KEP Chapter 901

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 901 chapter music is the challenge, floating astronomy

After seven teams, and Seok Jin-soo and Psy rehearsed, they all showed their true colors.

But no group of music is bad, it is not exciting enough.

The best musicians in Korea have gathered together. At this point, it is finally possible to say that the audience who came to the scene today are blessed!

As night fell, the sea breeze in the western Pacific slowly blew, making the original hot star island become refreshing.

The gloomy daytime brought the night to a clear, starry sky and the lights on the ground.

It’s a good time to taste music. This is the common idea of ​​everyone who comes to the scene today.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, the venue was open and began to accept the audience.

Just like the opening of a dam, the swarming crowd seems to be out of the zombies, filling all the space at the speed of light.

Even if everyone is sitting in a tent, they can feel the hot atmosphere outside.

Seok Jin-soo is also getting nervous and starting to prepare for this final battle.

He did not know that with the influx of people, there were four beautiful women who were armed and hand in hand.

Although they all wear hats and masks, people can’t tell their faces. But even the perfect body, let people know that they are definitely goddesses.

Unfortunately, the four women built a perfect line of defense, separated from all the voyeurism, occupying a corner alone.

“Eonni, what should I do? How is it more nervous than when I go to power?”

A slender but thin girl hugs a woman who is slightly shorter than her, but she is very delicate and very cute.

A slightly shorter woman is not much better.

“Wow, it’s Daebak! So many people have come. Is this creating history?”

The taller girl knows more, nods and is immersed in shock.

“This is the largest audience I have ever seen. It’s a problem when you leave.”

Another woman who smiles like a moon smiles: “Don’t worry, we are waiting. Now that you are here, just enjoy it.”

They also did not notice that in the other corner, there were six girls in a group.

“Eonni, if Oppa knows that we are running, will we marry us?”

“So many people, how can he see us?”

“Moreover, we have not delayed our work!”

“Do you not regret it today?”

There is no time to regret it. In the tent waiting for the stage, all the actors are gathered together to prepare for the performance.

“Well, everyone, more than two months, really hard work.”

The performance began right away, and today’s mcYoo Jae-seok stands in front of everyone and begins the final mobilization.

β€œEveryone knows that there are a lot of audiences coming today. I hope to enjoy this festival with these audiences today.”

Seok Jin-soo stands up and screams.

“Play it up happily, put down the bad ones, you must be crazy today.”

This is the best, and there are a few crazy children screaming with him immediately, and the atmosphere is very good.

The excitement of everyone also gave Yoo Jae-seok the power to let him leave the tent with confidence and walked on the stage alone.

At 8:30 in the evening, the entire Xingtan Island has already boiled.

Countless spectators stood under the stage, waiting for it, eager to see the true face of their long-awaited “Infinite Challenge” song festival.

In this ardent mood, mcYoo Jae-seok strode out.

“Hello everyone, everyone!”

Just a simple greeting, but got a response from 100,000 people.

The wave of cheers was even more shocking than the tsunami, and it took a long time for Yoo Jae-seok to stand up.

Rao is the national mc, and it is the first time I have seen such a big scene.

“The audience in front of the TV, as well as the audience who came to the scene, the 2011 West Coast Express Song Festival, is now grand opening!”

This is a big deal, and the cheers of the long-awaited audience have risen to the next level, seemingly shaking the entire island of Xingtan.

At this very moment, the staff walked into the tent and waved at the first group of Paris Marshes.

It turned out that it was time for them to wait.

Jeong Hyeong-don is a strong smile.

“To be out!”

No matter how they confront each other before, they dig each other, but in today’s grand ceremony, everyone is one.

So when Jeong Hyeong-don and Zheng Zai were standing up and going out, everyone gave them sincere blessings and encouragement.

“Hyeong-don, don’t worry, you are the best!”

In addition to Seok Jin-soo, the kind of bada also cheered Zheng Zheng.

The host of Yoo Jae-seok on the stage continues.

“The Republic of Korea, a group of seven well-known musicians, I hope that everyone will applaud. Today’s opening performance is a combination of Paris lovers and the madness of the swamp charm…”

Just to say that the audience already knows who it is. For a time, the fans of Jeong Hyeong-don who were present had raised their aid cards, and the number was quite large.

Over the past year, LiTTL-Time To Love e Fatty Jeong has become better and better, and has become an indispensable part of the Infinite Challenge. It is a new force to push the program forward.

Yoo Jae-seok is also very pleased to see that his brother is so popular.

“Two people are about to create a strong tango world, tango swamps, are you ready to fall into the trap?”

Jeong Hyeong-don This person, the audience is too familiar. With all kinds of nonsense fashion superiority and unreasonable charm, it has been welcomed by everyone.

But such a person seems to have nothing to do with tango.

What a novelty, what kind of tango world can he show?

At this moment, the audience that was completely inspired by curiosity was already hungry and thirsty, and the call was heard through the sky.

In this case, the preparation for the stage has been completed, and Yoo Jae-seok is no longer delayed.

“So good, the first group, pure love, welcome the Paris swamp!”

Following the introduction of Yoo Jae-seok, both Jeong Hyeong-don and Zheng Zai-type wore gorgeous red dresses and slowly walked onto the stage.

Not to mention, relying on this dress, both of them look a lot more solemn.

When the two men stepped onto the stage, Zheng walked to the piano and sat down. Jeong Hyeong-don, wearing a black cloak, stood alone in front of the vertical microphone.

Even if there were 100,000 spectators in front of him, he closed his eyes at this time.

Because he is ready to brew emotions for the upcoming show.

Did not let the audience wait for too long, Zheng Zheng type confirmed that everyone is in place, immediately waved, the piano and the symphony orchestra met, the most passionate melody.

The majestic prelude that overwhelmed everything, so that 100,000 spectators were quiet, and wherever they looked, there was only a small stage on that side.

Jeong Hyeong-don has also become so serious that he has danced in this majestic piece of music, as if he has become a passionate bullfighter.

This opening is awesome and impeccable.

The crowds who were nervous in the waiting room burst into slaps, revealing a relaxed and happy smile.

“Good job!”

“Oh… so handsome!”

When Jeong Hyeong-don was enchanted by the melody, Zheng Zheng, who had already merged with the piano, slowly opened his mouth and began to sing deeply.

Sweet joke

Deadly breath

I leave you and leave

Let you break…

Jeong Hyeong-don is seamlessly connected and the performance is very surprising.

In the last year or two, in the “Infinite Challenge”, I took on a lot of laughter and smashed the orange, and even completed the mutation, it seems to be more solemn than the musicians performing in the Golden Auditorium in Vienna.

Especially his vocals are calm and powerful, just like his weight.

Seducing you

My eyes

However, you are just a

An alternative to revenge…

Jeong Hyeong-don and Zheng Zai, two people who seem to be ugly, at this time in the huge symphony orchestra and Hongdae music, the image is extremely stalwart.

Sure enough, the Paris Marsh, their charm is like a swamp, has made everyone intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves.

Especially when the climax of the song came, everyone was nervous and didn’t want to miss a minute.

Zheng Zai type:

I shake your heart

I am the end of love, pure love.

Even if you want to have me even if you want to keep me

I am also the owner of the deadly charm of Moonlight legend.

Jeong Hyeong-don’s domineering is skyrocketing

My purpose is to conquer you.

I am the end of love, pure love.

I can’t forget the woman who abandoned me.

Necrotic heart injured lily

Pure love, man…

This performance is really suffocating and it is never to be seen.

The applause in the waiting room was one after another, all of which were given to the fat man who was no longer funny but passionately singing.

The magnificent music is really a good start for this song festival, and the style of the whole performance has been improved a lot.

Let countless audiences realize that although this is “Infinite Challenge”, it is not the “Infinite Challenge” that we have known before.

In this hot summer, “Infinite Challenge” reveals its embarrassing side, and it is necessary to give everyone the spirit of sensitivity.

Today, here, please let go of everything, only beautiful music is the only theme that can be intoxicating.

Jeong Hyeong-don and Zheng Zai, two people who seem to be irrelevant, because the fate of “Infinite Challenge” brought them together, but created a wonderful chemical reaction.

In the end, the effect of this reaction was presented on the fabulous stage, and it also convinced countless audiences.

Serious and serious tango music, cut the heart of a pure man, and let countless people begin to examine love.

In the purple light and shadow atmosphere, the stage of the Paris Marsh is also like the meaning of purple, with mysterious and tempting charm, so that 100,000 people are silent.

My lily……………………

In this suffocating atmosphere, Jeong Hyeong-don sent out the most shocking cry.

Seriously, he finally revealed the fangs of a real man, incited the night sky of Singtan Island, and pushed the song to a climax.

Before today, who would have thought that this was what Jeong Hyeong-don could do?

But music is so beautiful, it is the most deceiving person.

When the last note fell, the applause of 100,000 spectators was the most sincere celebration.

Although no one believes, even though he is hesitant, with the diligent efforts, the perfect cooperation between Jeong Hyeong-don and Zheng Zai-type has completed a wonderful stage that I could not think of in the past.

This kind of performance is “Infinite Challenge”!

Because… music is a challenge!

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