KEP Chapter 891

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 891 chapter can not compare, floating astronomy

Although Kim Tae-hee is fully armed, it has no effect in the face of old acquaintances.

Therefore, the female head of the Givenchy store ushered in, and the words did not show anything.

“How come this time? Is there any activity, need clothes?”

Givenchy is not only a store that sells clothes, but also provides clothing sponsorship for the activities of artists.

To put it bluntly, it is an advertising campaign.

Kim Tae-hee If you are coming to buy something, you will not bring so many people at this time.

Since this is the case, the female leader will think that she is seeking sponsorship.

At this time, the Givenchy store was very quiet, so Kim Tae-hee took off the mask directly and grabbed the hand of the female leader. He smiled and said: “Eonni, how are you?”

There are many words about the chill between women. For a while, Kim Tae-hee pulled through Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na and introduced them to each other.

“Eonni, look, who is this.”

As the head of Givenchy, it is obvious that he has seen the world. What kind of big celebrity has not been in this store?

Even so, when Kim Tae-hee pulled down the Seok Jin-soo mask, the head of the woman couldn’t help but scream.

“Ah… Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi? Oh, oh… Oh… big celebrity is coming!”

At this moment, only one Seok Jin-soo is in the eyes of the female leader, and Yoo In-na is ignored.

But Yoo In-na didn’t care, just standing on the side with a smile.

She does not think that her influence can be compared with Seok Jin-soo. And Seok Jin-soo is his own man, seeing him popular, as a woman is also with honor.

For Seok Jin-soo, the female head is very enthusiastic. Once you hold your hand, you don’t want to let go.

“Aigoo, our Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is a guest, come to our Givenchy for the first time? How is it, do you have any thoughts on our Givenchy?”

When asked this question, the female head is very much looking forward to it.

Even as a top international brand, it is impossible to get along with the great celebrity of Seok Jin-soo.

The scene Seok Jin-soo will still say.

“I have always listened to Kim Tae-hee noona and I am very appreciative of Givenchy. I also have the admiration for it. I saw it today and it is extraordinary.”

That is, as the top international brand name, let alone the decoration of its specialty store is very luxurious.

For details, please explain it by Kim Tae-hee.

“Eonni, he is curious about Gangnam’s life, so I came here to inspect. You are here a place where many people will come, you can observe the life. Can you? Will you bother your business here?”

The female head of the person understood their intentions and inevitably gave Kim Tae-hee a strange look. But then she laughed and said: “If Seok Jin-soo can take a photo, there is no problem.”

The female person in charge is very smart, and it is definitely convenient to give it. I also took the opportunity to take some benefits from Seok Jin-soo.

Don’t say anything else, when you take a photo with Seok Jin-soo, it’s a live advertisement.

But asking someone to do things, such a small thing is taken for granted.

Seok Jin-soo smiled at Haha: “Noona, not just a group photo, we are also here to buy things.”

This is too good, so the eyebrows of the female leader can’t be seen.

Since the store provides convenience, Seok Jin-soo and others can do what they want.

Kim Tae-hee started the arrangement.

“You are separated, and you can pretend to be shopping. Just stroll around the store and don’t be found to be loaded.”

The people who follow them are basically the staff around them. So of course, we must obey her orders to match their work.

But Seok Jin-soo thinks more and adds one more sentence.

“Don’t go shopping, you can see, what you like, buy it. Everyone has worked hard during this time, I will pay you a bill. Not more than two million.”

The generous boss is naturally cheering everyone.

Eun-ho A group of people shouted the long lived boss, and immediately began to spread out and played as a customer.

Even Kim Tae-hee’s assistants managed Seok Jin-soo to call the boss, and the big beauty was so angry.

“You, you, Yah!! Don’t be too big. If you are under the slogan, you still have to be strict and strict.”

Kim Tae-hee was born in the giants, these are all understood from an early age.

On the contrary, Seok Jin-soo has no systematic ideas in this regard, and it is constantly improving and accumulating in the process of operating the company.

So for Kim Tae-hee’s teachings, he is firmly remembered.

“Only this time, everyone has been busy for so long, and it is not a matter of treating them.”

Kim Tae-hee certainly won’t hold it, after all, Seok Jin-soo has already said it. As a clever woman, it is impossible to refute the words of a man at this time.

Next, Kim Tae-hee and Yoo In-na also regained their armed status, accompanied Seok Jin-soo, and also installed customers in the store.

Of course, I wanted to come to Kim Tae-hee and Yoo In-na to observe the lifestyle of Gangnam.

Seok Jin-soo has two kinds of thoughts, both to inspect and to accompany women to go shopping.

Givenchy’s store products are all fine, it looks very good, so Seok Jin-soo also appreciates.

I don’t know, he looks more like a customer.

Similar to such a famous store, customers are really not much.

They walked around the store for a few laps and no one came.

Yoo In-na walked a little tired, found a chair to sit down and asked uncomfortably: “No one will come?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“It doesn’t matter if no one comes, so tomorrow we will continue to come and play. It’s just a real experience, don’t care too much.”

Looking back, he asked with heart: “Do you see anything you like?”

Yoo In-na shook his head and said, “I didn’t see it.”

“Cut, little goblin, lying is not blinking.”

Kim Tae-hee next to the dice was exposed to her, not at all polite.

Said, Kim Tae-hee put it in the ear of Seok Jin-soo, but with three people can hear: “Don’t listen to her, this missy just looked at the pair of high heels over there, watching The saliva must flow down.”

Yoo In-na is pretty and red-faced.

“Where, eonni said.”

Kim Tae-hee smiled and said: “You Yah!! The mind does not use the right place. You don’t want to think about it. If you don’t take the initiative, do you think this wood can understand?”

Speaking of the understanding of Seok Jin-soo, it is clear that Kim Tae-hee is the best among several women.

This guy is very smart in other things, but guessing the woman’s thoughts is a thousand times, it’s really too difficult for him.

Sure enough, listening to Kim Tae-hee, Seok Jin-soo is awe. Then I looked at Yoo In-na and asked, “Do you like that pair of shoes?”

Yoo In-na also understood, pulling Seok Jin-soo’s hand and nodding gently. Hope’s little eyes are as exciting as the lake.

Seok Jin-soo is a cloud of dry air, no hesitation at all.


The boldness of men makes women happy, but they are still very worried.

“The shoes are very expensive.”

Seok Jin-soo still has no hesitation.

“You like to be more important than anything else.”

Just then, a woman’s coldness suddenly came from the side.

“How do you marry someone’s family, then look at you. It’s a shame to be so tricky.”

Seok Jin-soo The three of them turned their heads and found that they didn’t know when there was a couple of men and women.

Apparently his conversation with Yoo In-na was heard by the other party, and the result was taken by a woman to reprimand the man around him.

It is estimated that the two have come here, the woman is fancy what, maybe the man is too expensive.

At this time, the man insisted for a while, even if the woman was not happy, it would be considered.

But when it is hesitant, the Seok Jin-soo next to it is very generous to women.

This is a must, and immediately caught by a woman to accuse the man of stingy.

The man obviously heard it when the woman heard it.

It stands to reason that the two sides originally bought each and did not interfere with each other.

But the man was not happy, because Seok Jin-soo’s approach made him shame in front of women.

Feeling that the face was damaged, the man’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he was very uncomfortable with a look at Seok Jin-soo.

Then he vented his nose, but he was obviously provoking Seok Jin-soo.

“Hey, women are long-haired and short-sighted. I don’t buy it for you because of stinginess? That’s because the garbage is not worthy of our kind. Only some things that don’t flow in will feel good.” “”

Immediately, he raised his hand and recruited the female leader.

“Which is the most expensive shoe you have here?”

The woman in charge heard this and the eyes lit up immediately.

β€œGuests have a heart, this Krystal shoe was designed by Ricardo Tucci, the only one in our store. It can even be said to be the only pair in Asia.”

When the man played the king’s arrogance, Seok Jin-soo three people were watching.

I saw that the price of the beautiful and unsatisfactory Krystal high heels was 570,000, followed by the US dollar…

Rao is the wealth of the Seok Jin-soo trio, and seeing this number can not help but swear.

Who is mental disorder?

Will spend $570,000 to buy a pair of shoes?

And these are set with a lot of diamonds and Krystal, how can you wear them everyday?

Seok Jin-soo Three people are more pragmatic, even if they buy something good, but like this kind of flashy, really touch will not touch.

However, the man just lost his face, but he was looking for a return.

Faced with the sky-high price of 570,000 US dollars, even the eyes did not blink, directly told the female leader: “Package, wait for the checkout.”

Good guy, this refreshing, Seok Jin-soo is self-proclaimed.

The man bought the most expensive thing in the store. Not looking back, he looked at Seok Jin-soo with a scorn. Especially the obvious hook of the corner of the mouth, it seems to be laughing at Seok Jin-soo is a poor man.

In the face of this scene, Seok Jin-soo three people face each other, really laugh and cry.

The most amazing thing is the transformation of the woman.

Just now, she also swears a bit of complaints about the man’s stinginess. As a result, after the man bought her the most luxurious things, she immediately became charming and charming, and she was extremely charming.

“Husband, you are awesome! Go to my house this evening. The dead ghost is abroad and will not come back.”

Seok Jin-soo Three people are dumbfounded again.

Originally thought that this pair of men and women, even if they are not husbands and wives, should be lovers.

Who expected, it turned out to be dogs and men.

The man is also very powerful, even for a married woman, a lot of money.

Waiting for the two to go high, Seok Jin-soo is still in shock.

“Can’t compare, can’t compare!”

Kim Tae-hee clung to his shoulder and smiled. “You saw it? This is Gangnam.”

Seok Jin-soo is still shaking his head.

“What the guy is doing? Good money.”

He just talked casually, didn’t expect Kim Tae-hee to actually know.

“The man is the director of the Samsung Group’s led department, responsible for global sales. As for the woman, it is a small actor, often playing a variety of roles.”

Seok Jin-soo has widened his eyes.

“Then they…”

Kim Tae-hee shrugged.

“This is Gangnam!”

Then she pulled up Seok Jin-soo’s hand.

“Let’s go, you’ve seen the luxury and splendour of Gangnam, and then take you to see Gangnam’s emptiness.”

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