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KEP Chapter 899

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the consequences of the 899 chapter big tongue, floating astronomy

A good nightingale, because of the behavior of Park Myeong-su, had to stop.

Seok Jin-soo sent Hyo-min and Bae Yoon-jeong back to the grass and rushed to mbc.

Everyone here is here.

It’s just that everyone’s look is not good, and the culprit Park Myeong-su cringes in the corner and looks carefully at the faces of others.

When Seok Jin-soo came in, the writer was 骂 Park Myeong-su.

Then the gentle and sage woman, at this moment, is completely horrible, and what is hard to hear is coming out.

Even so, Seok Jin-soo did not hold back his anger.

“Yah!! Old guy, would you like to get a zipper on your mouth? Really, what are you talking about?”

Obviously, today’s Park Myeong-su is very scared, without the evils of the past.

“Mianhae “sorry”, just the atmosphere of the program is so good, so I didn’t hold back.”

Seok Jin-soo closed his eyes in pain and didn’t want to say anything.

You are so happy for a while, do you know how much trouble it brings to everyone’s work?

It seems that Kim Tae-ho has been depressed for a long time, so it is still calm at this time.

He frowned, endured and endured, finally resisted the anger and slowly opened his mouth.

“It’s too late to say anything, let’s talk about it, what should we do?”

Seok Jin-soo was the last one, so I still don’t understand a lot of things. I asked, “Is things very big?”

Haha didn’t say anything, just handed over his mobile phone.

Seok Jin-soo only looked a little dizzy.

Good guy, Naver hot search list, from the first to the tenth, all about the song festival. The words of Xingtan Island are in the forefront, and they are still at the forefront.

It can be said that all the people now know.

The “Infinite Challenge” song festival has always been regarded as a compliment to the members. It is a kind of leisure and relaxation, and it is a rare opportunity for everyone to enjoy music.

Therefore, every place where the song festival is held is kept secret.

The fear is to attract public attention and create too much pressure on the members and composers.

Hidden, there are not many viewers on the scene. In this case, everyone will not have any pressure, you can relax and have fun.

Whether it is Kim Tae-ho or members, it is felt that such a song festival is purely enjoyment of music.

It is a pity that this tradition was broken this year. It was because of the mouth of an old guy who didn’t adjust. The result is now a situation that all citizens know.

Noh Hong-chul is also very nervous and can’t help but ask: “Would you like to change venues?”

Kim Tae-ho reported the situation with distress.

“Summer is the peak of the show, and it’s hard to basically make a reservation.”

Seok Jin-soo looks ugly.

“That is to say, can only be in the island of Xingtan?”

Kim Tae-ho said nothing, but the silent expression is enough to explain everything.

Yoo Jae-seok thought of a serious problem.

“No, now that the public cares so much, there will definitely be a lot of people coming to the scene. Do we have enough hospitality?”

Kim Tae-ho 惆怅 : : : “About this, we have applied to the community and got support. In addition, the venue is very large, I believe it should be possible.”

At this point, no one can do anything, so I have to wait for the final performance with a depressed mood.

In the outside world, because Park Myeong-su’s quick temper, the turmoil caused by it did not mean to calm down, but it also intensified.

More and more people say that the song festival of “Infinite Challenge” is very exciting and is a reliable performance, so it will go anyway.

The fans of “Infinite Challenge” are many, all over the country.

It is rare to have the opportunity to participate in the program personally, so these people are more enthusiastic and are already preparing for that day.

The most horrible situation is that there are countless people who intend to visit Xingtan Island for one purpose.

That is to see the performance of Seok Jin-soo in the field.

As the top singer in Korea, Seok Jin-soo’s music has always been trusted.

There are very few opportunities for him to perform in the past, and he basically does not show up. So over time, many people are not very hopeful.

But since May of this year, everything is different.

Seok Jin-soo participated in “I am a singer” and really stood on the stage of music and created a wave of crazy waves.

Every performance of his performance will become a hot topic after the broadcast. And his works of every performance have all risen to the forefront of the sound source list.

Through “I am a singer”, the public has become more aware of the infinite energy and charm of Seok Jin-soo as a singer, but only hates that there are too few opportunities to enjoy his performance.

The application for tickets for “I am a singer” is limited, and every time there is only a little, so it leads to fierce competition.

It is worth mentioning that since Kim Tae-hee, Son Ye-jin and those big men have gone there once, it has caused a lot of controversy.

The outside world has questioned that mbc has provided convenience to these people. So that they did not pass the fair extraction, it appeared in the scene of “I am a singer”, which is very unfair to the general audience.

In order to calm the dispute, mbc issued a death order.

Since then, no matter who, even the general commander, I still want to get a ticket through the relationship.

The only way for all viewers who want to enter the market is to apply from the official website and then be selected to qualify.

At that time, this incident also made a very interesting topic. The famous rock rok Jin Jinghao was selected through the official website and got a ticket. It was very exciting and was displayed on the sns.

The public was very surprised. I didn’t expect even the great musicians to be fans of Seok Jin-soo.

Since then, all the artists who got the tickets for “I am a singer” can’t help but show off on the sns and express their excitement.

I also let the outside world know that Seok Jin-soo is a singer and even an artist’s idol.

Celebrity is enough for him to envy everyone.

In any case, it is really too little to have a chance to experience the charm of Seok Jin-soo music through “I am a singer”.

The public is only able to appreciate it through TV, and it is no longer enough.

The “Infinite Challenge” West Coast Express Song Festival is an open stage and does not require ticket sales, which immediately ignited the public’s enthusiasm.

I don’t know how to pick people, and a horrible atmosphere is brewing.

In the hard work under the sweat, the 2011 year “Infinite Challenge” West Coast Express Song Festival lasted for more than two months and finally ushered in the performance day.

Early in the morning, everyone gathered on the roof of the mbc.

As soon as you come up, Yoo Jae-seok is full of enthusiasm.

“Finally, I arrived at the day of the song festival.”

Everyone is cheering because it is indeed a happy day.

Among them, especially Jeong Hyeong-don, is particularly excited.

“The last time I saw Zheng Zai today!”

Park Myeong-su puts his hands on his hips and is very serious.

“I thought it would rain today, I didn’t expect it to rain so soon.”

Seok Jin-soo teased him.

“Isn’t you telling God, saying that today’s song festival will be held, and God will give you face.”

Park Myeong-su is very red-faced, very embarrassed, but makes others laugh wildly.

In order to cover up the hustle and bustle, Park Myeong-su hurriedly talked nonsense.

“This weather is the best for the show, and it’s very hard to work under the big Tae-yang.”

Yoo Jae-seok immediately exposed him.

“We are recording at night anyway, and there was no big Tae-yang basking at that time.”

Jeong Hyeong-don said it was a bit more straightforward.

“When Myeong-su is in such a good state, the programs that are made are generally not good.”

Park Myeong-su was cold and sweaty and found that today is not a good day to play.

Yoo Jae-seok also gave evidence.

“When the 2009 Olympic Song Festival was held, Park Myeong-su was in a good state, but when I was on stage, I was too excited to forget the lyrics.”

Seok Jin-soo also testified.

“After that performance, Jessica directly pulled the phone of Myeong-su brother into the blacklist.”

Park Myeong-su ate the biggest cockroach, and he was unstable.

Park Myeong-su was finished, and Yoo Jae-seok informed the situation.

“After the show ended, a simple dinner was prepared.”

Park Myeong-su hurriedly said: “Don’t make a lot of wine… It will fight. It is very likely that someone will use their spirits to vent their feelings. This happened frequently.”

Haha never let him go.

“Do you know that you will be beaten the worst?”

Seok Jin-soo is also cut in.

“Myeong-su brother, G-Dragon has been looking forward to drinking with you, always saying that I want to drink with you.”

Is that right?

Yoo Jae-seok asked: “G-Dragon, let’s say your determination.”

G-Dragon doesn’t need to say too much, just light up both hands.

“I came with a ring.”

Good guy, G-Dragon wears five big rings on both hands, all made of metal. It is estimated that you can punch down and get five teeth down.

Among the most prominent among us today, it is obviously a little red bada.

Yoo Jae-seok couldn’t help but admire.

“Is this your costume?”

Bada is very unreasonable and even said: “I usually wear it like this.”

Even if you are crazy, you don’t usually wear a see-through dress. It was a virtual trend that turned into a pole and became a variety artist.

Along with bada, Yoo Jae-seok tweeted 10cm’s philosopher’s clock.

“Zhe Zhong changed his hair.”

Others also teased him.

“Zhe Zhong cut his hair.”

“Cut the same hairstyle as G-Dragon.”

Yoo Jae-seok asked: “Is there a change in mood?”

Zhe Zhong is very serious: “I want to show the best, I also wear ordinary clothes.”

This child, good not to learn, actually learn bada to speak.

Finally, Yoo Jae-seok introduced the award for this song’s ritual award, which was originally the cover of cd.

Seven teams, but can be the cover of cd, it is really worth the reward.

Kim Tae-ho informed that the judges of this song festival will be hidden among the audience. Who is specifically, but was concealed by the production team.

After all said that, everyone got on the bus and started moving to Xingtan Island.

There is Yoo Jae-seok in the car, naturally it won’t be boring, so everyone talks and laughs and has a good time.

However, when the car was about to arrive at Singtan Island, it stopped inexplicably.

“what happened?”

“What happened?”

Because you can’t see the outside situation in the car, everyone is very puzzled.

After waiting for more than half an hour, Kim Tae-ho came back in a hurry.

And what he said made everyone’s face change.

“As soon as I got the news, the Seoul City Police had already restricted traffic to the direction of Singtan Island. In Singtan Island, traffic control was carried out.”


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