KEP Chapter 884

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the most powerful part of the 884 chapter, floating astronomy

How to listen, I feel that Cao Zheng’s actor’s road is a bit magical.

“Do you agree directly? Don’t you think you can’t play?”

Kim Hee-chul’s eyes are so big that I can say that I am envious of Cao Zheng’s transformation.

He is an idol group, and in order to broaden their performance, the company will arrange for them.

The influence of the company, but there is no way to do it better. Uperjunior’s members, except Choi Si-won, because the influence of the family is doing well on the road of the actors, everyone else can only be considered as general.

Like Cao Zheng, the stage actor is doing it, and the movie is invited to the door.

Kim Hee-chul himself is very clear, how difficult it is to play a movie.

Especially Cao Zheng] This time, the role is still very important.

But for his problems, Cao Zheng] is inexplicable.

“Of course, I want to star in it. Why don’t you star in it? If there is a chance to play a movie, how can you not hold it firmly?”

In this regard, Jin Guozhen is very much in favor.

“Really, you can be a film actor from a stage actor. How can this opportunity be rejected? Especially the movie of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is even more irresistible.”

This time, rare, everyone in the studio agrees.

Nowadays, all the works of Seok Jin-soo, the actors are trying their best to play. To this end, there are even many well-known actors who do not care about asking for a paycheck.

For the appearance of Cao Zheng, the curiosity of mc did not end there.

“But Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, how did you find Cao Zheng?” After all, there are so many actors, why do you want to find a musical actor to play this role?”

Seok Jin-soo can’t always say, it’s the voice telling him.

“I have my own intelligence system. When I create a script, I know what kind of actors I need. Many people know that my play is basically not interviewed. All the characters are selected by me. “”

For this, Yoon Jong-shin can testify.

“Our company’s current singer is divided into two factions. One is Yoon Jong-shin and the other is Seok Jin-soo. I am also very curious about the singer he is looking for. He is the one who came from where he came from. But one by one, the strength is definitely this.”

Itโ€™s not Kim Gu-ra that doesnโ€™t provoke, he immediately starts to make bad.

โ€œThat is to say, the singer of Seok Jin-soo is better than the singer of Yoon Jong-shin, is it?โ€

Yoon Jong-shin is a bitter smile.

“Yah!! You, this person, why is thinking different from others?”

Kim Gu-ra does not give up.

“Although I am not mysti, I know a little. Some people around Yoon Jong-shin are of the type Xiarin and Jo Jung-chi. Not to mention the type of music, if it is a look, then… and t- Ara can’t compare it!”

Yoon Jong-shin suffered a critical strike and could not say a painful sentence.

After a long time nonsense, I finally entered the discussion of the film.

Jin Guozhen asked curiously: “Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, how did you think of creating a script with the theme of viewing?”

Seok Jin-soo is very serious: “What are we paying attention to in the process of communicating with others?”

Kim Gu-ra thought about it and said: “It is the emotion, the state of the other party is the most important. The state is good, it is not suitable for communication, this is the most important point.”

Kim Hee-chul is more straightforward: “It’s a look.”

They are right. In the process of communication between people and people, the first thing to be noticed is always the state of the other party.

The other party is happy, angry, frustrated, confused, and in any state, the methods and methods of communicating with them are different.

So Seok Jin-soo said: “It is based on this, I am thinking, we humans, can you predict what is going on by observing each other’s appearance. Later I specifically looked for some books to look at. After a while, it was really rewarding.”

Yoon Jong-shin does not believe it.

“Isn’t that what you said is superstition? How can you know the other person’s situation by looking at the other person’s face?”

However, the oldest Jin Guozhen came to the interest and hurriedly said: “Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, can you see my face?”

Anyway, doing a program, Seok Jin-soo is of course coming along.

At the moment, he carefully observed the face of Jin Guozhen.

“Guo Zhen’s eyes are dull and fluctuate very little, indicating that the mind is quiet. But it is worth mentioning that the complexion is showing a state of radiance. It is reasonable to say that the age of Guozheng brother should not be like this. This seems to indicate With the old tree sprouting, Guozheng may have a breakthrough in terms of feelings in the near future.”

When I heard that Jin Guozhen met with love, everyone laughed.

“Hey, Shaohu has made a mess. Guozheng is not a horse to kill a chicken or a golf ball all day, how is it possible?”

“Guo Zhen Ge simply does not know how to get along with women, it is impossible.”

They are questioning again and again, and the party Jin Guozhen is not happy.

“Yah!! Why can’t I have love?”

Kim Gu-ra is very rude.

“This guy is playing with you, why are you taking it seriously?”

Jin Guozhen is very angry.

“What if he said it?”

Kim Gu-ra is very stubborn.

“That’s good, how do you say about me? Really, it’s superstition, superstition.”

For the first time, Seok Jin-soo carefully observed the face of Kim Gu-ra, and the result was a lot of weight.

“Gu-ra brother is fierce, but he is a big-eyed person. He is a kind-hearted person. But the eyes are triangular, which means that things are paranoid. The mouth is small and tight, but the lips are slightly tilted, indicating that it is hidden. Such a face will suffer a lot from the mouth. Especially now, Gu-ra brother’s Yintang is a bit dark, it seems to be unlucky in the near future. And it will be troubled in the future, it is difficult to get rid of the strange circle. Well, there is one more thing, I donโ€™t know if I should say it.”

Kim Gu-ra sneer, only to think that Seok Jin-soo is scaring him.

Who told him that he had been questioning it all the time, so he thought that with the virtue of Seok Jin-soo, if you donโ€™t retaliate, you canโ€™t say it.

At this time, at the peak of the momentum, naturally will not give in.

“You said yes, I don’t care.”

This is what you said, and Seok Jin-soo doesn’t care.

Looking at Kim Gu-ra again and again, it is very prudent to say it.

“Gu-ra’s head is wide and narrow, which means it is an external scenery, but there is a lot of suffering inside. I am afraid that in the near future, the backyard will be on fire.”

Everyone’s face changed a bit. I didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo to talk about Kim Gu-ra’s family relationship.

Kim Gu-ra was also shocked, but he didn’t expect him to say so.

Farne twice, hurry to fight.

“Yah!! You guys, don’t just question it, as for cursing me like this?”

Seok Jin-soo also woke up and knew that other people’s family affairs were not good enough, so he shut up in a timely manner.

Not only that, but he also concealed a gesture to pd, indicating that this paragraph was cut.

Pd received, and quickly nodded.

This period is to create ratings, pd does not want to have an accident, so the controversial part is certainly not allowed to exist.

Yoon Jong-shin quickly got in.

“What about me? I haven’t let you see it yet.”

For his partner, Seok Jin-soo is much more casual.

“Jong-shin hyeong is the kind of plain and natural face, there will be no ups and downs in my life, so I will spend the usual kind. The head, eyes, nose, mouth and ears are very sharp, which means that it is good at business and The surviving people will live very well in a complex society. It is worth noting that the people in Jong-shin hyeong are becoming softer, indicating that his career is smooth and satisfactory. He is expected to be in the near future. There will be a climax in career.”

This is really a very good comment, and Yoon Jong-shin is very happy.

Kim Gu-ra is not happy.

“Yah!! He is your company representative, you just say good things. His career is smooth, that is not to say that your career is going well. Really, what do you compliment to each other in the program?”

Everyone laughs, Seok Jin-soo is also very helpless.

“I just made inferences based on the face, and I didn’t tell lies.”

Kim Gu-ra stalked his neck.

“Who knows?”

Four mc said three, Jin Guozhen said: “Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi and Kim Hee-chul are very good friends. How do you know each other?”

Seok Jin-soo recalled it.

“When I was in the program, I learned that I was the same age, so I became a relative. The temper of each other is very suitable. I can play together, and the friendship gradually deepens.”

Yoon Jong-shin asked: “Is your observation, have you used Kim Hee-chul?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“The child’s life is very poor, nothing to look good.”

Kim Hee-chul Haha smiled and didn’t fight.

“Yah!! Do you want to die together? I really said it, you must be finished.”

Seok Jin-soo is not allowed.

“Don’t I say it, can you still live alone?”

Kim Gu-ra was happy to die when he saw each other.

“Come on, don’t admit defeat, it will cheer for you.”

Two clever fox-like guys, will you be yours?

Yoon Jong-shin asked: “This time Kim Hee-chul also starred in Seok Jin-soo’s movie? Also partnered with Miss Kim Tae-hee. Really, what good is your blessing?”

Jin Guozhen is also curious.

โ€œWhat is the standard for choosing Kim Hee-chul?โ€

Kim Hee-chul has played a role, but as an actor, it is obviously only a general. This time, Seok Jin-soo was appointed as the star of the film, which is equivalent to a step into the sky.

Even Kim Hee-chul is very curious, why did Seok Jin-soo choose himself?

In the eyes that everyone is looking forward to, Seok Jin-soo’s words are faint.

“Nothing, Yoon Shi-yoon is not free.”

With one word out, there are no good people in the studio, and all of them canโ€™t laugh.

I thought that Seok Jin-soo discovered what a great trait of Kim Hee-chul was. Who thought that it was only Yoon Shi-yoon that had no schedule.

Kim Hee-chul’s self-esteem suffered a huge blow, and fell on his chest.

But this is obviously just a joke, Seok Jin-soo still has to add.

“The child has a madness. It is also very similar to a small gangster. It is also a mix of styles, and it matches the characters in the movie, so he chose him.”

But this is not a good place to go.

Kim Hee-chul is going to explode.

“Yah!! You make it clear? How do I like a little punk? I am an idol, I also have fans. You say so, what about my image?”

Seok Jin-soo immediately went back.

“Is it wrong? The last time I was in the Internet cafe of Jang Dong-min, who lost the unwillingness to power off the opponent’s computer?”

An acquaintance is good, everything is broken.

Kim Hee-chul is mad.

“You also said that Jang Dong-min’s Internet cafe is doing activities, preparing for the lucky draw doll, you have taken away ten, and he hasn’t found you yet.”

Well, the studio is no longer working.

Listening to such a story, everyone has to wipe their tears.

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