KEP Chapter 904

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 904 chapter music is young, floating astronomy

Haha is a clever guy, and he hasn’t forgotten his little cleverness in the song festival.

When a song was finished, it was time to step down.

But he was prepared and played a trick.

“Okay, everyone, I hope everyone can work hard.”

When he finished, he pretended to be on the stage, and he was very careful in his mouth.

“Encore, Encore…”

What else did the audience not understand? It was a happy death.

I saw the wonderful performance of the song festival today. I only hate the team too little. I can only hear seven songs.

Now I have more opportunities to appreciate, can I let go?

Quickly, the sounds of the audience gathered into a torrent with unstoppable power.

“Encore !Encore !Encore !”

The battle was successful, and the three Hahas immediately pretended to be in a tough situation, and they returned to the stage with a twist.

“Aigoo, I only prepared one song. Everyone, really, what should I do?”

The shameless “Haha” Ha Dong-hoon, lying without blinking, the performance is pure.

Then, he pretended to be an emergency, saying: “In this case, simply give everyone a song in the form of a band.”

The rest of the tent was shocked.

“They won’t want to sing two songs?”

On the stage, 10cm is still playing with Haha.

“Tune with c, take the reggae style.”

Haha is lame.

“I don’t know if this is OK…”

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t stand it anymore and started cursing.

“This brother will play this set, and when there is a music performance next time, it will definitely be the last.”

He swears that he is really just talking about it. I did not expect that after half a year, my own words actually came true.

In fact, the Haha team has to perform two songs. How could it be a temporary intention?

Of course, it has been planned well.

Not only do they know that the production team knows that other people know.

Because when discussing the performance, everyone agreed that the songs of Haha’s group were a bit weak.

It’s not a song, but a song of this style. In such a song festival, facing other groups of works, it is a bit of a loss.

So in order to make up for this gap, simply use the quantity method.

The two songs come together, which is also the sincerity of the Haha team.

The second “Glutinous Rice Cake”, with the reggae of the Haha logo and the free wind of 10cm, is very fresh and natural, and will definitely be liked by the young artists.

After the Haha group, another group of people worried about going out will appear.

That is the sweet nasal harassment of Jeong Jun-ha and seesorro. Eetsorro’s chorus is so perfect, everyone is worried that Jeong Jun-ha’s voice blends in and can’t.

Especially when they were rehearsing, they still had a lot of performances.

At this time, more worry is also useless. The sweet nasal harassment has already stood on the stage and brought their work “Like me not.”

The most interesting thing about this song is that the phrase like me is very similar to the pronunciation of Jeong Jun-ha.

When I sing, it is like asking if I don’t like it, and it seems to be highlighting the image of Jeong Jun-ha.

It can be said that the song is absolutely great, seesorro is very sincere in the creation.

No need to wait too much, the stage of sweet nasal harassment began.

In the beginning, the purple stage is full of intoxicating romance. Eetsorro’s chorus showed off its skill from the very beginning and started a good start.

After the beginning of this deep affection, the whole genre changed, and it quickly cheered up and swayed the audience’s dance steps.

Because the genre of joy is no problem, the dance of sweet nasal harassment is also very fresh and easy to learn.

Let me fall in love at first sight

The first time you meet, you will be tied to me.

If you can accept my love

I won’t let you regret it.

Like me or don’t like me?

Please take a look at this person who has always loved you.

Like me or cloth like me?

Ah… ah… oh…

The people in the tent all opened their mouths and looked at the stage incredulously.

It is really impossible to imagine that Jeong Jun-ha, which used to be the image of the hind legs, has been perfectly integrated with seesorro and has become a harmonious one.

Their stage is brisk and playful, and the sweet nose is full of cuteness, which is about to melt the hearts of the people.

This song can be called the best confession song of the year. I believe that after the broadcast, I will definitely be loved by lovers.

Especially the lovely dance is what makes the audience in the audience like it.

Responding to the performances on the stage, more than 100,000 people in the audience have collectively jumped up, forming a continuous wave of waves.

Through wonderful music, the world is in harmony at this time.

There is no dispute, no dissatisfaction, no gloom, everyone is filled with happy sweet smiles, and have fun in such music.

At the end, the tent was also played. Everyone couldn’t sit still, and with the music, they all jumped up.

I don’t even know why, but I am very happy.

This is the charm of music!

Finally, after the five teams passed, the song festival began to gradually enter the final stage.

While the audience is sorry, the expectation is increasing.

Without him, the combination of the winner of the last song festival, the national mcYoo Jae-seok and the rhythm poet Li Di, must not be missed.

In the eyes of everyone, Yoo Jae-seok and Li Di turned into the playboys who flocked to Apgujeong in the 1990s and appeared on the stage.

The audience was happy when they saw them.

Many of these people have many middle-aged people.

Nowadays, it has gradually become the main force of the family. Struggling for the family has long since moved away from the time.

But when they saw Yoo Jae-seok and Li Di, their memories were all awakened. I remembered that they used to be so free and playful.

It turned out that this is a stage for memories.

The work of the drooping snail is the kind of work that is so cheerful and extreme that only needs to sweat.

So from the beginning of the stage, still standing, Yoo Jae-seok began to set off the atmosphere.

“The transformation of Li Di, the gull pavilion is a good man!”

The dynamic electronic music was ringed by Li Di, so that the listeners seemed to return to the past nightclubs, those years of glamour in disco music.

Yoo Jae-seok is still leading the rhythm.

“This year is the 2011 year, the Infinite Challenge West Coast Highway song festival, are you ready??”

The audience is of course ready, and the cheers of the clouds are the best proof.

Since they are all ready, what are you waiting for?

At this moment, let us pick it up!

The melody of the music is speeding up at once, and the factors that the stimulating audience wants to dance are also active.

On the stage, Yoo Jae-seok led the dancers and had already begun the familiar retro dance performances.

The brisk bunny dance is very popular in the nightclubs of the 1990s, and every man who wants to attract the attention of girls must learn.

At this time, Yoo Jae-seok jumped up, but it didn’t look too angry. Just like the Apgujeong Pavilion, the atmosphere was still warm.

“The drooping snail, the enthusiasm of 09 for the year, everyone together!”

Of course, together, such awkward music, what else can you do at this time?

It’s better to dance!

For a time, the stage and the stage were effectively interacting, and there were crowds of dance everywhere.

Today’s scene has reached a new climax here.

Finally, Li Di’s voice appeared.

Surprisingly, at this time his singing voice is different from the deep and powerful sensibility of the past, but a scornful false sound is used.

Just like the chic brothers who have been able to play in the nightclubs of the 1990s, they can easily turn the atmosphere into awkwardness.

Come over, beauty.

Several of you have come to play

Don’t quit, drink a glass of wine

It’s all yours…

Many people will smile when they hear such lyrics.

That year’s self, in the nightclub is also such a hook girl?

Put on a chic posture, pretend to be generous, and only the girl in the eyes.

Yoo Jae-seok’s rap is simple and powerful, and it is also the self-promotion of men who are indispensable in nightclubs.

Actually, I am a handsome guy.

Go out and play with hyeong

Although I am only playing treasure

Actually, I am a handsome guy.

Think about it now.

Go back and think about it.

Although no one knew at the time

Actually, I am a handsome guy…

Ok, just over and over again, he is a handsome guy.

Of course, it is a handsome guy that I think, and others don’t know.

But what about it?

The atmosphere is hot, so that the t-shirts are soaked, the dancing melody does not stop, and there is no end to happiness. This is enough.

This is the Apgujeong, a place where everyone can show their style.

It doesn’t matter if others don’t appreciate it. I am my protagonist myself.

Even if there is no money in my pocket, I can fly myself in the music.

In the fiery youth, you will always think that you are the most handsome.

It is a carefree day. It is an infinitely possible day. In that time, nothing needs to be thought of. Just have fun and play.

Enthusiastic youth, without too much worry, is the most comfortable day in life.

For today’s heavy middle-aged people with heavy shoulders, it is a day that will never be forgotten.

In the familiar and dynamic music, everyone’s thoughts are pulled back to a young state, and the dance steps and expressions are relaxed.

Let go of everything and think about nothing. Just today, relive the carefree happiness.

There is no time machine in this world, and it is impossible for people to travel through time and space and return to the past.

Only music can make people younger!

“A Gulling Pavilion” has done it, so that all the people dream back to the 1990s, the fiery youth years.

Even if they ended the performance, the remaining temperature was hard to dissipate, and the aftertaste continued.

So when the Jeong Hyeong-don as the host was on stage, I was still amazed.

“It’s amazing, two.”

The drooping snails felt the same way, so the two also celebrated themselves, but left Jeong Hyeong-don aside.

Being ignored, mc, Jeong Hyeong-don is a unique one!

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