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KEP Chapter 892

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the strong contrast of the 892 chapter, floating astronomy

In Apgujeong, I saw the rich people’s money, and everyone left here and went to Xinsha Cave.

“This is a very emotional place, but it is also a place where you can be pretentious. Bringing you here today is to show you how the two sides of the person are displayed.”

Kim Tae-hee, with Seok Jin-soo, found a café that looked good.

She did not let everyone in, but stayed outside.

Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee and Yoo In-na took the lead and found a quiet but well-watched place to sit down and have a drink.

“Noona, what can I see here?”

Seok Jin-soo asked as he looked around.

Like him, Kim Tae-hee is also looking for something.

After watching it for a while, Kim Tae-hee’s eyes suddenly fixed.

She leaned into the ear of Seok Jin-soo and pointed not far away. “Is there over there? Yes, that is the very fashionable beauty. Our goal for this time is her.”

“She? What happened to her?”

Follow the instructions of Kim Tae-hee and see Seok Jin-soo.

It turned out that in a position behind him, sitting alone a very fashionable beauty.

She is beautifully dressed, slender and hot, and can’t hide even if she sits. No matter how you look at it, it’s a rare big beauty.

Yoo In-na is also puzzled.

“She is very beautiful, what is wrong?”

Kim Tae-hee is grinning.

“The woman’s clothing tastes vulgar, the choice of makeup is too rich, and at first glance is a shrewd and vanity person. The result is that such a person is drinking Irish coffee, still watching Tiger’s wife, a heavy-duty book. You said, isn’t it a pretentious thing?”

After her analysis, Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na suddenly realized.

Indeed, if you take note of these, you can feel it. The woman is a contradiction.

Her dress tastes very dusty, more like a rich family who should enter and exit the luxury shopping mall.

As a result, the coffee that is meant to be romantic is Ireland, and the book is the “Tiger’s wife” about the Balkan war.

I believe that if the coffee she drinks is replaced by American iced coffee, and the books in her hands are replaced by fashion magazines, it is okay.

Since the target was discovered, Seok Jin-soo was curious.

“Noona, what should I do next?”

Kim Tae-hee has a gaze, and obviously has an idea.

“You don’t want to move here, I am going to buy a few oranges… ah no, I am going out.”

After that, Kim Tae-hee left the cafe alone.

Only Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na are left behind, and she doesn’t understand why she wants to buy a few oranges.

But I don’t know, I was almost taken advantage of it.

Kim Tae-hee didn’t go out for a long time. After a little while, he came back.

“Noona, what are you doing?”

As soon as Kim Tae-hee sat down, Seok Jin-soo asked.

Kim Tae-hee laughed.

“Don’t worry, just wait for the show to be good. Hey, come.”

Follow her voice, Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na are stunned.

I saw a person quietly walked into the coffee shop, then took a slow pace and finally sat opposite the woman.

No one else, it is Kim Tae-hee’s manager Li Wenhao.

The manager started from Kim Tae-hee and stayed with her. Don’t be too familiar with him.

Compared with the gleaming Kim Tae-hee, Li Wenhao is extremely simple.

At first glance, it is similar to a bus driver.

No matter how expensive and exquisite clothes are worn on his body, it looks rustic. So privately, Kim Tae-hee also jokingly called him Uncle Tu.

But now is such a person, actually sitting on the opposite side of the fashionable woman, causing the other party to be unknown.

It stands to reason that this quiet coffee shop is a good place to spend leisure time, not to interfere with each other.

And Li Wenhao, a stranger who sat down, apparently had a purpose.

Seok Jin-soo looked at Kim Tae-hee curiously, but received a blink of an eye.

Obviously, all this is arranged by Kim Tae-hee.

Sure enough, after Li Wenhao sat down, he showed a thick smile.

“Beautiful lady, I hope I didn’t bother you.”

Obviously, in the process of Li Wenhao sitting down, the woman was observing him with a gaze.

After seeing Li Wenhao’s unappealing appearance and wearing it without taste, the woman’s brow wrinkled unconsciously.

Although it just passed away, it is obviously impossible to escape the eyes of Seok Jin-soo and others who have been observing her.

Everyone knows that this woman is somewhat dissatisfied with Li Wenhao’s interruption.

But the woman did not say cold words, but revealed a reserved smile.

“I am sorry, I am reading a good book and want to enjoy a full time.”

Say it, she also deliberately showed the book in her hand to Li Wenhao.

The English full, Seok Jin-soo suspects that the woman can understand it.

The people of Gangnam are tasteful, and they are also very courteous. Even if the heart is not like this, the surface still needs to be loaded.

After the woman’s euphemistically rejected the refusal, Li Wenhao did not have an accident. Just nodded and got up and left.

Seok Jin-soo was inexplicable and whispered, “What is this?”

“Hey, don’t worry, watch the show.”

Today’s Kim Tae-hee is like a ghost horse, and it seems that it will arrange a prank.

Just as Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na were puzzled, another person slowly walked into the cafe.

Seok Jin-soo’s eyes were once again protruding, almost squirting the coffee in his mouth.

Not someone else, it is your own assistant Eun-ho.

Unlike the simple, but steady Li Wenhao, Eun-ho has always been swaying since it came in.

Those who don’t know, think that he is the rich second generation who is doing nothing.

Seok Jin-soo did not find out, this product has the strength of acting.

I saw Eun-ho just like a hyena. After walking into the coffee shop, my eyes just turned around and locked the woman.

He did not hide his purpose, so he went straight to the woman and walked over. The footsteps of the hustle and bustle are very annoying in the quiet cafe.

The woman naturally felt it, raised her head slightly and saw the look of Eun-ho.

This time, the look of disgust is more obvious.

I saw that she slowly closed the book. It seems that she was not prepared to let Eun-ho sit down. She said that she refused.

“Sorry, this gentleman…”

But before she finished, Eun-ho’s hand slammed on the table. When his hand was removed, there was a car key on the table.

Seok Jin-soo can’t help it anymore, trying to hold his chest, or else you have to go through it.

The original Eun-ho car key on the table was nothing else, it was the Maserati that Seok Jin-soo bought for Yoo In-na.

Under the dim light, the keys of the top luxury cars are with deadly charm, sparkling with intoxicating charm.

When the woman said half of it, she saw the car key and her face changed.

“This gentleman, at first glance, is tasteful. I don’t know if I can discuss literature with me?”

Seok Jin-soo The whole person was messy and looked at Kim Tae-hee incredibly.

As far as Eun-ho’s morality has just been shown, it is said that there is a human loyalty in the gangsters, which is far less stable than Li Wenhao.

But because of the car key of a top luxury car, the woman actually invited him to sit down.

This change is too amazing, right?

Kim Tae-hee whispered: “I saw it, this is the reality. In the face of money, people will disguise themselves.”

On the other side, since the woman issued an invitation, Eun-ho was not polite, and Malaysia sat down.

The woman was very attentive and took the initiative to call the waiter.

“What are you going to drink?”

Eun-ho’s neck is facing the sky, a look of no one.

“Coffee, hot.”

What is this stuff, Seok Jin-soo feels shameful when listening.

However, the woman is very likely to find reasons for him.

“Mr. really is a free and easy person, then cappuccino is good.”

When waiting for the waiter to coffee, the woman is very active.

“What does Mr. do? When you look at it, you should be a successful person.”

Eun-ho apparently got Kim Tae-hee’s instructions and played like this.

“There is a little business in the United States, generally. This time, because parents are planning to return to Korea to settle down, they have to buy them a place to live. Aigoo, the whole discussion of the cave has been seen, there is no eye-catching I plan to go to Sanchengdong tomorrow to see if I can’t do it. I just bought it on the side of Ruicaodong.”

Good guy, it’s really bragging to play drafts, and the woman who is scared is shocked. Looking at Eun-ho’s gaze, he is like the daughter of the king of the country.

On the caves and Sancheng Caves, it is the gathering place of Seoul’s top-class high-end apartments. He can’t even look at it here, and even plans to go to Ruicaodong to buy his own.

What is Ruicaodong?

That is where Samsung’s president lives.

You said that this is much richer.

The woman’s eyes are now all on Eun-ho’s body, only the “Tiger’s wife” in the hands…the other’s wife has something to look at.

She is very active.

“I don’t know, I have lived in Gangnam for a long time. I am still familiar with the real estate situation here. If I don’t mind, I can help you for your reference.”

Eun-ho is coming along.

“Really? That’s great. I saw it with the lady. Why don’t we change places and drink while discussing how?”

He did not hide the meaning of his expression, and believed that the woman also saw it.

However, the woman did not have any entanglement at all. On the contrary, she took the initiative to pack things and quickly put books, mobile phones and the like into the bag.

“I know a good bar, there are a lot of wines that I don’t want to drink or drink in China. Why, where are we going?”

Say it, the woman actually took the Eun-ho’s arm and used it to look at the breast that she had seen.

Eun-ho grabbed the still hot coffee and poured it into his mouth.

“Of course, I will drive you to take a ride, then we will go drinking again.”

After that, the two left the cafe so arrogantly.

Only Seok Jin-soo is left alone.

“Does this get your hands?”

Kim Tae-hee spread his hand.

“It’s that simple.”

Seok Jin-soo had to scratch his head. It was really impossible to imagine that a woman who had looked at such serious subjects as “Tiger’s Wife” was so vulgar.

Kim Tae-hee smiled and said: “I have told you that this is a holy place of vanity. The woman reading is not to improve her taste, but to make her own taste. For these purposes, It’s all for fishing.”

Seok Jin-soo slammed back and thought of a possibility.

“Wait, Eun-ho, the kid won’t happen with her really?”

Yoo In-na smiled and seemed to think of something, his face was red.

Kim Tae-hee is very indifferent.

“Whatever happens, what can happen?”

Seok Jin-soo is indignant.

“Yah!! We worked hard to come out and explore, but this kid is enjoying Yan Fu, and is there no Yoo-chun?”

After that, he felt badly.

When I saw my eyes, I found that all the women around me were cold-eyed and found that their true heart was exposed.

“Oh…hehe…noona, we are almost inspected, hurry home. It’s good at home, I want to die.”

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