KEP Chapter 909

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 909 chapters are all good at the field, floating astronomy

The car in front of the car was in full swing, and in the back of the car, So-yeon finally couldn’t help it after a long silence.

I have already prepared for everything today, but everything that happened just made her a little caught off guard.

There are still many things that both puzzle her and make her lose her mind.

“Oppa, Kim Tae-hee eonni, Yoon-ah and your relationship… I know. But others…”

The relationship between Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah and Seok Jin-soo, So-yeon has long been aware of and prepared for it.

I feel that they can face them well today, even in the most sorrowful way, and hope that they can accept their existence.

What So-yeon couldn’t think of completely was that when Seok Jin-soo said “Let’s go home,” there were Son Ye-jin and Yoo In-na along the way.

So-yeon is completely unaware of the relationship between Son Ye-jin, Yoo In-na and Seok Jin-soo, especially Yoo In-na, which makes her unprepared.

She is not a big heart girl, and it is her limit to make this decision today. So in the face of the situation that I don’t know, I’ve been jealous.

Seok Jin-soo turned his head and found So-yeon’s face pale and sweaty.

The only thing he can do at this time is to stretch out his own hands and use his own heat to warm the girl’s nervousness.

What still needs to be done at the same time is thorough confession.

Yes, So far, So-yeon has completely opened his heart to himself. Then, for everything around me, I can no longer hide her.

As for the reaction to So-yeon after learning the truth, he will respect her choice.

“They… are also my women.”

It is obvious that the small hand of So-yeon in the palm is suddenly tightened. The atmosphere inside the compartment was also stagnant, making Seok Jin-soo nervous.

Although he is ready to think, no matter what choice So-yeon makes, he will respect it.

But when it comes to the end, he has to admit that he does not seem so open-minded.

After several rounds of entanglement, Seok Jin-soo took the initiative to express his heart.

“You are a good girl, so I can’t lie to you. They are all people I like, and they give me everything. I am responsible for them, but I am also responsible for your happiness. No matter what you do, I won’t blame you. If you can’t accept it, I can send you back now.”

At this moment, Seok Jin-soo suddenly remembered the performance of Haha and 10cm at the song festival.

“Either die, or associate”, now this time, you need to be desperate.

Don’t leave yourself behind, and don’t leave a retreat for So-yeon. Taking advantage of her most determined time, when she opened her heart, it was definitely the best time.

After saying this, Seok Jin-soo slowly slowed down the speed and eventually stopped at the roadside.

Then he turned around and grabbed both So-yeon’s hands, only to look at her eyes.

When it comes to Seok Jin-soo not only having two women, but having four, So-yeon is not good for the whole person.

Two and four, not just the difference between numbers.

It also means that how many Seok Jin-soo’s love can you get among so many outstanding women?

From small to large, the love she has been educated, contacted, and fantasized is a double-fly with One Man.

I never thought about sharing love with other women.

In the case of Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah, she decided to come to Seok Jin-soo with no hesitation. I really felt that I could not live without him.

Can face the words of four competitors…

Struggling for a long time, thinking for a long time, So-yeon only sighed.

How to do?

What else can I do?

Step by step to today, can she still go out?

Obviously, everything is already late.

In her life, besides Seok Jin-soo, can anyone give her a reliance and light?

Since there is no, then she has become a four-competitor and she has no retreat.

“Oppa, in your heart, are we all… equally important? Or I don’t want much, I just hope that there is my existence in the corner of Oppa’s mind.”

I feel that the pressure is huge, and the elegant style has a heart-opening, deliberately pretending to be weak, and at the same time retreating, I hope to be the most indispensable person in the mind of Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo smiled when she could face her.

Seok Jin-soo is most happy that his desperation is effective, So-yeon really can not do without himself, or to be his own woman.

At the same time laughing, this missy, even without a teacher to understand the competition.

Unfortunately, for the harmony of his harem, he wants to break the missy of this missy.

Gently raised his hand and stroked So-yeon’s smooth and straight hair, Seok Jin-soo told her more.

“Stupid missy, you and them, not opponents. We are a family!”

So-yeon’s eyes are big and his face is red. Unexpectedly, my own thoughts were seen by Seok Jin-soo.

How to do?

Does he feel that he is a bad woman and he no longer likes himself?

It can be a matter of happiness in his life. So-yeon soon woke up and obsessed: “Why not an opponent? On One Man, it is not enough.”

While talking, she couldn’t help feeling.

Park So-yeon, Park So-yeon, you have really changed a lot.

You were not like this before, and sharing the things of men with others can be discussed straightforwardly.

Seok Jin-soo squinted and could not accept her doubts.

“Hey, what’s wrong with One Man? You know, your man is the strongest. If no one helps you share it, you will die.”

So-yeon’s big eyes are awkward.

“Why will you die?”

But she is a mature girl after all, and she knows everything. The white face of the jade is red and the whole body is hot and hot.

“Oppa, nonsense… what nonsense?”

Seok Jin-soo started the car again and shouted: “Is it nonsense? Wait until you ask them and you will know.”

So-yeon has nothing to say, and one person sitting next to it is tweaking.

Have a good conversation, and finally, how can I turn to that aspect?

This Oppa, the bragging is not drafted.

She didn’t understand anything. After she became an adult, she also consulted her mother.

According to the mother, the man is just that, more than half an hour is awesome.

What a golden gun does not fall, the night is eight women, it is impossible to do it with exhaustion.

The next journey was spent in So-yeon’s cranky thoughts. It was not until Seok Jin-soo’s words rang in her ears that she woke up from the chaotic thoughts.

“Susu, we are here.”

Although as a close person, she should call her In-jung.

Seok Jin-soo likes to call her vegetarian, feeling so called relatives.

However, this does not seem to be his own feeling, So-yeon has become more flexible in such a name.

Finally got home?

Su-yeon suddenly became nervous, and both hands and feet did not know how to put it.

Speaking of this, this is the first time she has come to the home of Seok Jin-soo.

Since mysti moved to Sangam-dong, she has overlooked Seok Jin-soo’s home more than once.

The angle is not good, I can’t see the house at all, I can only see the corner of the yard.

Even so, she fantasized that the person she likes, what is she doing at home?

Any girl, the first time to the lover’s home, will inevitably be nervous.

They will fantasize and expect everything that happens next.

What is even more difficult for So-yeon is that at this time, there are four women waiting for her at home.

As soon as you walk in, there is no turning back, and together with them, become a member of this family.

Is she… ready?

Noticing the tension of So-yeon, Seok Jin-soo was not in a hurry, sitting quietly and waiting patiently.

I felt the intimacy of Seok Jin-soo, which made So-yeon’s heart warm, and some low self-confidence came back.

She looked up again, and the smile was as refreshing as the bright moon in the sky.

“Oppa, let’s go, can’t keep eonni waiting.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and took the lead to get off the bus and opened the door for So-yeon.

At a point that Seok Jin-soo couldn’t see, So-yeon took a sigh of relief and stepped out of the car.

When she stood in the yard, the first time she saw the true face of Seok Jin-soo’s house, she was once again dumbfounded.

“what happened?”

Seeing her not moving, Seok Jin-soo asked with concern.

So-yeon is soaring at the magnificent building.

“Oppa, this… is this too big?”

Seok Jin-soo This is why So-yeon was scared by his own house.

This made him very vain, Haha laughed, grabbed So-yeon’s shoulder, and said it was too domineering.

“If you are not big enough, how can you raise them?”

So-yeon’s reaction was just like the previous Kim Tae-hee and others, giving Seok Jin-soo a charming white eye.

“Bad man, have you been premeditated?”

Seok Jin-soo sneered, but refused to answer this question. Just pulling So-yeon’s hand and walking towards the house.

It’s already bright and bright, it looks warm and comfortable, it’s their home!

When Seok Jin-soo walked in with So-yeon, as imagined, the Kim Tae-hee four women really gathered in the living room.

Their eyes were not unexpected, they all stared at the door. To be precise, they are all looking at the So-yeon.

Under the clean lighting, So-yeon halfway behind Seok Jin-soo, his eyes drifted, and he didn’t know where to put it.

The four women in front of her, she and Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah are very familiar, I met in the plain, and also noona, the sister is very good.

But today, I really want to be a sister, but my mood is completely different, so So-yeon has lost the ability to cope.

She didn’t know that Kim Tae-hee was sighing when she saw her at this time, knowing that things were irreversible.

She used to be familiar with So-yeon, but she has always been confident that So-yeon is not as good as her own.

Especially after she came to the side and came to Seok Jin-soo, she always thought that So-yeon had no chance to come back.

But now, seeing So-yeon’s sly look, Kim Tae-hee finally found himself under the enemy.

Perhaps speaking of elegance and elegance, So-yeon is far from being able to catch up with itself.

The two stand together, and the radiance should be their own.

But today, she discovered that So-yeon has its own fatal advantage, which is the root of her ability to capture Seok Jin-soo’s heart.

That is, this girl has a little woman temperament that makes men feel proud.

She may not be as good as herself in beauty and temperament, but she can make the man standing next to her shine and the style is unparalleled.

Ask, such a woman, which man does not like it?

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