KEP Chapter 887

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 887 chapter is deep, floating astronomy

A game of 4v4 is not only a result, but also a lot of places worth analyzing.

After the game, the coach took everyone back to the warehouse and began to analyze the shortcomings of each member through video.

The first one to be released is Haha.

The coach commented: “Haha is leaning too far backwards, and it is necessary to use force. Because it is short and lying too low…”

Well, this sentence touched Haha’s pain point. He retorted it very seriously: “I am not as short as you said. If you look at a real person, it is really…”

It was put together by Haha today, and Seok Jin-soo can always remember it. At this time, I quickly inserted it and did not let go of the attack.

“It’s really short, no.”

“Bad boy, do you want to die?”

Haha thundered and rushed over to teach him, and the result was stopped by others.

Followed by Jeong Jun-ha.

This can’t be seen, with a flower headband and yellow flooded sunglasses, a whole big image.

Everyone thinks so too.

“The big cook for cooking.”

“Aunt who picks oysters.”

“Go yourself to the big sister who is full of food and clothing.”

Seok Jin-soo also followed: “In the fishing village of Suncheon, there are such big cockroaches everywhere.”

Still the coach is serious, commented: “Jeong Jun-ha’s biggest problem lies in the wrist. If the wrist is always turned, it may be fine now, but if you take two kilometers, you will not be able to stand it.”

Jeong Jun-ha hurry to remember.

Park Myeong-su suddenly accused.

“Why are you looking at the camera?”

Jeong Jun-ha has a red face and explained it quickly.

“I don’t see it when I look back.”

Park Myeong-su does not believe at all.

“Look, you see it yourself, obviously looking for the camera. Isn’t I wrong? You see Hyeong-don, is he looking at the camera? I am in a direction with you, then I haven’t seen it.”

Jeong Jun-ha looks back.

“So you are always scratching, you see the paddles fall.”

Yoo Jae-seok also followed: “How do you throw the paddles?”

Haha said: “We are at this time, the beat is suddenly unstable.”

The coach taught the method.

“When the paddle is washed away by water, if you turn it, you can pull it out immediately. But if you don’t move it, the paddle will continue to be washed away.”

Finally, the coach summarized the Haha group.

“I can see it at a glance, I havenโ€™t practiced it.”

The four people in the Haha group all shyly bowed their heads and knew that they were wrong.

Next is the Noh Hong-chul group.

The coachโ€™s coming is praise.

“In this team, the wrists and arms are in a straight line. With both hands clenched, no one is awkward.”

Noh Hong-chul recently liked to engage in homosexuality and saw a place different from others.

“Look at the arm and look at Jane’s arm.”

In the picture, Janeโ€™s arm muscles are knotted, and the wingspan is very slender. It is enviable to look at.

“I want to buy that arm.”

“Where is it sold?”

Since it is said that Zhenyun, the coach also said: “Look at Jane, in order to cooperate, very seriously stare at the person in front, staring at Yoo Jae-seok’s neck.”

Consistently, it is Yoo Jae-seok.

“The problem with Yoo Jae-seok is that the arm is too hard and everything else is fine. It is the arm that comes out too fast, and if it can adjust the order, it is perfect.”

“Noh Hong-chul, you can see the beats are different. Now look at it, and Jane’s ath action start point is different. If you look at Jane and start again, it will definitely take a slow shot.”

It doesn’t matter who sees it. There is no such thing as a beat in this body.

Finally, Seok Jin-soo.

โ€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi’s movements are very standard, and they often row like a boat. The bad thing is that there are not many movements in the legs, and the power of the whole body is not enough, so the strength of the paddles is not enough.โ€

Seok Jin-soo also quickly remembers that it will be corrected in future exercises.

After reading so much, Yoo Jae-seok said with emotion: “Sit once, I think we have to try eight people.”

Other people have the same idea.

“Yeah, you have to practice an eight-person boat.”

“totally different.”

The coach said: “If you are an eight-person boat, you must believe in the people ahead, and you must believe the people behind you and move forward together.”

In other words, the eight-person boat is a group sport, and trust is more important than anything else.

If so, start training.

Everyone starts with the correction of the posture, and through the special counseling of the motivation and the coach, constantly corrects the wrong place in the action.

This kind of training is very boring. Every time it comes down, everyone is very hard, and the sweat is a few pounds.

Seok Jin-soo felt that his weight was much lighter, but his muscles were firm.

The eight-person boat is very heavy and needs to be carried by everyone in order to be placed in the water.

When the eight people finally got on the boat, the first thing to train is the rhythm of everyone.

Quite simply, eight people can lift the paddle and drop the paddle together.

Itโ€™s such a simple action, because itโ€™s in the sloshing water, and everyone canโ€™t do it at first.

But after several consecutive trainings, everyone finally mastered the rhythm of the rhythm, and suddenly felt that even if the paddles kept moving, the boat was stable in the water.

After the rhythm, it is the balance of the ship.

I don’t know why, the right side of the ship is heavier than the left side. As a result, it is difficult for the left side of the paddle to enter the water.

This is also the place to adjust, and finally let the boat balance in the water.

Everything is ready, the small rowing boat breaks the waves, and the sun shines smoothly.

These parts are not funny at all, but watching the members gradually become proficient from nothing, the pleasure of progress is nothing compared.

“Infinite Challenge” is not just funny.

This process of becoming great from the ordinary, not afraid of the difficult process, is the program, is the essence of these people.

In the spring of May, everyone has not spared.

Realizing that there was not so much time wasted, everyone almost put all the spare time on the rowing practice.

One small mistake, one small mistake, constantly correcting and improving, obviously feels that everyone’s strength is rapidly improving.

In addition to the boring practice, there is another problem that everyone discussed.

That is, in addition to the current eight people, you need some substitutes. In case someone is injured in the members, someone needs to be able to top it.

As for who to choose from, we are also considering it.

Although Jo In-sung came here once and made a big topic, it is obvious that the company has just retired and there are a lot of invitations for film and television dramas. There is no way to waste too much time on Infinite Challenge.

“The last time Jo In-sung came, the phone number was changed. That person can’t eat too much, knowing that it is not a good place.”

As soon as it came, Seok Jin-soo began to smash.

At the same time that everyone laughed, other people followed him.

“The one who is also a good boy, just go to your actor.”

As a friend, Jeong Jun-ha is very distressed.

“Yah!! You said so, what should I do when I get the news?”

Noh Hong-chul blinked and started to swindle again.

“If he thinks that we are wrong, come to Misari to defend.”

Yes, this is another shackle for Jo In-sung.

Looking back, when it comes to the issue of the bench, the coach confessed carefully.

“Because there is not much time left, I have to find it right away, and the helmsman does not. We still need member now. As for who is better, do you have any thoughts?”

Haha’s eyes turned and began to look forward to it.

“The player’s words are still uncertain, but the helmsman’s words, because of the weight requirements, I think a person is very suitable, should also be able to invite.”

Everyone is very curious.


“Is there a suitable candidate?”

Haha can’t wait for everyone to wait, and immediately announce it.

“Son Ye-jin, she hasn’t been here. If Miss So Ye-jin is the helmsman, we can all win.”

As soon as I heard that the American actress should be the helmsman, everyone was very excited.

“Yes, yes, this weight requirement is only suitable for female talents.”

Noh Hong-chul stared at Seok Jin-soo with gaze, and eagerly asked: “Can you invite Miss Son Ye-jin? As far as I know, she seems to have nothing to do recently.”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“No, no, that noona recently… um… a bit overdone.”

Everyone laughed, and he didn’t expect him to be the weight of ridicule Son Ye-jin. I don’t know if the program will be broadcasted by the national goddess after the program is broadcast.

In fact, Son Ye-jin is not likely to come to the Infinite Challenge even if he is free.

This rowing special is really too tired, and it is consumed outdoors every day. The wind and the sun are very harmful to people’s skin.

Seok Jin-soo is very distressed, and can’t bear the pain of his own woman.

In order to replace the possibility of selection, everyone prepared the video and asked the coach to review it.

Before watching the video, the coach emphasized his own standards.

โ€œI value the possibilities and enthusiasm.โ€

Jeong Hyeong-don quickly sells his friends.

“If you are enthusiastic, devon is the strongest.”

Itโ€™s true that the enthusiasm can compare Tae-yang in order to be able to perform.

The coaching is heavy.

“More importantly, we have to take the eight-person boat. We can’t even reunite now. So we need a member who can cooperate with us.”

In a blink of an eye, the video appeared, it turned out to be the mbc lounge.

At this time in the center of the lounge, there is a motive. And there are two young artists who are curiously watching.

It is the hobby and warmth of Shinee.

As soon as I saw it, Seok Jin-soo immediately said something.

“Yu Hao can definitely, the child is doing the same thing as the explosion. And it is a football player, and his physical fitness is absolutely enough.”

Sure enough, when Hao Hao sat on the top and swiped, the action was very standard.

After that, it was cnblue, and I didnโ€™t understand boating at all. It was the guys who came in chaos.

“Yah!! Let’s play drums well, don’t mess around.”

Even if you know that the other party can’t hear it, Seok Jin-soo is still a ridicule.

But the people who appeared in the video later made everyone happy.

“Oh, it’s leessang!”

“Our former member.”

“Exactly two substitutes.”

The “Infinite Challenge” production team is also very fascinating. Ji and Gary, who went to Jung In’s personal concert, were caught and experienced a bit of motivation.

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