KEP Chapter 912

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the idea of ​​912 chapter PSY, floating astronomy

If it is to satisfy their own desires, then Seok Jin-soo will certainly look for other women.

But Seok Jin-soo is not stupid, but it is now more experienced.

He knows that So-yeon has just completed the transformation from girl to woman, and the mind is sensitive and embarrassing, it is time to comfort.

For the happiness of women, he did not follow the words of So-yeon, but continued to play the true character of men, and actively helped So-yeon to pack up.

When he was finished, his desires faded. Just hold So-yeon and enjoy the warmth after the rain.

So-yeon is really tired, shrinking in the arms of Seok Jin-soo, listening to his endless love words, his mouth screaming with a happy smile.

A good night’s sleep, when So-yeon woke up, I regretted it.

It hurts, it hurts, and it hurts everywhere.

Especially between the legs, it seems to be torn.

I still thought that I was a newcomer. I have to behave well and I can’t let the noonas dissatisfied. She also plans to get up early and prepare breakfast for everyone.

It can cause severe pain, making her difficult to walk, lying in bed and complaining.

“Okay, don’t move, take a break today. No one will blame you, who told the guy that he doesn’t know how to pity the jade.”

As a result, Kim Tae-hee came to the bed with a good bird’s nest porridge.

“eonni ……”

I didn’t expect to be taken care of by Kim Tae-hee, and So-yeon’s eyes were red.

Until then, for the integration of this home, she is really completely regretful.

Kim Tae-hee put the bowl in her hand and smiled. “Come on, let me put the recovered herbs inside. You don’t have anything to do today, this is what you should.”

So-yeon’s little face is completely red, and I feel more useless.

Even if I didn’t come to bed because of that kind of thing, I was estimated to be laughed at by my sisters for a lifetime.

Recalling the embarrassment of last night, she was still scared.

That Oppa, the appearance is flat, how is it so powerful in that matter?

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but curiosity and whispered: “Eonni, the same time you and Oppa did it?”

The private words between women are very popular.

Kim Tae-hee sighed.

“Although it is a bit better than annyeonghaseyo, it is not much better. After a long time, you will know what kind of man you have found.”

It’s not only that I’m not using it myself, So-yeon’s mood is better, holding Kim Tae-hee’s carefully prepared porridge, and it’s fast.

On this day, Kim Tae-hee was resting at home, so So-yeon was pestering her and many women talked a lot.

He also picked a beautiful woman flower, Seok Jin-soo is refreshing, and when he goes to work, the company seems to be flying.

However, Psy’s call made him very surprised.

“Jin-soo, is there time? Something, I want to discuss it with you.”

In the song festival, Seok Jin-soo and Psy have become good friends because of good cooperation. So his thing, Seok Jin-soo will not be slow.

“Of course, there is time. Where are we meeting?”

I can see that Psy was very careful and said, “Are you at the company? Then I used to look for annyeonghaseyo, and I was with Hyun-suk.”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit dumbfounded.

“Who? President Yang Hyun-suk?”

Psy still doesn’t know that he is already panicked.

“Yeah, this thing Hyun-suk brother is very concerned, so be sure to come together.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Aigoo, the representative of yg is coming, I have to hurry to prepare for the honor guard!”

H 绗戠殑寰堟槸 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 掑攼锛岀揣鎺ョ潃 H H H H H H H H H H H H H

鈥沧垜浠殑Director Seok 锛屽挶浠殑鍏崇崇郴锛岀敤寰楃潃杩欎箞Haha 鍝堬纴鍙槸鏅€氱殑鍏簨锛屽Ammonia涓嶈澶у紶镞楅紦浜嗗惂锛熲€

澶Hydrogen 箞锽勮 浜 浜 剰镄勬潹绀鹃昵鍟婏纴璁 剰镄勬潹绀鹃昵鍟婏纴璁 logeok Jin-soo 镒熷姩鍧忎 銆

鈥淗yun-suk 鍝ワ纴鎴戝 – 鏄殢渚胯璇 纴浣犺缮褰撶湡浜嗭纻鈥

Yang Hyun-suk 涓€鍙h€佽钖湪锽夊ご锛屽樊镣玫瑰 ammonia peak 嚭鏉ャ€

鈥渊啊!! Seok Jin-soo 锛岃嚟灏忓瓙浣犺繛鎴戦兘璋冩垙锛熲€

Seok Jin-soo Haha laughs.


Yang Hyun-suk 姘斿摷鍝 殑锛岀煡阆撹涓嶈 Se Seok Jin-soo 锛屽 鑴呜 鑴呜 绉 € € €

鈥滃ソ浜嗭纴浣犲湪鍏徃绛夋垜浠惂锛屾垜浠緢蹇 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒

濡 粖 粖 粖 粖 y y 涔熺畻鏄偦灞咃纴 y y y y 涔熺畻鏄偦灞咃纴 涔熺畻鏄偦灞咃纴 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ang ang ang ang ang ang ang ang

Seok Jin-soo 鍦ㄨ嚜宸 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 殑锷炲叕瀹ら噷鎺ュ緟浜嗕粬浠纴 夋嫨浼氲瀹ゃ 夋嫨浼氲瀹ゃ 夋嫨浼氲瀹ゃ

杩欐牱鏄剧殑浜茶繎锛孻ang Hyun-suk 鍜孭sy 鏋灭劧寰堟劧寰堟镒忋

涓変汉鍧愪笅鏉ワ纴锽濅简镣Si尪姘尪姘纴Seok Jin-soo 渚块棶阆掳棶阆掳棶阆掳涔堜簨锛岃涔堜簨锛岃Psy 鍝ヨ缮瑕佷翰镊﹄笂闂ㄦ潵璇达纻鈥

缁堜簬璇村埌浜嗘浜嬶纴 Psy 涓岖敱寰楁悡璧 简 嬫帉銆 嬫帉銆 嬫帉銆

鈥滃叾瀹炴尯涓嶅ソ镒忔€濈殑锛屽彧鏄垜瀹炲湪濈殑锛屽彧鏄垜瀹炲湪夊缑鍙儨锛屾墍浠ヨ寰佹眰涓夊缑鍙儨锛屾墍浠ヨ寰佹眰涓涓嬩綘镄勬剰涓嬩綘镄勬剰 and €傗€

Seok Jin-soo 涓嶅啀璇 瘽锛岃 屾槸涓撴 屾槸涓撴 屾槸涓撴 鍦 銆 銆 銆 銆 锛孭 锛孭 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 叏閮 叏閮 潵镄勩 潵镄勩

Psy 鏋 劧钘忎笉浣忓 劧钘忎笉浣忓 浜嬶纴涔熶笉澶搮闀挎嫄寮姽 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩 掞纴鐩

鈥浙in-soo 锛屾垜浠伞娆°C瓕璋gキ镄勬椂chain欎笉鏄悎浣滀Gangnam style鍢鍢傝槠鐒傝槠鐒傝槠鐒°°C湁鎾嚭锛屼絾杩欓姝岀殑璐ㄩ噺浣犱篃鐭ラ死銆傝瀹炶瘽锛屾垜闱炲父闱炲父锽沧杩欓姝岋纴锽沧杩欓姝岋纴€浠ユ兂瑕佹妸瀹冩敹褰曞埌镊繁镄勪笅涓€寮犱笓杈戦噷銆寮犱笓杈戦噷銆綘涔熸槸杩欓姝岀殑鍒涗綔浜纴杩欎纴杩欎纴杩欎浜嬭缮浜嬭缮瑕佷綘钖屾剰瑕佷綘钖屾剰瑕佷綘钖屾剰瑕佷綘钖屾剰鍟娿€傗€


Seok Jin-soo 簬 簬 Psy 镄勬兂娉曞苟涓嶆剰澶栥€

鍜屼粬浠ュ墠镄勪綔鍝佷笉钖岋纴銆奊angnam style銆嬭 umbrella 棣栨瓕锛屾槸 Seok Jin-soo 鍦ㄥ拰Psy 钖堜綔瀹屾垚涔嫔悗锛屽0 worm墠缁欎 浠栬祫鏂欑殑銆

涓 鐪嬩箣涓嬶纴 鐪嬩箣涓嬶纴 Seok Jin-soo 涔熷悡浜嗕竴璺 €€



杩欐槸涓€棣栧綋涔嬫棤镒х殑绁炴洸鍟婏纴杩樻妸Girl鈥檚Generation 濇寔镄勩€奙usic Bank 銆嬩 杩炲啝镄勪纻缁╃粰镰 杩炲啝镄勪纻缁╃粰镰帀浜嗗憿銆

褰揿缑鐭ヨ Umbrella 涓€鍒囩殑镞跺€欙纴璇翠笉鐪笉鐪笉鐪

Seok Jin-soo 褰撶劧鏄庣槠锛屽鏋滆 棣栨瓕褰掍簬镊 棣栨瓕褰掍簬镊 棣栨瓕褰掍簬镊 锛岄偅涔埚皢浼氱粰镊 锛岄偅涔埚皢浼氱粰镊 锛岄偅涔埚皢浼氱粰镊 锛岄偅涔埚皢浼氱粰镊 潵涓

鍙槸杩欎 蹇靛ご锛屼粬鎯 蹇靛ご锛屼粬鎯 蹇靛ご锛屼粬鎯 鎯 鎯 鎯 鎯 箣钖庝 箣钖庝 鏀 鏀 鏀

涓嶆槸浠栬 蹇冨彂鐜 蹇冨彂鐜 纴涓嶅繊鎶 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀 屾槸浣滀Т笉阃效悎浠栥€

澶栫晫镄勫ぇ浼楅兘寰堟竻妤泛纴浠栨槸寮桦ぇ镄勯镙硷纴鍜孏 angnam 鐩 幓鐢氲 translation

姝岃 绁笂锛屾湁 Psy 镄勫 锷╋纴鐜╀竴鎶奊 angnam 椋庢牸璇 village 缑杩囧幓銆 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 鏉ュ睍鐜 奊Angnam style銆嬶纴浠栫粷瀵銆嬶纴浠栫粷瀵仛涓嶅埌Psy 镄勯珮搴〕€

Seok Jin-soo Chain 夎嚜鐭ヤ箣鏄庯纴骞 笉璁や 笉璁や 镊 镊 镊 変 澹 澹 澹 棤 棤 棤 棤 棤 棤 棤 棤

姝f槸鍩槸鍩簬杩欎簬杩欎鎯鎯硶锛屾墍浠ヤ粬镞╁凡鏀畏浜呜鎶娿浜呜鎶娿奊ang奊 style銆嫔彉鎴愯嚜宸銆嫔彉鎴愯嚜宸爣绛爣绛殑鎯殑鎯

鍙槸鎯 笉鍒 笉鍒 笉鍒 夊伓锛孭 夊伓锛孭 绔熺劧涔熻捣浜嗗悓镙 绔熺劧涔熻捣浜嗗悓镙 殑蹇冩 濄 濄 濄

撮 撮 瑕佺殑鏄纴 Seok Jin-soo 鐭ラ 锛孭 锛孭 涔冩槸銆奊 angnam style 銆嫔 鐗堢殑浣滆 咃纴涔熺 咃纴涔熺 瀹炲彧 瀹炲彧 chain 変粬锛屾墠鑳鎶娿 奊 奊 angnam style 銆嬭〃鐜 殑 chain 濂 sister €

鏄庣槠浜哖sy 镄勬潵镒忥纴Seok Jin-soo 涓嶅历娌夋濅濅濅璧璧

Psy 鍜孻ang Hyun-suk 鍗村緢绱у紶锛岀敓镐曚粬涓岖瓟搴斻€

璇 捣鎯 捣鎯 angnam style 銆嬭 浠 浠 簨锛屽叾涓渶绉瀬镄勪 簨锛屽叾涓渶绉瀬镄勪 sy sy sy sy sy 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸 屾槸

Psy 鍙槸涓 浣嶉煶涔愪 浣嶉煶涔愪 浣嶉煶涔愪 锛屾 锛屾 锛屾 锛屾 夐偅涔埚镄勫 夐偅涔埚镄勫 镐濄

鍦ㄤ粬鐪嬫潵锛屻€奊angnam style銆嬫槸涓銆嬫槸涓銆奍 finitenfinite Challenge 銆嬫瓕璋gキ鍒涗綔镄勬瓕旋层傛棦鐒跺湪姝岃傛棦鐒跺湪姝岃傛棦鐒跺湪姝岃紨瀹屼 锛岄偅涔堜篃灏辫 锛岄偅涔堜篃灏辫 锛岄偅涔堜篃灏辫 锛岄偅涔堜篃灏辫 铡讳 铡讳

铏 劧锽沧锛屼絾鏄 劧锽沧锛屼絾鏄 劧锽沧锛屼絾鏄 € €

鍙痀ang Hyun-suk 涓嶅悓锛屼綔涓簓g镄勫垱濮嬩汉锛岄锛岄锛岄锲渶椤剁骇镄勭瓥鍒掍渶椤剁骇镄勭瓥鍒掍锛屼粬涓€奊angnam style銆嬬殑浠峰€笺€

鍦╕ang Hyun-suk 鐪嬫潵锛屻€奊angnam style銆嬫湁闾g澶х垎鐗圭垎镄勬綔璐ㄣ€效厜闱犮€奍nfinite Challenge 銆嬶纴鏄棤娉曞皢瀹 殑 chain 澶 т chain chain fried 嚭鏉ョ殑銆 嚭鏉ョ殑銆


姝f槸鍦ㄤ粬镄勫己锷涙父璇翠箣涓嬶纴 Psy 锷ㄤ 锷ㄤ 锛屾兂瑕佹妸杩欓姝屾敹褰曞埌镊 锛屾兂瑕佹妸杩欓姝屾敹褰曞埌镊 锛屾兂瑕佹妸杩欓姝屾敹褰曞埌镊

鍙棶棰樻槸锛屻€奊angnam style銆嬬殑褰掑睘鍗佸垎澶嶆潅銆

Seok Jin-soo

鈥滃掼锛屼綘锽沧杩欓姝岋纴褰撶劧娌°C湁浠€涔堥棶棰朴€效彲鏄綘涔熺煡阆掳纴鍏夋槸鎴戝悓镒忔槸娌$敤镄勶纴杩樿mbc闾h 竟镄勬剰瑙佹墠琛屻€傗€

鎸夌 ╁浗镄勬祦琛屾枃鍖栫増鏉 ╁浗镄勬祦琛屾枃鍖栫増鏉 奊 奊 奊 奊 奊 奊 angnam style 銆嬬殑鐗堟潈鍏跺疄鏄湪 c c 奊 奊 奊

浣滀负姝屾洸镄勫埗浣滀汉锛孲eok Jin-soo 鍜孭sy 閮芥閮

However, if you want to use it for other commercial purposes, you must get the authorization of mbc.

Psy and Yang Hyun-suk certainly know this, but see Seok Jin-soo very happy to agree, they are still happy.

“We have all considered this, but you are the first level. You promised, we can go to Raiders mbc.”

Seeing their thoughtfulness, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but wonder, “How are you going to convince mbc?”

I have been working with this TV station for many years, what is the virtue of mbc, and Seok Jin-soo is not too clear. He really wants to know how yg intends to let mBC loosen.

Yang Hyun-suk laughed, but did not hide him.

“What can I do, the interests are all smeared. Anyway, this song can’t create much value in the hands of mbc. Instead, we cooperate with us, we will pay a part of the proceeds to mbc, they will definitely agree “”

If this is the case, Seok Jin-soo believes that mbc will definitely agree.

After all, as a broadcaster, mbc has no singers and no special music promotion channels. When the craze for the song festival has passed, the value of the song is gone.

On the contrary, if you give the song to yg to operate, you can continue to get the benefits. If you don’t have a problem with your mbc, you can definitely understand the relationship.

Just like this…

“Hyun-suk brother, Psy brother, as one of the producers of this song, you will not forget me?”

Seok Jin-soo quickly catch up, this time is not a time of humility.

Now that you know how much value Gangari style can create, it’s not a fool to not get a copy of it yourself.

Although he is not suitable for this song himself, as one of the producers, the copyright owner, Seok Jin-soo, does not want to give up the benefits.

Yang Hyun-suk and Psy smiled at each other and knew that this guy didn’t have a good time.

“You can rest assured that we have a plan. After we have convinced mbc, we can sign a three-party agreement. At that time, the relevant income of Gangnam style, what is the proportion of 6:2:2?”

Yang Hyun-suk can have today’s success, and it really isn’t white. It has long since made all the premonitions.

This is divided into proportions, Seok Jin-soo thinks again, and can’t pick faults.

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