production of “Viewing” is very fast. It is expected that by the beginning of June, it will be submitted to the Imaging Objects Rating Committee for rating.

There is no submission system for Korean movies. It is only necessary for the image quality committee to evaluate the people who are suitable for screening according to the content of the film.

There are some exceptions outside of this process.

For example, public welfare movies, for the price, are limited to small, short films that are released to specific people over the age of 18; films that are recommended by the Film Promotion Committee for film festivals; those produced and recommended by the committee. Movies; other cultural and tourism ministers believe that movies that do not have to be classified, etc., can be directly released.

As an ordinary commercial film, “Viewing” is obviously subject to evaluation by the Image Rating Committee.

However, there is no accident in this process. The Image Level Committee only has the power to assess the level and does not prevent the film from being released.

What is really troublesome is not the side of “Viewing”.

“Aigoo, I was really bored recently.”

In Li Meijing’s office, I saw it. The vice president of the cj group, Li’s sister, is very embarrassed.

“You shouldn’t promise you at the beginning, you shouldn’t help the furnace.”

Seok Jin-soo is sipping tea and smelling it.

“Noona, you were not angry at the time.”

Li Meijing jets in his nostrils.

“Oh, I didn’t expect it, it would be so difficult. Look at it, how hard are those people.”

Said, she took a report to the front of Seok Jin-soo.

After seeing Seok Jin-soo, I found out that things are really difficult.

Kong Liu, in order to restore the movie as much as possible, so I chose the location of the film in Gwangju.

But it is conceivable that the local government has been jealous of this matter, and even more unwilling to expose it.

Therefore, the “melting pot” crew did not pass the site application and shooting assistance.

Not only that, but they were also obstructed and destroyed by the organization when they were shooting.

Fortunately, Kong Liu and others worked together to win some people.

This is the case, because of some real pressure, some actors have also chosen to quit, even if it is paying liquidated damages can not continue.

Kong Liu and Kong Zhiyong are not anti-drugs. They know how hard it is for those who opt out, so they did not ask for liquidated damages, but they happily let people go.

It was forced to shoot in Gwangju, and Kong Liu and others had to change the location of the filming to Daejeon City in Chungnam to shoot.

Someone may ask, why do you switch to Chungnam?

Oh, this is about talking about the geographical differences in Korea.

These places in Chungnam and Gyeongbuk have always been the home base of the Conservative Party. People here are naturally not interested in the lake and the south.

The “melting pot” happened in Gwangju, the center of Lake South, and it is a shame here.

The lake and the southerners are ashamed to say this, but the people in Chungnam are very happy to expose their scars.

But because of this kind of speechless regional hostility, it gave the opportunity to shoot the “melting pot”. I have to say that things are impermanent and embarrassing.

“Then they have any difficulties now?”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t want to pay more attention to the “melting pot”, but Kong Liu, Kong Zhiyong and others did not.

In their words, Seok Jin-soo is able to provide funding and production teams to help with the shooting, which has already made them grateful.

They know how hard it is to go, and Seok Jin-soo has a great status today.

They can’t drag Seok Jin-soo into the water because of this movie, so that he can be targeted.

In this regard, although Seok Jin-soo repeatedly said that he did not care, but still did not let Kong Liu and others agree.

In particular, his identity is a place for Kong Liu and others to worry about.

Because he is also a lake and a southerner, his practice, in the words of those bastards, is betrayed Lake Nan.

This lethality can be bigger than other aspects.

It is because of this consideration that Kong Liu and others deliberately played down the influence of Seok Jin-soo and tried to prevent the outside world from linking him to the Furnace.

In this way, Seok Jin-soo wants to know about the “melting pot”, only through the cj group.

In the same way, the pressure that should have been imposed on him also ran to the cj group.

The first to bear the brunt is Li Meijing, the dominant person.

What Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know is that Li Meijing has been repeatedly attacked by members of the Lake and South Regions and has accused the CJ Group of being criticized.

Listening to him asking about the “melting pot” situation, Li Meijing sighed.

“Hey, what can I do? I don’t have to turn back the bow. I can only stick to it. But don’t worry too much. They don’t have any problems at present. Some people oppose it, there is support. In South Korea, the most important thing is to look at it. Don’t be a good guy. Do you understand?”

Seok Jin-soo certainly understands.

It turned out that there were other forces involved, and the “melting pot” was used as a means of attacking the opposition party.

In the past, you have not always been advertised as a pioneer of freedom and democracy. Well, now it is happening in your local scandal. Why are you not doing well?

It can be said that in the matter of “The Furnace”, the opposition party has been under great pressure.

Although Seok Jin-soo and the opposition party have a good relationship, they have spoken to several of them. But he does not have any sympathy. On the contrary, he feels that he has to give these people a lesson.

Not so, these people will not be awake and become no different from the ruling party.

Yes, the more contacts you have with the top, the more Seok Jin-soo discovers, the politicians, there is really no difference.

“Now our main job is to look at it. The cj side has already been confirmed, and the movie will be released at the end of June. Before that, you should participate in the promotion.”

In the face of Li Meijing’s instigation, Seok Jin-soo is once again dumbfounded.

“No, why did the propaganda find me again? I am a screenwriter. These should be the work of their actors.”

Li Meijing waved his hand, very rudely said: “Yah!! Kid, black pot, I will give you a back. What can you do to run the propaganda? Why are you so reluctant? If you are not there, the effect is good. Rest assured. In addition to TV promotion, other activities will not find you.”

Korean film propaganda also has ways of roadshows and lectures everywhere.

Every university, place, etc. is where the crew needs to go.

In addition to this, it is the promotion of the TV program.

“Viewing” is a big actor, acting is no problem. But when it comes to program promotion movies, they really can’t.

Therefore, Li Meijing pushed this to Seok Jin-soo.

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